Run To You

By Loveroflove


A/N: I hope you don't get pissed that I did this instead of another chapter of Keep Holding On. Anyways, this is yet again another IchiRuki story. And of course it is! It's also an AU story as well. I'm not really going to tell you much about it. I'll just let you make your own assumptions after the first chapter. I hope you learn to enjoy this like my others.

For those of you that have never read one of my stories, each chapter is named after a song and I put the actual lyrics into the chapter. When you see them, I suggest you either read them, but I prefer you actually listen to the song as you read that section. Find it on youtube or whatever. The song for this chapter is the title of the story, so keep that in mind. It's "Run to You," by The Rocket Summer. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Idea is mine. Characters – not so much.


Chapter 1: Run to You

-When is the last time you walked outside, closed your eyes and took a deep breath? In that single moment, you're mind is filled with tranquility. You forget about your present worries or your anticipations. You let the wind drift across your face and through your hair and in that instant, your life is broken down to one thing; that one thing that means the most to you. It could be your dog, Baxter, your brother Sean, or your friend Sarah that you've known since the eighth grade. This particular thing could change at any point in time, but when you pass that certain moment in your life, you'll find that there will only be one thing that you will always hold up above the rest.-

She sat down on the summer green grass and looked out onto the lake that sparkled from the sun. It was her only spot she could go to escape. At the age of twenty-one she had already had three novels on the Best Seller's List. All three were in the top ten and her first story was recently adapted into a movie that her close friends, Renji, Ishida and Momo starred in.

She always had devotion for writing, but she finally decided that's what she wanted to do with the rest of her life during high school. Her friend had stolen a short story from her private journal and submitted it in a contest one day. She didn't even know until her name was announced as being the winner. Ever since then, the school newspaper continually asked for her input and eventually she even wrote a play for the drama club to bring to life.

Ever since her first novel, her name has been well-known. And ever since her second one, so has her face. As soon as the second novel was released, the public discovered that not only was she a passionate and adored writer, she was also a young and attractive woman. This news was soon spread with pictures all over the covers of magazines and miscellaneous videos, such as her grocery shopping, being played all over television.

She was incredibly thankful that there were still many who did not recognize her face, which allowed her to have some moments to herself. Although it did make it quite difficult when she dated Shuuhei Hisagi; one of the most heart throbbing actors in the business. They had broken it off about two months earlier after realizing that they had grown apart and it was best just to stay friends.

Now that she was back on the market, the media continually asked the same question, "Are you seeing anyone new, Rukia?" or some variation of the question. It had been incredibly hard for her to get started on her next novel with all the attention.

She looked down to her lap and saw she had only written down about ten words and she couldn't seem to chip away at that block in her mind. She huffed loudly and flew into a laying position with her hands resting behind her head. She watched the clouds drift by in the beautiful blue sky and without any warning, her eyes began to flutter shut and she was then lost into a dream she could have never anticipated…

"What do you want from me, Kaien? I told you I had to do it. Why the hell do you keep hounding me on it?!" he yelled into his cell phone as he continued to drive his beautiful silver Mercedes McLaren.

"Hey! Relax little bro! I'm just looking out for ya. You are one of the most popular musicians of the century and you decided to go on a little break in the prime of your career. I just don't see the necessity in doing it!" he yelled back in defense. He was sitting in his office with his feet propped up on his desk.

"Well that's just it. You don't have to see the necessity. I needed it – that's that. Just stop complaining. I'm on my way back anyway. The new album should make up for the time I missed. Plus, no one knows of my comeback tonight. Should be exciting," he said with a smile.

There was a moment of silence until Kaien finally spoke up, "Hey, I'm glad you're coming back, Ichigo. I haven't seen your face in so long."

"Oh god, don't get all feminine on me now."

"What? Can't a guy tell his own brother how much he's missed him?" Kaien played defensive with a joking attitude.

"Yeah, yeah. I missed ya too. I'll see ya soon," Ichigo shook his head with a smile on his face and shut his phone.

He saw the familiar scenery go by as he passed. "Some things never change," he said to himself as he pulled into a driveway.

"What do you want from me? Can you tell me for once instead of dancing around it and assuming that I already know?! Because let me tell you something, I don't know! I can't figure this kind of shit out, Rukia!" he yelled pulling at his hair.

"What do I want? What do I want?! How do you not know?! Are you really that blind?!" she yelled with tears streaming down her face, but she was still yelling strong and staring him dead in the eyes.

"Damn it, Rukia! Just tell me! Tell me!" he begged with his hands now placed on the sides of her shoulders.

She brought her hands to his chest and gripped his thin black t-shirt into her fists as she bent her head down to the floor. "You can't keep doing this to me. If you're going to keep leaving… stop coming back." She was silent for a moment, "You've changed so much…"

"Rukia…" he said softly, and she knew he still did not understand. "Please tell me."

She looked up into his eyes and saw that they were filled with water that was about to flood. She then spoke softly. "I want you to love me again."

Rukia's eyes opened quickly. She looked around as she remained laying down. After realizing where she was, she sat up and rested her head into her hands. "I can't believe it's still haunting me," she said and then was surprised to feel a lone tear travel down her cheek. She wiped it away hesitantly. She frowned for a moment and then took a glance down at her watch.

"Oh my god! Shit! Shit! Shit!" she yelled getting up and grabbing her notebook.

"So how many times do you think they're going to ask you if you're seeing anyone? Or how many times do you think they're going to ask if you're seeing Renji?" a female laughed on the phone.

"Haha. Very funny. How many times do you think they're going to ask if you and Toushirou are engaged yet, Momo?" Rukia responded with a smirk.

"Touché, Kuchiki," she stated flatly. "Oh! He's already here! I guess I'll see you there, huh?"

"There's no avoiding it. Renji should be here soon anyway. See ya, Momo."


Rukia sighed as she threw her phone on her bed. She walked over to her jewelry box and began to look through it. She was wearing an elegant violet dress and needed the finishing touch. The last thing she wanted for her ensemble was a necklace, but couldn't seem to find the right one. She closed the box and walked over to a dresser. She hesitated, but opened the top draw. She took out a small box and walked over to her bed and sat down.

She rested the small box on her lap and continued to stare at it without opening it. With a deep breath, she finally took off the lid. She tried her best to avoid the pictures and looked for the item she wanted. Once she saw it, she picked it out, but her eyes hit the picture underneath it.

She lost her breath and slowly reached to lift the picture up. It felt like so long ago. The picture was able to give her goosebumps and then form a smile on her face. But the smile did not last long; it was soon replaced with a sad look of longing. She let her fingers trace along the face next to hers in the picture. "Why-"

"Rukia! It's time to get going! We're going to be late!" she heard Renji yell from downstairs.

"C-coming!" she yelled back, startled.

Rukia quickly threw everything back into the box and ran it back over to the dresser. She then stood in front of the mirror and placed the necklace around her neck. She stood for a moment and then let her fingers move along the piece of jewelry, which was a small violet butterfly. She stared softly at it until Renji yelled again. "Rukia! Come on!"

"Alright!" she yelled back with a frown and made her way quickly out of the door.

He sat in a private room in the back looking at himself in the mirror. He sighed heavily. "Maybe a little soul searching wasn't a good idea after all," he spoke out loud. 'Time to myself is something I really should try to avoid,' he thought burying his face in his hands.

"Kurosaki," his name was said from the door. Ichigo's head bounced up and looked at the smiling face at the door. He got up quickly, "Ishida, how the hell are ya?" he asked in excitement as he embraced his old friend.

Ishida chuckled. "I'm doing great. How are you doing? You look exactly the same. Haven't seen you in a year! Where the hell did you go?"

"I just went to get away from all this. I needed some time to myself, I guess. I'm back though, so everything should be good again," he responded.

"Well, I'm glad you're back. I got the album you sent me. That's going to sell out easily."

Ichigo chucked and rubbed the back of his neck, "Let's hope so."

The mood suddenly changed. "Ichigo. Some of the songs on there- Did you write them about-"

"Uryuu! They want you for an interview," a woman with a headset said at the door.

"Alright, be right there." He turned to Ichigo. "You're coming to my place after, right?"

"Eh, I don't know. I don't think the party scene is what I need right now," Ichigo said trying to avoid it.

"A party is exactly what you need. After your performance, everyone's going to want to see you. So just shut up and be there," Ishida said walking out of the room.

Ichigo glared with a smirk. He turned back to the mirror. "Some things never change, apparently."

Renji was wearing his black tux with a red tie that undoubtedly went with his bright red hair. He held his arm out for Rukia as he led her through the crowd out of the limo.

They placed their camera ready smiles on their faces.

"Renji! Renji! Do you think you have a good chance at winning the Best Supporting Male Role?" a reporter asked holding a microphone out to him.

"I think I have the same chance as everyone else up for that category. We all work extremely hard and I think in the end whoever wins deserves it," Renji said, beginning to walk again.

"Rukia! How do you feel about your very own story coming to life and then being put up for Best Picture?" a reporter asked hastily.

"Honestly, I'm still having trouble believing that this is all happening. It's really amazing and no matter how it turns out tonight, I'm still grateful for all of it," she said with a tender smile.

"And you're here with Renji Abarai tonight. Are you seeing each other?" the reporter asked with a smirk.

Rukia clenched her fist at her side, "No, we're just going as friends," she said with a smile to cover up her real feelings to punch the woman in her face.

"Well are you seeing anyone else then?" the reporter followed up.

"No, no. I'm still single. Oh, I guess we're going in now," Rukia said, trying to get away from the reporter that she knew she would tackle if she stayed any longer. She dragged Renji behind her.

Renji and Rukia sat down in their seats, which were in the fourth row. "I can't believe it. Twelve! Twelve times! Why do they want me dating so much?! I don't get it!" she said with annoyance.

Renji laughed. "I don't understand it either. I was only asked twice. Twelve is a little over the top."

"I swear to god, Renji, I will maul the next person that asks me. It's a promise," she said as the lights dimmed and the stage lit up.

"Before we announce the Best Picture, there is a special performance tonight," Ishida began, which made the audience curious. "Only a select few were told of this and tonight I am honored to welcome back one of my oldest and greatest friends. Please give a round of applause for his return," he said, holding his hand out to the curtain behind him as he made his way off the stage.

The curtain slowly rose and the lights diminished. You were able to see the shadow of a piano and a figure sitting at it. A spotlight slowly shined on the figure and the crowd went wild. It went from a slight applause, due to Ishida's instructions, to a roar.

The piano began to play and everyone went silent, anticipating his performance.

Turn look, look out and see.
Do you see me? Cause I think I see you.

Rukia's air got caught in her throat and her mouth hung ajar. 'Please tell me that isn't…'

I've been some other place.
The wind that I chase, it all just leads back to you.

'I know you're out there. I just hope you're listening,' Ichigo thought with his eyes shut tight as he let the music run through him.

Oh how I'm still, so still it's burdening, it's still outran.
I knew you when I was young, but where I am right now.
Is where I am.

Rukia's eyes began to fill up. He was sitting about thirty feet away and that was the closest it had been since those few years ago. How was she supposed to react to seeing him? This was understandable, right? After everything they had been through, she had a right to feel anger and sorrow, right?

Run to you, I will run, I will run
I will move, right on through all these things I have done.
And you'll take me back, I don't know why.
I wanna say I'll never do it again, but I can't
But I will try.

Ichigo let the piano sing what his heart was feeling, but still refused to look out into the audience. 'She's out there – watching me. Just the fact that she's watching me is more than enough. I don't even deserve that.' Everything about the performance seemed so peaceful. Everyone was left breathless.

Turn and look, look out and see.
Do you see me? Cause I think I see you.

'He hasn't turned to the audience once. I don't know what I'll do if he sees me. I hope he doesn't…' she thought as her hands slowly formed fists on her lap.

I've been some other place.
The wind that I chase it all just leads back to you.

'But I have to look. I have to try and find her. What if this is my only chance to look her in the eyes while I sing to her?' Ichigo continued to battle with himself.

Oh how I miss what you miss, but I will fall time and again.
And I will say, that I'm true to you, but I'm a cheat.
I don't understand.

'This song… I hope this doesn't have anything to do with… Oh please, Ichigo. Why can't you stop tormenting me?' she pleaded, as she continued to watch his every move. 'If you ever cared, please stop.'

So I'll run to you, I will run, I will run
I will move, right on through all these things I have done.
And you'll take me back, I don't know why.
I wanna say I'll never do it again, but I can't
I wanna say I'll never do it again, but I can't

Ichigo went into the last bit of the song with feeling. This was something he needed to do; for her and for himself. His fingers hit the piano keys with passion. He finally decided what he needed to do. He looked out into the crowd and immediately his eyes locked with hers.

I wanna say I'll never do it again, but I can't
But I will try.

They continued to stare at one another as he finished with a few more lines of piano. Rukia's hands were shaking as the applause broke out into an incredible howl.

Ichigo gave her a sincere look of apology and Rukia was left breathless as the curtain fell, breaking their gaze.

"Rukia? Rukia, you okay?" Renji asked shaking her slightly.

She sat there, still staring at the curtain. She thought of everything in the past and how she had been trying to forget him for years. Now, there he was again, showing up and making everything she threw away fly right back at her. Her face was now emotionless, "Some things never change."

I wanna say I'll never do it again, but I can't, but I will try…


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