Chapter 1: A New CSI

(A/N: Ok, this is a GregOC fanfic that has just been bursting out of my head and I finally put it to paper. My computer deleted the first SIX original drafts, so this is not even close to as good as the previous, but I'm fantastic so I made up for it! Lol. Well, SOME IMPORTANT BACKGROUND: I do not know Grissom's real age so in this it is 45-50 (imagine Sara older if you must). Set right before FANNYSMACKIN', then through it and after. Warrick is not married to what's-her-face and Greg is about 25, still don't know real age. )

DISCLAIMER: I do not own CSI, nor do I have ANY affiliations with anyone involved with CSI or the programming networks. I DO own the character "Christina" and would appreciate credit for that lol. I did take some lines directly from the "Fannysmackin'" script and give all credit for those lines to the writers theselves (which are underlined sentences)!

Greg Sanders had been having the worst day of his life. He'd been working brutally for hours on end, on small, nearly insignificant cases. These boring cases had overloaded him, taking away the bits of free time he had and showed him that he had very little of a social life, if any. On top of it all, he had just been told to drop whatever he was doing so that Grissom could hold this impromptu meeting in the break room. Whatever conversation that had been going on stopped dead as soon as Greg entered the room.

"Greg, so happy you could finally join us," Grissom said with his one eyebrow raised, an intimidating glare in his eye.

"Sorry, I was wrapping up the Petersen case. What's up?" Greg asked noticed that two things were off. First, Catherine and Sara had very surprised expressions, with their jaws nearly touching the floor. Nick and Warrick looked much less surprised, but held smirks on their faces. Second, there was a woman here that Greg didn't recognize. She held herself confidently with a strong composure and beautiful features. Her longish, choppy, light brown hair swayed softly under the slight breeze of the air conditioner.

"Well, have a seat. You're gonna need it after you hear this one!" Nick said in a playful tone, standing and pushing his chair to Greg.

"Ok, now what's going on everyone?" He said sitting, simply to humor his coworker.

"If you had been here as soon as I'd asked, then you would have gotten the more formal introduction, but since made it upon yourself to be late, I will remain excluded until necessary," Grissom said, filling his sentences with too many words that weren't needed. He nodded at the unknown woman next to him.

"I'm guessing that's my queue Dad?" She asked Grissom.

"Dad?" Greg asked thinking he was hearing things.

She stepped forward extending her hand in greeting. "Hi, I'm Christina Guido-Grissom, Gil's daughter."

Greg was too surprised to do anything but stare at the woman. The thought crossed his mind that this was some stupid idea of a joke, but after seeing the serious expression on Christina's face, he knew that it was anything but. He took her hand and was surprised to discover that her skin was the softest texture he'd ever felt. Quickly, he withdrew his hand afraid that he'd broken a fragile artifact.

"Ok, that's the same look the others gave, I think you should un-exclude yourself now Dad," She sighed stepping back and speaking to her father.

"As I was about to explain, there was a woman some years ago that I was –er associated with, and then well…"

"Basically, I came out of their 'association'," She butt in noticing her father's trouble. "As I was told, they were young and careless, so I traveled back forth between them until I went to college."

"And why are we just now hearing about this?" Sara said, arms crossed and one eyebrow raised.

"I was afraid that I would lose the shreds of respect that I'd earned from everyone over these past years," Grissom said with an apologetic look at Sara. No one noticed this expression besides Christina, and she said nothing.

"Gil, you know nothing would have been different," Catherine said. "Yes, this seems…uncharacteristic of you, but we would have moved passed it, and it would have been nice to meet this young lady earlier, maybe bring her onto the team?"

"Well, that's why she's here now. She applied for the position without informing anyone of her relations to me and with her record, Ecklie couldn't help but hire her immediately. She starts on shift tonight," Grissom explained.

With that said, everyone began bombarding the father and daughter with questions. After a while, Greg interrupted and politely excused himself from the room, heading back from the shocking meeting. It just seemed like this was too much to handle on top of everything else. So, sitting at his evidence examination table, he put a pair of latex gloves on his rough hands, and began once again digging through a bin of trash, sorting out what may be important into organized piles.

Suddenly, he felt like he was not the only presence in the room any longer, and before the hairs on the back of his neck could stand up, he spun around in the cushy chair and saw Christina. "Oh!" She gasped surprised by his swift movement. "I'm sorry if I'm bothering you."

"Not at all. What can I help you with Christina?"

She blushed slightly at the mention of her name, out of sheer embarrassment for having to even be here. "Well, I noticed you left quite quickly after having introduced myself. I wanted to know if I'd done anything to offend you and if I have I'm sorry."

Greg was utterly surprised by Christina's apology. A woman that he'd just met minutes ago was saying she was sorry, when she didn't even know if she'd done something wrong.

"I apologize for making you think you'd done something wrong. You gotta understand that it was a little shocking to hear that Grissom had a daughter from a girl that he'd well…for lack of a better term, 'hooked-up with'. It will just take me a while to adjust to the fact that Grissom is a father," Greg said.

"Well, you better get used to it quick. We will be working together from now on," She smiled looking at what Greg had been doing at the lab table.

"I will," Greg said shortly, taking the time she was preoccupied to get a better look at her.

Now he noticed that she was rather well endowed physically, and had no problem showing off these features. A small tasteful amount of cleavage was visible at the top of her button down shirt, and her jeans were tight accentuating her curves and then widening again at the knee.

"Well, I'm heading home. Since I start tonight, I'm going to go grab some Zzzz's before hand," She said standing from her chair. "It was nice meeting you Mr. Sanders."

"And you too Ms. Grissom," He said, her name sounding foreign.

He took her hand once again, letting his skin graze over hers, just milliseconds longer than before. With a nod, she left the room, giving Greg a full view of her round backside before she turned the corner. "Damn…"

It took a month for Greg to fall for her. Well, that's what Greg claimed, but in reality it was about a week. In one week, Greg had begun stuttering every time Christina was in the room. In one week, he had made any possible excuse to see her. He had made sure that Christina didn't realize this; however, if no one else had noticed they were dumber than doorknobs.

"Hey Greg. I heard about you solving that gang rape on 2nd street. Congrats." Without turning around, he could still recognize that voice as Christina's. Before spinning around in the chair, he gathered up his composure and cleared his throat. "Yeah, but it was Nick who found out that Jenkins had a unknown identical twin brother, which explained how Jenkins's alibi checked out," Greg managed without stuttering.

"That may be true, but it was you who managed to trick him into giving a DNA and fingerprint sample with that glass of water," Christina bantered back.

It had been like this since they'd met. Little compliments back and forth about cases, sometimes wardrobe choices. "So ummm, what are up to now?" She asked, twiddling her thumbs.

"Just finishing up some paperwork. Then heading home," Greg said glancing over at the clock on the wall. "You?"

"I was just leaving…" She said letting her voice trail off. "Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow then? Bye Greg."

Christina walked away, and before Greg could stop himself, he was up and out of his seat at the door that she had just been standing in. "Wait Christina!" He called.

"Yeah?" She answered facing him once again.

He took a deep breath, "Wannagotadinnerwitme?"

"Excuse me?" She giggled taking another step closer and cupping her hand to her ear.

Clearing his throat once more, he tried again, "I was wondering if you'd like to go to dinner with me?"

Christina smiled at the flattery and Greg's shyness. "I'd love to, but Catherine's giving me a ride home. I don't have a car yet, and Dad refuses to let me take a bus in Las Vegas at this hour."

"I could give you a ride home afterwards," Greg offered.

"Are you sure? I wouldn't want to cause you any trouble…" She said looking wary.

"It wouldn't be any trouble believe me," He said almost hoping she'd just decline.

"That'd be great!" She said loudly smiling.

The drive to the diner was only a few blocks from the lab, so it wasn't hard to fill the car ride with small talk, to make things comfortable. By the time they arrived, they'd moved onto more personal information.

"Oh, I saw Dad often. Mom got married to my step dad, who's a rich lawyer, so we had the money to fly me out whenever I wanted. I usually stayed with Dad for longer visits than my mom and I was home-schooled so I never got behind," She explained stirring sugar into her coffee.

"What made you decide to become a CSI? Did you always want to be one?" Greg asked not feigning his interest.

"No, since I'd been a kid, I'd wanted to be an actress. I could've done it too."

"Then why didn't you?" He asked thankful for the change of heart.

For a second she just stared at her coffee. "The morning of her prom, my best friend, Erica's mom called me," She said the words, which she'd repeated so many times never lessening the pain. "She'd found Erica in the bathroom, wrists slit, sedatives in her system, and signs of sexual assault. She'd been dead only minutes when she was found."

Greg didn't know to respond. He'd seen worse cases with his own eyes, but never had to be on the comforting end of the spectrum, nor had this type of thing ever happened to someone he knew personally.

Greg placed his hand on top of Christina's, which was lying bare on the table, and gripped it tightly, snapping her out of her blank stare.

Her first natural reaction, had been to yank her hand away, but after thinking about it for one more second, she let her hand remain in the warmth of his. The heat was rising to her cheeks rapidly and Greg smiled at her reaction.

"What had happened?" He continued trying to concentrate on anything but her hand in his.

"I knew it was her dad. He'd been raping her since grade school, but she didn't tell anyone besides me. She kept telling him to stop and I guess this time, he didn't wanna hear it, but….I didn't have any proof and our San Diego CSIs were less than qualified."

At this point the waiter brought their breakfast platters. Christina took this opportunity to remove her hand from Greg's, so that she could take the plate.

"So you just changed career path? Way to take initiative!" Greg complimented digging into his steak and eggs.

Christina simply smiled a crooked smile and began to eat. The rest of the meal, Christina purposely made sure to steer the conversation away from herself and her past. Instead, she questioned Greg, asking anything that came to her mind and he was happy to answer her inquiries.

When Greg pulled up to her apartment building, he stepped out of the car to walk her to her door. "You don't have to Greg. I'm perfectly capable of walking myself home."

"I thought we already discussed that Las Vegas isn't the safest place at night, especially at…" He paused glancing at his watch. " 4 o'clock in the morning."

She shook her head with amusement and lead the way. When they reached the door she unlocked it and faced him, "Even though walking me up here was completely unnecessary, thanks.

He let out a small throaty laugh, "You sound just like Gris'."

"Like father, like daughter right?"

"Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow then," He said waving goodbye. He walked down the hallway forcing himself not to turn around. He waited for the sound of her door closing, but when it ever came he turned back around and saw Christina standing in the same spot, biting her lip.

"Greg?" She spoke softly.

"Yeah? Is something wrong?" He asked at the expression on her face.

"I…I just – I wanted to say thank you for this. You're the first coworker that I've talked to outside of work. It's like everyone is walking on eggshells around me." Greg knew she wasn't finished and waited for her to continue. "Warrick is polite, but barely makes it to small talk, Hodges walks the other way when I come near, Ecklie has been an ass since he found out he got duped, Sara won't come near me and gets this expression like she's scared when she walks past and Nick literally avoids me at all costs! You and Catherine are the only ones being near decent! I feel like everyone thinks I'll rat on them if I overhear a conversation, not that Dad would even care mind you! Hell, he breaks rules too!"

In one swift motion, he stepped just a few inches away from her and placed a light peck on her cheek. "Any time," Greg quietly whispered while he was still next to her ear. With that, he left, waiting to descend the stairs until he heard her door open and close.

After that, Greg made a big effort to talk to Christina whenever he saw her. Catherine did the same after he talked to her, and Sara was making a supreme effort to be nice. Warrick lightened up considerably, and soon the whole lab was giving Christina her deserved warm welcome.

Letting his curiosity get the better of him, Greg decided to confront Nick on his odd behavior. "Hey Nicky! You gotta second?"

"For you Greggo? Sure," Nick said snapping off his latex gloves.

"What's been up with you? Why don't you talk to Christina? Usually you're the first to welcome a new arrival," He asked, leaning against a wall.

Nick threw his head back laughing. "I'm surprised you ain't following my lead! You've seen her. Damn…" He smirked. "They don't make 'em like that anymore."

"What does that have to do –"

"I refuse to risk my job by getting associated with the boss's daughter. You know how my relationships turn out. An ugly breakup or me getting arrested," He laughed again.

Greg took a deep breath and came the realization of what he was doing. Christina was Grissom's daughter and Grissom was his boss. Plus, coworker relationships weren't exactly smiled upon. He didn't want to think of the consequences that might come about if something were to happen with him and Christina. While walking out of the room, he physically smacked his own forehead for assuming that they would be together romantically in the first place.

"Beating yourself up again Greg?" Christina smiled a radiant grin, walking up to him.

"My favorite pastime," He sighed, not meaning to sound so depressed.

"Are you ok?" She asked, a curious twinkle in her eye that made Greg want to kiss her on the spot. Her inquiries were always so genuine and filled with such a naturally maternal instinct that he didn't understand how he'd lived the first 26 years of his life without her.

"Yeah. I just did something stupid," He answered straightening up.

"Doesn't surprise me…" She mumbled sarcastically, just loud enough for him to hear. After sharing a quick laugh, she continued. "Well, Dad wants us to head over and check out a scene."

"Us? As in you and me? Working on a case together?" He answered without thinking.

"Yeah, everyone else is already wrapped up, and Dad said you weren't especially busy at this point, so he signed us on together. Is that bad?" She asked worried she'd offended him in some way.

"No! It's just that…ummm…I didn't think….Ya know what? I have no idea what I was going to say. I'm ready to go now. You?" He said not being able to come up with a good excuse for his reaction.

"Let's head out," She responded still looking slightly skeptical.

This was another problem that the young male CSI had not foreseen. Who knew how he'd act with Christina with him on a case? Would he work just as proficiently as always or would he become distracted? At this point, he didn't have a choice and just decided that if absolutely necessary he'd talk to Grissom and ask not to be paired with her from now on….though the lie he would use to reason his request completely eluded him at this moment.