Dear Readers:

I know that some of you are probably expecting some sort of update on "Wishing for Serenity," and I promise that there will be one, but I had an inspiration of the last moments between Lenne and Shuyin, and I had to write it down!

I promise(for all you tragedy lovers out there) that it will be adequately sad for the situation that Shuyin and Lenne were put in, and I would like to make a sequel in Shuyin's point of view. If I get enough reviews I promise that I'll write it!

Now, on with the story!




I whispered, "I love you," right as the guards fired their guns, but you never heard me. I could tell by the confused look that crossed your face, by the way that your large, sapphire-blue eyes begged me to repeat myself, but by then it was too late.

This wasn't how I wanted this to be, Shuyin. I never wanted to love you like this, to long for you even as blood pours from the bullet wound in my back, staining the blue dress that had become my only memoir of you, of us, during those last cold, lonely nights.

Whenever I found out what you were going to do in Bevelle, I deserted my squad and somehow managed to get here alive in order to stop you from doing it. I know that you only meant for us to be together - I want that more than you can ever know - but I also knew what Vegnagun had the power to do. Spira could have been entirely obliterated if we had succeeded, Shuyin, and it seems that you don't think that I knew as much as I knew before I had enlisted to fight.

I always knew I was going to die, even as I agreed to fight for Zanarkand. I had seen the machina that Bevelle had used in the massacre at Besaid, Shuyin, you know this. I didn't tell you how horrifying the experience was. So many people died trying to fend off one machina - it took ten summoners just to protect and procure the corpses in order give them a proper sending, and summoners are so rare that it's hard to even procure fifty that are willing to even go through the training required to fight.

To put it simply, we never had a chance at victory - every summoner who's ever seen a machina knows that. And unlike humans, who have physical limitations, who feel pain, and who die easilly, machina are virtually indestructible, unfeeling weapons made to kill without the hesitation of a human.

I do admit that I wanted a chance to live, but I knew that wouldn't happen during these chaotic times. I never would have thought that you would do this, Shuyin - I never wanted you to do this. I never wanted you to break into Bevelle's antechamber and take Vegnagun so that we can live in peace. Under these circumstances, our individual lives just seemed so menial that I never considered that you would question my decision.

What would have happened, I wonder, if I had refused to fight? Would we be lying here like this, waiting for everything to end? Would we be happy right know, even as our home is reduced to ruins? I don't know what else to say, what else to think. I'm so confused...

Your eyes widen as you reach for my hand, tears streaming down your face.

"Shuyin," I moan as pain shoots through my entire body.

You smile as if to say, "I'm sorry," as a final tear slides down your cheek.

"Sayonara, Lenne," you say as the glow in your as fades. I finally let go of the barriers that I had held up for so long and let one tear slide slowly, ever so slowly, down my cheek as my body becomes cold and numb.

Sayonara, Shuyin, I mouthed. Sayonara.