This is a requested continuation from CryingCrimsonEyes. She probably doesn't remember asking for this, since is was so long ago, but I've finally finished it and here it is! XD It's a continuation of my NaruSasu half of 'Satisfaction,' so if you haven't read that first you should go do that now XD. Enjoy the smut!

"What are you doing, dobe?" Sasuke panted, still with Naruto under the canopy of bush. There was barely enough room to breathe, and so Sasuke was forced to breathe the Kyuubi-bearer's Ramen scented breath. Ater having suffered a particularly bad blow to his ego, Sasuke had been forced into submission by the blonde on top of him, who was staring down at him with big ocean eyes. He had to admit it; the kiss was more than satisfying, and Sasuke was forced to want more. "Get off me," he grunted, weakly trying to push Naruto off.

"You want this," Naruto reminded him, nibbling at the nape of Sasuke's neck, right where the curse seal was. Deadly shivers went down the Uchiha's spine, causing an invoulentary grunt of pleasure. Suddenly spurred on, Sasuke's arms awoke from their lethargic slumber and sent his hands to Naruto's jacket, unzipping it. Once this was done, Sasuke stared up at the blonde hovering above him, completely transfixed by the muscles he could see through his black wifebeater. Not overly defined or sinuey, just perfect...

Sasuke caught Naruto's gaze and rolled his eyes in defiance. Instead of negatively retorting, however, he asked, "What are you waiting for?"

This was exactly what Naruto wanted to hear, Sasuke guessed, because the blonde was at it again in an instant, this time nibbling Sasuke's earlobe. He didn't want to, but he let out a moan of excited pleasure. This only spurred on a hyperactive Naruto, who stopped nibbling Sasuke only to take off the Uchiha's shirt. Sasuke didn't stop him - if anyone took off his shirt, it would be Naruto.

For a moment, the blonde stared down at Sasuke's bare chest. A moment too long. Sasuke soon became annoyed at the little embarrasment he felt and slipped his fingers over the belt of Naruto's pants and flicked at a very sensetive area. In response to the cruel tease, Naruto nibbled the curse mark again and simultaneously shoved his left hand down the Uchiha's pants, finding his member and gripping it hard. Sasuke cried out in pleasure as his muscles contracted, causing him to arch upwards in delight. He retrieved his hand from Naruto's pants and used both to pull the black wifebeater off the Kyuubi-bearer.

Almost tenderly, the blonde ran his fingers down the Uchiha's bare chest, as if he were made of porcelain and could break. Carefully, the hyperactive blonde ducked down and nibbled at Sasuke's left nipple, liking the hard fell of it against his tongue. Little shivers ran down Sasuke's spine, adding heat to his stomach and pressure to his member. "Damnit, dobe," Sasuke murmured against Naruto's lips as the blonde kissed him, "this won't break me."

"Gomen," Naruto apologized, soundling like he didn't mean it. The blonde replanted his lips against the Uchiha's, this time nibbling his lower lip, begging entrance. Sasuke hesitated for a moment, not wanting to spoil the hyperactive blonde by giving him everything he asked for, whenever he asked for it. Whining in dissapointment, Naruto bit down on Sasuke's lower lip and pulled it up with his teeth. Shivers went down Sasuke's spine again, causing him to arch upwards. He didn't want to cry out, but that was exactly what he did; Naruto took the oppertunity and rushed his tongue inside, demanding dominance. Sasuke refused to give in to Naruto's attack and battled with the blonde's tongue. The tongue-on-tongue contact sent deadly shivers down the Uchiha's spine, but he refused to give in.

But, of course, Sasuke tired long before Naruto did, giving in to the Kyuubi-bearer's ever-lasting energy.

If anything, the night would be eventful.

Naruto smiled against Sasuke's lips as he finished going over the Uchiha's mouth and backed off, moving to his chest. Naruto licked at ever inch of Sasuke's skin, making sure he was perfectly wet. Once satisfied, the blonde moved to the Uchiha's right nipple, biting at it. The shivers intensified, causing Sasuke to arch his hips upwards. In an out-of-character response, the blonde held down Sasuke's hips with his right hand and used his other to work at the Uchiha's pants.

Sasuke's hands instinctively went to the Uzumaki's pants, clumsy fingers awkwardly attempting to unbutton them. HIs seme let him, concerning himself with the one-handed removal of the uke's pants.

Seemingly frustrated, the blonde relinquished his grip on Sasuke's hips, using both hands to quickly unbutton his pants and pull them off. Naruto then pulled of his own pants so that they were even. Much to Sasuke's annoyance, he went a bright shade of red when he caught Naruto's gaze; the blonde's eyes were full of lust and physical attraction. Noticing this, Naruto quickly dipped his right hand into the Uchiha's pants, grabbing his painfully erect member and pumping. Sasuke cried out in pleasure, his hips arching upwards. Naruto held them down gently with his left hand.

Annoyed, Sasuke countered Naruto by willing his hands into action, sending his own hands into the blonde's boxers. Naruto groaned into his mouth at the touch, arching closer to Sasuke. He worked the clothing off the blonde, who was now smiling against his lips, allowing him to continue.

Taking a breath, Sasuke removed Naruto's pants quickly, so that they were both naked. Naruto smiled then and abandoned the Uchiha's lips for lower areas. He took Sasuke's swollen cock into his mouth, licking and nibbling its head like candy. Unable to stop himself, Sasuke cried out in pleasure and threw his had back, unable to stop his hips from arching.

Again, Naruto held him down. A dangerously-pleasureful heat collected in the Uchiha's lower stomach, causing a grunt to escape his lips. Naruto abandoned his ready-to-burst member then and hitched Sasuke's legs over his shoulders. "I'm not going to stretch you out at all because I know you'll love the pain," he told the Uchiha.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Just get it over with, dobe."

Shrugging, Naruto replied, "Okay, if you say so." An instant later, he slammed into the Uchiha, somehow managing to hit the prostate immediately. A white haze blinded Sasuke as shivers ran up and down his spine, throughout his body, spurring him to cry out loudly in pleasure.

Before he was truly able to cry out, however, Naruto slapped his hand over the Uchiha's mouth and whispered, "Do you want Itachi and Kisame to find us?" Sasuke remembered, then, that they had originally been trailing the two Akatsuki, hoping to find their base. Then it had started raining, and both parties stopped for the night. Quickly shaking his head, Sasuke purposely arched his hips upwards, begging Naruto to continue. Kami, it felt so good...

Noticing his wiches, Naruto continued to thrust into Sasuke, hitting the prostate and causing the wonderful shivers to multiply as they ravished his body. Rolling his eyes to the back of his head in ecstacy, Sasuke bit his lover lip and groaned as Naruto continued. The blonde kept his hand over the uke's mouth, but Sasuke refused to let his vocal cords have free roam anyway.

Naruto continued for what felt like years - wonderful, blissful years. He slowed to a halt, his breathing heavy and uneven, and suddenly came in Sasuke. The Uchiha did the same over their stomachs as the seme laid down on him in exhaustion. "Look," Naruto began softly, his eyes closed, "It stopped raining."

Nodding silently, Sasuke allowed his heavy eyelids to fall as he managed, "Yeah."


Okay, so there it is! I hope CryingCrimsonEyes enjoyed it, if she ever reads it X3 It was short because this isn't really my favorite couple - honestly, I hate Sasuke. XD But she requested I finish it, and so here's the final product! Review puweeeze.