A Question of Fate

Spencer rushed through her dorm room, making sure she had everything she needed for the rest of the day as it was likely she wouldn't make it back until late. She knew if she didn't get a move on it she was going to be late and Aiden hated waiting around. It wasn't as if he didn't have all the time in the world, she thought with a silent laugh. Though she really didn't want to be late, she wanted to get there before Madison. This was one of the biggest assignments she had gotten yet and having to deal with Madison was going to be a headache she didn't really need or want.

The chiming of her phone told her she had a new text message. Grabbing the large white device out of her pocket she glanced down. 17 minutes until she gets here, where are you?

Spencer shook her head in amusement at her friend's message. Aiden always felt the need to write out the whole word and in complete sentences whenever he sent a text message. She tossed her backpack in her car and drove to the corner where she was meeting Aiden. Traffic was light and she found herself pulling up in front of him with 5 minutes to spare. Parking the car on the side of road she jumped out to join the tall dark haired boy.

Aiden was cute in that brooding boy way. He looked to be in his late teens, early 20's with black hair that was in a shaggy wave in the front and piercing green eyes. He was what others would call a total hottie, others being not her because he wasn't her type but they had been friends for years, despite the fact that he was good friends with Madison as well. He had tried over the years to get the two girls to at least be more than civil towards the other but seeing as they both had completely different outlooks on the world, it was next to impossible. They could barely agree on anything and that fact didn't look like it was going to change anytime soon, especially now that they had the same assignment.

"You almost missed the show." Aiden said as he handed her a Mocha Latte, a small smile on his face. He had always liked the blonde girl. She reminded him of the stereotypical girl next door with her fresh good looks, bright blue eyes and the innocent goodness she always projected.

"Thanks, have you seen Madison or Glen?" Spencer asked as the scene around them started growing chaotic with people hurrying along the side walks, rushing from one place to another, ignoring their surroundings and acting self important. One such person was a short brunette girl, her cellphone stuck to her ear as she walked past Aiden and Spencer, not seeing them as she carried on her conversation. She couldn't have been more than 18 or 19 but already had an air about her that she was someone who was important or at least thought she was.

"Madison will probably late as usual and I think I saw Glen down the block a little getting ready. Three minutes left, shall we?" Aiden held out his arm for Spencer to take as they walked down the same sidewalk the petite brunette had just taken.

Half a block later there was a loud honking and screeching of tires as the brunette girl tossed her cellphone down and jumped in front of an oncoming bus, grabbing a small boy out of the way that had wandered into the street while his distracted mother was too busy looking at a display in the store window to notice him. She just missed getting hit by the bus as she fell backwards on the sidewalk, narrowly missing certain death by inches. There was a flash of blonde that also landed on the sidewalk right after her, brushing up against the girl who was on her side as she held the small crying child. It was barely a touch and could have been mistaken for a slight breeze. Only two other people noticed the blonde boy as he somersaulted on the sidewalk landing on his feet a few yards away. Letting go of the little boy and rolling onto her back, the petite girl was just in time to see the air conditioner that fell out of the window 6 stories up before it landed on her head, killing her instantly.

"Did you see that? That was like, at least an 8 on the style scale!" The blonde exclaimed as he walked over to where Aiden and Spencer where standing, watching the chaos that had ensued after the heroic girl had become a mess on the sidewalk.

"I'd give you a 7 at the most, Hot Shot." Aiden grinned. He had to admit Glen was one of the more flasher people he knew. It had been an impressive dive and roll but he'd seen better in his days. In fact, he'd seen Glen do much crazier stunts in the past.

"Um, Glen, as great as it was, you're not quite done yet." Spencer gestured over towards the crowd that had gathered. Standing there, in stunned horror was the petite girl looking down on what was left of herself.

"Oh yeah, right." He grinned sheepishly, rolling his head as he turned around and trotted up next to the very shaken girl.

"Your brother can be a screw up, you know that?" Aiden rolled his eyes as she watched Glen try to explain to the distraught girl what was going on.

"Yeah, but he's fun and usually means well." Spencer watched as Glen patted the girl on the shoulder and started laughing, obviously making one of his lame jokes in an attempt to calm her down. "Though we'd better get over there and help him out, it looks like he could use it." Spencer started to hurry over as the girl was crying even more hysterically than before whatever lame joke Glen had made.

Glen just stood there, not sure what to do, in all his years he'd encountered a lot of people right after they had died. He'd had to deal with just about every type of reaction one could imagine but he still wasn't the best when it came to comforting a bawling girl standing next to her own lifeless body.

"Not yet, Spencer," Aiden gently held her arm, keeping her from going to console the brunette, "you know the rules, no contact until Madison gets here."

"I know but because Madison can't bother to be on time the poor girl has to suffer through Glen's lame jokes?"

"Sorry, Spence, but we don't make the rules…"

"Oh, quit your whining, Suzy Sunshine, I'm here, I was just getting a Double Caramel Low Fat Frappacino from the Starbucks on the corner." Madison said in her infuriatingly condescending tone as she walked up to Aiden and Spencer. The Hispanic girl was quite attractive and many times Spencer wondered if there wasn't something between her and Aiden. A notion the tall boy always laughed off, but still if she wasn't such a bitch Spencer had to admit she would have been interested. She was smart and witty, along with having all the right curves, a great smile when it wasn't curled up in pretentious disgust or a nasty sneer, but it was her dark brown eyes, that could look so innocent one minute and flash with mischievous glee the next that tended to drawn people to her.

"Figures your kind goes there..." Spencer muttered as the Latina wrapped her arm around Aiden's waist, leading him over to Glen, making it a point to ignore Spencer.

"Come on, Aiden, time to meet the new assignment." Madison ordered in a sickly sweet voice. Spencer rolled her eyes at the annoying Latina as she followed behind them.