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Chapter One

One evening when Seto was sleeping he had a nightmare where he was walking down a lone road and all of a sudden he heard footsteps following him and as he started to run the footsteps got closer and closer till he was so afraid that who ever was behind him would get him and as he tripped and fell to the ground he felt the breathe of someone on the back of his neck and he screamed. Then the alarm went off and he fell off the bed and hit the floor. He was soaked with sweat and his heart was pounding so hard it felt like he was having a heart attack.

He got up off the floor and went to take a shower hoping that would make him feel alive and then he got dressed and went downstairs and walked to the kitchen where he found his brother Mokuba and he looked as bad as Seto felt and when asked what was wrong Mokuba told his brother "Nothing, just leave me alone!" Then he got up from the table and ran to get his stuff and went to wait outside till Seto was ready and they got into the limo and rode to school.

Seto was worried about his brother but Mokuba wouldn't tell him what was wrong and he didn't want to cause a fight so Seto let it alone hoping that he would come and tell him what was bothering him.

Across town at the Wheeler residence Joey was having a nightmare and he was running to get away from something that was growling and snarling and it wanted to eat him, or so he thought. Joey ran till he couldn't breathe and then he fell to the ground and as he heard whatever was chasing him come closer and closer he screamed and that's when his alarm went off and he tumbled out of bed and hit the floor. He shook his head and his entire body was covered with sweat and he got up and went to take a shower hoping that would help then he got dressed went to the kitchen to get some breakfast and he found his sister sitting at the table and she looked like she hadn't slept much last night and when he asked her about it, Serenity yelled at him "Leave me alone!" and ran to her room. He yelled "Come on or we'll be late for school" and she came running out of her room and they both walked to the bus stop.

At the Motou residence Yugi was having his own nightmare and in it he was being chased by someone who was laughing and calling his name. The faster he ran the more the thing chasing him laughed and then he fell to the ground and started screaming for Yami to come help him, but no one came. Then the alarm went off and he too fell and hit the floor and when he finally got up and sat on the side of the bed Yami came in and he was frightened by something too and then Yami said "Abiou did something weird happen to you while you were sleeping?"

Yugi had to tell someone so he told Yami about his dream and as he listened to what Yugi was saying he realized that their dreams were almost alike and when he told Yugi this they both were really frightened. "What do you think it is about?" Yugi asked him.

Yami the told Yugi "I will go and see Ishizu after you leave for school and tell her what happened to us and maybe she'll have an answer for us." Yugi and Yami went to separate bathrooms and took showers got dressed and then he walked Yugi to the bus stop and when Yugi had gotten on the bus he went to talk to Ishizu.

At the house that both Ryou and Bakura lived both of them were having nightmares too. Ryou's was where he was walking near the Pyramids and someone called to him from inside to follow them. When he walked inside then that's when it really got intense and he tried to turn and run out of there when the door slammed shut and he was trapped inside not knowing what the hell it was that was calling him. As he tried and tried to find another way out of that place he heard the sounds of footsteps getting closer and closer and as he started running away from the sound he felt like he was standing still even though his feet were running. Then all of a sudden arms grabbed Ryou and he started screaming and screaming and the alarm went off and he fell out of bed. The door burst open and there stood Bakura looking like death had come to pay him a visit.

"Ryou, what's wrong?" Bakura asked.

"Kura I had a nightmare about Egypt and I was stuck inside a Pyramid with no way out and someone or something was chasing me." Ryou told him…

Bakura looked like someone had walked across his grave so to speak and Ryou flinched when Bakura jumped at the sound of someone knocking on the front door. "Bakura are you alright?" Ryou asked.

Bakura walked out of his room to see who was at the door only to find Marik and Malik standing there and they both were scared shitless. "Want in the hell is happening to us?" Marik yelled.

Bakura had them come in and then he and Ryou told them about their nightmares and all four of them decided to go see Ishizu and tell her about the dreams and maybe she could come up with a reason why they are having nightmares.

When Yami got to the Museum he found it open but no one was there. He carefully walked down the hall towards Ishizu's Office and when he got there he found her lying on the floor and she was foaming at the mouth. Yami carefully tilted her head to one side so that she wouldn't chock when he heard Malik call out to his sister. Yami yelled "She's in here please call 911 your sister needs medical help."

Malik, Marik, Ryou and Bakura ran toward Ishizu's Office where they found Yami trying to keep her from swallowing her tongue and Ryou picked up the phone and called 911 for medical help. When the Ambulance got there the paramedic said "What the hell is going on, this is the fourth call we've been on and we just got another call. People are getting hurt all over Domino and no one knows why."

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Chapter Two Coming Up...What or who is causing the nightmares????