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Sakura coughed and then smiled sweetly at Naruto, "Naruto, what are you doing with Hinata?"

THIS was not something Naruto expected and his brain wasn't making the connection that this was Sakura. "This was not Sakura! How could it be her? I mean...she's a bitch! Bitches don't change...or do they?", thought Naruto frustratingly.

As if things couldn't get any worse, Kiba and Shino walked by and when Kiba saw Naruto's hand STILL in Hinata's pants, he grinned mischievously and said, "Looks like Naruto got caught with his hands in the cookie jar, LITERALLY!"

He then let out a loud laugh while pointing at Naruto but in his mind he was actually thinking, "Damn, why couldn't that be my hand? And why are they together? I thought...damn it! This is too much to handle"

Shino turned to Kiba, knowing what he was thinking, and said in a monotonous voice, "Kiba, let us go to the Hokage with the mission report."

"What report? We already tur-" Kiba then had a petrified look plastered on his face as he saw Shino glaring at him through his glasses. That coat wasn't making it an easier by making him look even scarier.

He sweat dropped nervously, "Er...right! We don't want to get the Hokage mad by turning in the reports late!." He then ran toward the Hokage tower with Shino in tow.

"Hand in the cookie jar?" thought Hinata. She then looked down and noticed that Naruto's hand was still in her pants. Blushing a deep crimson, she reached to pull out Naruto's hand. As she was pulling out his hand, it managed to brush against her panties, making her shiver slightly. Resisting any more thoughts that could maker her do...certain things, she quickly pulled out his hand. Naruto didn't even seem to notice as his face had a blank expression on his face.

After a while, the little hamsters in Naruto's brain finally started working again and he managed to say to Sakura, "What does it matter to you?"

The sweet look on miss Bitchula's face faltered, but for just a millisecond. In that instant her one thought was, "I'"

"Naruto, why are you with her. You could do so much better than that!" She replied with what she thought was a cute grin. In reality, it was quite a scary smile.

Inner Sakura: Yea, that's right. What has Hinata got that I don't? I'm much prettier than she is!

This got Hinata fuming. How dare she insult her like that! For the first time in her life, she felt a fire inside of her that wasn't meant for pleasure. Oh no, this fire was that of an anger. Hinata wanted nothing more than to wipe that smile of her face...permanently. Livid in her face, which for once wasn't from embarrassment, she was about to reply when she heard Naruto start laughing.

Sakura's smile faltered, then turned into a grimace. She started tapping her foot in impatience and asked in an annoyed tone, "What'"

"WHERE and WHO can be better than my Hinata-hime? I mean really, I'd have to be in heaven to find anything better, but even then...even Kami would be amazed by her beauty!" Dattebayo Bitch!

Somewhere in heaven, Kami was listening to what Naruto was saying. He then looked at Hinata and he had to admit, she was one fine looking lady. The prophecy child seems to be doing fine, he thought amused.

On earth, Hinata blushed a cherry red while have a large, uncharacteristic grin on her face. "That's so sweet of you Naruto-kun!" She said

Naruto merely turned to look at her and smiled.

Ayame was thinking, "Wow, Naruto-kun's gotten romantic. Oh how I wish I had gotten to him sooner! Well, no use worrying about that now! He's happy and so, I'm happy. I will do whatever it takes to make Naruto-kun happy!" She smiled at her silent promise.

Sakura saw the smile and misinterpreted it as Ayame mocking her. "What are you smiling about you little slut?" She said with an ugly sneer. You know, the kind when those bitchy girls think they're all high and mighty. That gets on my nerves!

Ayame flushed red from anger and jumped over the counter. "WHO ARE YOU CAL-huh? Hinata?"

Hinata waved at hand in front of her in order to make her stop talking. She then got up from her seat and told Ayame, "Don't worry I'll take care of it." She then smiled sweetly at Ayame. Then she turned her face towards Sakura and the sweet smile that had adorned her face had disappeared. Now, was a face of seriousness. Her eyes were slightly closed in contemplation of what she would say.

"Sakura, how dare you disrespect Ayame when she did absolutely nothing to you. Second, how dare you disrespect MY Naruto-kun! He would always come to you and proclaim his love, then you would always reject him, even hit him! Now you''re...what exactly are you trying to accomplish?" Hinata said, in a slightly louder voice than normal.

"First of all you little slut," This got the deserved response Sakura wanted as Hinata turned slightly redder from anger, but she still remained calm nonetheless, "Naruto is my teammate and I can do whatever I WANT with him. Plus he loved me first an-"

"If I may say something here, Sakura," Naruto interrupted, "That was never love as I may recall. That was just a crush 'A very stupid crush' and even then, I don't even know what it was that I liked about you. Sure you were smart, maybe a little pretty. But you are nowhere near as gorgeous, kind, warm, gentle, and amazing as Hinata is! I don't even know why I would've been attracted to you sexually either! You have basically nothing! You're breasts are barely even bigger than a 13 year-olds! Assuming you don't stuff paper in your bra!" Naruto finished with a look of triumph on his face while Ayame and Hinata couldn't help but wonder at the sincerity in his voice. Also, only Hinata heard the 'A very stupid crush' part that Naruto had muttered underneath his breath.

Sakura got angrier and angrier with every word he said until finally, she started grinding her teeth out of sheer frustration and anger. Having lost all her self-control she screamed Naruto's name while she charged at Naruto with a chakra enhanced fist.

Hinata had noticed noticed the face Sakura was making during Naruto's speech and pre-made a few hand seals, leaving one left in order for it to be complete. When Sakura was halfway to Naruto, she finished the final seal. "Bitch slap no Jutsu!" she yelled. A big gloved encased her right hand and seemed to be glowing whiter and whiter as it stored up energy, and momentum!

Sakura halted and tried to raise her hands to deflect the oncoming attack, but she wasn't as fast as Hinata so the attack hit her on her left cheek. All the momentum and energy that was built into the attack released as soon as it made contact with her face. Sakura spun...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9 times in quick succession.

"Oh yea, that felt nice." thought a satisfied Hinata. She smiled at the crumpled form of Sakura who supported a bright red glove mark on the left half of her face.

Naruto, Ayame, and Teuchi were all left astounded. Though, everyone had different levels of astonishment and everyone's type of astonishment was different.

Teuchi was astonished because he always knew Hinata as a shy, quite, reserved girl. He couldn't believe the things she had said and done today. Especially the things she had let Naruto do to her.

Ayame was astonished because she found all of it sweet and romantic. She found it sweet that they were both so intimate, though she still felt a slight pang of jealousy. That jealousy however, would never get in the way of her friendships. She was also astonished at the way she defended Naruto. Though it had been Sakura, she though that had it been a real life enemy, Hinata would've gladly stepped up and protected her love, even if it meant risking her life.

Naruto was astonished because, even though he knew Hinata had changed, he didn't expect her to do all this. All his life, he had done everything himself though not by choice. He was having these new feelings toward her, though he couldn't explain them. He knew he loved Hinata, but something inside of him told him it was deeper than that. Whatever it was, he couldn't risk it by losing Hinata so he silently promised himself to never let her suffer. Dattebayo, that's my girl!

Hinata turned to find three pairs of eyes staring at her, not associating it with astonishment. She blushed and looked at her feet, embarrassed from the amount of attention she was getting from everyone. "U-Umm...Do I have something on my face?" She asked. She asked touching her left cheek, then her right. It never once occurred to her that it might've been her actions that caused them to stare at her.

Naruto smiled and got up. "Yes you do have something on your face Hinata." He walked closer to her.

"What is it? What do I have on my face Naruto-kun?" She asked, still touching her face. She stopped when Naruto reached her and cupped her face and locked his gaze with hers. Why is that she always felt like her heartbeat was going so fast and yet, so slow, she asked herself, He always made her have the strangest reactions!

"You have beauty on your face Hinata-hime." He said, then leaned and closed the gap between their lips. It was a short, soft kiss, nothing to fancy...or erotic. It was still powerful to Hinata nonetheless. The kiss left Hinata breathless, but she finally manged to mumble something that Naruto barely managed to pick up, "" Naruto had to laugh, she looked like she saw something she couldn't believe. Her eyes open and in a fixed position, her mouth slightly open, and with a tint of red adorning her smooth features.

"AWWWW! HOT CUTE!!" squealed a now chibified Ayame. The high-pitch sound knocked Hinata out of her stupor and she realized what she had been doing...somewhat. Shaking her head and somewhat erasing the red tint on her face, she looked up to Naruto and said, "I'm tired Naruto-kun, let's go home."

" wait! What about the rest of my ramen? Can I finish it?" Hinata gave him a look of surprise, "What? I'm still hungry!" pouted Naruto. Hinata couldn't resist the adorableness that he was giving off so she gave in.

"YOSH!" exclaimed Naruto as he went to go sit down and eat his ramen, then he went back and picked up Hinata bridal style earning a 'meep' from her. Then he finally sat Hinata next to him and he started to finish his ramen...

Jiraiya finally woke up, albeit, groggily. He pushed himself up into a sitting position, Indian style. He grabbed his head thinking, "Why is this affecting me so much? I've seen much more perverted things than this (giggle). Really, is it because it's Naruto and Hinata, of all people, are doing dirty things together? Maybe. Heh, I should write a story...Icha Icha boy, yea...that's what I'll call it!"

Shaking his head from the grogginess, he got up, only to fall back down in the Seiza position. Putting his hands just above his kneecaps, he wondered, "Damn it, why do people need blood?"

Ignoring the though for later, he looks passed the foliage and still noticed that Hinata and Naruto were still there eating their ramen...with Sakura on the floor. "I wonder what happened?" he thought amused.

He looked at his notepad and noticed that he had taken quite a bit of notes. He made a mental note about buying the extra thick pad when he next visited a store...assuming he wouldn't be banned from the town because of his 'research'. With a smile, he got up on wobbly knees and went go eat something. "I'll know where to find him. The only places he's ever at is home, missions, or the top of the Hokage monument."

Meanwhile, at the Hokage monument. Tsunade was looking through the crystal ball that belonged to the Third. "So that's why Naruto was over a day late with the mission report," thought Tsunade, "That doesn't explain why Jiraiya didn't do- wait, what's that?". She then looked at the corner of the the ball and noticed Jiraiya's from walking out of some shrubs.

Tsunade then made a gesture with her hand and 3 ANBU appeared in front of her. "What can we do Hokage-sama?" asked the ANBU with the cat mask.

"Go find Jiraiya and bring him here. I need to ask him some questions."

"Hai Hokage-sama" They chorused, then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Jiraiya's going to tell me everything. From where he and Naruto have been to why he's been spying on Naruto" thought Tsunade as she pulled out a 3 gallon bottle of Sake.


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