Like candle wax dripping hot against the skin...

his kisses burnt.

And then...

Realization: He'd be leaving in the morning.

He'd be gone, he might not come back, ever.

He might not keep his promise. Keeping promises is outdated,

That was what she'd been told.

But all she'd have to do was whistle, he said he'd come running. Another promise, another sentence dripping from his well formed lips- she wished he would smile, he looked so serious, so sad.

Words: sweet nothings in her ear, he tells her he loves her- but still: no smile.

Explosion: Tears, she can't handle it.

He can't come running,

He can't walk on water,

He's not the miracle man.

But that's not true. He was a miracle.

With an expiry date.

Goodbye, she falls through him, the hot metal ship...

Against her skin itburnt,

Like his kisses.

She said "I love you"

But; it was a moment too late.