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Stereotyping Uchihas

Hello! Mr. Grumpy and Mrs. Dopey!

Raven locks flipped into the wind as deep, mysterious onyx eyes fluttered gracefully. The world spun off its axis the moment the boy whipped his hair into the wind, massaging it back with the palm of his right hand. He looked directly into the camera, a blank expression was plastered on his face; however, it ever so slowly was beginning to filter into a sly, seductive look.



(Sasuke Uchiha. Noun.

1. An arrogant asshole whose ego was comparable to that of the entire populous.

2. The type of man who has the ability to degrade a dictionary of a million-bajillion-fahfillion words to a maximum of ten.

3. The Devil himself—in shining armor, of course. Too handsome for society; too possessive for his own good; and, too intelligent for the average person.

4. A boy who has the arrogance to sardonically tease a certain Haruno—especially her lack in height.

5. An Uchiha.

6. Unbeknownst to him, he is horrendous at flirting.

7. Childhood friend—or if I may be so bold to add, lover—of Haruno Sakura.


She pushed her petal pink hair back, both hands sinking through the wispy locks; her large, innocent emerald eyes shone under the rays of sunshine, while long lashes cascaded thick shadows down her blushed cheeks. She formed a "V" with her pointer and middle finger. As she closed her right eye, she simultaneously stuck out her small, red tongue from her parted lips.



(Sakura Haruno. Noun.

1. A very attractive female who seems to captivate the prodigal sons of Uchiha Fugaku.

2. The type of girl that is the tip-toe kiss "Kodak Moment" height; which, for some odd reason, she gets way too many jokes about.

3. A high-tempered, conniving girl who is able to manipulate anyone—unbeknownst to her.

4. One word: "annoying."

5. An over-reactive girl who doesn't quite understand innuendos and reacts to everything brashly.

6. The three "I's": innocent, ignorant, insensitive.

7. Childhood friend—or, if I may be so bold to add, lover—of Uchiha Sasuke.)

Sweat began forming on the blond-haired boy's forehead while he groaned. Moving his body, his cerulean orbs glanced beyond the ceiling and managed to spare a glare at the scathing sun. With the back of his left hand, Naruto wiped the drip of sweat and started to moan. With a high pitched tone, he whined, "Man, it's hot out here, eh?"

To his dismay, he received no response. Sending his focus back to his friends, Naruto marveled at the sight: Sasuke with his arms across his chest, pouting and glaring at Sakura; Sakura gripping the center pole as though it were her only sanctity for survival; and, Sai smiling like a fool, vacantly—creepily—staring at all three of them in intervals of two minutes per person.

A sheepish grin plastered itself on Naruto's lips. "Sakura-chan, come on!" He exclaimed, "get off that pole!"

Sasuke's eyes averted from the shaken girl to the laughing blond, a heinous glare present. Naruto's mouth pursed when he noticed the twitch at the corner of Sasuke's left eye.

Sakura finally opened her eyes to stare indifferently at her friend. "Naruto!" She yelled, rage in her tone. Her right hand relieved its grip on the pole, readying a fist to attack the blond boy.

Sakura despised innuendos. Why?




Number 1: Sakura could never really quite grasp the concept of what most innuendos implied.
Number 2: They're absolutely immature.
Number 3: She found them appalling.)


Sasuke's lips parted as he scoffed, "Tch. There's no need to put Sakura in the same category as Hinata."

Naruto jumped up in anger and threw his fists into the air. In doing so, however, caused the gondola to shake violently from side to side, and, in result, caused Sakura to scream in terror. There was a pause in which all three boys regarded Sakura's terror with worry, before they returned to their argument.

"Shut up, bastard. Hinata-chan's not a stripper!" Naruto yelled, readying himself to stalk up to the Uchiha. As he rose his foot to move, Sai grabbed the bottom of his shirt.

"There's no need to scare the banshee anymore." Sai smiled, "It would be awfully painful to hear her shriek again."

Without hesitation, a dark voice entered the conversation. "Sai, if you dare insult me again," she took a deep breath, "I will rip out your spinal cord and beat you with it." Sakura then opened her emerald eyes to stare at the boy.

Sai's pleasant smile remained composed. "Your response only validates my theory of you being unattractive. With those burly arms of yours and those ant-hill tits, you indubitably do have the strength to rip out my spine and beat me with it."

"Sai," Naruto warned. He was always reluctant to experience Sakura's wrath. Somehow, he was always the target or caught up in the cross-fire; and, even though she has a petite figure, she could sure hit hard.

"But I don't have to worry about that," Sai smiled sweetly. "I'm sure your looks will be the death of me."

Sakura twitched, her delicate fingers forming into a vice-like grip on the pole as her knuckles turned white. All of a sudden, Sakura smiled beautifully at him—though her eyes were still trying to set him on fire; in response, Sai's smile slightly faltered.

She grinned, her features stunning in the light. A slight giggle escaped her lips, and her fingers lessened their strength on the cold metal. "I'll castrate that small penis of yours one day."

A soft, velvet chuckle escaped the Uchiha's lips, and Sakura felt as though she were drowning in the chocolate his tone was laced with. "How…annoying." Sasuke breathed, lifting a finger to his temple. He moved his finger in a few circles before letting out a sight.

Sai interjected in the middle of the Uchiha's thoughts as he mentioned, "I can assure you, Sakura, that my penis is not small."

Sasuke twitched, his hand bumping against the side of the railing in surprise; Naruto slightly gaped, astonished at Sai's unusual forwardness. "Sai," Naruto whispered, ignored.

"What a lie." Sakura challenged.

Sasuke interrupted, softly with an annoyed voice, "Sakura…" It was a warning; it was ignored.

Sai shrugged, pausing for a moment to collect his thoughts. "I can prove it."

Sakura laughed, dryly.

"Present it."

There was a moment of contemplation that everyone reveled in, now realizing the seriousness of the ongoing conversation. Sai's hands began moving towards his short's zipper when he then looked up at all three of them. "I will when I don't have these two waiting apprehensively to see my dick…" He assured her.

Sakura shrugged then, uncaringly and glanced at Sasuke. Her eyes locked with his, both of their expressions rather bored and their eyes blank. She smiled.

Sasuke responded to her with a casual grunt. He didn't look away.

"I'm not gay, Sai!" Naruto growled.

Abruptly, Sakura, still gripping the pole, stood up. Turning towards Naruto, she let the pole go with one of her hands, and she hit Naruto on the crown of his head. "And, that's for implying I was a stripper! How dare you." Sakura growled, her hand returning to the pole.

"Ow!" Naruto cried, "B-But—Sakura-chan, I know you're not a stripper! Though you'd be a hot one…" Sakura jerked at his statement, glaring, while Naruto grinned for a moment at the fantasy. "Anyways, why don't you punch that bastard!" Naruto pointed at Sai, pouting.

Sakura thought. "He's too far away."

"Y-You should at least kiss my b…boo-boo for that Sakura-chan. That wasn't fair!" Naruto whimpered as his hand began stroking the growing bump on his forehead. He feigned an exaggerated wince in pain—though it did hurt…a lot.

Sasuke snidely remarked, "Life's not fair, moron. Deal with it."

Sakura looked back up at Naruto, her apple-green orbs lustrous with the empathetic feeling of concern. Sakura smiled and puckered her rosy lips, "Come here, Naruto. Let me give you a big kiss so you can forgive me for being oh so brash."

"You dumbass," Sasuke scowled at Naruto, simultaneously grabbing the pink-headed girl from kissing the boy in front of him. "Sakura, don't touch that. You don't know where it's been." He then sent a competitive smirk at Naruto. His grip on Sakura fell to her waist as he pulled her towards his seat.

She refused to sit down.

Sakura tried to stifle her giggles, but failed. "Sasuke, that's mean!"

"Bastard!" Naruto yelled out in anger. Naruto was moving around rapidly in the gondola, causing it to slight swing from side to side. "Want to say that again?"

There was a tug at the corner of the Uchiha's lips as it formed into a smug smirk. "Sure," he said, lazily, "I'll say it as many times as you want me to." It was the radiance of arrogance that made Naruto leap up into the air.

"You are such a tool!" Naruto shouted.

"Naruto," Sakura cautioned. "STOP MOVING," she screamed in sheer fear of the [unlikely] possibility that the gondola was going to do a complete flip. Sakura struggled out of Sasuke's grip, making it back to the center of the gondola within seconds. Her arms hugged the pole and she buried her head between her arms.

She cried, "I just want to live."

"Dumbass," Sasuke remarked to Naruto while massaging the back of his pained neck.

"Sasuke," Sakura hissed, "please stop antagonizing him."

There was a moment of silence where Sasuke and Sakura stared at each other; neither of them willing to give up their stance on whether or not Sasuke was allowed to antagonize Naruto. Sasuke sighed and shrugged, "Whatever. I'd rather not deal with such stupid conversations, anyways." Even after Sasuke had given up, they continued to mindlessly stare at each with realization.

Naruto stared at Sasuke for a moment before looking towards Sakura, who was still holding onto the pole. A sheepish grin appeared at the thought that Sasuke was listening to Sakura. "So whipped," Naruto muttered under his breath, hoping that the Uchiha didn't hear his snide remark.

"I agree, Naruto," Sai said, looking at the blond, "Sasuke is very whipped."

Reality jolted back into Sasuke's consciousness, and he sent a psychotic glare towards the two boys in front of them. Sasuke, however, said nothing.

It was in this moment that Naruto finally realized that Sasuke's glares had the ability to suck out a person's soul. It was absolutely terrifying.

"You two are so cute!" Naruto exclaimed, trying to wander away from the concept of provoking the Uchiha. "Does little Sasuke-kun have a crush on my Sakura-chan?" Even when he would put together all of his efforts, Naruto was never one that was able to determine good conversation starters.

He scoffed, "Yours?"

"Did you mishear me, bastard?

"Shut up, moron." Sasuke scowled, his glare lightening a bit from his previous one. The Uchiha quickly decided to avert his glance towards the outside, staring at the fairgrounds below them.

In the depths of his mind, Sasuke reluctantly knew and waited for Naruto to continue the subject; Naruto never did have a grasp on understanding the social "norms" of conversation. Sasuke waited for Naruto's next approach about Sakura.

"Just admit it, Sasuke." Naruto grinned, "You want my, Sakura-chan."

"This is stupid," Sasuke spat with annoyance, his body and face still looking outside of the hovering cart. "Whatever."

Sakura looked up at Naruto, then at Sasuke—the tension was rather uncomforting.

Naruto looked at Sasuke, slightly perturbed at his response. "You aren't denying it."

Sakura looked towards Sai, trying to avoid being placed in the middle of their conversation. She watched as Sai's black hair flew with the crisp wind, and how his smile had never seemed to waver the entire ride.

There was a shake on the gondola as the Ferris wheel seemed to have reached the very top, presenting a full-view sight of the fairgrounds below them.

Suddenly Sai's black eyes met her emeralds and his lips slightly parted. Her breathed for a moment, his lips still curved upwards, and he spoke, "Why are you staring at me, ugly?"

"You're sitting directly in front of me, Sai. Where the hell else am I supposed to look?" Sakura deadpanned, trying her best to ignore his previous insult.

"I'm sure you were just fantasizing that you were attractive, like me." Sai chuckled.

Sakura groaned. "You are…" she stood up, ready to pounce on the boy, "…so obnoxious," her fist was now forming and both of her hands left the pole, "Sai—!

She felt the Uchiha behind her take hold of the bottom of her shirt. "Sasuke!" Sakura playfully whined, disheartened at his constant interruptions from her attacking her friends.

"What?" Sasuke smirked.

He yanked at her, causing her to fall away from the center's pole and onto his lap. She screamed in surprise and anger, "Let me back, Sasuke!" She was absolutely frightened of the death-defying height that she was currently at; and, between Sasuke and the pole, she had already decided which one she believe to be more safe—the pole.

The girl on top of him began struggling, trying to free herself from him. In aggravation, he shuffled underneath her, trying to find a more suitable position. "Sakura," Sasuke breathed. Sakura ignored him and continued to wiggle on his lap.

"S-Stop…moving." Sasuke muttered, tightening his hold on the girl to where she could construct any form of action. "You might tip the gondola if you keep moving," he lied. She shuddered at the thought and her movements completely froze, her entire body stiff with trepidation.

He chuckled inwardly chuckle at how easy it was to manipulate her.

Naruto grinned as he watched Sasuke's and Sakura's interaction. "Sakura-chan, he's lying to you. He just wants you on his lap; but, I think you should keep moving. You could probably manage to get back to the safe pole if you do."

"Naruto," Sasuke muttered, venom underling the name. There was a small tinge of red that formed onto Sasuke's cheeks. "I hate you." He closed his eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath.

Sakura turned her head to face Sasuke and sent him an evil glare; then, she spitefully started to struggle in his lap even more, moving and twisting around on top of him. She squeaked, however, when his hands tightened even further around her waist, causing her to stiffen once again.

In reaction, she tried to crawl off the Uchiha with more perseverance than before.

Sasuke warned, once again, wincing, "Sakura."

"Sakura-chan, I think you're almost free!" Naruto cheered on, antagonizing Sasuke and encouraging Sakura. Naruto certainly did love torturing Sasuke; but, in the back of his mind, Naruto believed that blue-balling the Uchiha was a little too mean—even if he did deserve it…

Sakura gave Naruto the most innocent, tempting look that man could ever conceive. "Naruto, please help me. I'm just trying to get off!"

"So is he, Sakura-chan." He flashed a toothy grin. "So is he."

Sakura gave him a confused look.

"Naruto…" Sasuke hissed, his eyes turning murderous. Regardless of the Uchiha's composure seeming normal, there was a hint of embarrassment when Sasuke's eyebrows softly rose up and his eyes slightly widened.

"U-Um." Naruto stuttered, seeing just how pissed his friend was.

"Shut the fuck up," Sasuke stated, "now."

"Stop scowling like that, Sasuke." Sakura suggested, a wonderful smile gracing her lips, "it's really unattractive."

Sasuke raised a brow, his interest slightly kindled by her insult. He smirked against her pink hair, and his lips finally came down next to the shell of her right ear. "You should stop being so annoying, Sakura," Sasuke's hot breath tickled softly as he spoke, "it's extremely unattractive."

Sakura paused, not knowing whether to determine his previous statement as an insult or a compliment her. She knew he was trying to flirt with her; but, it seemed that the Uchiha clan wasn't very prestigious in flirting. Her mouth slightly dropped at how horrible he was at it. Horrible.

"I'm so glad your vernacular is as eloquent and as well-rounded as Naruto's." She giggled, before sarcastically mentioning, "You're a savant of words, Sasuke. Really."

He chuckled and leaned in against her back yet again, closing any previous gaps that had been between them. Closing his eyes, he breathed in the soft smell of her pink locks—coconut and lime. A beam of amusement flickered in his eyes.

"You don't even know the beginning of it."

-x- N A R U T O -x-

She swore she would kill the next person she saw, if she survived this ride. She would go on a murder spree, the first ones being Naruto, Sasuke, and Sai. She would rip them apart and donate their body for medical experiments. She would do anything she could to put them in the same pain that she had just put her in.

The moment they strapped her into the chair, she was assure she had lost sanity.

Up. Up. Up. Up. Up. Up. Up.

She didn't even realize she was holding her breath. "I absolutely hate you, Sasuke." Sakura mumbled softly, scared to expend any of her breath.


She gasped, "And you're alright with me hating you?"

He grunted in response. "Aa."

"None of you even sat next to me! Everyone's so mean!" Sakura whined. "You just had to sit on the other side." She sniffled, "Now I can't see you, plus I can't rip off your hand when we fall."

Sasuke almost felt bad about how drastic her emotions were at the moment. He couldn't doubt the fact that she might end up crying by the end of this ride. He loathed when she cried.

He probably should have sat next to her, now that he began replaying the scenarios that had previously occurred. When they go to the tower ride, there weren't many seats left; and, none of them were even next to each other. The only ones that were relatively close were two corner seats—one on the far left side facing the east; one on the far right side facing the west. So, technically, they were sitting next to each other, they were just facing different ways.

But, Sasuke was never really one to argue about semantics.

She didn't open her eyes to glare at him, but there was no doubt that she wanted to. She pleaded, "Why are you guys doing this to me? You know I am terrified of heights!" Her fingers were clasped around the restraints, and her legs were shaking as the tower kept bringing the riders higher and higher into the air, slower and slower.

"I didn't talk you into it." Sasuke shrugged, "anyways, your fear is completely illogical. Get over it."

"It's not just something I can 'get over!'" Sakura snarled.

Up. Up. Up. Up. Up. Up. Up.

"God, how high can this possibly go up!" Sakura breathed, not looking for an answer. She despised that the higher the ride went, the slower it went; then, she was mortified in anticipation for the indubitable drop that was surely coming soon. Too bad she didn't know when.

Sasuke looked at her, from the corner and brushed a strand of pink bangs away from her face. "You're annoying." He remarked. He didn't mean for it to be insulting, per se; but, there wasn't much redemption for his statement regardless.

Sakura's eyes snapped open and she spun her head directly towards Sasuke. There was a fire in her eyes, the same one he saw earlier when she readied herself to murder Sai. "What?" Sakura asked, her tone lathered with fake innocence.

Sasuke knew better, but he didn't care. "Hn."

"Oh god." Sakura's eyes snapped shut, once again, when she felt the jolt of the ride. The movements had finally stopped and she was sitting about 200 feet in the air. She couldn't think of anything that could make her life any worse.

"You…talk too much."

It wasn't Sasuke's voice this time that made Sakura open her eyes. This voice was too smooth, too rich and velvety for Sasuke's; Sasuke's was more hoarse and always had that tinge of annoyance in it.

"Excuse me?"

"I'm sure that you heard me the first time," he responded, his tone never once changing from its previous seductive one.

She looked over at the man to her left and gasped. The snide remarks, the attractive appearance, the arrogance he radiated…surely this man's surname was Uchiha.

Sakura's breath hitched, this man was undeniably gorgeous. "And, you are..?"

The man looked exactly like Sasuke, give or take a few characteristics. At sitting height, Sakura could tell that he was quite a few inches taller than the young Uchiha. She also took note of two unusual lines that defined each side of his nose. It was something that she assumed was supposed to borderline a beauty mark.

She blushed, embarrassed and flustered at how attractive the man before her was.

"Uchiha Itachi."


He nodded, cutting her off. "Yes."

Sakura's eyes narrowed for a minute due to his audacity to cut her off. "Rather rude to cut someone off," Sakura mentioned, sneakily, "I guess it's just a common characteristic, a flaw, I suppose, of the Uchiha clan."

Itachi chuckled, raising a brow. "And, it's rather rude not to respond with your own name, as well."

Sakura laughed, blissfully ignorant of the impending drop that was now counting down to its last minute. "I suppose we're at a stalemate," Sakura mentioned, sighing. "Haruno Sakura."

Itachi's eyes narrowed for a moment, staring her down. Sakura… Was this the same girl that his brother had taken a liking to? Itachi went silent, his mind wondering about the girl beside him. The girl beside him was rather cute and her personality was brash, yet clever. One thing that he wouldn't forget, though, was how captivating her emerald eyes were.

Sakura felt the seats below her jolt about two inches before they paused for a quick moment. Sakura looked down in utter shock, realizing that she was on the ride and it was readying to drop. "Um," she began to panic. "S-Sasuke."

Her voice was trembling. "I going to die."

"I never knew you had such an attractive girlfriend, Sasuke." Itachi mused aloud, smirking. He would cherish every opportunity he had to put his younger brother on the spotlight, and irritate him. Itachi usually wasn't much for teasing and being playful; but, when life presents him with such an easy target, then its sometimes too hard to deny.

"Itachi? What the hell are you doing here?" Sasuke questioned, slightly perturbed that his older brother was at the fair. It didn't make much sense to Sasuke at all; and, Sasuke didn't like the idea of not knowing what his brother was up to.

"She's not my girlfriend," Sasuke spat.

Sakura twisted her head, slightly taken aback from how vindictive Sasuke was about his statement. "I didn't know you were that offended by me," she shot back angrily, there was something akin to hurt in her voice as well.

"Oh, really now?" Itachi responded coolly, regarding his brother's proclamation, but ignoring his question. "Well, it's a shame that you haven't taken up such an opportunity yet."

"You've got to be kidding me." Sasuke growled in frustration. He lifted his right hand and massaged it through his locks, pulling his bangs back and letting out a loud sigh. Everyone was out to aggravate him today; and, now Sakura was going to be upset with him.

Just his luck.


A desperate gasp escaped from the pump petals of Sakura's lips, "Aah!" She couldn't manage to make any other noise, her entire body winded and numb. The entity of her was so haphazardly disheveled that she was unsure of when the drop started; when she grabbed onto whatever, or whoever, she grabbed onto; and, when she returned to land.

Itachi raised a brow when he felt the girl's head dig into his right shoulder and her arms wrap around his complementing arm. He disregarded her and chuckled at the hateful glare that Sasuke was sending him. Itachi chuckled lightly and stole one last glance at the head of pink that leaned against him.

He smirked.

Sakura finally lifted her head when she felt Sasuke touch the small of her back. "Sakura…" Sasuke mumbled. When the girl finally let go and lifted her head up, her mouth fell slightly ajar. Sasuke shoved his hands in his pockets and looked away from her, focusing on his older brother.

"I'm sorry, Itachi-san," Sakura apologized, embarrassed. "I'm terrified of heights, as you've probably noticed."

Itachi nodded. "No need for apologies, or formalities, Sakura."

An elegant smile started to form on Sakura's lips; a slight pink coloring began to scatter throughout her cheeks.

Sasuke scowled, noticing Sakura's behavior. He would not allow his brother to flirt with Sakura—it was completely unacceptable.

"Why are you here?"

Itachi shrugged and tilted his direction to a group of men and a couple women. "I enjoy the fair."

Itachi sent a catatonic look to Sasuke, but a smirk presented itself on his lips. "What other reasons would I have for being here, Sasuke?" In that statement, Sasuke could tell there was something hidden, some ulterior motive to why his older brother was here, right beside him and Sakura.

He imperceptibly eyed the Uchiha.

It was official. Sasuke despised his older brother.

-x- N A R U T O -x-

Sakura, nauseous and discontent, had been thrown over Sasuke's shoulders as they continued to walk around the fairgrounds. "Please no more height rides…" Sakura begged. Her voice was so soft and shaken, that it was almost impossible to be able to comprehend what she had just tried to say.


Maybe she had vertigo—it wasn't normal to be this affected from a simple ride. How childish. Sasuke thought. He hadn't said much since they had left the last ride, his mind still focused on the interaction between him, Sakura, and his brother. He didn't like the way that Itachi was speaking with Sakura. It was almost as though his brother was…interested in Sakura. The way that he subtly flirted with her, the way that he casually stole glances at her, and the way that he kept questioning Sasuke about his relationship with her—all of it was, per se…unnerving.


"Gahh!" Sakura groaned.


The raindrops were heavy and beginning to fall at a steadier and steadier pace, quickening within the short moments they were outside.


"Sasuke, give me that…"thing," so I can use her as an umbrella." Sai demanded, his hand outstretched towards the Uchiha. In response, Sasuke stopped in his tracks and took a moment to respond.

Sasuke snorted and sent a glare towards Sai. "Go fuck yourself," he deadpanned as he began to pick his pace back up to a fast walk. If he was caught in the rain after having to deal with his brother and Sai trying to flirt with Sakura, and having Sakura still be mad at him, he was going to snap.

"Sasuke," Naruto offered, "Sai and I are going to go grab cover and booze if you guys want to come." The blond boy waved his hands, beckoning for the two to join the boys.

"I have rides I still want to go on!"

Sasuke paused for a moment and turned around, shaking his head at Naruto. "We'll just meet up with you later." He readjusted her on his back and began walking again towards their next ride.

"Sasuke-kun," Sakura mumbled, her lips touching the nape of his neck. He didn't know if it was from the rain, or if her lips were simply wet; but, they feeling of her lips on his neck was breath-taking. He faltered in step, before catching himself and regaining his composure. She was ready to thank him for taking her wants into account—it wasn't a typical occurrence; therefore, she would appreciate it thoroughly.

He could feel her hot breath against his naked skin, he slightly shuddered. "Hn?" He responded, jerking her up so he could readjust his hold on her. Her arms around his neck and legs around his hips tightened in result.

Alright, so she was going to thank him; but, she can only take so much of his aggravating responses, or, should she call them grunts? Sakura gave an irritated sigh, "Tch, Uchihas."

"'Uchihas?'" Sasuke frowned and twisted his head a bit to gain sight of her on his back. "What is that supposed to mean?" He asked, genuinely curious of what she could possibly say about his clan.

She shrugged. "From all of the Uchihas I have met so far, I have come to the conclusion…"

Sasuke laughed, "what Uchihas have you possibly met so far?" There was a small amount of surprise in his tone. He knew that he hadn't really introduced her to much of his family members; he didn't really deem it necessary that he did.

"Well, I've met Itachi, Shisui, Izuna, Obito, and Madara." Sakura said, counting on her fingers. "I've met your mother too, but I can tell she isn't the parent that was born Uchiha."

"You've met all of them?" He was honestly bewildered at how many Uchihas she had known—especially how significant each one was in his clan. "Why?"

She ignored him, before continuing. With a smile and a nod, she returned to her previous thought process, "Mmm! As I was saying, before you rudely interrupted was that the Uchiha's have specific traits that can distinguish them from all others. This meaning that you all are generally the same person…with probably at the most…two differences."

"Oh?" Sasuke asked, amusement in his town. He frowned when he felt a raindrop hit him directly above the bridge of his nose. The drop spread and melted into his eyes, his vision becoming more and more opaque.

"For example," Sakura began, "You have degraded a dictionary of thousands and thousands of words to a maximum of ten. It's very unoriginal, actually—very un-entertaining, too. Then all of you generally look the same, with a few minor differences. Uchiha's are very intelligent, yet complete assholes who think every galaxy in our universe revolves around them. Do you want me to keep going?"

Sasuke looked rather paranoid; but, he said nothing.

"I mean, really? The grunt 'hn' is the best thing you can come up with?" Sakura exclaimed, throwing her hands into the air. "It's pretty creepy, anyways—really annoying, too."

"Sakura—!" Sasuke exclaimed, trying to warn her to bring her hands around his neck. However, she didn't notice, having forgotten that she had to hold onto Sasuke's neck to keep them both standing up. She slightly gasped when she felt Sasuke's body tilt backwards and begin a slow fall backwards, sending her backwards as well.

Sakura winced in pain when she felt Sasuke's wait topple above her. In efforts to lighten his fall, Sasuke had slightly spun around as to not fall on his back onto the girl. Resulting in their fall, Sakura was flushed against the ground, her short skirt slightly riding up the top of her thighs, her hair splattered around her almost like that of a halo, and eyes looking up at him with desperation to help her.

Sasuke, on the other hand, had managed to put most of the pressure of his fall into his forearms and palms of his hands. His legs were tangled with hers and his face hovered a mere few inches above hers. "Sakura," Sasuke mumbled, his bangs tickling her forehead as his face dipped a little lower.

He hated how tempting her lips looked in this very moment—slightly parted, extremely plump, and wet. His hot breath fanned her face and he watched in appeasement at the blush that was rushing to her cheeks.

"I can't believe you called me annoying," he whispered, onyx eyes slightly narrowed.

"At least I grew up!" Sakura growled, "I'm not as annoying as you are."

He snorted. His chuckle permeated the rain, echoing throughout her ear drums and sending their lightness and richness into the depths of her body. "Not vertically, that's for certain."

Sakura didn't reply; she was too embarrassed and too flustered and too shy to be able to focus on a witty response. "U-Um."

Sasuke's head dipped lower to her left ear and his breath fanned out into the locks of her hair, warmth dripping from him similar to that of the rain. "Stereotypes for Sakura..?"

Sakura had noticed that the entire time they had been in their position, Sasuke didn't try to move out of it. She shied away from his mouth, her head leaning the opposite way. "W-What?"

"Vertically challenged."

Sakura gasped, "that is so mean! I'm not that short, first off; and, secondly, I have the perfect tip-toe kiss "Kodak Moment" height—something that many girls are jealous of, thank you very much." Her tone was matter-of-fact and she beamed at him with indignation; her look turned dour when she saw the amused expression playing on his lips.

Sasuke paused and gave her a questioning look, a large smirk plastered on his lips. "Oh really?"

Sakura blushed even further and looked down, her vision focusing on exactly how close their bodies were. "Shut up," she mumbled.

"Annoying, too." He chuckled, "also…extremely high-tempered."

He finally shifted after saying this, using his strength to bring his body back up. He looked down at the muddled girl below him, shook his head, and then offered a hand to help her up. "Come on," Sasuke demanded, beckoning for her to grab onto his hand.

She did.

In the moment of pulling her up, Sakura's body went into a state which felt similar to free-fall, as her body collided against his. Sasuke's hands wrapped around the small of her back, clenching her waist as though she were to disappear, and he slightly lifted her up—onto her tip-toes.

He finally, swiftly, dipped down, capturing the corner of her lips. The kiss was so lightening fast, she believed that he was unsure of whether or not he was allowed to. Sakura's legs turned to jelly the moment his lips met hers, Sasuke now keeping both himself and herself up.

Sasuke pulled back abruptly, before either of them could deepen the kiss—the uncertainty of possibly doing any damage to his friend haunted him.

She couldn't think, her entire mind was jumbled. Did… Did Sasuke just…kiss me?

"Cute, too." Sasuke whispered under his breath, not caring to whether or not she heard his last comment.

"H-Huh?" Sakura was trying to regain her composure, too flustered and caught off guard to understand her life, or Sasuke. She averted her gaze from his eyes to look to the House of Mirrors next to them.

It was relatively empty.

"Just kidding," Sasuke murmured, shoving his hands in his pockets. Standing in front of her, he tilted his head back at an angle to gaze at her. He finally asked, "are you coming?"

"Wait.. —Sasuke!" Sakura finally managed to get out. She didn't know what to say anymore to avoid the subject of everything and anything that had just occurred; but, she doubted that Sasuke would bring it up either.

He kept walking. "What?"

"Don't leave me…" Sakura mumbled, beginning a faster walk to catch up to him.

He stopped, not turning around to look at her, and waited.

Sakura finally managed to catch up to him, walking at the same pace of her taller friend. "I better not get lost, Sasuke…" She grumbled at the House of Mirrors. "Those places are freaky."

They opened the rusted red door to the building and entered. As they entered the door, following the winding path, Sakura grabbed Sasuke's wrist. "This is a weird house…" Sakura mentioned, her hand squeezing Sasuke's wrist.

He sighed and readjusted her grip, placing her hand within his. Her monster strength wasn't the most pleasant thing, especially on his wrist; he would just have to make do with…holding hands. He scoffed inwardly at the thought.

They began ducking down as the ceiling shrunk lower and lower. Sakura giggled, abruptly breaking from his grasp and took a narrow door to her left.

Sasuke groaned at her antics; before, a sudden smirk played softly on his lips.

He always did enjoy hunting for his prey.

End of Chapter 1.

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