Thunders roar above the sky as the rain continues to fall. For hours, the boys was still unconsious as they lay on their places motionlessly. Drops of rain splash on his face. "Wake up..." a voice echoed,the same voice that he heard for the past two days. Opening his eyes,he realize that he is still at street near the grocery store,the same place where he fought Blossom. With the amount of energy he had left,he stood up slowly as his body was aching due to the injuries he received from Blossom. "So that's what happen..." He thought to himself as he touch his neck where Blossom has bite him and drain his blood. "Find your brothers..." the voice echoed. "What?! Your the one who got us into this mess!" he replied to the voice. "Find your brothers..." the voice echoed again. Annoyed,he decides to follow the voice's order so that he can 'shut' it up. Minutes later, he found Butch,who was still unconsious inside the arcade near to several destroyed game machines. "Wake up dude!" Brick said,shaking Butch as he see that his still breathing. "What happen?" Butch ask with a low voice as he open his eyes. Just like his brother,he was injured in the back and there is a wound at the spot where he was hit.

"All I remember was I fought Buttercup and then I was hit at the back. Then she came closer and bite me on the neck!" Butch added. "Your not the only one..." Brick replied as he shows his brother his the bite mark on his neck,surprising Butch. "Now lets find Boomer." Butch nodded and follows Brick to find their youngest brother. They arrived at the park and saw Boomer lying on the ground,unconsious. "Yo Boomer! Wake up!" Butch yell,shaking Boomer. "Huh?" He opens his eyes and feel glad to saw his brothers again. "What happen?" Boomer ask. "Let me see your neck." Brick said. Without hesitation,he let Brick check his neck and surprise to see bite marks on it. "Looks like you got it too." Brick added,showing the bite marks on his neck and so does Butch. "This has gone too far! How we gonna save the girls if we're normal! They have superpowers and we don't!" Brick yelled angrily. "Did you said 'save' the girls?" Butch ask. Butch starts to sweat as he knew that his brothers will call him a sissy if he likes the Powerpuff Girls. "Yeah.I don't know but I got this feeling that there is good inside us since a voice in my dream told me." Brick said with a smile. "What?!? Were the Rowdyruff Boys! We don't save or care about other people except for ourselves unlike the Powderpuff Girls!" Butch yelled angrily. "Yeah!!" Boomer agreed.

"Maybe you should listen to your brother." A voice said. "Who's there??" Brick ask. The boys look in their surroundings to find the sourse of the voice but they didn't see anyone. "Show yourself!" Brick yell,tightening his fist with Boomer and Butch follows. "Relax! I'm not going to fight you!" The voice replied. Suddenly,a pillar of light appears infront of them and a woman in white dress appeared. "Who are you?" Boomer as nervously. "My name is Ronna. You boys must the Rowdyruff Boys I've heard of." She replied. "Yeah! What's it to ya?" Brick ask proudly. "Well I'm the girl thats gonna save your butts!" She yell proudly. "Do you still have the jewels in your pockets?" she ask. The boys look at her with a surprise look as they took out the diamonds from their pockets. "How did you know?" Brick ask.

"My name is Ronna and I'm the guardian of these diamonds which they are called the 'Jewels of Nature'. This jewels contains a powerful energy to its rightful masters." She said. The boys starts to laugh after they listen to what she said except Brick,who was looking at her with a serious face. "Is this true?" Brick ask while looking at his red diamond. Boomer and Butch stop laughing and surprise to what Brick had said. "What are ya doing bro? You can't be serious to believe her! We're the Rowdyruff Boys for crying out loud!" Butch yelled as he tries to talk some senses to his brother. "We born as ruff and die as a ruff. That doesn't mean we can't change our ways!" Brick replied with a serious tone. They turn their attention towards the diamonds,which are glowing very brightly than usual. Three tiny light balls comes out of the jewels and absorb into the boys body's. "What's going on?" Boomer ask. "Its seems the jewels have chose their rightful masters." Ronna replied with a smile. "There's no good in my heart! I'm still bad as ever!" Butch said with a cheesy smile. "Don't try to deny it Butch! The gems will not choose you as its master if there is no goodness in your heart!" she replied. "Yeah Butch!" Boomer said with a cheery tone. Butch replies with a sigh. "Brick,you now have the power of Fire, Boomer,you now have the power of ice and Butch,you now have the power of lightning." Ronna said,clapping her hands.

"WOW!!" the three boys shout excitedly. Suddenly,the day is getting dark. They stared at each other with a confuse look. "But don't be to happy! You still need some training to use it well! But due to the lack of time,we will do it later.Right now stop that vampiress!" she yelled as she points at eclipse. "Destroy her quick before the sun is fully covered or the whole world will be in total darkness forever!" she added. The boys nodded in agreement. "Are you getting shorter Ronna?" Butch ask as they saw Ronna were a bit shorter then before. "Actually your floating right now..." she said,sweatdrops. The boys became more excited as they see themselves floating from the ground. They start to fly around the place until Ronna snap their attention. "Hello? World is at stake here!!" She said with a cheery but somewhat annoyed kind of tone. "Oh right. Sorry! Lets go!" The boys fly and off to find the girls and Valerie. As they fly,they saw three familiar streak of lights from a building."Lets go!" Brick ordered. "Well,well if it isn't the Rowdyruff Boys! Come back for more?" Blossom said. "Yeah and this time your going down!" Brick replied proudly. The girls charge at the boys but they manage to avoid them. Brick's hands glows and its on fire. "Cool! Take this!!" he throw a barrage of fireballs towards Blossom,hitting her at every point of her body. "Ahhhh!!" Blossom scream as she fell to the ground.

Angered, Bubbles and Buttercup charge towards Brick but Boomer and Butch got in their way and attack them. "Oh no you don't!" Butch yelled as he zap Buttercup with his stream of electric current. "Bubble Champagne" Lots of bubbles surrounded Boomer but he counter it with his ice spikes and manage to pop most of them. "I'm icy chill baby!" Boomer yelled as he freeze Bubbles with his power. Frozen,she becomes immobile and unconciuse as she falls to the ground. Boomer manage to catch her before she hits the ground and put her down gently. The girls were covered with bruises and was unconciuse. "I hope we didn't hurt them to bad.." Boomer said. Suddenly, Valerie appeared infront of them with black mists surrounding her. "What happen?!?" She scream as she saw the girls lying on the ground,unconciuse and covered with bruises. "What happen to my slaves?!?" she added. "Slaves?!?" She turn her attention towards the boys as she knows that their the cause of this mess. "What have you done!?" she yell at them,her eyes fill with anger and dark energy surrounding her. "Well we kick their butts!" Butch said.

"You will pay!" Her dark energy grew stronger and her hands start to emit a purplish glow. "Bring it on!" Brick yell. She lifts her hands up in the air creating a swirl of dark energy and bats came out of it. As they charge,Butch zap the bats,killing them all. Valerie was shock as she didn't realise that the boys have powers and have killed her bats with ease. "You boys have powers?!? No matter!" Valerie said. As she about to use another attack,the boys lunge at her and punch her stomach at the same time,cause her to cry in pain. "Whatever you do,you still can't kill me! Only the sun can! But to bad as the sun is gonna be in a permanent eclipse and the world will be in total darkness,forever!!!" she taunt. "Great,now what do we do??" Butch ask. "Vampires are afraid of sunlight but where could we get one if the sun is blocked?" Brick replied. "I got an idea! Ok,listen..." Brick whispered to his brothers and high-five each other. Brick starts collect his energy while Boomer and Butch distracts her. "Hey Valerie I think your hair looks like a grape falavoure lolipop!" Boomer tease. Angered she use her energy ball and throw it at Boomer but it was easily dodged. "Pewwww! You smell worse than a baboon's butt!" Butch tease Valerie,making her angrier. "You ask for it!" She yelled as she release another flock of bats. They surrounded the boys but their were zap again by Butch. "Now!!" Brick yelled as he combine his energy into a ball of light. Boomer and Butch got out of the way as Brick throws the ball of energy towards Valerie. "Huh! To slow!" Valerie said proudly as she jumps away from getting herself from being hit. "Really?" Brick said with a smirk. "I wasn't aiming it at you." He added.

Confuse,she looks at the boys who were covering their eyes. The energy ball hits the ground,releasing a blinding light. "Ahhhhh!!" Valerie cried in pain as her skin starts to burn. Smoke came from her burning skin and her body starts to turn into ashes. After the light is gone,the boys see the remains of what use to be Valerie. The sky becomes bright again as the moon move from the sun. The boys stare at thashes as the wind blew it away. "Mess with the best,burn like the rest!" Boomer said with a happy tone. Both Brick and Butch laugh at Boomer's comical joke. Ronna appeared from the pillar of light and congratulate the boys. "Congratulation boys! You beat her! You didn't just save this city but also the world! You're heroes!" Ronna exclaim excitedly. The boys high-five each other for their victory. "Well it was worth it.But even we're heroes,we're still won't become a goody-goody like the girls!" Brick said. 'Well we see about that!" Ronna replied with a grin. "What should we do now? Back to the alley?" Boomer ask,holding his stomach due to hunger.

"Alley?! No way I'm gonna let you boys go there! Come with me! I'll show you something!" Ronna replied happily. The boys follow her and a few minutes later,they arrive in the forest nearby. "What are we doing here?" Brick ask. They stand infront of a large tree where Ronna mumbles something to it. The front of the tree suddely 'opens' like a door,surprising the boys. "Welcome to your new home!" Ronna said as she neters the tree with the boys follow. "Woah!!!" All three of them exclaim excitedly. The room is large and its fully decorated with items. There are some sofas,a large tv,an Xbox 360 with some video games nearby it,table, and three beds. "Well this your room boys and mind is on other side so if you need anything call me. I made this room just for you three since I heard you live in a filthy alley so I took pity of you guys." She said with a smile but their were tears drip from her eyes. "What's wrong?" Brick ask. "Well,I have no family and I live alone just like you guys. But now,everything has change. Will you stay guys stay with me?" She ask while wiping her tears. The boys hug her like a son would do to a mother. "Yeah!!" the boys shouted excitedly. And so they start to live there from now on,while helping Ronna like a real family.

Meanwhile,the girls woke up and find themselves in the lab. "Where are we?" Momoko ask. "Well we found you girls unconsious on the street where a big battle just takes place!" The professor replied. "A battle??" Kaoru ask,rubbing her head. "Yes there was a battle but there is a little detail from it. Not many people saw and the ones that saw it only saw a blinding light." Ken said. "I see.Professor,what about our conditions?" Momoko ask. "Well for some reason,you're back to normal! Looks like I won't have to make a cure!" The Professor replied. The girls look at each other with a smile and decide to head home.


Well its the end of the fic! Hope you guys like it! What will happen to the boys? Find out in the SEQUEL!