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Amelia contemplated the information given her by Minerva McGonagall about Severus Snape and wondered where he fit into Dumbledore's schemes. Aloud she said, "I do wonder just why Dumbledore vouched for the man at the Death Eater trials back in the 80's and then hired him at Hogwarts."

McGonagall's lips tightened as she replied, "I have no idea why but when asked he merely replied that he trusts Severus."

"Really? Trusts him to do what exactly?"

"That's never been answered to anyone's satisfaction," McGonagall said tartly.

"Well, we need to make sure he doesn't get a hint of this investigation before it breaks publically so you will need some reason to have been here today. Hmm, oh I know, I recently heard that Elmer Tanner was talking about retiring from the Board of Governors again and you popped in to try to talk me into taking the vacant seat with Susan coming to school in two years."

"Yes, that would make sense. I really wish you would, you know."

"I'm much too busy with the job here and really don't want to get involved in the petty politics that would entail. However, you might want to put some pressure on Augusta Longbottom to think about taking the seat to offset the influence Malfoy has," Amelia huffed.

"Malfoy!" McGonagall spat. "That man should be in Azkaban for all he has done. I simply cannot understand why the Wizengamot ever let him off with that ridicules excuse of having been under the Imperious Curse. That decision certainly sank any chance of Bagnold to retain the position of Minister after that. Plus the heavy-handed way he's been acting around Fudge definitely makes one believe that he uses those co-called donations to get whatever policy he wants put in place."

"Believe me; I know exactly what you mean. It will be interesting to see just what my Aurors find while combing through the old case files in the archive. I have them reviewing all the old Death Eater trials to see if any Ministry rules and regulations were circumvented. If so, those cases will be reopened and retried publically. I can just get away with that under current regulations but must be careful that the old money interests are looked at first before those rules are changed," Amelia said in exasperation.

McGonagall reached out and patted the back of Amelia's hand saying, "I understand what you're saying. I seem to have some of those problems at Hogwarts as well when dealing with the old money families as well as Albus. But if you can get them before the news breaks, then you might actually get something worthwhile done and get the Ministry corruption under control."

"One of my most fervent desires comes true," Amelia sighed. "Interestingly enough, while I was talking with young Harry yesterday he pointed out the fallacy about not accepting donations for my department to help further Law Enforcement causes. I have kept it away simply to stop the influence peddling that it usually brings with it but the boy made a point that if it came without the usual riders, a donation could help to bring about some of the changes I want."

"Wouldn't that be nice to see," McGonagall mused. "Anyway, I need to get back to Hogwarts and attend the staff meeting. If he asks, I'll inform Albus that we talked about the possible Board opening and I again requested your possibly taking it up and that you again refused. I'll also try to contact Augusta about possibly taking the position if it opens up."

"Hmm, mention the fact that Neville will be attending and you want her there to control Snape. That might make her more agreeable. Oh, I spoke with Healer Wright last night and she mentioned that many orphans might have blocks on their magic from before the war and we simply didn't know about them. She was going to speak with Healer Albright about it and ask about a scanning program at St. Mungos for them. We both instantly thought of Neville's case when we started talking about it. She might be interested in that as well."

"Great Merlin," McGonagall exclaimed. "Could it be that simple? Could that be what caused poor Neville to appear to be so deficient in magic before?"

"You tell me," Amelia replied.

"You make a good case for it," McGonagall said. "I'll talk to her this afternoon. Goodbye Amelia."

"Goodbye Minerva, thank you for coming."


After watching McGonagall Floo out of her office, Amelia began making some order out of the assorted parchmentwork that this case was generating. She made a duplicate file and stored it in her safe before stuffing the other copy into a briefcase to take to Gringotts. She had a feeling that whatever the Goblins had found would be what was needed to break Dumbledore's hold on the Ministry once and for all. Especially once it was released to the press for the Witches and Wizards of Great Britain to see in the light of day.

She checked on the progress of her Aurors and then went down to the legal library to double check just what laws Dumbledore had been circumventing and listing them out.

She was appalled that some of the laws he was breaking might land him in Azkaban prison if the Wizengamot so felt like it.


Arriving at Gringotts at noon, Amelia soon found herself seated before Grabfoot again as Griphook stacked a bundle of parchment on the desk.

"Hello Grabfoot, I have some disturbing news for you and can probably guess that you have much the same for me. Shall we begin disheartening ourselves of the fact that Dumbledore had any worthwhile intentions in the matter of Harry Potter?"

Grabfoot smirked at her comment and said, "I believe that we are both having the same ideas about the illustrious Headmaster. I sent a team of our best curse breakers out to analyze the wards protecting Privet Drive. Their best estimate is that Dumbledore tried to lay some type of blood ward about the property in early November of 1981 and they failed because the Dursley's failed to adhere to the emotions needed to power them, specifically love. Their apparent hatred of wizards in general and Mr. Potter in particular means that the wards set by Dumbledore failed within a fortnight."

Amelia made a gesture with her hand as Grabfoot continued, "Oh, make no mistake, it was an interesting try and might have worked if the Dursley's did love the boy but it did not. The wards will register as being there but will not provide one whit of protection."

"Figures," Amelia noted. "We found that one of the neighbors is a squib by the name of Arabella Figg and that she had been placed there to keep watch over the boy. Unfortunately, all her efforts at warning Dumbledore of the faulty nature of his wards and the actions of the Dursley's against Harry fell on deaf ears. He merely dismissed her reports, never checking their validity and kept her from informing the Ministry of what was going on."

"Hmm," Grabfoot muttered as he noted this on a parchment. "We did not know of her but this is disturbing news. We were able to enter the residence for a short time and found that Mr. Potter was telling the truth about his dwelling there. There is no record of his presence besides the magical residue in the cupboard under the stairs. We passed this information to the Aurors who questioned the Dursley's and we plan to pass the financial information we've uncovered to you as well as Inland Revenue with the Muggles."

"We also found a mail ward had been erected that kept all but Hogwarts letters away from the residence. All statements from this bank, any correspondence from the Ministry and any fan mail he might have received over the years were redirected to Hogwarts."

"That bastard," Amelia commented, "that's a felony in itself to willfully misdirect someone's mail if you're not the Guardian."

"Oh yes, that is also a violation of the Treaty of 1458 to misdirect any mail from the Goblin Nation. His ward to prevent Mr. Potter from getting his bank statements may mean that unless he is punished by the Ministry, the Goblin Nation would have no choice but to rebel because the Ministry would be helping a Treaty Breaker."

"Oh my," Amelia exclaimed. "Just what have you found concerning Mr. Potter's accounts and Estate within Gringotts?"

"Firstly, we've found that Mr. Potter's Magical Guardian was listed as Albus Dumbledore."

"What?" Amelia squawked. "His records at the Ministry showed that he lived with his Magical Guardian, one Sirius Black!"

"Ah," Grabfoot scribbled quickly. "That apparently is another of his illegal actions in this matter. He appointed himself Magical Guardian of the Potter Estate under his authority as Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot. Apparently, he never notified the body of his actions. This definitely makes him a Treaty Breaker. We will have to notify Mockridge and the Liaison Office to pursue matters officially."

"Secondly, we have found he authorized the disbursement of funds from the account to pay the Dursley's about 2000 pounds a month for Mr. Potter's care. This, as I said, will be reported to Inland Revenue. We also found a monthly disbursement to Severus Snape. No reason was listed but he has been paid 1000 Galleons a month since the death of the Potters. We've put a stop to that already and are prepared to put a hold on his account to recover all moneys paid out over the years. Thirdly, we've also found a monthly disbursement to the Phoenix Fund. It is apparently a slush fund created and controlled by Albus Dumbledore."

"Is there anything else?" Amelia asked weakly.

"We looked over the account closely and it appears that all the disbursements that were called for in the Potter's Will were never made."

"My god, Dumbledore will be lucky not to receive the Kiss for everything he's done," Amelia noted in dismay as she accepted copies of the Gringotts investigation reports to put in her case.

"Indeed Madam," Grabfoot replied. "We will hold all correspondence for release when we receive your permission."

"Correspondence?" Amelia asked.

"Yes, notifications of his removal from the Potter accounts as well as warrants for his arrest. Or will they be issued through your office?"

"Hmm, it might be better if you issue the warrants as the Wizengamot may try to block such actions by my office. However, simply note on the forms that they are issued in both our offices names to allow us to prosecute as well."

"Gladly Madam," Grabfoot stated. "It is indeed a pleasure working with an honest individual in the Ministry for once."

Shaking the Goblin's hand, Amelia rose while answering, "While it wasn't a pleasure to find out all this, it was pleasant working with you. May your gold always flow."

Grabfoot and Griphook both bowed to Madam Bones as she exited the office to return to the Ministry.