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"Charlie, we need to talk. I know how you feel about Edward and me, but it's not about you. I love Edward, and we're getting married"

"I know you wanted a warning, to say your good bye so here it is. Edward and I are getting married"

"Charlie, I'm not sure how I tell you this, but I guess it's best if I tell it to you straight. Edward and I are getting married"

I sighed. Surely I'd lost my mind. I was talking to myself in the mirror after all. Thank God there was nobody around to see me.

Telling Renee was so much easier. All I had to do was call her. She picked up the phone, more excited than I was. She knew that it was coming. She knew me too well. She'd talked all night about marriage.

"...I know that you guys are young, but I can see how much you love him, and how much he loves you back"

I sighed again. If only telling Charlie could be that easy. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that the sound of the doorbell had nearly knocked me off my feet. I looked at the clock as my heart skipped a beat. No doubt it was Edward. Practically skipping down the stairs, I reached the door and opened it. There stood Edward in all his perfection and glory, smiling down at me. He gave me a kiss that sent my heart jumping. Edward laughed as he entered into our kitchen.

I started on dinner for Charlie. Charlie. He would be back soon. How was I going to break the news. Maybe I could just make it casual? Over dinner? No. I couldn't tell him over dinner, he'd choke on his food. What if he doesn't take it well. What if he tries to hurt Edward? Could he shoot him?

"Bella, is something bothering you?" Edward's musical voice rang in my head.

I tried to smile, but it came out as a grimace. "Yeah, fine"

Edward frowned, scrunching his eyebrows together. "Really"


"You don't seem to be fine"

I cursed his observations. "Then how do I seem?"

"You seem," he stared at me for a moment. "nervous. Is there something that you're nervous about"

I stared at him incredulously, unable to contain my exasperation.

"Of course I'm not fine! Of course I'm nervous!" I nearly yelled, flinging my arms up. "Charlie's going to be home any minute now, and I have to tell him that we're getting married! I don't even know what I'm going to say to him! Do you have any idea what it's like?! Of course you don't! Your father doesn't hate the guy you're about to marry! Of course I've only been bothered half the day by it, had you failed to notice!"

Edward raised his eyebrows. I could tell he was trying not to smile at my little rant. I narrow my eyes.

"Seriously, Edward"

Edward smiled at me. He took both my hands and kissed my forehead.

"Bella, do you honestly think I would leave you in a dilemma like this? Don't worry my Love, I'll take care of Charlie"

"Edward," I said, trying to find my breath. "You know he'd take it better from me"

"Don't worry, anyways are you sure you're ready? Charlie's pulling in right now"

My breath was caught in my throat. I was too nervous to move. How was I supposed to tell my dad that I was marrying the guy that he hated?

Before I could say or think any more, Charlie opened the door. He stared at me, then glared at Edward.

"Afternoon," he greeted the two of us as he was passing by to catch the game.

"Chief Swan, wait"

The lump in my throat seemed to get bigger. Charlie turned around to look at Edward.

"Chief, I know that I am definitely not you're favourite person in the world, but please, hear me out"

Charlie continued on glaring. "Why? Why should I forgive you? When you just left my only daughter like that, in the middle of the woods? You didn't see her that night! You didn't see her after that! I won't let my daughter, my only daughter get hurt like that again! Do you have any idea how hurt I was, as a father to see my daughter in such a state of depression? And just when she was getting better, you came back! Bella may have forgive you, but I don't"

I could tell that my eyes were wide. I felt so guilty for putting Charlie through that. Every time he talked about it, it hurt me. I tried not to think about those times.

"Chief Swan, Charlie, Sir," Edward was standing perfectly still. "I didn't leave Bella to hurt her. I thought that it was best, for her, not to be near me"

"Well you thought right"

"I love your daughter. I never meant to hurt her. Every day that I left, it was all I could do not to come back, and beg for her to forgive me, to take me back. When we moved away, I spent every day on auto pilot, not knowing what I would do with my life not having your daughter in it. I was trying to get myself through every day. I told myself that she had moved on, that it didn't matter to me, as long as she was happy.

"When I had heard the condition that Bella was in, I blamed myself. I still blame myself. I will never, ever, in all my existence ever forgive myself for leaving her and I promised never to do it again. When I heard a rumour that Bella had possibly died, I decided that there was no reason lieft to live. As long as your daughter isn't alive, I will have no reason to be alive either. I was about to commit suicide, but Bella came, and she stopped me.

"When I saw her that day, for the first time in too long, she was an angel, I was sure of it.

"Charlie, sir. I am so madly in love with your daughter and I always will be. I promise to take care of her every day for as long as I continue to exist, even after that. I promise to love her and take care of her. I promise never to hurt her and to make her happy forever. 'Every day of forever"

I could feel the tears brimming in my eyes. My heart was skipping every other beat. Edward was squeezing my hand and I didn't think that I could ever feel any more love and compassion towards anyone else on this planet.

Charlie too had been moved be Edward's speech. He knew what was coming after this. Neither of us had to say anything. I could see the water in Charlie's eyes too. His daughter was growing up, making a life of her own. I hoped that he knew that as long as I had Edward, I would be alright. I think he did, because then, he took a deep breath.

"How long do I have left with my little girl?"