Okay here's the 2nd chapter.


Title:Happy Halloween Babe!
Couples – [Main Gaara X Sakura.

[Not main couples Naruto X Hinata, Neji X TenTen, Shikamaru X Temari, Ino X Kiba.


[At Naruto's House

"Hey Gaara want did Sakura's want you to be?" Said Kiba sitting down at the couch.

"-Mumbles- She wanted me to be a an angel. " Folding his arms on his chest.

Everybody laughing at what Gaara going to being for Halloween. "Wow, want did she do to make you be an angel Gaara?" Said Shikamaru putting his hands on his hips.

Blushing at the memories at what Sakura's made him be an angel. "Umm…. nothing."

"Stop lying we could all see it on your face, you guys did it huh?" Said Naruto pointing his index finger and laughing.

"Shut up Naruto!" Said Gaara now blushing even more.

"Yeah, Yeah we'll never say anything right guys?" Said Naruto looking back at his friends winking his eyes.

"Oh yeah, sure, you can trust us." Said everybody.

"Yeah whatever, anyway Sakura's and your guy's girlfriends are coming so we better change."

Gaara went to his room and took off his black pants to put on a white pair pants and took off his red shirt to a white shirt. "Oh why did Sakura have made me be a Angel??!!" Putting a thing around his head (A/N: idk what its called.) And walked out of his room. "There all finished."

Second was Naruto who went to the guest room and closed the door. He put on a white robe with a red symbol on the back and a hat saying a Japanese symbol for fire. "There all finished." Yes, Naruto is a Hokage for Halloween. Getting out of the room and waited for everyone else.

Third was Neji who walked in first bathroom and shutting the door. He slowly striped off his clothing and not his boxers, he put on a light blue suit with a hat on it (A/N: just to let you know he's a doctor). The shirt was kind of a V-Shirt to let TenTen know he's showing off his muscular body. "There all finished."

Fourth is Shikamaru going to the second bathroom. He didn't feel like striping off so he just put on a black robe and his magical stick. "Man, how troublesome." "There all finished."

Last but not least was Kiba who went to another guest room. He took off everything leaving only his boxers. He put on a lot of gel on his hair to a mini-Mohawk and put on a gold necklace. He put on a black pants and shirt with a black converse shoes too. There leaving the room. "There all finished."

With everyone in the living, everybody was laughing at each other's costumes.

"Ha ha ha, Naruto you must be a 'famous' Hokage huh?" said Kiba laughing.

"Yeah you better believe it!" Said Naruto putting his fist in the air and jumping at the same time.

"Wow Neji lemme guess, is TenTen going to be your nurse?" Laughing a Shikamaru.

"Dude, how did you know?" Said Neji all surprised. "Cause I just know."


Gaara open the door to reveal 5 ladies at his door. First was Sakura's and her Devil suit; next was Hinata with her cute cat costume, third was TenTen with her sexy nurse costume, fourth was Temari with her pointy hat and her witch costume and last was Ino with her Punk/Gothic costume, all of them walking in Naruto's House.

Well this chapter had the boys changing into their costumes and laughing about everyone else's costume. On the next chappie have the Konoha kids trick-or-treating.