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T-shirts (One-shot)

"Hey Evans!"

Ryan turned around. "Hey Chad" he smiled. He had missed his friend over the one week break from school. The two boys had grown closer since the staff baseball game at Lava Springs. However, for some inexplicable reason, Chad still insisted on calling him "Evans" and not "Ryan". Ryan did a double take. "Does your shirt say what I think it says?" he asked Chad. Chad grinned. "well what do you think it says?" Ryan choked. "It says 'I'm gay. Are you?'" Ryan spluttered. Chad laughed. "Yup. Nothing wrong with your eyes." Ryan gaped at Chad. Chad grinned. "Hey I got you one too. Its pink." Chad teased, pulling a shirt out of his bag. Ryan laughed, grabbing the shirt from Chad. "Alright. I'll humour you just this once." He said as he skipped off to the washroom to change into his new pink shirt. Thankfully it matched his ensemble.

Ryan came out of the washroom trying to hold in his giggles. He linked arms with Chad and they strolled to Ms. Darbus's classroom. Sharpay stared as her brother walked into the classroom with Chad. "Ryan Evans!" she screeched "What the hell are you doing?" Ryan grinned at her and sat next to Chad instead. Sharpay turned around and glared at the two of them. Once she turned her back, Ryan and Chad went into fits of laughter. "Sharpay never changes does she?" Chad asked. Ryan shook his head, shaking with silent giggles.

At lunch, Ryan and Chad both abandoned their respective tables and sat at a new table. Ryan got up on the table and yelled "If you feel like outing yourself at anytime, please feel free to join us! We even have T-shirts!". Ryan got off the table and sat down next to Chad, who looked shocked. Ryan turned and looked at his friend. "What?" he asked defensively. Chad just shook his head. "And I wonder why I like you." He muttered to himself. "Maybe it's because I'm gorgeous and nice and you have a crush on me?" Ryan teased with a huge grin. Chad looked at him "Hmm…maybe." He replied. They grinned at each other. Ryan hugged Chad around the waist and planted a kiss on his cheek. Chad flushed a deep red. A tray descended onto the table. They looked up. "Hi." Said Kelsi as she sat down next to Ryan. "You're…"Ryan started "Bi." Kelsi finished for him. Ryan smiled. He placed a hand on Chad's thigh and smiled at him. Chad smiled back. They both liked each other but had never really done anything about it. Until today.

Kelsi looked over at the two boys. She grinned. They both liked each other. That much was obvious and clearly today was the day Chad had decided to make the first move. By outing themselves to the school. Together.

By the end of lunch there were at least another two people sitting at the table with them. Chad grinned. So his plan was working after all. He got up, pulling Ryan with him and they walked out of the cafeteria holding hands. Ryan smiled and kissed Chad gently on the lips. Chad adjusted Ryan's cap. Who cared what everyone else thought. As long as they had each other.


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