"And The Life Goes On" – Epilogue

It's been three years since I started a relationship with Itachi and we were still together. We even lived together.

Right after my graduation from high school, Itachi moved out of our house to his own apartment in the centre of Tokyo. Of course, purely by accident I was submitted to the university that was near his house. So, being rational, I moved out with him…Just to be closer to the school. Or so said the version for our parents at least. Of course in reality I just wanted to live with him, to which he agreed eagerly.

Itachi started his own company together with Deidara and some other of his crazy friends. It's called 'Akatsuki' and specializes in something connected with the newest technologies and such. He says that one day they will dominate the world with it. I wonder.

Anyway, Gaara and Naruto are still together as well and ended at the same university as me. The only difference is that while I'm studying IT, Naruto's learning about Computer Graphics and Gaara about marketing. Heh. I still want to see his first day as a manager when he will glare everyone around him to death.

I was forced to stop this flow of thoughts when I heard that door to our apartment were opened. Few minutes later Itachi entered our study room.

"What are you doing?" He asked, putting his arms around my shoulders and pulling me to him. I turned my head, greeted him with a kiss on the lips and looked back at the computer, on which I was working before.

"Project for university. Although it's a bitch to do and I have no idea how to end this." I said, sighing tiredly. Seriously, if I won't get it done in a week, I'm screwed.

"Mhm, I'm sure you'll figure something out. I can always ask Kisame to help you." He said, going out of the room and heading to the kitchen. I stood up from my chair and followed him.

"You mean the Whale-san? No thanks. Last time he tried to help me write a programme, I ended up with a game in which you had to swim through the sea without being eaten by sharks. My professor didn't like it very much, I tell you." When we reached our kitchen I sat on the counter while Itachi opened the fridge and tried to figure out what to do for dinner. "Anyway, anything new in your job?"

Itachi just shrugged his shoulders and started to slice vegetables.

"Not really. Well, beside the fact that Deidara almost blew up our laboratory again. But that's daily occurrence now. Can you make some rice?" And so I did. After we made and ate dinner, I had to go back to my project, while Itachi went to our bedroom and lay there watching TV.

Did you notice how often I say word 'our'? That's because I'm freakin proud of the relationship I had with my brother. And people say that incestuous relationships don't work. Well, our did. Perfectly well. And even though sometimes we acted like an old married couple and had our better and worst moments, I still wouldn't trade him for the world. Because he was Itachi. My Itachi.

And because he was good in bed. But that's beside the point.

Anyway, when I finally managed to end my work, I went quickly to the bedroom, eager to join my brother. I suddenly felt like cuddling. Yeah. Cuddling was my obsession since we moved out of our parents house and I was pride of it. I just had to cuddle or I would go insane. Maybe I just needed to feel my brother's presence, to make sure that he was really there and that that wasn't some kind of dream. Because, even though it was three years already I still thought that it was too good to be true.

I entered our bedroom and immediately headed towards the bed. Itachi was sitting on it with his legs stretched in front of him and his back rested along the wall. I jumped on the bed and sat between his legs, resting my back on his chest. Itachi lifted his hands and put them around my stomach. He was used to my cuddling moments by now, even though he was slightly freaked out by them in the beginning.

And when my brother was gently nudging my neck with his lips, I thought about the beginning of this whole story. How I always believed that my life was boring. But now I knew better. Life was never boring. It was made from weird and unexpected coincidences which weren't really coincidences at all when you looked at them closer. I just always looked at it from the wrong side.

"Sex?" Itachi asked in innocent voice, kissing me from neck to cheek.

"Sure." I answered him with a smirk. Yeah. Life was good as it was.


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