Times of Twilight

Summary: An evil from an age long before Candracar itself has surfaced. A hero long thought vanquished returns to fight it. The Guardians and their allies must fight for their very lives amidst this battle.

Disclaimer: I don't own W.I.T.C.H or Legend of Zelda

Author's Notes: Special Thanks to my beta reader Guardian's Light


"Many who dwell across the worlds save for the people of Earth, knew the danger the Kingdom of Metamoor and its unstable ruler posed to the universe. The scholarly knew that Earth and Metamoor were once a single world that was literally split in two in the hopes of ending a great war between 'good' and 'evil'. But it's next to impossible to find someone who knows what caused that war or what the world was like before it was split. Perhaps out of ignorance that part of history was forgotten. Yet that bumbling idiot and his servants who dwell in Candracar know of that age. I suspect they might be the ones responsible for those blanks in the history books. It makes sense, they wouldn't want people to obtain the kind of power that I obtained, the kind of power I still wield to this day. It rivals the power of that pompous prince; even the power wielded by the shriveled witch is nothing compared me. Who am I you ask? What is the great power I wield? Well allow me to fill those blank spots in and all will be made clear.

Many millennia before the Veil, the Guardians or even Candracar itself existed there was a shapeless void. Seeing this three goddesses sent by the higher power were given the task of turning it into an ordered world. After their work on this 'perfect world' was done they returned to the Sacred Realm from whence they came leaving behind the relic known as the Triforce. This relic was infused with the divine essence of the goddesses, literally the power of creation itself! The Golden Power was hidden in a land known as Hyrule and there it remained for centuries. Most of the people who dwelt in that land believed the Triforce to be a myth or a fable; only the royal family knew the truth. Of course in a land as peaceful and plentiful as Hyrule such a thing was of little value. War occurred once in a while along with the occasional hash winter but things like this were such a rarity that its inhabitants paid little attention to the tales of the Triforce. What the people of that land had done deserve such prosperity I cannot say. In contrast my homeland by some cruel joke of the Gods was a place of strife and suffering, of despair and death. I hated and envied Hyrule with all my being. When I learned of the Triforce from an ancient manuscript I knew I had found the way to make Hyrule my own. After years of searching I was eventually able to manipulate a pair of children to open the way to the Sacred Realm were the Golden Power laid dormant. With its power at my command I swept through the land crushing all who opposed me.

As my hour of glory drew near and all hope among my enemies died the unthinkable happened. Those miserable children, one a pampered princess and the other a fairy boy named Link resurfaced to challenge me. When they did I learned that they had gained pieces of the Triforce as well. Once again I manipulated them into doing what I wanted them to do and was able to capture the Princess. This was it I thought at the time; the last threat to my rule would be gone forever. Link though, damn him, had found the Master Sword, the one relic that could harm me. I was defeated and imprisoned for centuries while Hyrule was rebuilt grander than ever. Now called the Hero of Time Link left Hyrule and was never seen again. No I had nothing to do with it sadly. I was later able to learn he left our world to battle terrors unknown. Perhaps he had finally bit off more than he could chew.

After centuries of imprisonment I broke free of my cage with some unexpected help and fell upon Hyrule with unmatched fury. The city was captured and its inhabitants put to the sword. Many of the survivors fled north or south to the human kingdoms to seek shelter and aid. It was futile, my ever-growing armies swept through those lands next. The humans though fought quite admirably against me, far better than the Hylians at least. Unlike the Hylians, many of the Humans eventually joined my side and became some of my best soldiers. You see I prayed upon the ambitions of man; my people clearly weren't the only ones displeased with the Hylian's status as the 'chosen people' of the Gods. Perhaps even more so than I they were jealous of the abilities possessed by the other races. Over the centuries my armies and my kingdom grew large enough to swallow the world itself. Those still foolish enough to resist me preached that the Hero of Time would return to save them. Foolish rumors which robbed me of much sleep. He never showed up thankfully; once again though something happened to rob me of my final victory. The Gods were sent by the higher power to take a more direct role in ruining my life. I was again banished to the Twilight Realm where I dwell to this day. My armies were stripped of their power and punished. The world was split in two; my darkest followers and the creatures I created were banished to the half now called Metamoor. The other half became known as Earth and was home to what was left of the Hylian race, which died out a few generations later. The humans were also allowed remain on Earth since it was decided that they served me out of ignorance. But humanity was denied the right to travel among the worlds as punishment for their actions. That is why the Guardians are tasked with keeping the people of Earth ignorant of such things. After the war the daughters of the three goddesses created the fortress of Candracar and appointed the Oracle to watch over mortal affairs; the rest is history.

For the longest time, I have watched and waited. My days of dwelling in the shadow are coming to an end though. My power is greater than ever and the same can be for said my ambition. The blade of evil's bane and its wielder are gone, lost somewhere in the mists of time. The Hylians are extinct so I am all that remains of that era. There is no one who can stop me now, my age, the age of Ganon is about to begin!"