Well... after uh a year or so I finally got back to this and wrote another chapter to it.

Also, I altered Chapter 7 a bit, mostly added a scene at the beginning to help break up the transition from Memory in Ch6 to Dream in Ch7. Before it was abrupt and may have caused confusion.

Strictly Dishonorable

Part Eight

Barbossa awoke from his pleasant dream, bleary eyed and tired, with someone standing over him shaking his shoulder gently and calling his name softly. He groaned and then growled his frustration at having such a pleasurable dream interrupted by whoever it was that would dare interrupt in the first place for any reason. "This ship had better be sinkin' otherwise I may be inclined to hurt whoever ye are that just woke me up."

"Apologies, Captain Barbossa," he heard Elizabeth reply in annoyance. "But unless you wish to continue to sleep in water, be my guest, otherwise you can take advantage of the improved accommodations to our cell."

This caught his attention and he opened up his blue eyes, rubbing out the sleepiness with one hand and looked up at his cellmate. "Yer back?" he dumbly asked and berated himself for asking the obvious. Barbossa sat up straighter and pushed his back against the wall and took note of the new additions to their cell that hung from the walls behind Elizabeth. She stepped out of his way as he climbed to his feet and looked between them and her. "Now how'd ye manage this or did Tia Dalma visit while I was asleep?"

"I convinced Sao Feng to give them to us," she answered and climbed into her own hammock. She watched him as he inspected the other one, her eyes drifting from his hands as they firmly tugged against the knots, to the front of his breeches. She could not help but grin at what she saw there and wondered what exactly he had been dreaming about and made a mental note to ask him later. Satisfied that the hammock won't come down under his weight, Barbossa pulled his coat off and kicked off his boots before climbing in with a grunt.

"How long have ye been back?" he asked, pleased that he could finally get a decent night's sleep. But after that dream he doubted he would be able to this night. If there was one thing he disliked about those kinds of dreams is that they left you unsatisfied. He hated being unsatisfied. For ten years he had to suffer under that feeling and he had vowed to never feel that way ever again. Of course that was easier said than done, but at least he could now strive toward satisfaction and know that it was not beyond his reach by some damnable curse.

"Almost an hour," she replied and he rolled over and propped himself up on one elbow in his hammock to scowl at her.

"Ye've been here with these fer an hour an' yer just now wakin' me up?" There was no mistaking the displeasure in his tone of voice. Elizabeth folded her arms across her chest and returned his scowl with equal, if not more, anger than he was currently expressing.

"At least I did not leave you alone all night long with a sexually driven pirate who thinks I'm someone else without telling you exactly who you are suppose to pretend to be." His features softened slightly at her words and seemed to almost drift towards a guilty look before he quickly composed himself and hid his emotions by his usual, roguish and mean-spirited façade.

"Ye seem to have done well enough," he replied and laid back into his hammock once more, pulling his hat down over his eyes and the blanket around himself. "Ye got yerself a new set of cloths an' two hammocks fer the both of us."

"I should have left you to sleep in the water," she said snappishly and he heard the rustling of fabric and the creaking of the ties as she moved in her hammock.

"If it'll make ye feel better, I'll tell ye all about Calypso in the morn'?" he offered, wishing to go back to sleep and see if he could catch that dream again before it drifted too far from his memory. Though he began to question why he was eager to dream about her again after the way she was treating him. He figured it had more to do with the subject of the dream than the fact who was in it. Then again he has had similar dreams that were quite unpleasant because of who was in it. Upon remembering said dreams, a repulsive shiver traveled through him even as he tried to visualize a woman straddling his waist but couldn't no matter how hard he tried.

He grunted in displeasure and firmly believed now that he would never find that dream again and in its place were going to be vivid images of a certain kohl-eyed pirate. Barbossa was certain now that he wouldn't mind sending said pirate back from where they were going to fetch him from as soon as his usefulness wore out. At least he could take pleasure from imagining several ways to torture the man for that lewd remark he made to him twelve years ago, the very same remark that decided for him to mutiny and that also brought up those dreams in the first place.

Barbossa began to believe Elizabeth was satisfied with his answer because he had not heard from her for several minutes even while he was busy pondering on the misery Jack Sparrow always seemed to bring upon him whether among the living or not. That is, until she sat up in her hammock and he noticed out of the corner of his eye she was studying him intently.

"Somethin' amiss, missy?" he drawled sleepily, half expecting her to demand for him to explain about Calypso now. What she asked him instead, took him off guard.

"What were you dreaming before?"

"A dream."

"I know that." She sounded a little annoyed at his answer. Good. He was annoyed that she was prying into his business and his business alone. "But what of?" Barbossa stayed quiet and tried to pull his coat around him closer to block out both Elizabeth and the cold air in addition to the thin blanket he had, when his hand grabbed at his shirtsleeve. He lifted his head up and titled his hat back to look for his coat and found it hanging over one of the ropes that kept his hammock suspended. "It must have been pleasant..." Elizabeth added.

"Aye," he answered simply as he grabbed the coat, wrung out most of the water and tried to use it as a second blanket. He would have taken his soaked clothing off and slept with nothing on, but the air seemed to have gotten slightly cooler at night than normal and he was also in the presence of a woman he respected... somewhat.

"You're shivering, Barbossa," she stated upon noticing and he heard her climb out of the hammock and walk over to him. He opened one of his eyes to look up at her when she placed a hand on his arm.

"Of course I be. Tis what happens when ye sleep in wet cloths," he snapped and she glowered down at him like a mother who disapproved of her child's behavior. He glowered back up at her, rolling over so that he could face her and pulling his hat out of his face once more. She softened slightly at his next words. "Course ye could of gone an' got me a dry pair along with these hammocks."

"I tried," she said apologetically. "But Sao Feng wouldn't have it." She took his hat and held it between her hands while she looked down at him. "He doesn't like you."

"Don't like him either."

"I can see why," she said. She fidgeted with the feather on his hat and he was certain that if he let her continue to mess with it she'd ruin the thing. So he took it from her hands and sat up in his hammock under the belief that he was not going to get any sleep so long as she continued to pester him with questions. Seeing that she now had him listening to her, she continued. "He is repulsive and more lecherous than you are."

He could not help but laugh heartily at that. "Aye," he agreed after regaining control of himself. "I had warned ye he was much like meself, 'cept less merciful an' quite dishonorable." After a moment of silence had passed between them, he added; "Did he..." He couldn't finish the sentence but Elizabeth understood what he was asking and she shook her head in reply. She found it sweet that he would even consider asking. He saw what she was thinking and cleared his throat with a muffled "Arr!"

Elizabeth grinned softly. "I wouldn't let him. He wasn't terribly too pleased about it though."

"I imagine not," he chuckled a little and then wondered how long she could keep Sao Feng's intentions at bay. Hector suspected it would be only a matter of time before the Malaysian pirate forced himself on the girl, regardless of whether she was a goddess or not. He hated the fact even more, that he would not be able to help protect her when the man did finally try. He only hoped that the lessons he had given her in self-defense would be enough to help her, but even he knew it might not be. Sao Feng was an experienced pirate and Elizabeth just recently entered into their world.

Barbossa sighed softly after a moment when she did not speak again and started to lay back down to try and resume his sleep when she reached out to stop him. He gave her an inquisitive look and wondered what was in her head. He could see that she was indecisive about something and was hesitant in asking whatever it was that was on her mind. After a moment she seemed to have finally come to a decision and took a deep breath before letting it out and talking.

"Since you are in wet clothing and it will only make it less comfortable for you to get both the blanket and the hammock soaked, perhaps you should…" here she trailed off and gestured at him as if he should know what exactly she meant to say but hadn't said. Barbossa frowned a little when she finally found her voice again. "To let them dry out first, at least, anyway."

"What are yeh suggestin'?" he asked even though he had a very good idea and then said as much. "That I strip and sleep naked? I'll be even colder that way. Unless, of course, yer offerin' to keep me warm as well, missy?"

He saw her cheeks turn a rosy shade at his suggestion and then give him an indignant look for even considering such a thought with her. Barbossa would have liked her to keep him warm, but they both knew he would prefer it if she was also naked with him. However it was something he highly doubted that would happen any time soon or at all.

"I was merely suggesting that you remove some of your clothing to let them dry out before you catch your death in them," she replied in contempt before turning away to return to her hammock. "But if you insist on wearing them, by all means go and catch a cold. I'm certain I can manage in handling Sao Feng and his men alone once you've succumbed to the disease and died on me."

Barbossa snorted derisively and climbed out of the hammock with some difficulty. He was stiff from exhaustion and the cold, wet clothing clung to his skin. "My apologies, I meant no offense in me words, missy. Merely was tryin' to understand how yeh might think I'd be better off with nothin' on. The days are getting' colder an' I am not as young as I use to be. Either way, I'd be damned to the possibility of catchin' somethin' unhealthy. A warm body, however, can help stave off the cold an' if yer so inclined to oblige me, I can and will behave with you."

He watched her back quietly as she considered his words. Several long seconds passed before she seemed to give in and nodded subtly at him. "Only if you behave, Captain, and you leave your breeches on at least."

He grinned lecherously at her and Elizabeth rolled her eyes in reply at his immaturity. "Aye, I suppose I could keep those on even though they're the most soaked article on my body."

Elizabeth sighed and gave in. "Oh alright. But if you so much as behave in an indecent manner with me, I won't hesitate to knock you out of the hammock and back into the water, Hector Barbossa."

He laughed a little in amusement and started to undress.