K, so, I'm one very busy girl. I have a five year old. It's been so long, I've lost the plot on most of my stories. I'm not giving up on them, I'm simply starting something new in hope of getting my muse back in action. This idea came to me while I was cleaning my bathroom. I have a poster on the wall, with a picture of a little girl in a tattered dress, staring up at the sky with her mouth open and her hands reaching out as the rain pours down. The caption says "And then, life comes back". This story, is about life and death. I don't own Transformers. WARNING: Character Death.


Optimus frowned slightly, looking down at the concerned faces of his worried comrades. He knew they wouldn't understand. The panic in their optics showed it. For a moment, he worried about them. How could he do this to them, after they had just lost so much? But it had to be done. A burden only he could bear. It was the only way. Smiling softly, he reassured them. He knew they would listen. They always did. They followed him without question. He had never understood why.

The prospect of these beautiful beings thinking him infallible weighed on him greatly. It always had. If only they knew the truth. Would he go to the pit for not dashing their faith in him? For letting them believe, he was more then just a simple mech with fears and weakness, just like them? He had to fix his mistake. Ratchet spoke first. Good old Ratchet. He didn't know what he would do without the old medic who would follow him to the pit just to throw something at him for ending up there. The lack of anger in Ratchet's voice was eerie. Almost frightening. For once, Optimus wished the medic would yell at him.

"Have you lost your processor completely? You... You won't survive... Optimus please, I have to advise you against this... It's... "

"Stupid. I know. But it must be done. I'm sorry old friend..."

There was a grunt of pain from beside him. He followed Ratchet's wide optics to see to his amusement, that Ironhide had yanked out his spare power cells and was holding them out. He met the weapons specialist's dimming optics questioningly. They narrowed. His strength. Without Ironhide to lean on, Optimus Prime was fairly sure he would have given up long ago. Ironhide had enough iron will to fuel an entire army and some to spare.

"You'll need the extra juice."

Optimus nodded, taking them and putting them into his extra power core slots, shivering at the burst of energy that flooded through his systems. Ratchet was about to yell. Optimus smiled to himself. Ratchet would yell and Ironhide would yell back, trying to charge his cannons as more then half his systems shut down from power loss. Ratchet would throw something, call them both idiots and threaten to weld them to the floor. Oh how he would miss these two wonderful mech's who had become such a part of his existence. He realized, he had forgotten what life had been like without them by his side. He stopped them. This had to be gotten through. "I need you to promise me something."

They both paused, looking up at him. They would give him their very sparks if he asked it. The thought warmed him. Oh to be loved so. He could not have asked Primus for better friends. There were no beings in existence he trusted more. Bowing his head, he looked down at the little scout that meant more to him then the matrix itself. Poor little Bumblebee. Guilt flooded his processors as he realized what this would do to the youngling. If only there was another way. "Stand by Bumblebee, as you have stood by me. Don't let the world steal his smile."

They both nodded, placing their hands on their sparks as a sign of unbreakable oath.

The little scout looked up, streaks of blue dripping off his chin and Optimus Prime's spark broke. Betrayal. Bumblebee felt betrayed. Why wouldn't he? Optimus had known the minute the matrix had spoken to him that Bumblebee would hate him for what he had to do. That raspy voice cut through him life an energon dagger. So full of sadness. "P...Permission to speak... Sir..."

"Permission granted..."

"I love you... sir"

Optimus looked down into those beautiful blue optics and suddenly he knew without a doubt, that everything was going to be ok. Bumblebee smiled then that brilliant, bright smile that filled him with warmth and threw his arms around him. Stroking the back of that yellow helmet as he had so many times before, he whispered softly. "I love you too Bee...It's going to be alright."

How he wished he could make certain of that. Nodding, Bumblebee pulled back. That was it then. It was time. He smiled at them all, looking at the faces of the mech's who had stood by his side through it all. "Do not grieve. Instead, remember me."

He knew they would. He wished he could be there to comfort them. Sighing heavily, he stepped back, sliding open his chest plate and removing the matrix of leadership. The rush of weakness that followed almost brought him to his knees as the power was sapped from him. The voice in his head immediately spoke and he felt the presence of Primus wrap itself around his core, holding him up. He let it fill him, flowing through his frame without resistance.

"Are you ready?"


The pain that followed was so intense, it nearly shattered him, tearing through every wire, every bit of data as the matrix came alive. Forcing himself to focus, he shoved his spark into it and the world disappeared in a fog of static. He briefly heard himself screaming, before he found himself floating through a sea of soft blue.

"It is done"

"Will they be alright?"


"Thank you..."

With one last shudder, the mighty Optimus Prime faded out of all but the memories of those who held his lifeless, sparkless body, weeping for the loss of one who had been loved. Optimus Prime was dead. But in his burnt, melted hands, lay a glowing cube. Hope for the future had been restored.

Redemption had been found.

The All Spark lived.