Chapter Eight

As they started back to Domino, Solomon called Roland and asked him to have one of the best doctors ready to examine Dartz because he wasn't looking very good. Roland told him "I'll have the best waiting when you get there. As the pulled into the Emergency Entrance, the doctor was waiting with three orderlies and they immediately took Dartz to be examined and Valon and Raphael went with them and Solomon went back to the Manor. Valon and Raphael thanked Solomon for all his help and he told them "If it weren't for you two we wouldn't be able to have stopped Arkana, so please keep me updated as to how Dartz is doing."

When Solomon got back to the Manor he walked into the front door and Yugi ran to him and they held each other as their tears ran unchecked down their faces. Yami came out to join them and then soon everyone came out and they all held each other as tears flowed down all their faces. It was really over and now they had to find a way to erase all the effects Arkana caused everyone left.

As they were sitting in the living room talking there was a News Break and the reporter was telling about some poor street people who had been living beneath the streets of Domino and as the camera panned around the area, there was Alister and everyone there gasped as they realized that he was still alive.

Solomon stood up and asked Roland if he could borrow the car one more time and so he and Arthur Hawkins went to the area where they found Alister and he asked where they took the men. The Policeman told him that the men were taken to Domino County Hospital and so that's were Solomon headed.

As they got there, Solomon and Arthur went inside and showed the woman behind the admissions desk a picture of Alister and asked "Where is this man, he is my nephew and I need to get him some medical attention."

The attending physician came out to talk to Solomon and as they talked he said "The man in the picture is in really bad shape and he needs immediate medical attention." Solomon then told the physician that his own physician at Kaiba Corp was waiting to check out his nephew Alister and so the doctor released Alister into Solomon's care and they took Alister to Kaiba Corp. to have the doctors there try to figure out exactly what was wrong with him.

As the physician was examining Alister, Solomon had Valon and Raphael paged and the operator told them to get to Emergency to find Solomon Motou. They ran all the way there and when they got there Solomon told them about how Alister had been found but no one knew the extent of his injuries or how badly Arkana messed with his mind.

Valon couldn't believe that they actually found Alister and he was still alive. Solomon told them "Listen we don't know what damage Arkana did to his mind but the best of the best is in there examining him right now, so all we can to is sit and wait to find out what they can find." So as Valon and Raphael sat down to wait, Solomon called the Manor and told Roland that he and Arthur were going to wait to find out what the doctors find out about Alister."

Roland told Solomon that he would let Yugi know and then he asked Solomon to call and let them know what they find out.

When Shadi and Odeon finally got back from the Shadow Realm they had some news and they hoped that what they found out would help the people who desperately needed the help. As Shadi talked to Ishizu about what they found out she asked "Are you really sure that this is safe enough to try to use one the people?"

Shadi closed his eyes and then he said "I don't really know and we'll never know if we don't at least try and find out. If it works then we can save the minds of the people who have been affected by what that monster did to them, I will talk it over with Roland and Solomon and see if they think we should try, if they don't think it will be worth it then I won't even try, but I pray that it will help and we can bring back the ones that seem lost to us forever."

Ishizu asked Roland "if he could please have someone help Shadi to determine if the information that he acquired from the Shadow Realm could possibly help to heal some if not everyone that had been affected by what Arkana had done."

Roland smiled and told her that he knew only one person who could possibly help Shadi and he went to the phone and called his friend at Kaiba Corp. Mike Webber and asked if he'd talk to Shadi and then Roland went on to tell Mike what it was about and Mike was so excited to talk to Shadi because that was in his line of work, the supernatural and he was the only one could help.

So Shadi along with Odeon they went to Kaiba Corp. to talk to this Mike Webber and just maybe what Shadi had could bring relief to the ones that were affected by what Arkana did.

Well as it worked out, the information was just what they needed and the first two people that they used it on was Alister and Dartz and it worked so then they made enough to be used on everyone that was really bad and so after all the hell that Arkana had done had now been elevated from Domino forever. Everyone was back to normal or as normal as they use to be and they finally were able to put this nightmarish time behind them.

THE END………………….

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