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What next. I had come here for Charlie's sake. He couldn't stand knowing I practically lived by myself when I lived with my mother. I had to come to Forks and now he wanted me to go to school. In Phoenix and in Atlanta the reports said I was home schooled by my mother, but in truth I taught myself. Though here Charlie was chief of police and everybody would have known he wasn't teaching me, so I had to go to high school.

I had a very high I.Q. they called my mother a home schooling expert, because of my high grades. Honestly, I would have been shocked if she remembered what my G.P.A. was though. Apparently, Charlie had been told, that the school was ready to see how much I really had. Well I had a lot, and I was ready to show it.

I was up and ready for school, but dreading every moment of the drive it would take to get there. I had a bag, a lunch, some basic school supplies, and about fifteen books. (an: I know Bella wouldn't have rally carried that many, but that's me in her. So now she will.) I walked out to my truck through the rain, and I started the dreaded trek to school.

I arrived at the school and made my way up to the main office. As soon as I walked through the door, I could tell this was going to be an awkward day. I could hear everybody in the office say 'is that the Chief's daughter?' all around me. I walked up to the desk and said as politely as I possibly could, "My name is Isabella Swan. I am supposed to start today. Somebody told Charlie that I was supposed to pick up some paperwork here."

I didn't phrase it as a question but as soon as I had finished speaking the woman behind the counter jumped up and started bustling about trying to grab everything I would need. "Here you go dearie. This is the map, your schedule and a few things for your teachers and good ol' Charlie to sign."

I nodded as I tried to absorb it all. This was going to take some getting used to. I grabbed the paperwork and my bag and I began walking in the general direction of my first class: English. This was going to be good. I had Mr. Mason, I knew just what to expect. I had known Mr. Mason for some time. He and Charlie had been friends for longer than I could remember. He was the one that had gotten me my first classic novels, and had basically set me onto reading, which now I was basically addicted to.

I walked into the class only to be welcomed by the biggest smile I had seen so far today, in fact it was the only smile I had seen today. "Hello, my dear bookworm." He said as he welcomed me into the class. "Class, this is my god-daughter, and fellow bookworm, Bella."

Oh, shit, I had forgotten that little detail in our relationship. "Mr. Mason that was a detail I didn't plan on telling the entire student body." I scolded him quietly so that the rest of the class couldn't hear. I was blushing furiously and I didn't know how much more I could handle without exploding like a volcano

"Come on, Bella, it's the truth and you know it. For instance, how many books do you have with you at the moment, and that also includes your truck?" He paused waiting for my response. I could feel the eyes of everybody on me. The class was astounded that he was my godfather, and even though I hadn't looked at them yet, I knew all of their jaws were currently on the ground.

"Fifteen," I said as innocently and quietly as I could. Unfortunately, he caught every word and repeated them to the class. I quickly went to the empty seat in the front row hoping he wouldn't find another opportunity to embarrass me today.


I was talking to Jessica about the game we had won last night, and how the cheerleaders had done, when in walked the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Mr. Mason shocked us all at that point by throwing his arm around her in a half-hug motion. He looked up at us with the biggest smile I think I had ever seen upon his face.

"Class," He said with unusual cheeriness, "this is my god-daughter, and fellow bookworm, Bella." That shocked me into dropping my jaw, but I was not alone. Our whole class must have looked like a bunch of idiots with our jaws cluttering up the floor.

She mumbled something back to him and he laughed. He actually laughed. I didn't know teachers were capable of such actions. "Come on, Bella, it's the truth and you know it. For instance, how many books do you have with you at the moment, and that also includes your truck?"

Mumbling an answer, she practically ran to the first empty seat she saw. "Fifteen," Mr. Mason half shouted to the rest of the class, repeating the answer she had obviously just told him. She was blushing a mad shade of red. To tell the truth, it was really turning me on. Thank god I was football captain and could probably have her going out with me by the end of the day.

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