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Strictly Dishonorable

Part One

"So... you believe you have deceived me?" the notorious Malaysian pirate lord irritably said before drawing his sword and shouting; "Weapons!" The deceiver had quickly taken several steps back and joined his companion's side, glancing around the bathhouse uncertainly at the quick response of the Malaysian pirates in the Singaporean bathhouse.

"I assure ye Sao Feng that my intentions are strictly honorable!" he said, trying to sound as desperate as any man suddenly surrounded by armed and dangerous men while unarmed himself would sound like; which was no hard feat to accomplish considering that he was surrounded and unarmed.

And a second later, still unarmed.

"Strictly honorable..." he repeated, the fake desperation quickly turning into real desperation and slight panic.

He was still unarmed.

Gibbs ye fool! Where are ye with those swords? He exchanged a worried glance with his companion, Elizabeth Swann, and saw his own concern mirrored in her expression.

"Forgive me for failing to believe you, Captain Barbossa." Sao Feng slowly and deliberately approached the Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea and his companion wench. "Considering that you have come here to steal my charts and in doing so, dishonor my hospitality, I can no longer believe a word you say." He stood before the Caribbean pirate, the tip of his blade held just before his face threateningly. Barbossa held his hands up, palms upwards in a gesture that he was not going to try and fight. "But... since you are a Pirate Lord yourself and that the Court is gathering, I will spare your life long enough for you to attend."

"Then we'll be on our way..." Barbossa began to say but was cut off by Sao Feng.

"No. I said I would let you attend. I did not say you could leave."

"What about Will and myself?" Elizabeth asked tentatively and glanced in her fiancés direction. He was worried for her and she could see that he was trying to think of a way to get out of this situation they were in. But if Barbossa couldn't think of one, she doubted that Will would be able to. They were suppose to be well armed and negotiating a way out of here at sword point. But they weren't because somehow for some reason Gibbs and the others had failed to make their way into the bathhouse's dungeon and toss them their weapons through the floorboards beneath them.

"What about him?" Sao Feng rhetorically asked and glanced to the young man who tried to steal the charts. He let his gaze drift to one of the men standing next to Will and nodded subtly. Will Turner made no sound as a large wooden dagger was thrust into him. The two that was holding him up, let him sink back into the hot tub.

"No!" Elizabeth lunged for her fiancé but Barbossa grabbed a hold of her around the waist with both of his arms. She struggled against his grip as she cried out Will's name over and over again. The pirate captain held onto her, tightening his embrace around her arms more out of reassuring her rather than trying to keep a hold of her. He knew he would not have any problems in that department, but it would be so much easier if she just stopped struggling.

"Get a hold of yer self, missy," he hissed in her ear. "Lest ye wish to join him, wait and bide yer time to avenge him." She seemed to settle in his arms and her hysterical cries were quickly swallowed and replaced with a stony silence and glaring passionately at the pirate that ordered Will's death.

"As for you, Miss Swann," Sao Feng continued. Barbossa noticed that Sao Feng had allowed him to try and control her and wonders what the pirate has in mind for the young lass. He would have to try to negotiate her safety somehow. Without weapons or any thing to really bargain with, he realized he was not in that strong of a position to talk their way out safely. But, he was not a pirate for doing nothing by standing their sulking at how crappy of a hand fate had just dealt him.

So before Sao Feng could inform them of his intentions for Elizabeth he interrupted quickly with, "Parlay?"

"What?" Sao Feng said in surprise and Elizabeth glanced up at him questioningly, wondering what he was doing.

"Accordin' to the Code, any pirate may invoke the right to parlay and any pirate that has done so shall not be harmed until the parlay has ended with both parties having agreed."

"I know what the Code says," Sao Feng replied irritably. "But why should I grant you parlay?"

"You would dishonor the Code then?" He had not hoped for it, and accepted it anyway, but there was no mistaking the murmurs and whispers among the other pirates. If Sao Feng wished to refuse them parlay, he would be seen as a Pirate Lord who failed to uphold what was law for him. Barbossa filed this bit of information away for later use in his negotiations.

"Of course not!" he snapped and then sheathed his sword. He gestured for the others to follow suit with their weapons. "Though I do not see how you can negotiate yourself out of this when you have nothing to negotiate on."

Barbossa wolfishly grinned at Sao Feng and released his grip on Elizabeth, she stepped to his side and slightly behind him and as she did so, Barbossa felt a hand press against the small of his back. He did not allow what she was doing back there to distract him from thinking. He only hoped that what she had in mind could wait until after he had finished making a deal with the Malaysian pirate.

"Ah but that is where ye are wrong, Sao Feng," Barbossa replied, taking a sure step forward. "Ye said yerself that the only reason ye would have Jack fetched back from the Land of the Dead is so that ye can send him there yerself."

"So you think that I will let you fetch him back?" Sao Feng snorted in contempt at the absurdity of Barbossa's line of thought. "I have the charts and I can easily bring him back myself."

"Aye, ye could go there. But ye wouldn't be able to convince him to come back." Here Barbossa smiled like a predator who knows he has cornered his prey. "Now can ye?" Sao Feng remained silent as he considered the pirate captain's words. He turned away and walked back toward his throne.

Turning, he said; "And you can convince him? You who mutinied against him, you who stole his ship and marooned him?"

"I can be quite persuasive when I need be."

"And the girl?"

"He'll listen to me if he doesn't listen to the Captain," Elizabeth put in from behind Barbossa who glanced over his shoulder a little annoyed that she interrupted the negotiations. He noticed how close she was to him and felt her hand rest on his arm before sliding down the length of it and into his own hand. He had expected her hand to feel warm and moist from the heat of the bathhouse, but instead he felt something cold and metallic slip into the palm of his hand.

Me dagger? So that is what she was doin' back there. Good girl. Though how she knew about the dagger hidden in the back of his belt, he did not know but planned to find out. He looked at her questioningly and she looked back at him expectantly and understood what she wanted. He tried to impress to her that she still had to wait. Ye know the rules of parlay, missy. He wished he could tell her, but he settled for trying to take the dagger from her without letting the others know they had a weapon. But she was not willing to part with it quite yet. Quietly sighing he let her keep it for the time being.

Returning his attention back to Sao Feng, Barbossa continued to press the pirate lord in accepting the idea of rescuing Jack. "Give us the charts, a ship and crew and let us go fetch back Jack and once the gathering of the Brethren Court is over, ye can have the scoundrel and do with him as ye like."

"I will keep the charts and you and Miss Swann can accompany me in retrieving Jack Sparrow," Sao Feng countered and met Barbossa's serious gaze with his own. "You will convince him to return to the world of the living and once the gathering is over, I will keep both you and Jack Sparrow as well as the lovely Miss Swann."

"You can keep Jack Sparrow and The Black Pearl and Captain Barbossa and I will be allowed to go free and unharmed." Barbossa turned on Elizabeth then, furious.

"The Pearl is not yer's to negotiate away, missy," he hotly said.

"Nor is it yours or anyone else's for that matter, Captain. Which makes it fair game," she replied snootily before glancing at Sao Feng. "What say you to that Captain Sao Feng? Take Jack and The Black Pearl and let us go?"

"Your woman drives a hard bargain, Captain Barbossa." Sao Feng fell silent in thought as he considered the words being said in the negotiations. Barbossa had felt Elizabeth bristle at the captain's choice of words but placed a warning hand on her arm. "I will keep the charts, you and Miss Swann will accompany me to retrieve Jack Sparrow, you will convince him to return with us and after the gathering of the Brethren Court is over I will keep Jack Sparrow andThe Black Pearl. Agreed?"

Hector Barbossa narrowed his eyes, noticing a lack of words in the terms. "Disagree."

"What else do you think you can get away with, Captain Barbossa?"

"I and Miss Swann will be allowed to attend the Brethren Court and afterwards we are to be set free, alive and unharmed and with a ship."

"Agreed, but no ship."

It was worth a try at least. "Agreed." He could feel Elizabeth tense next to him and made sure to step between her and Sao Feng. It would not do them any good if she tried to kill the Malaysian so soon after negotiations.

"I am curious though," he said, glancing around the room again at all the pirates. He noticed for the first time since they had put their weapons away that they had not moved from their places. Instead it seemed like they had gotten closer to them while the parlay was going on. It made Barbossa uneasy and he wished he had a weapon other than the small dagger that which Elizabeth held. "How did ye come to the conclusion that I was deceiving ye?"

Sao Feng smiled at this and drew his sword. "We are in a bathhouse, Captain," he began and then brought the weapon around to press against the neck of a pirate hunched nearby. "The fake tattoos on your man began to run in the heat."

"My man?" Barbossa stared in confusion at the Malaysian who stared back in utter fear at having his throat slit. "He's not ours."

"If he's not with us and he's not with you, then who is he with?" Elizabeth said and almost immediately regretted saying it for the walls around them imploded with blue-coated marines and gun-fire...