Title: Pen Pal From Hell

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: I do not own Inu Yasha:

Summery: It all began when she received him as her pen pal (Thanks to her older sister) from Japan…more like pen pal from hell in her opinion. Not liking the idea she starts off hating the man. What happens when her sister and her sisters pen pal fall in love and Kikyo wants to go to Japan to visit him bringing Kagome with her? What happens when Kikyo's pen pal is the brother of Kagome's pen pal? Sesshoumaru X Kagome

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---------------------------------------------- Normal POV -------------------------------------------------

"Class…Class…CLASS" The teacher screamed and I sighed.

"I know that you are all excited but I haven't even finished talking about it" The teacher said obviously annoyed.

"Sorry Kaede Sensei" A female said and Kaede Sensei nodded in approval.

"Thank you Kikyo" Kaede said to the women now known as Kikyo.

"So everyone now that you know that everyone will be getting a pen pal from Japan you will be happy to know that I have people already paired up" Kaede said and the class cheered excitedly.

"Tell us Tell us" A red hair said excitedly.

"I will when the class is quiet Ayame" Kaede said and almost instantly the class went quiet.

"Alright here we go" Kaede said and the class all began to listen.

"Oh one last thing, only people who have an A or B in Japanese are able to have pen pals" Kaede added and instantly you heard some people curse and others object.

"Question Kaede Sensei, seeing as how this is an all girls school will we be getting females as our pen pals" A female asked.

"Good question Yura, actually we will be working with an all boys school so everyone will have a male for their pen pal" Kaede explain and Yura nodded in understanding.

"So who are we talking about that are going to get pen pals" another female asked.

"Let me check" Kaede replied while checking on her list.

"Kikyo, Sango, Ayame, Rin, Kagura, Kanna, Yura, Nazuna, Sara, and Kaguya" Kaede said and there were cheers and boo's at the same time.

"If your name was not called then please go out in the hall while I talk to the students that I called. Reluctantly more than three fourths of the class left.

"I told the students that if they got a good grade in Japanese they would be rewarded" Kaede said annoyed and Yura, Nazuna and Sara laughed a little.

"Kikyo" Kaede called.

"Yes" Kikyo asked excitedly.

"You will be paired up with Inu Yasha Tashio" Kaede said and Kikyo nodded.

"Sango will be paired up with Miroku Murasaki, Ayame will be paired up with Koga Kuroi, Rin will be paired up with Shippo Akai" Kaede said while taking a breath.

"Okay" Sango, Ayame and Rin said in unison.

"Kagura will be with Naraku Hairu, Kanna will be with Kohaku Chairo. Yura will be with Hiten Kiiro, Nazuna will be with Hojo Nagimura, Sara will be with Nobunaga Kawashi and Kaguya you will be with Bankotsu Iru…understood" Kaede asked tiredly.

"Yes Ma'am" Kikyo, Sango, Ayame, Rin, Kagura, Kanna, Yura, Nazuna, Sara and Kaguya shouted happily.

"Oh I forgot someone" Kaede said suddenly and everyone looked up.

"I forgot someone but he is not a high school student he's a college student" Kaede said and everyone looked up with excitement.

"If he's a college student then why is he with the high school" Nazuna asked curiously.

"Well you see his father and brother volunteered him…he's extremely smart" Kaede said happily.

"Actually I have the perfect person in mind" Kaede said glancing at Kikyo with an evil grin.

"She'll kill me…plus she's busy looking for a college" Kikyo said and Kaede grinned.

"Well then we will just have to tell her that it will get her into a better college" Kaede said evil and Kikyo laughed.

"Alright then I guess Kagome is with Sesshoumaru Tashio" Kaede said and Kikyo swallowed nervously wondering how her sister was going to hurt her for this…

"Kagome's going to kill you for this" Sango whispered to Kikyo while laughing.

"Tell me about it" Kikyo replied while laughing nervously.

---------------------------------------------- Kikyo's POV -------------------------------------------------

"Kagome" I shouted as I entered the house. How exactly was I going to tell Kagome that I had volunteered her to be a pen pal for a person from Japan, a guy pen pal to be more precise? It was bad enough that her little sister was a man hater as it was…

"What" Kagome shouted back from upstairs? It was now or never.

"Guess what" I shouted back walking upstairs to where my younger sister was. I would just tell it to her right now.

"What?" Kagome asked turning around to face me. I put a big smile on my face trying to fake what I was about to do. Although I could already tell that Kagome knew that big smiles were never a good thing.

"What did you do" Kagome asked me while glaring. I gave her a nervous smile.

"Well…we were in school and talking about pen pals" I began and she narrowed her eyes at me.

"Spit it out Kikyo" Kagome said coldly and I let out a nervous laugh.

"You were kind of volunteered to be a pen pal for a guy in Japan" I said watching her face to see how she was going to take this.

"You what" Kagome said dangerously.

"It was more Kaede Sensei's idea than mine" I said defending myself.

"That doesn't surprise me" She said with a sigh and I raised a brow. So she wasn't angry?

"So you are not angry" I asked her curiously.

"Oh, I am livid Kikyo but I am trying to be mature about this" Kagome said glancing at her computer screen and then back at me.

"Who is this pen pal of mine" She asked me.

"Well he's in College and I think his name was Sesshoumaru or something like that" I said and I cringed as I saw her glare at me.

"And when are we suppose to have our first letter in by" She asked me.

"This week" I said happily and without warning Kagome grabbed one of her note books and chucked it at me.

"Damn you Kikyo" Kagome said and I stood there not saying anything.

"Does this mean you are going to actually write letters to him" I asked hopefully.

"Do I have any choice" Kagome asked me and I smirked. No, she didn't really have much of a choice.

"By the way the guy your writing to is the brother of my pen pal" I said cheerfully and she groaned and then rolled her eyes.

---------------------------------------------- Kagome's POV -------------------------------------------------

I sat at my desk frustrated with a pencil in hand and paper trying to wrack my brain of what to write to this 'Sesshoumaru' Person. Suddenly I got an idea. Seeing as how I was in a bad mood as it was I decided not to even call him by his name but instead call him a demon. No…perhaps demon lord? Yes, that was much better. With that thought I began writing my letter to this mysterious person. Writing the date and then the letter I began the introduction. Should I write in Japanese or English?

Seeing as how he was Japanese I would write half the letter in Japanese and half in English I decided. Writing basic info about me in Japanese I then began to write the English portion. Seeing as how I was in a bad mood I already knew that I would come off as a 'bitch' to who ever this guy was.

After about two hours I let out a sigh of happiness while putting my pencil down. Glancing at the letter I began to re read it.

August 9th, 2006
Letter One
Dear Taiyoukai,



First of all I would like to begin saying that this was NOT my idea but my sisters.
As you may (or may not) know your brother is her pen pal.
It just so happens that my sweet sister volunteered me for this project without my permission.
I am doing this for my sister and for my sister only.
I will not give you my last name, phone number or even where I live so don't even bother.
For all I know you could be a stalker and rapist so do not take offense to my actions.
I can not wait until the end of the year when I will not have to write to you.


I personally found it funny about the stalker and rapist part. Perhaps if I was lucky I would scare this guy off so much that he wouldn't bother to write back? I could only hope...