AN: And so, a three shot (will probably increase so I won't say it's complete when I finish Chapter 3.) This will be my first Bleach story (technically #2 seeing as that I've got a Naruto x Bleach story.) Without further adieu, a Grimmjow story.

A Lovely Letter to Say I Hate You All

Chapter 1: The Espada

Dear Jackasses,

Yep, it's me, the great and powerful Grimmjow Jeagerjacques. I'm here to say to all you guys that you all fucking suck. I decided to write a letter to every Arrancar I can fucking think of. So get ready, I have a little piece of Jeagerjacques for everyone.

Stark, Espada: What's up lazy bitch? I always liked you. Ya wanna know why? It's because you always just sat there, being a nice and quiet bitch. Keep on sleeping motherfucker, keep on sleeping.

Old Man, Espada: Old geezer bitch. In case you didn't know, I fucking hate you. You're a grouchy piece of good for nothing shit. Take a god damn chill pill, and maybe when I come back, I won't have to hear some god damn lecture as I rip you to shreds.

Halibel, Espada: Halibaby. Boy will I miss you. You were always my favorite slut. You always complied with my aggressive behavior in bed, and for that' I'm actually grateful. Feel free to masturbate to my picture while I'm gone. We'll have a good time when I come back and kill everyone else.

Ulquiorra Schiffer, 4th Espada: I fucking hate you Schiffer. I hate how you're a total pussy when Aizen-bitch is around. I will always hate you, and your death will be long and painful when I come back.

Nnoitra Jiruga, 5th Espada: I hate you almost as much as Schiffer. That one blow to me was so fucking cheap. You will be one of the first to die when I come back. Fuck off, and by the way, you name is probably the worst out of all of ours. What the fuck does Nnoitra mean? By the way, you may be dead by now. Ha.

Zomari Le Roux, 7th Espada: Hey Mr. T. I don't really know you. You look like a black Godzilla with the spike on you head. By the way, Aaroniero can suck my balls. I know you were whoring yourself out to him. You're probably dead by now too.

Szayel Aporro Grantz, 8th Espada: Well if it isn't Gay Scientist. I'm totally surprised by your appearance. The pink hair is bad enough. They you've got a pink sheath, and your sword had blue balls. Come on!! By the way, you must orgasm by Fornicaras. The only chick you could ever get with would be that slut Cirucci or Ulquiorra. You're probably dead so read this Hell bitch.

Aaroniero Arleri, 9th Espada: Ha ha ha bitch. You got your ass kicked badly. You're also slightly retarded. Your voice sound weird, you look weirder, and well, yeah, that's it. Fuck you in Hell bitch.

Yammy, 10th Espada: Well if it isn't oafish bitch. You're a bigger pussy than Ulquiorra, and you're probably fucking yourself with him in mind as we speak. I'm surprised you're not dead yet. Anyway, fuck you. Sayonara bitch.

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