Title: Dear TaiYoukai

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: I do not own Inu Yasha:

Summery: It all began when she received him as her pen pal (Thanks to her older sister) from Japan…more like pen pal from hell in her opinion. Not liking the idea she starts off hating the man. What happens when her sister and her sisters pen pal fall in love and Kikyo wants to go to Japan to visit him bringing Kagome with her? What happens when Kikyo's pen pal is the brother of Kagome's pen pal? Sesshoumaru X Kagome

A/N- This is THE last chapter. It is done! The story is done. I know most of you will not be 100% satisfied with the ending because I know I would be like "WTF! WHY?" But it's a good ending ;)
And if I manage to somehow, to ever finish the rest of my stories...I might actually make a sequel to this! (After I finish my other sequel!) Anyway, Thank you for everyone that read this story. I know that if I didn't finish the story know you guys would never get an ending. Ever. I would just keep going...and going...and going...and then stop. So, this is how it ends! :)

Kagome's POV

"That was unlike you" Sesshoumaru commented and I raised a brow at him.

"Going out of your way to actually not start an argument with Inu Yasha" He explained and I rolled my eyes.

"He's too damn cocky but bitter" I explain shrugging.

"He drags me down with his whining like that of a little girl." I added and I saw a smirk appear on Sesshoumaru's face.

"You're coffee" Our waitress said appearing out of nowhere, or so it seemed at least.

"Thank you" I said and watched her leave.

"I'm tempted to figure out what happened between Inu Yasha and Kikyo" I admitted and Sesshoumaru shook his head.

"It's not your business" He said simply.

"But I'm nosy!" I countered.

"Trust me, I know" He replied with a smirk.

"Whatever" I said playfully with a full blown smile. This felt good. To be able to sit here, have a friendly talk with Sesshoumaru on a nice date.

"WaitASecondDidISayDate!" I whispered quickly to myself.

"A date? Yes, I supposed we are having one" Sesshoumaru replied smoothly and I glared at him.

"Stop reading my mind you jerk" I said, glaring at him while shaking my head.

"So rude" I informed him.

"Never stopped me before" He replied indifferently.

"How do you feel...about this date?" Sesshoumaru asked suddenly and my eyes went wide with shock. How did I feel about it? I smirked and realized that I was quite enjoying it.

"It's nice...I'm enjoying it" I told him honestly and he shook his head.

"Good. What shall we do for the rest of our date" He asked curiously and I giggled.

"I'm sure we'll figure something out" I said with confidence in my voice.

It had been nice. Sesshoumaru and I had gone out to a movie. I don't remember the last time I was out on a date much less a movie. He was almost sweet. Okay, I meant sincerely sweet. It was odd but I enjoyed it. He could tell too, he relished in it. Suddenly he looked at my neck and smiled. He actually smiled!

"What?" I asked curiously.

"Your mark is yellow " He replied in awe and I was confused. What did he mean by that?

"Huh?" I asked, making sure he realized he knew how confused I was. He chuckled at me.

"During this courting process, you're mark goes through 5 different colors to symbolize the status of our courtship" He explained. That's kind of neat!

"What are all the colors?" I asked curiously.

"Red. Green. Blue. Yellow. Pink and then they disappear" He replied. How had I not noticed them changing colors?

"What do they mean?" I asked laughing.

"Red mean you are marked, it is the beginning of our courtship. Usually it means that one of the partners is unhappy about the current situation. Green means we have both agreed and the courtship is proceeding. Blue means that both of us feel comfortable with each other and are nearing the end of our courtship" He said smirking. So what did yellow and pink mean?

"So what does yellow and pink mean?" I asked with a bit of excitement.

"Yellow means we are happy. We are perfectly compatible It means we're ready" He replied staring into my eyes oddly.

"For what?" I said, I had a feeling but I was almost too embarrassed to ask.

"It turns pink when the courting process is complete" Sesshoumaru hinted and I turned bright red. I guess he could have been vulgar about it. I turned away in embarrassment

"And why does it have to announce to the world about the status of our relationship?" I asked curiously.

"It doesn't. It only shows to male youkai to warn them away. As mine shows to female youkai to warn them away" he said as he moved his hair to let me see his mark. Sure enough it was glowing yellow as well.

"Don't get your hopes up" I said winking at him playfully.

"Does that mean I can't pretend to still not like you"? I asked and he chuckled.

"You were not fooling anyone by any means" He replied with humor in his voice.

"Liar" I mumbled back. Sesshoumaru chuckled once more and planted a kiss on top of my head.

"What next Kagome?" He asked and I yawned, I was tired.

"Let's go home" I said resting my head on his shoulder. Smiling at me, he nodded. If Sesshoumaru could be like he had been today, I had no problem being his mate. Granted, it took me a while to realize it but I finally seemed to. I could only imagine everyone's face when we became mates. I had to give Sesshoumaru credit, he never did give up on me. I could honestly say, I don't know a man that would have tried for as long as he did. Perhaps he had seen something in me that no one else did? Or maybe he had just realized what he wanted and went after it. Whatever it was, I was more then happy at the moment to be his. Sighing, I closed my eyes as we headed home.

Sesshoumaru's POV

We got home and sat on couch. We both were tired. I was still in awe that Kagome's mark was yellow. I could hardly believe my eyes when I had seen it. Soon, very soon this would be done. We would be mated. We would be together and a family. With that thought I smirked. I thought back to the conversation that Father and I had spoken about. It was about Xiang.

'No' I thought to myself. 'Kagome doesn't need to know such details' I added. She had not asked about him and I had been waiting for her to at least bring him up. Had she not been mildly curious about why he had not pursued her?

Good thing she had moved to Hawaii for a few years. It had been perfect. She had shut off all communications from everywhere. That included China and Japan. Because if she hadn't, she would have surly heard about the death of Xiang. She would have heard about the uproar in the demon community. She would have heard that he was killed.

Smirking with glee I had kept my mouth shut. It would have only set us back further in my attempt for her to be my mate. I needed her. I could not live without her. If that meant keeping a little white lie from her, so be it. She did not need to know I had taken care of the problem.

The problem known as Xiang. I had been more then happy to. After all, she was mine. She was not his.

"Sesshoumaru?" Kagome called my name and I looked at her with a smile.

"What Kagome?" I asked as I ran my fingers through her hair.

"Today" She whispered in my ear and I knew immediately what she was talking about. Today. Today would be the day. Today, we would become mates. Nothing in the world could stop it. I nuzzled her neck with happiness.

"Anything for you" I mumbled in her ear. Yes, we were finally going to be mates. She most definitely did not need to know about me "taking care of the problem". With that, I kissed Kagome. She would never know.