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Title:Happy Halloween Babe!
Rated- T [Teen
Couples – [Main Gaara X Sakura.
[Not main couples Naruto X Hinata, Neji X TenTen, Shikamaru X Temari, Ino X Kiba.


Today is a dark Halloween night, the full moon at the sky, wolfs are howling and people are putting their candies outsides and the Konoha kids are getting ready for trick-or-treating! The girls were at Sakura house and the boys are at Naruto's house. Everybody is very excited about Halloween, even Hinata who stutters but still she's very excited. Now let's see what they are up to.

[At Sakura's House

"Okay everybody let's get ready for Halloween!" Said Sakura's shouting!

"Yeah!" Said everyone running to get their Halloween costumes.

Sakura's, who went into her room, open her closet and got out her Devil costume. "Perfect, I wonder what Gaara will think of it". She placed her custom on her bed, striped off her clothing –which let her only in her under garment and her bra. She went toward her drawer and got a red tank top. She put it on and got the custom on and red leggings. Next she went to her closet again and got some shiny red shoe, she put them on. After that she paced towards her counter to brush her beautiful long pink hair and put on a devil ears. When she almost finishes she put on some red lipstick. Then got her Halloween bag. "There all finished."

Next was Hinata, who went to the guest room. She opens her bag and there she pulled off her cat costume. "Lol, I hope Naruto-kun loves it." Hinata strip off her shirt and her jeans and put on the cat costume. Looking in the mirror she laugh to her self and said "Yeah, I got cat reflexes!" (A/N- lol I always imagine Hinata saying that. D) Then she put on 3 black lines on her left side of her nose and her right side of her nose and put a pink lil triangle on her nose. Then Hinata got her Halloween bag. "There all finished."

Third was Tenten who went to the bathroom. Her costume was hanging on the hook on the door. She strips everything she was wearing – and I mean everything. She opens her purse and took out a black thong and black bra. She put on the thong and hooked her bra on her breast. She took off the plastic wrapping that was on the nurse costume and put it on. The costume was kind of revealing her boobs and the skirt was a mini-skirt. Putting on ankle socks and the white shoes. Last she got her Halloween bag for candy. "There all finished."

Fourth was Temari who went to another guest room. Since she slept over at Sakura's house, she had everything here. She opens the closet and got her Witch costume and the big pointy hat and her broom. She took off everything except her underwear, her bra and her short shorts. She slipped on the dress and got on her shoes on. She walked towards the mirror (That let's you see your body) and checked out herself. When Temari is finish, she put on her hat and grabbed her Halloween bag. "There all finished."

Last was Ino, who went to the second bathroom and see of her "black hair" is still there and her "black nails" too. She took off everything and put on black leggings with holes on it and then her black/purple strip skirt with a black shirt with a skull on it and lastly she put on a black converse. She had her bangs hiding her right eyes. She painted her nails black and blowing on it to dry faster and put a lot of eyeliner and mascara. Afterwards she finished. "There all finished."

After everyone was finish they were surprised at how each other's outfits.

"Hey Tenten you're going to show off your boobs to Neji?" Said Sakura's nudging her on the side.

"You bet!" Blushed TenTen 5 folds.

"Well everyone, let's got to Naruto's house." Said Temari rising her fist way up and walked toward the doors.

"Already then on we go!"

Now Sakura's, Hinata, TenTen, Temari and Ino are walking toward Naruto House to picked them up and go trick-or-treating.

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