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Colonel O'Neill's Interesting Attitude to Halloween

It was an unfortunate occasion: one blustery night at the end of October, Halloween happened to fall on team night. Even more unfortunately, team night was to be held at Jack O'Neill's house.

This information on its own however, is not enough to understand exactly why this was unfortunate. However, in the SGC, the good Colonel's opinion of Halloween was nothing short of legendary.

He detested it. He loathed Halloween with a passion. No one knew why. Whispers between bored SF's told tales of a young O'Neill, barely out of diapers being scared out of his skin by some teenagers in zombie masks… but everyone else knew better, knowing that Jack O'Neill, the formidable leader of SG1 has never even been a toddler, let alone been afraid of anything.

When Daniel Jackson has first noticed Jack's hatred of Halloween, he had teased him relentlessly, after listening to too many bored SF's talking, but he had soon stopped after coming out of a shower and realising that a) his clothes had vanished and b) all that was on the bench was a white sheet… with holes for arms and head.

Since that first happy Halloween, pranks had been pulled on any and everyone who so much as mentioned trick or treating… and so no one had dared to try it. Except for a particularly fearless Major. Who, strangely enough, had never had anything done to her.

Jack O'Neill placed a bowl of chips on the coffee table and busied himself making the house look presentable. A characteristic 'shave and a haircut' knock sounded at his door, and after Daniel Jackson and Teal'c has been ushered in and given a beer and orange juice respectively, all three men sat on the various sofas and armchairs in Jack O'Neill's lounge.

They waited.

And waited.

And waited.



"Where the hell's Carter?"

Daniel frowned at him. "How am I supposed to know? She's probably still at base or something… you know how she is when she has her projects."

"Indeed." Teal'c added.

They sat in silence and waited again.

And waited.

"Oh for cry…"

The sound of a doorbell cut across Jack's exclamation.

Daniel visibly paled as he and Teal'c exchanged horrified glances. Sam would have knocked and surely Jack had warned off all the 'trick or treaters'?

Jack growled loudly. Even Teal'c's face was a shade paler by this point.

The Colonel padded across to the door, picked up something that lay on the floor by it, hid it behind his back and opened the door.

There was silence for about the time it takes for a US Air Force Colonel to adjust to the fact that his second-in-command was standing at his front door, dressed as Catwoman. Holding out a small bowl.

Daniel's eyes widened.

Teal'c's face remained exactly the same, but inside, he was giggling like a little girl.

Sam Carter smiled at her commanding officer. Slowly she held out the bowl.

"Trick or treat?"

Jack stared at her for a second, as if considering her request. He smiled slowly. Sam's heart skipped a beat.


Jack sprayed his 2IC with a liberal dousing of water from he water pistol that he'd picked up off the floor earlier.

Then, he pulled Carter inside, and distributed three other items that he'd hidden in his kitchen.

The next lot of trick or treaters to visit the O'Neill residence received four sprayings of water.
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