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Edward went out to the car to get our luggage leaving me to take a shower and have a human moment. The bathroom was absolutely gorgeous. The walls were painted a soft mocha, the fixtures were all brass, and the towels were sage green. There was a large Jacuzzi bathtub and a separate shower surrounded by glass. I turned on the shower and three different showerheads sprang to life. This was the most luxurious bathroom I had ever seen.

A bar of my favorite soap and a bottle of my strawberry shampoo were already waiting for me. My dear husband had really thought of everything.

The hot shower rinsed all the fatigue and sweat from traveling. I felt relaxed and refreshed. I stepped out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel.

I walked into our bedroom, Edward had already unpacked my suitcase and he set out a dark blue lace nightgown that Alice gave me. I smiled and lipped into the barely there lingerie. Once my hair was brushed and neat I went looking for Edward.


I heard her bare feet on the wood floors as she walked down the hall towards me. I was sitting at the piano playing a new song I had written for her. It was seductive and sexy, just like my beautiful wife.

The gift I found in her suitcase sat on the piano, untouched. I did not know what could be in the heavy box and I was extremely curious. I didn't know if Alice had packed it for both of us, or if it was from Bella. I hated not knowing anything, and this was driving me especially crazy.

Her soft hands slipped over my shoulders, her breasts pressed against my back. Her skin was warm, more than usual. The shower had left its soft influence on her body and it made her more irresistible than usual. "Hello Mr. Cullen. I see you found your wedding present, would you like to open it?"

I nodded but kept playing Bella's new theme song. She picked up the package and went to the couch. She placed the gift in the middle of the couch, sat against one arm and waited patiently for me to join her.

My mind raced and I tried to control the near animal desires I felt to rip the clothes off her body and to take her once and for all as mine. I had to keep my cool, we would be come one physically but I had to keep hold on my instincts. I had to keep control to keep her alive.

When I finished the song, I closed the id on the piano slowly and walked over to the couch. Cautiously, carefully, I sat across from Bella and admired her nearly exposed body. The curves of her body were barely hidden, the shape of her breasts was clear, but she was still covered enough that I couldn't quite quench the desire I had for her. "You look so beautiful Bella, you have an amazing body. I can't wait to see more of it."

Her blush still thrilled me as it did the first time. This time, however, her reply shocked me. "And I can't wait until I give it to you Edward."

My eyes grew wide and I just stared at the woman that I would call wife for all of eternity. She smiled and pushed the gift toward me.

"Open it." She was eager to give me my gift.

I quickly unwrapped the box and pulled open the lid. Inside I found a beautiful leather book. Gold lettering sparkled in the light, "To live happily is an inward power of the soul." - Marcus Aurelius

I obviously had a confused look on my face. "Look inside," Bella encouraged me eagerly.

I gently removed the book form the box and opened to the first page. I gasped and dropped the book onto the couch. Tears were streaming down my wife's face. I picked the book back up and examined the picture on the front page. My beautiful mother, my father, and a little baby looked back at me, frozen in time. I quickly turned page after page. If I could cry I would be. Each page contained memories, pictures, and letters from my childhood.

"Do you like it?"

"Bella, how did you do this?"

"Alice and I went to Chicago when you went hunting last week, don't worry – everything in this book is a copy of the original. We put everything back exactly where it was and you will never know we were there, but I wanted to give you a bit of you past as you start your future."

Bella reached out and took the book from me; she moved a lot of pages aside and handed it back to me. The page was empty. I looked up at her and then back at the book. Had I missed something?

Bella smiled and took my hand in her's. "The rest of the pages in this book are for our memories, for our future."

I was touched like I'd never been touched before. The effort and the work and the love that went into this gift meant more to me than anything I owned. The only thing that meant more was Bella. Isabella Marie Cullen. My wife.

I leaned over and kissed Bella. Her lips were warm, my lips were cold. We may be complete opposites, but together we met in perfection. The kiss deepened, my hands ran up the sides of her body. I moved to her neck, giving her an opportunity to breath, but I refused to break my lips from her body. At this moment I never wanted to break contact with her.

I gathered her up in my arms. Her body pressed to mine, the lace lingerie holding nothing back, her warmth pressed securely to my body. Bella's hands began fumbling with the buttons on my shirt. Her fingers were trembling. I picked her up, her legs wrapped around my waist and I walked to the bedroom.

I set her down gently on the bed just as she finished unbuttoning my shirt. I pulled away and shed my shirt as she pulled my belt off. I took her hands in mine and stopped her from going any further.

"Let's take this slow. I want to savor every moment of this, every single moment."

She looked up at me and I stroked her cheek softly. "You know, I think my favorite color is brown." I kissed each of her eye lids, than each of her rosy cheeks, and her beautiful, pouty lips. I leaned her back on the bed and ran my lips down her throat and kissed the top of her chest. She is so damn beautiful.

Bella's hands got my pants unbuttoned and unzipped. My pants fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. I crawled on the bed next to my wife and pulled her body on top of mine. I shed my boxers and pulled the lace nightgown off of her beautiful, curvaceous body. She moved to try and cover herself; Bella's entire body blushed a tantalizing pink.

"Bella, never cover yourself in front of me, you are beautiful. Your body is everything I ever imagined it to be, and believe me – I have been imagining your body for almost two years."

We cherished one another – kissing, touching, loving and enjoying one another. As I knelt before her, moving to make love to her, Bella's legs were clamped tightly together, shaking.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"
Bella nodded, her voice was weak, "I'm just nervous. What if I'm not good enough for you? What if you are disappointed?"

I kissed Bella on the tip of the nose. "You have fulfilled my life in everyway possible, you are more than I ever imagined. You have given me my memories, my dreams, and my future. I could never be disappointed."

Bella's body relaxed and I took it slow, kissing her body and holding her closer than I ever thought I'd hold anyone.

When we finally united as one physically, our bodies joined as husband and wife, I felt no blood lust, no loss of control, just pure love. I had never felt more human, never more alive. We moved together, in harmony. A definite benefit to being immortal is unlimited stamina and I gently nurtured every moment of Bella's first time until she had reached her climax over and over and was clearly satisfied. Once I felt comfortable that I had pleased my wife, I allowed my body to relax and give into my own release, our bodies collapsing together in a heap of satisfied pleasure.

And Bella slept in my arms, our naked bodies pressed to one another. The trials, pain and pleasure of the past two years had culminated in our future together, here in our home, away from the rest of the world. It was all worth it and anything that would come in the future is worth it.

Bella had proved to me that I had a soul and that in two weeks when my family would arrive to be here with us during her transformation, I wouldn't be taking away Bella's soul – I'd be sealing our souls together forever.

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