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Being back at work really opened her up to people again. It had been a while and no one talked to her about the incident, nor did anyone bring up her pregnancy, though through gossip it had gotten around rather quickly. Christina smirked to herself as Ecklie passed by the window in front of the room she was working in. He seemed to be mentally debating whether or not to go in and reprimand her for co-worker relationships, after pacing for a minute or so, he threw his hands up in the air and continued his walk down the hall. She knew what was going through his head. He didn't want to yell at her after she'd just been sexually assaulted, but technically he had to talk to her about her relationship with Greg.

Laughing a bit to herself, she ignored Ecklie and continued photographing some bloody clothes on the table in front of her. The room felt too quiet, and an odd chill ran down her spine. She reached over and turned on the radio, not being able to stand the silence. What hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts rang through the speakers. This was a song she often listened to when in a mood like she was in now. People surround her constantly, but she felt alone nonetheless. Greg had professed his love to her and her father cared for her immensely, but she still felt empty, void of feelings.

A pair of arms coiled around her waist, and she shouted, pulling away and falling to the floor. "Don't!" Christina screamed, tears streaming.

When she saw it was just Greg, she curled up into the fetal position, and let out her feelings. It had been 3 weeks since she'd been raped for the second time in her life, and finally she let her feelings out. Greg had been shocked by her outburst, but when he saw what was wrong, he came to her side, wrapping his arms around her shoulders pulling her close. Everything she'd held in for almost a month came spilling out in her cries. He stayed silent, holding her, rocking her. He was softly touching her hair letting her get out her deep-seated emotions.

"Greg, I'm so sorry!" She cried, holding onto his arms tightly. "I thought…I didn't know….I'm so sorry!"

It seemed like hours before Christina could calm herself down. He placed his hand over the growing pouch on her stomach, "As long as we share this, I will always be here to protect you. You never have to worry about him again."

Right on cue, like the whole scenario had been planned, Grissom came through the door, at first pausing not seeing anyone in the room. He looked on the other side of the table on the floor, and saw the two. "Is everything all right?" He asked, seeing the dried tears on his daughter's cheeks.

"It is now…" Christina said, kissing Greg's cheek. They stood, and Grissom came over an envelope in his hand.

"I just wanted to tell you both that McAllister has been brought in. They are taking a saliva swab right now to get DNA, then they want to get your formal statement Christina," He explained, showing the warrant.

"Where did they find him?" Christina asked through her teeth, anger very evident now that the sadness had passed.

"He was staying with Sandra in Laughlin," He said his eyes falling.

Again Greg missed the significance of this statement. "Sandra?" He asked.

"My cousin. She was like a sister to me, but stopped talking to me a while back. She always had a thing for Jake, and was the only person who didn't believe me when I told her he raped me. She'd taken him in afterwards and I guess that she did it again. Even after he beat her, she didn't budge," She explained.

"Well, this time, she tried to get away hun…" Grissom said, opening the large manila envelope.

"Tried?" I said my voice cracking. "What do you mean tried?"

"Like before, he was abusing her, and this time, she'd had enough. She went to call the police and before she could tell them what was wrong, the phone fell, recording the whole ordeal." Grissom offered her the envelope as he spoke. "He strangled her with the curtain cord and police found him in the backyard when he was trying to bury her. He hadn't know that she'd dialed 911 completely and that they were on their way, so he was caught in action. This sentence enough will be enough to give him life, but the DA wants to be able to get him for as much as possible, just in case."

Christina looked at the photos she'd pulled from the envelope, her jaw dropping. Her cousin was dead, face pale, smudged with dark brown soil. A laceration surrounded her neck, digging deep in. "Oh…" She muttered shoving the photos back into her father's hands.

"If you're not up to giving a statement, we can reschedule," Greg said, putting his arm around her back.

"No, I can," Christina said with a fierce determination in her eyes.

It hadn't been too hard, with Greg and Grissom sitting aside for support. She'd given every gruesome detail and that had been it. Jake McAllister was going to jail and that was going to be the end of him. He would get life if the death penalty didn't stick.

The piece of her life that had tormented her for years and years was finally over. She was finished being the weak one, who held everything in. Greg stood holding her hand, her father with his arm around her shoulders and together they faced the world.

A lot happened in the next 6 months. Her stomach had grown huge in a short time, but the doctors didn't seem worried. She'd asked purposely not to see any results of the child growing her stomach. Christina didn't want to know whether it was boy or girl, so Greg, her newlywed husband, stood beside her decision not wanting to see any ultra sounds either. "I'm only a little over 7 months pregnant and this child is already driving me insane," She said laughing as she waited in her bed, hoping that the next few months of bed rest would come easily. The doctors had ordered immediate bed rest, but wouldn't tell her why because of her own request.

Greg hopped on the bed next to her and put his ear to her stomach as he'd taken a liking to doing. She stroked his hair as he listened for the heartbeat of his child. Strong kicks began beating at his head through the stomach and he smiled. "That's my boy…" He said, convinced the child was his little boy.

"I don't get why you think it's a boy. I happen to think it's a girl," She stated matter-of-factly.

"You saw how fast he grew. Girls are small and dainty, this little man is gonna be a strong one," He claimed.

"Well, at this rate, I'm going to give birth to a man…ow," She said sitting up a bit, moving Greg's head off of her. They looked at each other for a second and then she let out another squeal some time later. "Ow…" She breathed, reaching down between her legs. Her hand came back up wet. She'd felt her water breaking, but had almost thought that she'd imagined it.

"Oh…oh!" He yelled standing up quickly, then running out of the room, coming back with a robe and overnight bag. "We need to get you to the hospital!"

Both felt something odd. She was nearly two months early in her labor and a premature baby had a low chance of coming out perfectly healthy. "Greg what if –"

"That baby's fine," He said over and over again.

They got to the hospital and went straight into a room. She'd been given pain medicine, which helped lessen the pain of the contractions, but she still wasn't sure if everything was all right or not. "Well, now's a good a time to tell you as any Mrs. Sanders, but you said you didn't want to know about the child."

"Is my baby ok?" She asked panicked.

"Both of them are perfectly fine," The doctor answered, a rather large smile on her face.

"Both!?!" The couple answered loudly at the same time.

This hadn't been exactly what they were expecting, but they didn't have much time to ask any more questions because, the labor had finally begun. 23 hours later, baby boy Connor Sanders, and baby girl Crystal Sanders, were both finally removed from the womb, but natural delivery. Christina was in tears, her face dripping with sweat and her body rather sore. Greg's hand felt like it was going to fall off, but was sucking up the little pain after thinking about what Christina had just gone through.

She wasn't allowed to see them, but after a few hours, when they were sure that the twins were ok, they were brought to the room, and Greg held Connor, while Christina held Crystal, before switching. "God, they're so beautiful," She cooed, kissing her babies on their foreheads.

"We have twins," He repeated for the hundredth time amazed that he had helped in making such gorgeous creatures. That night, Greg was holding Crystal in a chair right next to Christina's bedside as she breastfed Connor. "You two are the luckiest kids in the world to have a mom like this one," He said talking to his children, and knowing full well that they didn't understand a word he was saying. He looked at Christina, his wife and felt every ounce of love rise to the surface as he continued with what he had been saying. "It's a funny story how we met. It all started the day I met my Boss's daughter…"