This is inspired by a comic I read. You know, where people take pictures and randomly edit stuff. Chibi Naruto and Hinata. Well, I came across one the other day and for some reason I do not comprehend, I forgot to save it on my comp! Oh well, this story inspired me…somewhat. It made me laugh cuz…I think Hinata has the courage to do this. They're 16 by the way. This is when he first comes back…but I warn you, I changed it a bit to fit the story. BTW, I might be experimenting a bit on style of writing.


Naruto was looking over the village as for the first time in a few years. For him, it felt to be back! He missed this place, especially since most of his friends are here. Lately though, one particular friend has been on his mind. That friend was…Hinata Hyuuga.

Naruto thoughts

I wonder if I'll get to see Hinata-chan today? I can't wait to see her and tell her all about my training…though I will leave the parts out with Ero-sennin and his 'research'. Huh…that takes away about 80 of my experience. Wow, I guess my training was really crappy after all. Stupid Ero-sennin, he could've spent more time with me then with those sluts and whores at those bars! That bastard never once trained me personally! All he did was give me a scroll and tell me what to do! Well…I guess that's no entirely true, we did travel places and I did get to learn some pretty cool Jutsus…buts still! I wonder what Hinata-chan is up to? She such a good person. Now that I think about it, Hinata's always been there for me…even if it's only been a few times. She truly is a great friend and unlike Sakura-chan, Hinata-chan has always been so kind and patient with me. She would never hit me even if I did something really stupid! Yosh! I will try to meet up with her!


Sakura was calling Naruto's name, trying to get his attention. When she finally got his attention, Naruto looked down and smiled at seeing his former teammate and crush. He then decided to hop down the post he was standing on and properly greet his teammate.

"Hi Naruto, it's been awhile hasn't it?" asked Sakura with a bit of enthusiasm.

"Yea it has been, hasn't it?" Naruto more or less stated rather than asked.

"Umm Naruto…" asked Sakura nervously, "Do I look more womanly to you?" she said as a pink blush crept on her face.

Naruto looked at her and, as usual, acted on impulse and said, "Don't worry! You still look exactly the same! You even have the same body shape!"

Sakura grew extremely pissed at this and yelled "NARUUUTOOOOO!" and proceed to hit him with her legendary strength, punching him into a wall and shattering it. Naruto, not being prepared for the assault, was knocked unconscious.

Sakura, after regaining her cool, slightly became worried –not by the fact that she knocked Naruto unconscious- because she would be yelled at by Tsunade at the improper way she greeted Naruto. Sakura then saw Naruto's sensei come closer, though he was still at a distance since he was ogling at every woman that passed by that had big breasts, or that was just plain sexy. Sakura used this time to pick up Naruto and take him to Konoha hostpial

Konoha Hospital-

Sakura placed Naruto into his own private room. She figured that since no one entered his room, and that no one knew Naruto was back yet, that she would leave him here. She was about to start her medical jutsu when she realized that she was late for her manicure treatment and dashed off. Being a person of habit, she signed Naruto's name and room number into one of those entry sheets (or whatever they call it.). She had no idea of the consequences because of this small mistake.

Hinata (a bit before Naruto actually arrives)-

Hinata was coming to report on her mission with Kiba and Shino. When she arrived at the door, instead of entering or knocking, she heard quiet whispers. She decided to put chakra into her hears to get better hearing. It must've been not too important since they didn't bother to put up a sound barrier jutsu. Hinata placed her ear on the door and listened.

"Is it true Tsunade-sama?" asked Shizune with a certain amount of interest in her voice.

"Yes, it is true. Naruto is finally back from his mission with Jiraiya, or he will be when he enters the gate" Said Tsunade while trying to decide if she should smile or frown. In the end, she gave credit to Naruto because he had been a lot of help to the village and decided to smile.

When Hinata heard this, she started fantasizing about Naruto. Since she had reached maturity though, her imagination was more than just a kiss or hug. It became of physical. She would wake up many a night, having an erotic dream about Naruto and her having sex just about anywhere. When she woke up, she would be sexually frustrated because she would always wake up just as she was about to orgasm. To relieve this tension, she would use her agile fingers to pleasure herself. Occasionally, she would use toys that she bought from another village so that no one would suspect anything of her. She had long since broken her hymen because she would masturbate almost every day when dreaming…or even thinking of Naruto. Hinata zoned out because she was imagining Naruto greeting her…in a very nice way….

Hinata's imagination-

Hinata was at the entrance waiting for Naruto to come back. She would look at the gate every few minutes, but each time no one would appear. She sighed and decided to sit on a bench that was facing away from the gate. She sat there thinking about how she would greet Naruto. The prospect of seeing Naruto, however, made her blush and made her heart beat faster. She was so busy thinking about what she would say to Naruto, that she didn't notice the figure standing beside her. Suddenly, strong arms wrapped around her and a mouth came close to her ear and said in husky, wanting voice, "Hi Hinata-hime, how have you been? I've missed you so much!"

Hinata gasped and turned her face only to see Naruto staring at her with a seductive smile. Hinata then turned beet red because she realized that they were mere centimeters apart. "Na-Na-Na mmph!" she couldn't say anything because Naruto's lips pressed against hers in a passionate kiss. After a while, Hinata decided to return the kiss. After a few seconds though, she felt a hand squeeze her breast over her jacket. Hinata gasped, though she liked the touch, it surprised her.

Naruto released her lips and smiled at her, "Did you like that Hinata-hime? There's more if you want". At these words, Hinata blushed even redder…if possible.

"Na-Naruto-kun! W-what are you doing?" She stuttered. She wasn't trying to sound insulted, rather, she was just surprised that it was Naruto doing this to her.

"I'm doing what you've always wanted me to do" he simply replied then crushed his lips against hers once again in a fiery kiss.

Hinata just gave in and started kissing back. Naruto had other plans though as he started unzipping her jacket. Hinata, being the modest one, clamped stopped his progress with on of her hands. Sadly, this was futile as Hinata wanted Naruto's touch and Naruto knew it. So instead of hindering Naruto, she decided to help unzip her jacket. While doing this, Naruto put his free hand into her shirt and found out there was no bra underneath. He smiled against the kiss when he realized that she had prepared for this to happen. Happily, he grabbed her left breast and gave it a light squeeze causing Hinata to moan in pleasure.


Sadly, as all good things do, they must com to an end and Hinata was awoken by one of the guards that was on break. "Hinata-sama, are you ok?" asked the worried ANBU when saw the state she was in.

When Hinata blinked, she noticed where she was and figured out the stupid thing she had done. She mentally berated herself as she gave a response to the guard "I'm ok, thanks".

She turned around and let out the blush she had been holding. She then got up to knock on Tsunade's door. A "come in" was heard from within the office. Hinata opened the door and promptly said, "I have the mission report Tsunade-sama". She handed the report, then walked out of the office rather quickly. Tsunade noticed her rather odd behavior and the fact that she had a blush on her face. "I wonder what's up with her?" asked Tsunade, though she wasn't very interested due to the fact that she just pulled out a very large bottle of Sake. Shizune merely shook her head and went to do whatever it is that she does.

Streets of Konoha-

Hinata was walking towards the gate when she saw Sakura running by. Noticing Hinata, Sakura stopped to say hello.

"Ano…Sakura, do you know where Naruto is?" she asked a bit nervously. She had long since lost her stutter, but would sometimes stutter when a certain blonde was mentioned.

"Oh yea, he's at hospital. He's ok though, I knocked him out by accident. He should be ok in a few minutes. Gotta go, manicure!" and with that speedy explanation, she left to the buildings to make up for lost time and get to her appointment on time.

Hinata felt relieved that Naruto was ok. She then remembered her last thoughts on Naruto and started getting horny and slightly wet. She shook her head and decided to go off to see Naruto at the hospital

Konoha hospital-

Hinata entered the hospital and went immediately towards the counter. No one was there to help but she then saw Naruto's name on a clipboard. She read the clipboard and it read "Uzumaki Naruto, floor 4, room D". Somewhat confused as to why a room had a letter instead of a number, she left to find said room.

Once she found said room, she entered it. She was surprised to see a lot of stuff here. When she closed the door, she saw that it was labeled "Uzumaki Naruto's private room". I guess if you visit the hospital many times, they give you your own room thought Hinata. She then saw that Naruto wasn't there. She then saw an extra door to the left and decided to open it. That's when she finally saw Naruto. Hinata immediately blushed. What caused her to blush might you ask? Well, for one thing, it was Naruto. Second, Naruto was wearing a gown that was more fit for an 11 year old instead of a near 6-foot teenager. Apparently, this really was Naruto's room, albeit they needed a few changes –especially in the wardrobe area.

"Oh Naruto-kun…" said Hinata sadly, "I hate seeing you like this. Laying there unconscious. Totally oblivious to the world around you. Knowing that anyone can come in here and take advantage of yo…" she suddenly stopped as a perverted idea hit her.

"hmmm…" she said, contemplating her choices. She then walked slowly over, her perverted side winning and her shy side slowly getting ripped apart. I wonder how long Naruto-kun is, she thought with a small, sly smile on her face. She then lifter up the short fabric and let out a small gasp and blushed a pink tint. I-It's big! I think that it would be longer if it was harder though. She then stroked his member and saw it react by getting slightly bigger. Hinata's sex drive was on overload and she started getting wet at the actions of his member. Feeling really warm, Hinata decided to undress while pleasuring herself with her other hand. She felt as though Naruto needed some pleasure and stroked his member until it was fully hardened. This turned her on even more and her juices were now leaking along her long, sleek legs. She then got on top of the bed, stroked her pussy with the tip of her member, and shivered in pleasure and anticipation.


He was slowly getting his consciousness back, sadly, he couldn't move very well so he couldn't open his eyes. After a while though, he opened his eyes –but very little so that you couldn't tell it was open- and noticed Hinata was there. She looked as if she was talking, but he couldn't quite hear her due to the fact the he was still disoriented. He closed his eyes and fought to stay conscious. Next thing he knew, he felt pleasure coursing through his body, though it wasn't continuous. He opened his eyes in that closed/open position again and noticed Hinata was naked and that her womanhood was about to swallow his member. He couldn't form enough words because for some strange reason, his entire body was numb and he could move anything. His thoughts ran like this "H-Hinata! No. NOO!... Ungh! Oh… H-Hinata… holy shit… that feels… oh kami!" Now Naruto was feeling intense pleasure as Hinata was rocking back and forth on his member.


She finally decided to take Naruto's member inside of her. When it was finally in, she gasped as an intense pleasure filled her like nothing before. She had to take a moment before she could continue. As the intense pleasure slowly ebbed away, she started rocking back and forth on his member, whimpering and moaning in ecstasy with each pass. She started rocking back and forth a bit faster, causing her to pant to due the speed she was going. She needed more pleasure however, so she grabbed her 35 C breast, and began to suck on it as she rocked back and forth. She was now screaming in pleasure and little did she know that outside, a professional pervert was spying on her.

Jiraiya (just after Hinata met up with Sakura)-

Man, this isn't fair. Tsunade told me that if I was caught peeking in public bathhouses again that she would cut off my balls! Where else can I do my re-" His thoughts were interrupted when his sense of smell caught the scent of a women how was about to fuck, or be fucked!

"Oh goodie! Stalking No Jutsu!" he yelled and then, a pair of binoculars attached themselves to his eyes. He ran towards the smell and saw that it led to… Hinata?

Interesting, it seems as though she seems about ready, but I don't see anyone near by? Hehe, maybe I can follow her and see what is the source of her womanly smell! Jiraiya then followed Hinata into the building. She saw Hinata look at a clipboard, and took of to the nearest elevator. Jiraiya immediately looked at the notepad and saw that it Naruto's name and his room number. He immediately remember that there was a window nearby since he had take Naruto to the hospital many times. In fact, he was the one that decided for Naruto to have his own private room. He quickly dashed outside, climbed up the tree, and looked into his window. With is stalking jutsu still active, he zoomed in since he was pretty far away from the room. He was hidden from view by the branches, but he could still see through the leaves. He took out his notepad and prepared himself for any action. He saw Hinata start talking and looking sad then, he noticed a sparkle in his eye. Now anyone who saw this would just think it was a normal sparkle, but Jiraiya –being the master of perverts- knew that certain sparkle contained perverseness in it. His hand started jotting down what he saw almost as if it had a mind of its own. What shocked him next was by the fact that Hinata had taken a peak under Naruto's gown and stroked his member. What she did next caused him to get a nosebleed. She started undressing!

As she undressed, she crawled into bed and stroked her pussy with Naruto's member. Jiraiya was now definitely bleeding from his nose, but being a professional, he forced himself to stop bleeding. He then bled again, though not as much, when he saw her rocking back and forth screaming in pleasure an ecstasy. Being the pervert that he was, he could hear everything due to the fact the he focused chakra to his ears and focused only on Hinata.


Hinata was still rocking back and forth, arching her back in pleasure. In the midst of her pleasure, she got another naughty idea. Even though Naruto wasn't awake (or so she thought), she wanted him to touch her breasts. She then grabbed Naruto's hands, and made his hands cup her breasts. A jolt of pleasure surged through her body, Naruto's hands were warm and they added to the effect. Hinata needed an orgasm, and immediately or she would go insane. She then placed Naruto's hands to the side, grabbed his shoulders, and started going up and down along his member. Hinata was drowned in pleasure as his member kept brushing along her g-spot. Though nearly suffocating from the overwhelming pleasure, Hinata wanted more and started going up and down faster and faster, harder and harder.

"Oh….K-Kami! Help me! OH!! Yess!" Hinata was now squeezing Naruto's shoulders harder and harder as she was getting closer to her climax. "YES!! AHHHH! JUST A LITTLE MORE! OOOOHH!" Hinata was now gasping for air, but she would not stop until she got what she desired. Just then, her muscles contracted around his member and she came. "NARUTOOOOOOOO!" She screamed at the top of her lungs as the pleasure overwhelmed her. This inadvertently, caused Naruto to cum inside of her. Hinata felt him shoot inside of her, then the seed slid down over her g-spot. "Oh m-my…oh, AHHHHHHH!" The seed that ran over her g-spot caused her to cum again. Finally, she collapsed on top of Naruto, feeling his heart beat.

So peaceful thought the now satisfied Hyuuga. She moaned peacefully, that is, until she realized that he might wake up any minute. Unknown to Hianta though, he had been awake for the entire ordeal, but his body was too numb to react. She quickly got dressed and was about to walk out when she felt sorry that she had raped Naruto. She went over to Naruto and kissed him on the lips and even though he couldn't react, she enjoyed it nonetheless. "I'm sorry Naruto-kun for doing what I did but, let me just say, that I did it out of love for you. I have always loved you ever since we were at the academy. I always admired your dedication and spirit even if the odds were against you. It wasn't until I started following you that I realized that I was in love with you and when I turned 15, I started having these…erotic dreams about you and me. I'm so sorry and if you can hear me, please forgive. I love you." With that, she kissed him once again on the lips and walked out quietly.

Naruto and Jiraiya were overwhelmed by the entire ordeal and they could only think of one thing: Holy shit that was amazing!


To be… or not to be continued. That is the question! Originally this was supposed to be a oneshot, but it has grounds for a story. What do you guys think? Sorry about not updating my other story, I'm thinking about giving it up. I have so much school work and stuff. The only way I'll ever post a story is if I already have one made and post each chapter every days instead of fighting to create a new one each week AND do homework. So…review please!

P.S. I don't think it's possible for a girl to rape a guy after all… guys ALWAYS want it.