As Nami looked at the sky worry lines creased across her face. The sky was turning a deep black, she could sense that a storm was coming. Deciding that it wasn't going to hit them anytime soon, she left it alone. If it got worse as they approached it she would get everyone to get the boat ready for the storm.

Luffy walked out on to the deck and saw Nami look at the sky and then finally shake her head. If she wasn't going to worry about it then he wouldn't either. He trusted his navigator and knew that she would tell them if anything was going to happen.

He walked over to the figure head and sat down on top of it. Closing his eyes he sighed and then opened them again staring at the ocean in front. He would wait until Sanji called them for lunch.

Sanji was at the stove preparing lunch for the rest of the crew, while Usopp, Chopper and Zoro were in Zoro's room playing a game of cards. Franky was in his room making up some new inventions for the ship, and Robin was in her room reading.

When lunch was ready Sanji walked to the deck and called for Nami.

"Nami-swan!, lunch is ready!"

He then turned and walked in to get his sweet Robin-chwan and the idiots as he called them, because he knew Luffy had heard him already, as was proven by his running to the kitchen.

As Luffy did near the kitchen Sanji easily kicked him away.

"Ladies first idiot."

Nami smiled and thanked him and then walked into the kitchen, Luffy following behind still as happy as ever.

Everyone gathered for lunch at the table inside the dining hall of the Thousand Sunny. The large fish tank gave a nice view of the fish that Usopp, Chopper and Luffy had caught early in the morning.

Luffy started to eat and everyone had to stop Luffy from stealing there food. Finally getting sick of it Nami yelled at him,

"Luffy! Would you quit stealing my food already!"

Her words went unheeded though as Luffy continued to reach for her food. Smiling, Nami waited for him to reach again and stabbed her fork into his hand.

"Ouch!, What was that for Nami!"

"I told you not to touch my food idiot, now maybe you won't."

For the rest of lunch Luffy did continue to steal food but kept his hands from getting anywhere near Nami's plate.

Nami walked out on to the deck and looked at the sky again, it was finally starting to clear up. She sighed in relief and checked the log pose to make sure that they were still on course, and when she saw that they were she went into her room to make some more maps. She couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong with those clouds though.

Just as Nami had walked to her room Luffy walked out of the kitchen and on to the deck. He looked to the sky as well and saw a blue sky. Smiling he walked over to the giant lion head, hopped up and sat down.

Luffy was getting bored so he went to find Zoro, he knew that Zoro wouldn't mind, or he would have gone to get him if a cannonball hadn't hit the water beside them. He caught his footing and saw a marine ship.

Running over to the railing he yelled,

"Were under attack, all hands on deck!"

Everyone came to the front and saw a single marine ship.

Zoro turned to Luffy,

"Are you sure you couldn't have handled that one by yourself?"

Luffy just shook his head and pointed past the single ship. Everyone focused behind it and gasped, how had he seen that, they were all lined up to look like a single ship when there was atleast 20 ships.

Nami patted him on the back,

"Nice going captain!"

Luffy just smiled and got ready to battle as did everyone else. Zoro placed his hand on his swords, Nami pulled out her Perfect Clima Tact, Usopp pulled out his slingshot, Sanji crouched down ready for a kick, Chopper transformed into heavy point, Robin crossed her arms in front of her and Franky readied his arm.

They were all ready to battle, and the unexpected happened, the ships turned around and left. Luffy tilted his head,

"Huh, why did they just leave?"

Everyone dropped there battle stances and just looked confused except for Robin and Zoro. Robin just smiled calmly and Zoro looked extremely pissed off.

"Cowards, they saw it was off and turned tail and ran."

Nami looked at Zoro as he made the comment.

"Zoro, the marines wouldn't just run off, they must be planning something."

Zoro shrugged and turned around to go on to the top of the deck so he could take his nap and the others left to do what they had been doing before. Luffy was the only one left standing on the side of the ship.

'I know that's not right, why did they shoot if they weren't going to fight?'

If he had looked over to the side he might have seen the so called cannonball float to the top of the water, and he might have prevented it from opening.

As he walked away, the 'thing' from the 'cannonball' fully climbed out and began to scale to the top of the deck. And maybe if he had looked behind him as he walked he just might have seen the thing set it's sights on him and jump.

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