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Stereotyping Uchiha's

What Comes Up, Must Come Down.

She didn't know how to react; her body felt as though it had been paralyzed, mid-step. Her senses were numbing, all of them except sight—she could only stand there and watch as the blond played with his hair, stroked his arm, and laughed at some perverse joke he must have made. Her hand that had been swinging up and down, up and down with Itachi's faltered, before finally breaking away from the older Uchiha's hold. She knew her lips were trembling and she couldn't bring herself to care when she felt her breath hitch in her throat.

She couldn't breathe—she was suffocating.

No matter how hard she tried to convince her eyes to remain on the couple, she seemed to lose focus. Her eyes were averting to the ground and they refused to look elsewhere. I don't… I don't understand, she thought as she bit her bottom lip roughly. She feared that if she were to blink, the forming tears would overflow from her eyelids and fall to the ground, shattering like priceless diamonds for the world to see.

Itachi's expression remained unfazed by the sight. Of course, he had expected to run into them in some sort of romantic act, but this was more than he had initially intended. From his and Sakura's angle, it appeared that Sasuke was enjoying his time with Ino, kissing her and letting her hold on to him. He gazed turned to Sakura the moment he saw her burst into tears; however, he was too fascinated by his little brother and his fiancé to be overly concerned with his date.

Itachi took a moment to decide his course of action, fully calculating the current scenario that all of them had been placed in. He bit back a smirk and looked up at the sky. "It seems that there will be a storm tonight," he whispered into the wind, his words disregarded by all those around him.

Finally, his plan was put into action.

"Sakura," Itachi cooed, placing a comforting palm on the back of her unnaturally warm neck. The Uchiha tilted her head so she was facing his body and brought her into his chest. "Are you alright?" He asked, a feigned concern dripping from each word.

A smirk played upon his lips when he felt Sakura put her quivering hands against his chest, her head buried just below his neck. Soon enough, whatever space that was previously between them had successfully depleted to none. He felt her fingers grasp his shirt, holding her to him; and, he felt her body continue to quaver as she shook her head. "N-No…" Sakura breathed, taking in a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.

Itachi's hand that was placed on the back of her neck slowly moved to the top of her pale pink hair, while his other held her against him by the small of her back.


He felt the wetness of her tears begin to sink into his shirt and he amusement filtered throughout his mind with how easy his plan was to falling into place. His fingers trickled through her hair, massaging her scalp, while the hand on her back made sensual, comforting circles. "I wonder what she means to him," Itachi mused aloud, knowing Sakura would hang on to very single word he breathed.

Itachi tilted her chin up by cocking her neck with his hand. "I wonder what you meant to him," he contemplated, leaning in to kiss her on the lips lightly. He knew those words would set her off. The moment he pulled away from her quaking lips, he noticed how her dying apple-green eyes reverted back to the couple once more. Sasuke was holding the girl's hand and staring directly into her sapphire eyes. Sakura shook her head; they look so compatible for one another… She closed her eyes; they look like such a loving couple… She turned back to face Itachi who was now staring at her with an unreadable expression. "I just want to forget," she mumbled under a hiccupped choke. She tugged him down and crashed her lips against his, pleading for entrance with her tongue—a request he was more than eager to reply with.

She finally pulled back, tears still steaming rivers of regret down her face; and her entire body was shivering as her lungs greedily panted for air.

She felt like she was drowning—drowning in all of this pain, all of this regret and sadness and futile hopes and lost dreams. She couldn't breathe. The hands that were placed against his chest started pressing against him, letting her grow independent of his hold. Itachi let her go freely, impressed that she was taking such initiative of her own. Seeing how unpredictable all of her actions had been thus far made him excited for his future plans.

He gave her a questioning look, bringing both of his hands back to his sides. His eyes caught the way her right foot took a step back, then her left foot; he watched impassively as the distance grew further and further between them.

Another hesitant footstep followed.

Then another—

Then there was a long, hesitant pause.

—and another

Itachi's mysterious obsidian eyes stared at her petite figure, taking note of every single one of her actions and reactions. He noted all of the emotions she was radiating, all of the feelings that her eyes displayed; her eyes were like an open book, which would surely pose a problem for her in her future. He watched as her mind was debating over the two extremes: fight or flight.

He had calculated everything perfectly. Only moments ago was he able to spot Sasuke and Ino inside of the crowd by pure coincidence; he had figured they would have moved by the time that him and Sakura had come down from the Hokage's tower roof. When he had spotted out the couple, he had managed to switch his and Sakura's direction towards theirs—her too wrapped up in their conversation to notice. In all of his actions, he was able to meticulously measure all of the results and effects of every possible outcome in the scenario he had planned.

He had noticed how Ino had dragged Sasuke to stare at the lake and watch small ducklings swim across. The blonde had spoken loud enough earlier for him to overhear all of their impending actions, which had let to this very moment.

"Neh, Sasuke-kun! Let's go on one of those boats!" The girl exclaimed, pointing at all of the small canoes that were across the lake. A few had already passed by that evening, where the man would row while the woman tried to look exotic—holding their parasols and flashing their fake eyelashes an innumerable amount of times.

He had even noticed earlier how Sasuke had let his façade falter and had shown his true emotion: agony. Itachi was glad that Sakura was too engaged in their conversation to actually spy out any of these small keys. If she had, then the entirety of this situation might have played out very differently. The corner of his lips tugged up slightly, the girl seemed to be a much better catch that he had at first anticipated—she was unpredictable and predictable all in one, he couldn't seem to get bored; she was witty and intelligent, he was able to enjoy having conversations with her that he couldn't with most people; and, she was very attractive, something he wasn't one to normally admit.

Itachi watched the pink haired girl take one last cautious step back before she spun on her heel and sped off. He watched as she began running further and further down the street, ignoring the people she haphazardly bumped shoulders with and not giving a damned about anything. A feral grin appeared on Itachi's face, emphasizing his masculine jaw-line.

Everything had gone according to plan.

"Perfect," he drawled, running a cold palm through his bangs, pushing them away from his obscured vision. His eyes narrowed with excitement and the previously withheld smirk finally tainted his lips.

Itachi waited a few moments to let Sakura get a head start before he decided to call out the taboo that he was positive his target would hear: "Sakura!"

The moment he had heard it, his ears had perked.


His ears had perked, his body had completely paused in movement, and his eyes didn't know even know where to start looking. Sasuke stole his hand back from Ino's grasp and he averted his eyes, looking for the most plausible origin of the yelling. He heard it: Sakura! Sakura was there; and, he could only assume that she had spotted him out in the crowd with Ino. Fuck. Fuck my life. Sasuke cursedly thought. This was just his luck.

And, to make it even better, if he had known any better…

He could have sworn that the voice he heard was—

"Itachi…" Sasuke hissed under his breath, venom underlying each syllable of his older brother's name. Onyx orbs greeted a similar pair when Sasuke's had completely turned around. He acknowledged his brother's ambition to ruin his life—he was positive that Itachi had planned to walk with Sakura directly towards him and Ino.

Apparently it worked. Too well.

Sasuke's scowl deepened further when he noticed Itachi's expression. Itachi's eyes had fixated upon his for the shortest moment, amusement and accomplishment dancing throughout the pools of his darkened eyes; and, a large deceitful smirk played on his thin lips. Itachi's hand rose slowly into the air and he sent Sasuke a small wave of recognition.

"You fucking dick." Sasuke growled under his breath, the words going unnoticed by his companion. He shook his head though; he could care less whether or not Ino had heard him—she wouldn't even understand what he was referring to. And, just as soon as Itachi had given Sasuke his attention, the older Uchiha spun on his heel and broke into a fast jog in the opposite direction.

Sasuke had no doubt that Itachi was trying to play a game. If Sasuke didn't follow Itachi, then he wouldn't be able to talk sense into Sakura, and then she would start falling for Itachi; if Sasuke did follow, then surely Itachi was setting up a trap in which Sasuke would walk into.

He couldn't decipher which option was worth more.

And, that's when Sasuke's slanted onyx orbs had caught it—the bobbing pink blob that was disappearing quickly into the crowd. He knew Sakura was there, of course; but, seeing her… Well, that was when he was able to make his decision. Was it worth more to potentially fall into Itachi's probable trap? The moment he saw her, it was; the moment he knew she was at stake, he was willing to take a risk.

A scowl presented itself upon his pale face and he glowered. He took a moment for himself to close his eyes and sigh, exasperated. "Sakura…" He grumbled to himself, wondering how he was going to find her. He still had to deal with Ino before he would be able to start his search for Sakura; and, by that time, she would already be too far gone. How was he supposed to find her? Guess?

Sasuke slightly twitched when he felt two slim arms wrap around his neck and weight fall upon his torso. He cringed when her hands contracted against him, tightly closing his esophagus and leaning him, involuntarily, backwards into her body. "Sasuke-kun, what's wrong?"

"Hn." He grunted in response.

He didn't have time to think of an appropriate response to keep her entertained—hell, he was too wrapped up in Itachi's game to think about anything else! He just wanted to decipher what Itachi's subliminal message could possibly be. The problem with his older brother was that he could never tell what his goal was: did he actually want to be with Sakura or did he want to antagonize Sasuke?

Sasuke growled to himself in frustration. He didn't think he would ever understand his brother's motives.

"Sasuke-kun, what's wrong?"

He ignored her, giving her a casual grunt in reply.

"Sasuke-kun, what's wrong?"

He was too focused, still staring at the spot where he had last seen the pink blob to actually bother listening to Ino's question. His brows furrowed in deep contemplation. Should he go after Sakura? His mind yelled at him to do it—Sakura was the only person he has ever been attached to [other than Naruto]; however, his body refused to move. He didn't comprehend why he couldn't make a choice.

"Nehh! Sasuke-kun, what's wrong?" Ino reiterated. He brought his gaze upon her, aggravated that she had reiterated her question for fourth time. If he didn't answer the question the first time, even the second time, he didn't understand why she persisted on asking it again.

He gritted his teeth in annoyance, clamping his lips tightly shut. He couldn't bring himself to snap at her; else he would be ruining his chances of having a future—his familial chosen future, at least.

Suddenly, the Uchiha thought of a passable idea. His hands came to his abdominals and he clenched his stomach, feigning pain. "Asdfghjkl," Sasuke groaned; his entire body seemed to twitch in agony.

A worried expression plastered itself upon Ino's face and she pressed her hands onto Sasuke's forehead; worry beguiling her. Her sapphire eyes stared at him for a moment trying to decide whether or not she should be worried. Upon examining his actions and expression, however, hysterics began to overtake Ino as she began to worry about her future husband's-to-be fate. "Sasuke-kun!" Ino screamed in absolute horror

She tried to embrace him in a tight hug, stroking his hair as empathetically as possible. He haphazardly swayed, avoiding her touch. Backing away from her embrace, Sasuke looked at her with the most pathetic look an Uchiha could provide. "I… I don't feel too good, Ino…-chan," Sasuke moaned.

He dodged her upcoming contact and began taking a few steps back. "I'll be right back, alright?" Sasuke disclaimed, rather straight-forwardly. There was no way she would turn him down. He knew it. He continued rubbing his stomach, pretending that he was nauseas. "I shouldn't be long, it's just…my stomach." He made a retching noise. "Ino-chan…" He was going to punch himself in the face for having to use such pathetic tactics.

A giant blush appeared on the girl's face while she continued to stare, worriedly, at Sasuke. Apparently she didn't understand the situation that Sasuke was trying to feign. Suddenly, her worried expression turned completely blank. "I know what will make you feel better!" She hummed, a toothy grin playing on her lips. She looked at him and gave him a sultry wink as she popped her hip out as far as possible.

Sasuke didn't know if any normal man would take this opportunity to be turned on. He grimaced at the fact that she was so willing to try anything; but, without any regard, he responded with a: "…Nahhh."

With his response, her temper was ignited. "I don't know what's wrong with you, Sasuke-kun; but, I am your lover. You don't need to be all forever alone when you're with me. So if you want to go to the bathroom and do whatever you need to do all alone then fine." She huffed, her chest heaving up and down heavily. She was livid and he didn't know whether or not he should be worried about her.

Sasuke hadn't had time to determine what time or personality Ino had when it came to anger—he hadn't exactly gone out of his way to make her angry. Initially he was going to assume that she was aggressive when it came to her anger; but, seeing the glint in her sapphire eyes told him otherwise. He despised passive-aggressive tendencies. They were sneaky and manipulative; but, he still couldn't pin Ino for being very…manipulative.

"Seriously, go, Sasuke-kun." Ino spat. "Leave me—a helpless, attractive female—all alone—" Her frown deepened and her arms crossed her chest. "—in the dark."

Through her hysterics, Sasuke had caught a few couples that were passing by giving strange, or dirty, looks at the young Uchiha. He scowled in aggravation—people always targeted him when a woman was upset near him. He looked at Ino, knowing he had to do something to appease her before he left. "That was the plan, Ino." Sasuke drawled, a small shrug expressing his indifference.

Ino's mouth fell agape and a shriek then followed. "Wh… What?!"

A sigh escaped the Uchiha's lips as he stalked slowly up to Ino. "Hn," he groaned, slouching down and making eye contact with the blonde. He let a smirk play on his lips as he bent down, his fingers trailing up and down her sides. "Don't worry, Ino-chan, I don't want to get too ahead of myself," Sasuke drawled, "though I am dying to kiss those beautiful lips."

Ino's eyes glimmered brightly, excitement tingling in each sparkle. "Oh, Sasuke-kun!" She merrily exclaimed. "I never pinned you for being so forward—I like it" The blonde then began leaning into Sasuke's grasp, trying to instigate a kiss between the two.

Sasuke breathed, seductively, "I care too much about you to get you sick." His breath fanned, his lips briskly brushing against her cheek.

He was almost amused at how flustered and red-cheeked Ino had gotten by such simple seduction tactics. A small smile gleamed, slowly broadening from cheek-to-cheek. "S-S-Sasuke-kun!" She gasped, "You're too sweet! I'll wait right here for you." She announced, her hands clapping eagerly together. "I knew I could find some husband material in you."

He smirked. "I guess you were right."

"Shoo—shoo!" Ino demanded, motioning for him to leave. "I don't want to be waiting too long, Sasuke-kun."

It almost sounded like a warning; but, he didn't really care.

He smirked.

At all.

Her eyes began to well and she knew the tears were about to fall. She cursed at herself for being so emotional. She cupped her hands against her mouth, trying to hold back any gasps of air that were trying to be sucked in. "I just don't understand…" Sakura muffled through her prying fingers. Her head tilted down, pink bangs bobbing down to cover her face; and, that was when her tears began to fall gracelessly from the corners of her innocent, emerald eyes.

She knew it looked pathetic—the way she was crouched underneath a small, wooden picnic table that was near the lake. She resembled her seven year old self; naïve, emotional, and pained. An abrupt drag of air flew into her lungs when she thought she noticed something move in the shadows. "I'm just being stupid," she commented dryly to herself. Regardless, that didn't stop her from being emotionally shell-shocked and scared.

Her knees were scrunched into her body, pulled against her chest, and her head rested atop of them. She had tried to keep her sobs muffled; but, it had proven to be little success.

"W-Why..?" Sakura whispered, trying too desperately to hold her breath. What did Sasuke find in that other girl? What did that blonde have that she didn't have? She has known Sasuke for years; yet, she had been proven the fool—she had honestly thought that the Uchiha had cared for her. "I'm such a fool." She grimaced as her hands clasped into small fists.

She had been there for him throughout his life—helped him through sorrows; encouraged him to seek his utmost potential; and, aside from Naruto, she was the closest person to him!

What the hell did that girl have that she didn't?

And with that question, her mind betrayed her confidence.

She had long blonde hair; Sakura had pink hair, and it definitely wasn't too long. She had blue eyes to compliment her blonde hair; Sakura had green eyes to emphasize her pink hair. Her legs were super, super long, she was tall and skinny; Sakura was…well, she was petite, to be kind about it. She had giant tits, too; Sakura had what Sai coined as, "mosquito bites" for tits—she glowered at the thought of that.

And for the finale:

Did she also have…Sasuke?

Her slender fingers curved inwards and her hands clenched with jealousy and sadness and anger. She didn't even know what she was supposed to feel! Her mind kept wondering about all of the possible reasons to why Sasuke had chosen his blonde haired beauty over her. She had memories with him, beautiful memories—or, at least she thought they were; who was this…this woman that could replace all of those? Maybe he had known her just as long as he had known Sakura. Who knows.

She furrowed her brow in disbelief as her nose scrunched with anticipation and aggravation. The list could keep going, on and on and on—

"Sakura?" A voice called out.

—and on.

Sakura tilted her head upwards in fear and curiosity while her eyes blinked several times trying to adjust to the darkness of the area. She wanted to pinpoint the voice to see who it was that was calling her; however, little success was gained. She couldn't determine who it was that was calling her name—and, that worried her. For all she knew, it could be Sasuke. It could be Sasuke or Itachi or some random stranger that knew her name. She assumed it was one of the first, too.

She didn't want to see anyone, so instead of replying back, or heading towards the voice, Sakura backed up underneath the picnic table even further. With her lackluster luck, she ended up bumping into one of the table's legs, knocking off a glass object that was atop the table. "Fuck," Sakura mumbled under her breath, spoken softly enough to where it was completely inaudible to whoever was there.

The shrieking sound of shattering glass radiated amongst her, licking both her pale, soft skin and the growing stale air. Sakura flinched when several small shards glimmered near or on her. Not only was the object glass, but it was also filled with liquid. Gods, I hope that's just water, Sakura grimly thought.

Her night was indubitably going to be a slippery slope: she had seen Sasuke when another woman; she was sitting underneath a foul, grimy picnic table in the cold; she probably looked like absolutely shit and someone was coming; and, now, she was drenched in what she could smell wasn't water. And, she was bleeding.

Sakura narrowed her eyes and her tears began pouring out again. "I hate everything." She grumbled, clutching her knees. Her day was just getting shittier and shittier, and she didn't even know if she could handle it anymore.

"I don't like repeating myself," the voice drawled.

At hearing this, Sakura awkwardly shuffled her feet even closer to her body. It was already pathetic enough that her mind was in hysterics and she was bawling her eyes out over Sasuke—a boy who wasn't even going out with her; but, in addition to this, she had also run away from Itachi because of his brother.

She wryly admitted to Itachi being right. She initially went out with him because he looked like Sasuke so much—such a reason made her feel selfish and conniving. Their features were that of almost identical (other than the indented lines along the sidings of Itachi's nose); their voices had the same monotonous pitch; their hair was similar with that mystifying raven color; and, their eyes…..their eyes were those deep, cryptic pools that never spoke emotions.

And now she was realizing that he was so much better for her than Sasuke.

But, he still wasn't Sasuke.

Sakura's ears perked up and listened intently when she heard a sigh. Biting her lip, she swallowed the large know in her dry throat and held her breath. Her emerald orbs gazed objectively at the dark figure's legs which were standing in front of the table she was under.

It was a hushed voice that loomed within the air. "Are you OK?"

She shivered and held her tongue. She feared that if she were to open her mouth, she would accidentally muster out some rambling of incoherent thoughts. "W-Who… Itachi?" She breathed, guessing—her hopes high that she was correct. There was no way she would be able to deal with seeing Sasuke at the moment.

A pregnant pause followed her question.

He then chuckled, ruefully, "You can't tell me apart from my younger brother?" She didn't know if she misheard when she acknowledged annoyance in his tone. She could only assume she did. She heard, no, felt the man sigh as his figure bent down to crouch in front of her. He muttered a few indistinct words before she caught the lingering inflection of: "That's pretty bad."

Her eyes slightly widened when she realized that he was fitting his way underneath the table with surprising ease. She knew that no matter how easy the Uchiha would make it seem to get underneath the table, it would be much harder for him than it was for her. Itachi was at least a full foot taller than her.

"I'm sorry," Sakura whispered. "P-Please," she paused for a moment, suppressing a hiccup, "you don't have to come under here, that's too much—"

"Hn," Itachi grunted, ignoring her selfless comment. His eyes rose up to meet hers and he stared at her, confusion and suspicion filtering within those deep onyx orbs. "You do not want me here?"

A long sniff came for an answer. Her fingers fumbled with one another as she met his stare with a dignified look. "You know what I meant," Sakura said with an annoyed tone. She hurriedly wiped her left cheek with the palm of her smooth hand, brushing away the tear stains. Itachi carefully watched her try to hide the small tear streams, an almost sympathetic look fighting its way onto his face.

"You were crying." Itachi deadpanned, his forefinger and middle finger reaching out to trace her jaw line. "Why?"

Sakura frowned, replying with the childish remark, "N-Nu-uh."

He heard her huff, then hiccup. Itachi decided to wait for a few moments before many any other comments, and instead chose to sit beside her. A smirk fought its way to his lips, and he was thanking the Gods that it was near pitch black outside. He felt her head continually move, shifting for comfort, before she finally settled on leaning it against his shoulder. "My brother," he began as his hand rose and trickled fingers through her cherry blossom locks, "is a very foolish man."

"Why her?" Sakura sighed, exasperated.

Itachi shrugged. "Why anyone—Why you?" His fingers kept up their meticulous strokes and he continued, "He seeks solace in whatever he can find—it's a dependency on comfort. You cannot control the feelings you harbor for another, albeit however much you would like to; nor can you control how the other feels about you. It's a shameful fact, really…"

Sakura blinked with indecisiveness. She knew he was right—she just didn't want to believe it.

His strokes ceased and his hand now rested upon her other shoulder, holding her in a comforting passion. "I don't know why Sasuke is with that woman, Sakura," Itachi stated, feigning pity, "but I'm sure he must have had a good enough reason if he would risk letting someone as valuable as you go."

Sakura buried her head deeper into his shoulder and she took a deep breath. Itachi raised a brow, considering how to go about calming her down. His right hand slowly raised her face and he tucked the single strand of pastel pink hair behind her ear. The Uchiha spoke no words; fully understand that none were needed for this moment.

With that action, he was positive, that she would fall perfectly into his hands.

He caught the gleam of the smallest of smiles appear upon her ruby lips. She lifted her head and her eyes met his. Her lips opened, breath hot and heavy, and she barely had the courage to speak.

But she did.

"Thank you."

Uchiha Sasuke was never a fool, until he found solace within Itachi's once warm embrace. Uchiha Sasuke was never a spontaneous, foolish man, until he found succor within Sakura's forever warm embrace.

Today, however, Uchiha Sasuke was the biggest of fools; and, it was all because of that demented, sadistic demon who called him "brother" and that naïve succubus of a woman who called him "Sasuke-kun." Earlier this month, he had constructed a path of what he wished to follow: mundane friendships, academic prevalence, and personal contentment. These three things included the following: Naruto, school, and, most importantly, Sakura.

And, it seemed he had lost the most important one.

Sasuke stared apprehensively, blankly, at the darkness that had enveloped Itachi's frame. He knew that his brother had followed Sakura, and through following Itachi, he was now at a forest opening. The opening was rather eloquent, its serenity radiated within the darkness. He didn't know whether or not he wanted to appreciate this darkness.

With hesitant footing, he finally gathered the strength to put his first foot forward. If Sakura was here, he needed to save her from Itachi—that was all he needed to do. If anything, he was willing to lose her if he put forward effort to fight for her; however, even if he lost, he adamantly refused to lose her to his brother.

A scowl appeared upon his pale face and he broke into a sprint to start his search. During his run, Sasuke's mind was racing: What does Itachi want with Sakura? What if he does something to her…—? That fucking bastard! He bit the insides of his cheeks to let out some of his growing frustration.

With a troubled sigh escaping through his lips, he pushed all of the potential occurrences between Itachi and Sakura out of his head. He would not allow that bastard of a brother to touch her—anyone but him. Even Naruto. Sasuke snorted at the thought of the dense blond being able to even captivate Sakura.

The forest's entrance broke apart, leading to an open flat area that appeared to have been meant for picnics. There was a large lake in the center of the forest with a few picnic tables scattered about. He raised a brow, surprised by having never known about this place before. Sakura had to be here—this is exactly the type of place that she reveled in. Secluded, yet open, hidden nature was Sakura's sanctuary from harsh reality.

His right foot led his first step into the moon's illumination upon the grass and into the bleeding midnight of the sky.



It was a whisper in the wind, worried words from an enraptured soul. She heard her name—at least she thought she heard her name. She made all efforts to ignore it. Her mind was probably just playing tricks on her, shouting at her for slowly falling into Itachi's hold. The problem was that her mind kept drifting towards Sasuke, or, more so, the Sasuke that she thought she knew.


Hearing the name fall from ethereal lips again, Sakura began to flush, her stomach nauseas from panic. She buried her head deeper into Itachi's warm, firm chest and tightened her eyes. Chewing her bottom lip, Sakura tightened her hold on the older Uchiha, clenching her fingers into his shirt. This was real—Itachi was real. She was here, he was here, and no one else.


The third time she heard it, the voice was significantly louder—calling with a drafted tone of worry and self-loathing. The voice may have grown louder, but so had her resolve. Her entire body stiffened and she tilted her head up to the older Uchiha—to Itachi.

Her ministrations on her bottom lip ceased and she tightened her lips for a quick moment, thoughts racing too quickly for words to speak.

She eyed him, with a weak mind and a wary heart, and tried to read him. She needed to trust this man before she could consider letting herself fall into his grasp and leaving Sasuke. She needed to know that he wasn't another Sasuke—another person she would never understand.

A small frown had tugged at the corner of Itachi's lips the moment he had heard his little brother's voice. The coarse callings of Sakura's name had etched their way down the crisp breeze in their direction—there was no way that Sakura didn't hear it.

He had been reading her actions and expressions the entire time, though; and, judging by all of them, he knew she was denying the voice entirely—trying to, at least.

He was frowning, however, because he didn't actually expect Sasuke to be this attached to the girl before him. What about the girl before him was so omnipotent that she could have an Uchiha on their knees, begging for her love?

The curiosity to find out burnt with a fire, a passion, he never had experience.

And, luckily for him, that was when Sakura looked directly into his eyes.

Berly green eyes watched determinedly. She examined and analyzed every emotion and thought that was evident through his eyes—every feeling of curiosity and passion and amusement and attraction that he displayed; while overlooking the calculation and manipulation that also joined.

After a moment, she felt her eyes flutter shut when she felt his fingers trickling slowly up the sides of her body. She may not understand the Uchiha before her, but eyes are the realm to true emotions; and, his emotions were raw.


Her mind drifted to Sasuke, but before it could even delve further, she pushed the entire concept away. She pursed her lips together, it couldn't be him.

It sounded like a question, but when she opened her eyes, she saw Itachi's lips move, gently drawing out another "Sakura." She deeply exhaled a breath she didn't even know she was holding; thankful or disappointed—she didn't really know or care anymore—that it was Itachi.

"Sakura," Itachi repeated, words dripping like a rich chocolate from his thin lips. She was lost in the man before her, confused but desiring everything of the unknown. Her lips parted slightly, realizing the trickling fingers were now delicately dripping on shoulders, hovering towards the nape of her neck. She reveled in the feeling of his strong hands and his intriguing stare.

Itachi was watching the girl before him—marveling, musing; she, some beguiling, alluring nymphet captivating not only his brother's sanity, but his very own unquenchable curiosity. The girl was too innocent for her own livelihood, enrapturing the exquisite titans with her overbearing lullabies. However, with such a quality, she walks hand in hand with her fate, becoming some bittersweet jester in the heart's reprimanding castle.

A smirk drew out eloquently on his thin lips as he thought, 'such a naïve girl for being so easy to play.'

"Sakura," Itachi said, drugging and numbing her entire body with his sensual tone. The fingers of his right hand began to slowly trickle up, dancing and tickling her neck. He watched her stare at him with anticipation and fear that he had not seen in many people, especially young girls. His hand dragged further up until his palm could finally cup her small chin and flushed cheek.

She was wary; she was wary because no matter how much Itachi was trying to help her forget about Sasuke, he still had the appearance for her to remember. She shook the thought from her head. 'Itachi is not Sasuke,' she reminded herself, clearly.

She let herself ignore the growing anxiety as Itachi's head began a slow dip down towards her—the way his body seemed to slouch nearer and nearer. She almost wanted to ask herself why she was ignoring it; but she already knew.

She couldn't let her life revolve around some person, some Sasuke—she was just a kid, and surely it wasn't love anyways.

She thought.


His hand tilted her head more in his immediate direction, providing easier access; by the way she hadn't avoided any of these actions, he could tell she was leaning towards him. Itachi marveled in amusement at how easily the girl had fallen into his clutches—it was beautiful.

She was beautiful.

And, then she had surprised him, she pushed her weight upon her tip-toes and she began leaning into the approaching Uchiha. Her hands automatically reached for his shirt collar and she harshly tugged him down into her, crashing his lips against hers—both craving to quench an insatiable hunger.

The crackling of dying leaves upon the dry grass was the only noise that the young Uchiha could hear. Looking down, cursing inwardly to himself, he scuffed his shoes against the dirt trying to think of something—anything. The last thing he wanted to envision was Itachi entrapping Sakura forever in his hold.

She didn't know him.

She didn't know the real Itachi.

The real one who would destroy her in a heartbeat the moment he wrecked Sasuke; the real one who loved the game of manipulation and destruction. Sasuke clenched his fists; there was no doubt that this was one of Itachi's games. He had to save her before she was in too deep.

"Sakura?" He pleaded the air, his worry overbearing his casual, skeptical tone.

And, with each call there was never a reply; maybe he had lost them in the forest, Itachi taking a foreign turn away from the clearing. Sasuke took a pause in his step, and he thought. He had to keep going straight on this path, because Itachi would want this to be in the open. It was the most obvious choice when dealing with his older brother—Itachi would want Sasuke to see him do whatever he so pleased with Sakura.

He would revel in it.

That's when he saw it, approximately a hundred yards in front of him was the ending of the path. Glimmering under the moon's illumination, slightly resembling that of the Tyndall Effect, was a pristine lake. In fact, it was an extremely large clearing with several scattered trees, a lake, and a shadowed silhouette.

Sasuke, hesitant and nausea filled, walked a few strides closer to the entrance.

His brow deepened in frustration; with each step he took, the shadow was becoming more and more ever apparent—and with that, the pestering shadow of his mind began to plague him more and more.

The silhouette was that of a human, or should he say humans; and, to worry him more, the shadow was moving—quite vigorously, might he add.

He felt his stomach drop.

Itachi had managed to lure their bodies towards the closest tree and prop her firmly against it. He shoved her hands from his neck in an abrupt swipe and pushed them to her sides. Involuntarily, she gasped from the sudden change of passion. His lips broke free from hers and eagerly attached themselves hungrily to her neck; meanwhile, his hands began to desperately explore her lithe body. A stifled moan escaped from her swelling lips when she felt his tongue flicker on just the right spot. His ministrations paused for a moment and, in turn, her eyes blinked back to reality; and, just as she was about to question all of…this, she felt him steal in a slow, deep breath—almost as though he was trying to steal away her scent as a keepsake for forgotten nostalgia.

Her eyes softened as her mind began to flood with those dreaded conspiracy theories of love. What if this could be real? What if Itachi was truly interested in her, would it not make sense for her to make the most of it? Sasuke didn't want to be with her; she knew the best option she had left was for her to move on.

But, her conspiracy theories were hypothetical illogicalities, that and only that.

And, she wasn't ready. Not yet, at least.

She was broke from her transience when she saw his eyes, endless shades of a dull, dull gray—she felt her heart drop at seeing those black diamonds. She felt his fingers massaging the nerves of her hips, dripping lower and lower towards the bottom her dress. Tripping on her words, her tongue crocheting a tight, silken foreign language—something so cryptic and indecipherable—she whispered, "don't be your brother."

Something akin to a genuine smile appeared on Itachi's face, but Sakura never understood his smiles—they leaked sophistication and elegance, and something hinting at an unknown gilded emotion. And, just as quickly as that smile had appeared, his lips began to gluttonously devour her words—lips planted firmly upon her own. His knee jutted further up in between her legs, and she felt him lift her up, using the tree as leverage. She tried to stifle the tired moan that had seemed to lodge in her throat since the beginning of this mess.

Without a second thought, her legs had wrapped around his lean figure, prompting her dress to rise significantly. She was caught up, too lost in the moment to care when she felt his fingers begin to roughly maneuver her panties, sliding them to the side for a better access.

She grabbed at him in ecstasy, as his fingers began to dance nimbly on her thighs whilst the others created pianissimos inside. The beckoning gestures the man made inside of her sent her to an unquenchable need, an insatiable desire for more—something that she would never be able to go back on. She tightened her legs against his torso, forcing his body flush against her; her fingers melding in desperate grasps inside the tangled webs of his long hair.

But, something clicked—all of a sudden, when she felt…him pressing against the side of her inner thigh, she felt scared. Realization had set in of the seriousness of the situation, what if she regretted this?

She had to escape; something in her mind was tearing at her sanity, at her dignity.

Her hands swatted his fingers away from her lower body, and with her face tilted down, she looked into those dull, dull eyes. Itachi mused at his grandeur piece of art; a nymphet with a broken longing and a brilliant desperation for love—swollen lips, bruised neck and collar bone, shaking legs—and, better yet, he was her only sought out solace. Her beryl pools explained everything, flickering back to the memories of every single motion happening way too quickly. She questioned her sanity for being so immature, for being so dumb.


Something had definitely clicked.

Her eyes blinked, wide-eyed and confused. She hadn't even noticed that Itachi's head had already turned to the left; and, when she followed his gaze, her heart and body had hazardously dropped from their acme of cloud nine as her feet were firmly planted upon the forsaken ground.

And, it was too harsh of a reality, when she realized that something was Sasuke.

Her mouth fell slightly ajar, and she couldn't free herself from her self-induced paralysis. The only thing she could bring herself to do was look at the ground and dig her toes into the dirt, desperately—shamefully.

Yup. She felt dumb.

End of Chapter 5

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