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"You look ugly with your hair down." Those words replayed in Hinata's head over and over again. They were still fresh on her mind even after a year.

She had finally gotten up the courage to tell a boy in her class that she liked him. The boy's name was Kiba. She had liked him for as long as she could remember.

One day she finally asked Kiba if she could talk to him after class. He said sure and they stayed behind to talk. When the classroom was finally empty, save for those two, Kiba looked at Hinata expectantly.

"Kiba-kun I-I r-really like y-you" she told him stuttering and blushing.

Kiba looked at her for a minute before saying "Hinata I couldn't date you. You look ugly with your hair down and everyone expects me to have a really beautiful girlfriend who isn't shy." He then walked out of the classroom and left Hinata there alone to cry.

Though only after a minute of two another boy from her class came in. He came in and walked back over to his desk to get something that he had forgotten. When he turned around and saw Hinata his bright blue eyes widened.

"Hinata-chan what's wrong?" he asked as he walked over to the weeping girl.

"N-nothing Naruto-kun" she managed to say through her hiccups and tears. So Naruto did the only thing he could think of, he crouched down and sat next to her and pulled her into a hug, letting her cry on him.

That was how Hinata really met Naruto.

From then on Hinata never wore her hair down and her and Naruto quickly became friends, but Hinata wanted more from her savior.

After the incident with Kiba, Naruto staryed around Hinata all the time doing anything to cheer her up. He did eventually manage to cheer her up after about two weeks of being sad. What he didn't mention to Hinata was that he had laid a few punches on Kiba after he finally found out what was wrong with Hinata.

So it was one year after the incident with Kiba when Hinata decided she was going to tell Naruto exactly what she thought about him.

After school that day she took him to the same classroom she had met him in. "Naruto, I have something to tell you." After hanging out with Naruto so long she no longer stuttered, but she still blushed. Some things never change. "Naruto, I love you" that was one thing she was sure of, while she had liked Kiba, she loved Naruto.

"Really Hinata-chan?"


Naruto's face the broke out into a huge grin and he pulled Hinata to him and gave her a quick, sweet kiss. While he kissed her he reached behind her head and pulled her hair loose. As he pulled back and looked at her with her hair down he said "You look beautiful with your hair down."

From that day on Hinata never wore her hair up again.

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