Wow, Twilight seems like such a long time ago... But I definitely still love it. Of course I'm deff. not sure how to top Stephenie Meyer. Or how I'm supposed to continue my story, but in honour of the movie, here goes nothing I guess.

Enjoy :)


Alice Cullen was ecstatic. I could tell from the delighted look on her face as she grasped my arm tightly and pulled me along through the mall. She and Rosalie had driven me all the way to Edmonton in order to buy me clothes. I sighed inwardly. My first time out in public and it wasn't with Edward.

I took in my surroundings as we went along. Everything was like a new experience. I was not used to having so many people around me. It had been...five years? Maybe more. I had never gotten around to asking anyone. I gazed amazed at these people.

It was so obvious to me that we, the three of us stuck out like sore thumbs. We got glances our way, but I was perfectly aware of the fact that the people around us had not even a clue that we were vampires. I could see everything, smelled them. I could even narrow down how many humans there were in that particular shopping mall.

Alice giggled. "Don't worry Bella, you'll get used to it. But right now, we need to get you some clothes."

Rosalie nodded in agreement and they dragged me into some store with an intricate French name. If I could have, I would have flushed as they dragged me into every store and made me come out of the dressing room so they could see every single ridiculous outfit they had chosen for me.

Again I inwardly flushed as I came out of a dressing room meekly wearing a set of lingerie that Rosalie had picked out. The other ladies stared enviously at my now, perfectly carved, flawless body. The red stood out against my pale skin and I just about died with embarrassment. I was still getting over it as we walked out of the store, Alice carrying my bag filled with lingerie and laughing at me.

Rosalie too laughed.

I walked into Alice as she came to a dead stop in the middle of the mall. Her face was so serious it made my heart jump. I wondered what could be wrong.

"There!" She gasped pointing to a store.

"What is it Alice?" I asked frantically. "Is it the Volturi?"

"There is a dress in there that is practically made for you Bella!" she exclaimed excitedly before dragging me into the store almost too quickly.

The dress however was really nice. It was a navy, knee length dress that was very soft. The materials floated around me as I did a turn. Alice clapped and Rosalie nodded with approval. I checked the price tag and nearly had a heart attack.

"Fifteen hundred dollars?!" I said. "Are you guys out of your minds? This is way too expensive."

Rosalie laughed. "Bella," she said in a collected voice. "We already bought you a car. This, is nothing."

Sighing in defeat at the cash register, the lady handed me my bag and we left the store. As we left the store, Alice once again stopped dead.

"What did you see this time Alice?" I saw the nervous look on her face and got nervous myself. What could she have seen?

"Bella," she whispered to me.

"What Alice?" I asked exasperated, waiting for her to exclaim something about another store.

"Don't breathe," she told me. I stared at her confused. "Just hold your breath. If you smell that little boy's scent, he'll die."

I felt my eyes open wide as I saw the boy Alice was talking about. He was walking with his mother and younger sister in a stroller, eating his ice cream. I could have cried. I was a monster after all. I shouldn't have been around so many people. I wanted Edward. Alice put a hand on my shoulder to try and sooth me.

"It's alright Bella, after all that little boy is still here isn't he?" Alice asked. "I mean, for now, just don't breath around people, don't take in any smells."

I nodded sovereignly and continued with the two of them. "Hey Alice," I started.

"Yes Bella?"

"What's the point in getting that dress for me if there's nowhere to wear it to?" I asked.

Rosalie laughed at me. "Have you forgotten Bella? Well, I wouldn't blame you. After all, the last couple of years probably went by like a blur for you."

I stared at her curiously, but Alice changed the subject a bit too innocently. "Oh, don't worry about it Bella. Hey, next time let's go to Manhattan to shop. We haven't been there since forever."

I nodded vaguely but my mind was too preoccupied on what it was that had happened. I kept thinking about it but couldn't remember. I tried to recall my past, human life. It was very vague, the memories felt...blurry. I remembered Forks, and Charlie and Renee. Then I remembered the werewolves, and there was one of them that I particularly remembered although his name escaped me.

It was then that Alice chose to interrupt my thoughts.

"Hey Bella," Alice said to me casually. "You remember Renee right?"

My mother, I nodded in response as Alice continued. "Well, Carlisle was writing a letter to Charlie a while ago telling him that you were well, but very busy and he wrote back. As it turns out, two years after we left Forks, Renee had a baby!"

"She...had a baby?" I tried to remember how I would have reacted as a human. I would have been happy for her, I think. Maybe a little bit worried.

"Yeah, which means that you have a younger brother Bella!" Alice said happily. "Charlie sent a picture of him to use and he's just the cutest little thing."

"Really," I replied, getting the feeling that suddenly a part of me was missing. I gazed at Rosalie, then at Alice. "Hey Alice, and Rose...if you guys could, would you want to have a baby?"

Alice stared at me incredulously. "A child? Of my own? Are you joking Bella? Honestly Bella, as cute as they are, I could never want to have to actually raise one of those little devils. I mean, they are like nightmares!"

I turned to Rosalie. Remembering how she had one mentioned something about wanting a family. She nodded at me. "Yes. I would want to have a child, start a family, live a normal life..."

I sighed and played with my food. I thought about Edward. I missed him, even if it had been less than a day since I'd seen him. Alice laughed. I turned to give her an inquiring look. She just smiled at me once again too innocently and looked away.

Upon arriving back at home, I opened the door to the house and found Edward standing at the staircase dressed in a black suit and tie. He was without a doubt, the most gorgeous man, alive per say. I stared at him, taking his appearance in. He smiled at me.

"Edward, what..." Before I could finish, he was standing beside me, his arms wrapped around my waist.

"Bella, my love," he said in such a tone that I wanted to jump on him. "Have you forgotten?"

I looked around at everyone quizzically. What could have possibly been so important and yet, so secretive that they wouldn't tell me. I gazed at Edward, who's golden eyes smiled back at me.

"Look can you just tell me what's going on?" I asked extremely frustrated.

"Why, today is our anniversary," Edward said smiling.