Chapter 3

Voldemort was sitting in his lair with Lucius and Yaxley after he had turned Harry into a merman and sent him away.

Voldemort said, "Sooooo, I guess we just have to wait a while and intervene if necessary. You boys got anything to do while we wait?"

Lucius replied, "You could tell us the story of how you got banished because we didn't get jobs as your henchmen until after that."

"OK, here's my story. On day I decided that I wanted to rule the kingdom instead of King James. Nothing wrong with that is there? Someone tries overthrowing him every week and he's kinda used to it. Now anyway, I stormed the castle, fought him in a titanic duel, etc. and so on. During our duel his wife came in with cookies and James and I took a break to eat some. Boy, those were good! I accidentally dropped my wand and a killing curse flew out and killed King James' wife. Now that wouldn't have gotten me banished if that had been all."

Yaxley asked, "Then what could you have done to get yourself banished if that didn't do it?"

"King James found out that I defrauded on my income tax. He got so mad that he banished me. That's when I hired you two. The worst bit of being banished is that I have to go grocery shopping online. It's so inconvenient."