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Friday night


The week had been torture. Mike had felt the need to protect me from every glance every guy sent my way, and to make it worse he kept trying to kiss me. Obviously he didn't understand what I needed protection from.

II was doing my hair as best as I could in hope to look like I really wanted this date. So curls, curls, and curls galore filled my bathroom. And as Jake found need to tell me curls made me look hot, I was so unbearably happy that he had decided to spend the weekend at my house while Charlie and Billy went fishing.

But I needed to look hot, because of this god forsaken mess we had gotten ourselves into. But in truth mike wasn't that bad.

I mean sure, he was a little gross and obviously didn't understand the word shower. But he had a sweet personality I guess. We could talk about our friends for hours and even Angela and Ben seemed to enjoy the fact that I sat with them.

But the best friends I had made this week were Rosalie hale and Alice Cullen.

Yeah they were related to Edward but they were decent folk they seemed way to gorgeous to ever want to hang out with me, but they did anyways. And Even Jasper, Alice's boyfriend and Rose's brother, and Emmett, Rose's boyfriend and Alice's brother, were alright.

I heard the doorbell ring and ran down the stairs to get it before Jake could embarrass me. I was wearing a jean mini skirt and some black flats so that I didn't trip and kill my self. I had a blue wraparound shirt that accentuated my breasts and draped down to still look elegant. The outfit shoed my curves well, not that I had many, but I still didn't think it looked that good on me. But Jake said that if I let him pick out my outfit he wouldn't take out old photos of me when I was a baby.

What else could I do but except.

I let Mike in and ran to get my coat at top speed, or as top as I could go without tripping over something beneath me.

For the first few minutes I noticed that it was kind of hard for Mike to form words without stuttering. It was kind of funny really.

We talked about a whole lad of things like school, our favorite pastimes, sports, and we even debated politics for a while.

WE laughed and laughed all through dinner and I had a better time than I could ever have imagined. In some strange way we were able to connect and I knew that I could actually grow to like Mike.

Although that's when he decided to tell me that we were meeting Edward and Jessica at the movie theater. That was the end of a pretty good date.

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