Summary: My name is Haruno Sakura, I am (un)known as the schools nobody. You'd think that with my pink hair and green eyes I'd stand out...but hey! This is high school-EVERYTHING is upside down. So now that you know me here's a little fact that you might find interesting: I am currently dating Uchiha Sasuke A.K.A The schools heartthrob

Have you ever heard the quote, "What goes around comes around?"

Oh, you have?

Well, let me tell you something; that quote has absolutely NO RELATION, in my life.

The quote, "Nothing is what it seems," however, is related to my life.

My name is Haruno Sakura, I am a seventeen year old senior, and am currently in my high school prom standing next to my boyfriend, Uchiha Sasuke, who has just PROPOSED to me. I know, it's kind of freaky. I mean, who would have thought that the most popular boy in Konoha high would actually fall in love with a nobody like me!?

I sure as hell didn't.

You see, the only reason why Sasuke had even started speaking to me in the first place was for revenge. Apparently, his girlfriend-well, ex-girlfriend-had cheated on him-which is practically a sin, in girl world anyway. I mean, who in the world would be brave enough to cheat on THE Uchiha Sasuke?

You're probably wondering where I fit into all over this.

Simple actually; he needed to get back at Brie-the girl who cheated on him-by dating the schools geekiest girl(Who also happened to be the girl she hated the most), ergo me.

I never really liked the idea in the first place; in fact, I don't even remember why I said yes…but bottom line is that I agreed to the deal and somehow ended up falling for him.

I looked back into his onyx eyes to see if there was any hint of him joking.

There wasn't.

He was dead serious on his proposal.



He cut me off by crashing his lips onto mine; one arm cushioned my neck so I didn't move as his tongue entered my mouth. His free hand seemed to roam up and down my arm, eventually moving it to my back so I was even closer than before-if that was even possible-.

I was lost in my thoughts, so it took me a while to react to the kiss-but when I did, he moved his arm that was on my neck around to my back

After a while we had broken apart, my heart beating as fast as a race car-which usually happened after he kissed me, or even touched me.

Sauske and I stared at each in an awkward silence-my cheeks lighting up red. He reached out his hand; and in a quick-yet gentle-movement, grabbed hold on my chin, keeping it up with his thumb and pointer finger.

"Marry Me." He repeated.

I bit my lip. I dare not look at him in the eyes.

How the hell am I supposed to break up with him now!?

Damn it! Why the hell did my life have to become so complicated!?

Well, I bet you're wondering why I'm planning on breaking up with him. Don't get me wrong! It isn't because I no longer love him anymore, believe me; Hell would freeze over before that'd happen.

I don't really know where or how to begin to tell you the reason why I HAVE to break up with him. For you to even begin to comprehend, you'll have to go back to the time when I was a nobody…when nobody even knew my name.

Back to the time when I believed that love only existed in fairytales.

That's right; I'm taking you back to my first day as a high school senior.