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Just a quick note, this is two years after the time skip, Sasuke is back and Naruto and Sakura have been together for just over a year.

Naruto and Sakura laid in the grassy opening. All was silent on this summer night. The only movement was the wind brushing past the grass, and Naruto's hair. The blonde rolled on his side and reached into his pocket. He felt what he was looking for and smiled before rolling on his back again.

He looked at Sakura. She was so beautiful. He took a deep breath. "Sakura-chan?' She looked over at him."Hm?" she replied. He took her hand and stood up, causing her to do the same. "We've been together for a while, and at one point in a relationship, a man must take a large step, or take a plunge." Still holding her hand, he got down on one knee and reached into his pocket. When he brought it out, he was holding a velvety maroon box. "Sakura Haruno. Will you marry me?" She gasped as he opened the box with his index and middle finger. Inside was a beautiful, pure gold ring with a large diamond in the middle and two smaller diamonds on either side. She got down next to him and said one word she thought she may never say to anyone in this situation. "Yes." She was now in tears. She kissed him, the tears making the kiss quite more wet than normal.

The only spectator of the event chuckled in the tree he was sitting in. Naruto had invited him to the event so there could be a legal witness. But it was a complete surprise to Sakura, whom he didn't tell there would be a witness. There was movement behind the silver-haired man and he tackled the attacker, quickly grabbing him and rushing out of the trees, bringing the man to the ground, Kakashi pressed the blade of a kunai to the figure's the throat. "What the hell?' the man gasped. Kakashi got off the man and put the weapon away."What were you doing Sasuke?" Kakashi asked. Still coughing, Sasuke replied "I was trying to get the field, until you tackled me, you dick!" Kakashi sweat-dropped as he rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. "Sorry, I didn't check to see who it was. But I needed to protect that place.". The proposal was not to viewed by any other's eyes except Kakashi's. Everyone else had to be in the dark until the actual wedding, or until they saw the rings on their fingers. Kakashi quickly got back to ths situation. "What exactly are you doing here?" he asked the Uchiha. "Trying to find Naruto and Sakura. Haven't seen them all night." Kakashi just looked at his student before breaking out into a smile under his mask. "Worried much?" asked the sensei. Sasuke blushed slightly in embarrassment and turned away. "No." Kakashi chuckled and Sasuke flung up his hands in defeat and walked away.

Laughing came from the woods and Kakashi smiled again. They were fine on their own from now on.

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