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Chapter four: Secret number one!

Damn that Uchiha.

Damn that deal.

And damn those stalker fans of his!



At last! The last bell of the day! I can finally get away from the human Ice cube.

I stood up from my desk and placed the strap of my bag on my shoulder, I was about to go over to Naruto when I felt something warm grab my hand and, before I realized it, my legs were forced to run at an incredibly high speed.

Looking up for the first time, I was able to guess right away who my captor was…


"Shut up and keep running"






Oh Kami…I can't believe that there are people who actually LIKE this Ice cube of a man. Sasuke and I had to run seven blocks in under three minutes and duck into an alley just to ditch those fan girls of his. Granted, he literally had to carry me after the second block since my legs couldn't handle anymore running at that point.

No wonder why he's been the schools MVP for two years…the boy has got a huge amount of stamina.

I leaned on the brick wall for support as the fan girls ran past us.

"We're safe…"

I looked up at Uchiha who was peering from the side, making sure that the coast was clear. He looked down at me and tilted his head to an opening which led to the city square

"C'mon, I'll take you home"


"Hn?" He asked, looking over his shoulder towards me.

Kami has no idea how much I want to punch this guy.

I marched towards him with a glare on my face

"What do you mean 'Hn?'! Who ever told you that you could walk me home Uchiha-san?"

I could see his perfectly shaped eyebrow slowly rise as he turned so that he was fully facing me.

"You did, when you agreed to play the role as my girlfriend." He said as a matter of factly

Say what!?

Agreeing to become his girlfriend-as much as I hate myself for doing so- Sure! But agreeing with him to go to my house!? Hell no! I remember no such thing!!

I was about to open my mouth to demand an explanation but he beat me to it.

"It is common knowledge for the guy to bring home his girl when they're dating"

I let my mouth hang open, not really caring how stupid I looked at the moment as the words sunk in.

The guy…His girl…dating…home??

I didn't realize how close we were until I felt his warm breath on my face "If so much as a person doubts our 'relationship'…you and I will do more than kiss" His lips were millimeters from mine.

It took me a minute or two before I was able to wrap my mind around the whole thing and react.

"WHAT!? Uc-Mph!"

His hand covered my mouth which prevented me from going on

"Shh!! Do you want them to come back!?"

I just shook my head and he slowly placed his hand down.

"Let's go…I want to get home before dark"

This is bad, I haven't been home for almost two weeks…Kami only knows what that asshole will do to me once Sasuke leaves.

End of flashback

Hold his hand!

No way!

Wrap your arm around his neck!

I'd rather hug my father

Grab his ass!

Alright that's it! One more word out of you and I-




Damn that hurt…I think I just broke my ass or something…

I rubbed my lower back to ease the pain and attempted to get up, only resulting to me hitting the pavement once again.

"You should really pay attention when you're walking" I heard him say

I immediately glared at the Human Ice block at cursed him under my breath.

Why those bimbos lower their IQ even more when they see you is beyond me…

"I WAS paying attention to where I was walking" I muttered as I dusted the back of my pants

And here I thought you had your full attention on me…I feel so neglected…

How many times do I have to tell you to shut it? He doesn't need to know I lied now does he?


Ack! Again with that annoying word!

"Please remember that I am not wearing my glasses Uchiha-san"

I actually have 20-20 vision…but that's just another thing he doesn't need to know about.

"Aa" He leaned closer towards me and I took a few steps back "…Then I suggest you get contacts, like I said before—You look better without them…Sa-ku-ra"

I could feel my face heating up at the touch of his warm breath on my cheeks.

Damn him! Damn him! Damn h-


My eyes widened upon the sound of the familiar voice. Fear washed over my body when I saw my father standing in front of the door way with a very pissed look on his face.

I saw Sasuke stand up straight in a blink of an eye and give a bow

"Good afternoon Haruno-san"

I couldn't tell if this was an act of his or if this was his real personality.

I decided to place those thoughts aside for awhile since the situation in front of me will not end pretty…for me anyway.

I saw my fathers' eyes move from me to Sasuke and his face loosened a bit. My father gave a curt nod before returning his attention to me.

"You have two minutes."

I felt my legs shake uncontrollably and sweat roll down my face and to top it all off…My teeth began to chatter.

I gotta get away from him…if he really is as smart as they say he is, then it won't be long before he figures it out.

"I-I-I s-s-should go…"

Luckily, my legs were cooperative and allowed me to move as normally as I possibly could. I was just about to pass him when he placed his hand on my shoulder.

Oh shit!

Quick! Make something up!


"What's the name of your father?"


I looked up at him just to make sure I had heard correctly.

What kind of question is that!? Are in interested in my father or something!?

"Ha-Haruno I-I-Izumi…"

Either my eyes were playing tricks on me or the fear of my father might just be contagious but…

"See you in school"

…I swear that I saw his eyes widen when I said my father's name.


The house was dark (as usual)when I entered, all lights were closed except for a lone lamp in the corner of the living room and all curtains shut. My father was peeing out of the curtain that showed our front yard when I entered the house. So I assumed he was watching me the whole time.

My breathing became shallow as I closed the door and waited for him to say something. I felt my body ache in pain as I prepared myself for the worst.

"That boy…what is his name?"

"Uchiha S-S-S-Sas-s-suke"

He dropped the portion of the curtain that he was holding-causing the room to get even darker-and looked at me

"How long have you known him?"

"Less than a week?"

In one blink he disappeared from my sight

In one blink I was grabbed by my shirt and raised from the floor

In one blink…I was sent flying into the other side of the room.

I felt the shards of glass from the imported vases that I had landed on dig into my skin and another bruise form on my back. I tried to push myself up from the ground only to end up getting stepped back down on.

I moaned in pain as my dad pressed most of his weight on my back

"Has he asked you anything?!" He demanded as I felt his foot dig deeper into my back.

He grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled me up from the floor, I could feel my eyelids getting heavier and heavier, the images of his angry face, slowly starting to fade.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you bitch!!"

I felt a burning sensation on my right cheek as I was tossed to the ground. I could hear his footsteps grow louder, I had anticipated a kick or two but nothing came.

Normal POV

Sakura lay limp amongst the shards of glass and broken wood, traces of the pink haired girls' blood could be found all over her clothes as well as the varnished floor. She struggled as her body was slowly shutting down, gradually losing the feeling in her arms and legs; try as she might, her eye lids simply grew heavier and heavier until she finally lost consciousness.

Izumi reached into his pocket and pulled out a small pocket knife. He smirked and slowly walked towards his unconscious daughter "I think it's about time you and your mother reu-"

A strong punch on the jaw cut Izumi in mid sentence, he fell back a few steps but the weapon still remained in his hand. His dark green eyes glared at the intruder

"Uchiha…" he hissed

The said boy glared back and went into fighting stance "Haruno. I had a feeling that the name sounded familiar…Her not bearing a mark must've thrown me off" The elder of the two raised an eyebrow "You have no idea what you're getting yourself into brat."

Sasuke smirked and side stepped closer to Sakuras dead like body "My people are on their way as we speak. I hope you enjoy solitary confinement" Izumis eyes widened, he growled in annoyance and charged towards Sasuke with the knife aimed directly at the boys' heart.

Sasuke easily dodged it and grabbed the extended arm with both his hands and threw him to the wall. As Izumi slowly stood up, sirens could be heard not too far away as well as screeching tires of numerous cars. He cursed under his breath and glared at Sasuke "You will pay for this Uchiha. Mark my words; I will get my daughter back" After saying his last warning, Izumi quickly ran towards the back exit of the house.

Sasuke was about to follow but stopped when he heard a small groan of agony.

'Naruto isn't going to like this'

Sakuras POV

"You knew all along, didn't you dobe?"

"Sakura-chan didn't want people to know about it, considering who her father is and all"

Where-where am I?

"So you know what he does then?"


"Knew about it ever since we were kids"


"Does she have a mark?"

A mark?





"How is she?"

"A few broken ribs, left arm broken, a sprain of her right leg and a bunch of other crap I can't remember"

Could've been worse I guess…

"Wh-a-a-at h-h-h-hap-p-en-ed t-t-to h-h-er?"


"N-Na-Naru-" I attempted to say

"Sakura-chan!! You're alive!!"

And before I could even open my eyes to see what was going on…


…Narutos vice like grip encircled my neck, causing my air supply to be cut short.

"Naruto! Get off her!! She's already in a lot much pain without you hugging her to death!" I heard Tenten say as Narutos grip slowly loosened.

"Woops! Sorry about that Sakura-chan…I'm just so happy to see you alive! When Teme called me and told me what happened, I thought I was going to lose my best friend in th-"

When…Teme…Sasuke knows!?


"Speaking of which…what exactly DID happen?" Ino asked, cutting Naruto off.

The whole room fell in an awkward silence.

I attempted to sit up straight, only to have a huge shot of pain on my stomach.

"Sakura-chan! You shouldn't move much!" Naruto scolded as he laid me back down on my bed


I feel like shit.

Really? Cause I feel like a warm spring day!

Go to hell

"Damn, Sakura…what the hell happened to you?" Tenten asked, hovering over me

Okay, think. What could've happened to me that would cover-up all the damages that bastard gave me…

I got ran over by a bus?

A bus would've killed you

A car?

Try again

A shopping cart?

You're an idiot

"She fell down three flights of stairs when we were running away from those deranged girls" I heard a familiar voice say, before I could even think of a coherent and believable explanation.

My eyes looked in front of me to find Sasuke casually leaning on the wall, arms crossed and eyes closed.

I did?

As if he heard me ask the question, Sasukes eyelids flipped open and gave me a stern look, saying, 'Follow my lead and play along'

"I knew it had something to do with those sluts!" Ino hissed, stomping on her foot on the ground. She walked over to my bedside; I saw her eyes cringe for a moment before she placed on a sympathetic smile "How ya feeling?"She asked

"You scared the life out of Naruto you know…Right after Sasuke called him, Naruto went insane!" Tenten said, before I could even open my mouth.

"Yeah…He was running around and around yelling 'Sakura-chan's going to die!! I'm going to lose my best friend!!'" Ino continued, as she attempted to reenact what Naruto had done not too long ago.

I tried to laugh as a mental image of Naruto losing his sanity played in my mind, but a wave on pain crashed down on me.

Damn. I can't even laugh without causing myself pain.

"This is going to put Operation: Put the bitch in her place behind…" Ino said, shaking her head as she looked at everyone else in the room "Since Sakura can barely move on her own…She and Sasuke won't be able to do the normal couple stuff"

A break from hold hands with the Ice cube!? Kami doesn't hate me after all!

"Wait a sec…this may not be as bad as we think…" Tenten said, ten seconds after I started celebrating in my mind.

Aw crap. You have got to be kidding me!

I looked up at Tenten to find her with a very evil looking smirk on her face

Haha! Looks like Kami does hate you!

"You see…If Sakura can't move by herself for at least a few weeks…it means that she'll need someone to take CARE of her twenty four-seven right??" Tenten raised her eyebrows towards Ino, hopping she got what she meant.

Little by little, Inos face lightened up as she squealed in delight, causing everyone to cover their ears at the high pitched tone "It'll be soo cute!! Sasuke feeding her! Taking care of her!"

"Protecting her, taking notes for her!" Tenten continued

"This is going to be soo much fun!!" Ino was now jumping up and down like a hyper active five year old.

What. The. Hell.

"What the hell are you two talking about!?" Naruto finally piped in, taking the words right out of my mouth

"Sasuke being Sakuras nurse!" The two said in union


I don't know if I should be more afraid of them saying the exact same thing at the exact same time…or the fact that The human Ice cube and I will have to spend more time together than we already are.

"HUUHH?? Say that again? Teme's gonna be a what now?" Naruto asked, moving closer to the two.

"Sakuras NURSE!!" Tenten yelled so menacingly that made me want to shudder under the blankets.

And in three…two…one…


And down the floor my blonde friend goes, clutching his stomach, laughing his little ass off.

"Te-te-teme!? In a slutty nurse outfit!? Ahahahaha!! Holy shi- My eyes!! My poor eyes!!"

"What?" Ino asked, looking down at Naruto "What the hell is so funny?"

Alas…When Naruto starts laughing…he STARTS laughing. He's gonna be in that state of mind for awhile.

I heard an annoyed sigh before finally directing my attention back to Ino and Tenten who seem to be in deep conversation. I was about to open my mouth to say something when…

"Ow! Oh for the love of Kami! Damn it Teme!"

"A-ah! N-N-Nar-ruto-kun…A-a-a-re y-y-you alright?" Hinata asked, kneeling down next to Naruto who was now clutching his head in pain.

I looked up at Sasuke who didn't seem to have moved an inch this entire time.

As if Hinata had magical powers, Naruto jumped right back up on his feet, flashed a cocky girn then pointed accusingly at Sasuke "Teme! I swear I'm going to make you pay throwing that book at me!" Naruto threatened.

True to the title I gave him…the Human ice block showed no emotions towards Narutos threat.

"Naruto! Hush up! Ino and I are in the middle of planning!!" Tenten reprimanded as Hinata stood up from the floor with the thrown book in her hands.

"Planning? Planning what?" Naruto asked, getting the book from Hinatas hands and throwing it towards Sasuke who easily dodged it without opening his eyes.

Is that boy for real?

"Sakuras new wardrobe!" Ino and Tenten snapped before my Inner self could utter a word


Did they just say wardrobe?

Ohhh Shopping!! I like!!

Shut up! This is bad! They'll see the scars if they take me shopping!!

"Ward…robe?" Naruto slowly echoed as if they had just said a big word "…What for?"

"Honestly?" Ino turned to me with an apologetic smile "Please don't take this the wrong way Sak, but you really have…horrible taste in clothes…"

Hey! You would too if you had to hide these fucking scars!!

"I-I-it's…fine" I managed to say as my inner self screamed profanities at the top of her lungs

No, it's not fine! Are you just going to stand there and let her insult you like that!?

She is technically true…We DO wear five layers of sweaters every single day.

Ack! I can't believe I'm hearing this from you!!

Just hush up! Besides…it's not like they can take me shopping anyway! I'm in the freaking hospital with broken ribs, arm and a sprained foot! I doubt they'll be able to take me shopping!

"Great!" Ino said, giving Tenten and high five "And since you can't get out of bed for a couple of days…Tenten and I will just buy and pick your clothes for you!"

Say what?

"I'm assuming that you and Tenten have the same body type…so we'll use her as your…manikin, so to speak, till you heal" I watched Tenten as she stuck a pose, grinning from ear to ear.

My eyes grew wide as realization dawned on me…I'm gonna have to wear clothes…that INO picked out.

Ino the fashion princesses.

Ino the girl who NEVER wears skirts below her knees.

Ino the girl who doesn't own a SINGLE pair of jeans…Ino, the girl who doesn't know what a long sleeved shirt looks like.

Holy shit.

Then again…Ino might be able to get you to show of those sexy curves of yours…I mean ours!

"I-I-Ino…I don't think I-I-'m all that comfo-"

"None sense! I won't hear of it! Everyone LOVES my style! Just sit back and relax Sak! I shall take care of everything!"

"Yeah, and besides…Hinata and I are going to be there so we'll make sure that your future wardrobe isn't to…Ino" Tenten said as she gave me a small reassuring smile

"Exactly! They'll be there to make sure…HEY!" Ino sent Tenten death glares while she, in turn, laughed her head off.

"I'm just kidding! I'm just kidding!"

"Yeah, you better be…"

"Anyways, let's get going! The mall closes at 9 and I still have an ass load of assignments due tomorrow" Tenten grabbed Hinata by the wrist and pulled her out of the room "Let's go Hina! Kami only knows what Ino is going to choose for Sakura…I'm going to need all the help I can get!"


"Tenten!!" Ino angrily yelled, she yanked Shikamaru by the collar and dragged him out of the room "Let's go Shika-kun! I'm going to need that brain of yours to compute the discount prices"

"Troublesome woman…use a calculator…" I heard him mutter before they excited the room. My eyes landed on Neji, who was leaning casually against the wall.

"Ne, Nej-"

Before Naruto could even finish his sentence, Neji pushed himself from the wall, quietly exited the room and closed the door behind him.

Wonder where he's going…

His girlfriend and little cousin are going to the mall, filled with hot guys…where the hell do you think he's going?


I turned my head to look at Naruto who-to my surprise-seemed to be in a deep conversation with Sasuke. (Considering the very serious expression on his face)

Shit. This is bad…If Ice block over there found out about my father then I'll be all over the news!

People will start staring at me!

Not like they aren't staring at you already

Those media freaks will follow me everywhere!

You have Sasu-kun to save you!

I hope you die

Once they finally realized I was watching them…


…Naruto completely lost his 'cool' façade.

I immediately cringed at the sound of his I'm-going-to-act-like-a-pain-in-the-ass-older-brother-starting-right-now-tone

How long do you think his sermon's going to last today?

A couple of days? Give or take a few hours…

"Do you have any idea how worried I was!?" Naruto yelled, as he gave me a slight shake by the shoulders (Pain ran through my whole body) "Do you even know how long you were passed out on this sorry excuse of a bed!?"


"Five days! You were out cold for five fucking days!!"

Five days? Damn…I thought it was only a couple of hours…


"And don't even get me started on that pain in the ass! I've already told you thousands of times to report him to the Kami damned police but noooo; you still went on living with that freak!!"

"I'm sorry…" I blurted out

"And anoth--eh?"

Well, the shut him up

I felt Naruto let go of my shoulders and take a few steps back. I looked away from them and faced the door.

"I didn't--I didn't mean to make you worry so much" I felt my eyes fill up with tears. "I was just scared…that…that…" I let the tears roll down my face, unable to continue speaking.


"Crying won't do you any good"

Holy shit, this guy won't give me a break!

"Don't I have the right to wallow in self pity for awhile Uchiha-san?!" I snapped

What the hell does he know about me!?

What right does he have to talk to speak to me that way!?

"You do. But it'll have to wait until AFTER I get my answers" He replied with a straight look


I moved my sprained hand to wipe away the tears on my face and turned to look at them (Or more specifically HIM) with a glare

"I have the right to remain silent." I spat at his arrogant face

"And I have to right to know." He countered

I stared right back at him, hopping that my eyes didn't show any signs of weakness. Silence filled the room, as neither of us made a move to break it.

"Alright, so how's our patient today?"

At the sound of an unfamiliar voice, I turned my head to its direction and saw a woman who seemed to be deeply engrossed on the papers attached on her clipboard; she had long blond hair which was placed in two pigtails and…and…

That woman has HUGE boobs!!

Are they…real?

I bet you she stuffs them with tissue rolls!

Moron! She's not in Junior high!

Fine! She stuffs them with BOXES of tissue!


Our argument was cut short when she spoke once again "Her condition seems stable…she should be awake by now"

I am awake

She's good…

She didn't seem to realize that I was, though, awake I mean…since she kept on flipping back and forth on the papers that (If I'm guessing correctly) contain my health statistics.

She stopped at the foot of the bed then peered up from her clipboard.

"Oh! You are awake!" She said in a surprised manner. She placed the clipboard down on the bed and walked towards me, taking a small flashlight out of her coat pocket

"Can you tell me your name?" she asked as she flashed the light in my eyes "Do you know where you are?" I flinched away from the brightness and attempted to speak "S-Sakura…Hospital" and immediately, the light went away.

"Well…you don't seem to be suffering from any concussions, your vision seems normal, your heartbeat is stable, you have no internal bleeding… Say 'Ah' "


I felt like vomiting when she shoved the over sized popsicle down my throat. She then pointed the small flashlight in my mouth and pressed the popsicle down on my tongue.

Oh dear Kami I am going to puke…any second now you people will see whatever it was you've been feeding me these past few days.

"Okay! Everything looks alright!" she said brightly as she removed the popsicle from my mouth and stood up straight. She took the clipboard and began writing at the speed of light.

"Does that mean Sakura-chan can leave?" I heard Naruto ask with a bit of hope in his voice.

The woman lowered the clipboard and stopped writing, she stared blankly into space for a few seconds before a small smile formed on her lips "Hmm…We just need to run her through a few mandatory tests, but afterwards she can go home!"

She turned her head to look at me with a serious face "Now…I'm going to need the phone number of your father so that he can come and pick you up-He must be worried sick about you! Not hearing from his only daughter in over five days" She shook her head and 'tsked' a few times

From behind her, I saw Naruto make a sick face the moment she mentioned my father

"We tried to phone him using the number we found in your record the last time you were in here-after that horrid incident with that drug addict-but it seems like it's no longer in use…Can you give us his new number?" She held her pen right above a piece of paper, ready to start writing.

I couldn't help but twitch when she mentioned the fake drug addict scenario my dad had made up a few months ago.

How the hell did she know about that anyway? Was she the same doctor who treated me before?

"A-actually…My father is…out of town at the moment" I quickly said after I told her the first eleven digits that popped into my head to serve as my dad's so-called cell number.

"When will he back?"

"Uh…A couple of months I think? He didn't really say…"

"Oh…" She said as she gave off a heavy sigh "Well…I guess we can't release you then…"

"What!? Why not!?" Naruto and I said in union

The woman was slightly taken aback by both our tones but regained her composure after awhile "Since you won't be able to move by yourself for AT LEAST half and month, you'll need someone to give you the right medication at the right time, feed you, help you walk around…basically watch over you" She closed her eyes and shook her head "And since you don't have a parent OR guardian with yo-"

"She'll be staying with me"

Why the hell hasn't he died yet!?

All heads turned to the human ice block

"And you are?" the woman asked

Sasuke looked up at the woman "Her boyfriend"

The woman looked raised her eyebrows and looked at Sasuke then at me, then back at Sasuke "I see. But regardless, without a person over the age of twenty-"

"My parents and brother will be there" he said with a slight glare. The woman didn't seem to have noticed this since her face didn't falter

She pondered on it for a moment before giving a defeated sigh "Well I gu-"

Oh no!

I have got to stop this!! I can't stay under the same roof with this guy for a month and a half!! I'll kill myself!

"A-a-are you sure about this Uchi-Sasuke?" He gave me a warning look, but I merely ignored it "I mean…I could j-just s-stay with Naruto…" I shot Naruto with a hopeful look "Um…Actually Sakura-chan…I'll be alone in the house for awhile…Pervert just called, he told me that he'll be gone a couple of months longer so…" He gave me a sheepish grin

'Would it kill you to lie!?' was what I wanted to say, but instead, I threw him the meanest glare I could muster.

"I-I-I'm sorry…but, do you not want to stay with your boyfriend until your fathers return?" She asked as she raised her eyebrows.

"Actual-" The ice cube cut me off before I could even start speaking

"Of course she does" I heard him say, looking past the doctor and starting right at me "She's just shy. Aren't you." I could tell from his tone that it was a demand, not a question.

The intensity in his eyes scared the crap out of me so I gave a small nod in reply.

"Alright then! Now, I have a few important matters to attend to, and I'll be back in a bit to check up on you" she gave me a small smile and a nod at both Naruto and Sasuke. I attempted to sit up once again, only to be scolded by both her and Naruto.

"You shouldn't push yourself to hard! You just woke up from your coma, so it's mandatory that you stay in bed for a few more days." She reprimanded, pushing me back down. "If you want, we can get you a few more pillows to elevate you head so you can talk to your boyfriend better…" She whispered with a wink as she threw a suggestive glance at Sasuke

I felt my face grow warm from embarrassment, hoping that no one else heard the last part. She gave Naruto and Sasuke a curt nod before heading towards the door. "If you need anything, just tell me and I'll rush right over!"

"Uh…Thanks….um…" I stopped short, remembering that I had no idea what her name was.

"Tsunade" She said, not seeming to be phased by the fact that I didn't even know her name.

The moment she left the room, Naruto turned to me, arms crossed with a very pissed look on his face "So…Drug addict incident huh?" he said, raising her eyebrows.

I gave a nervous laugh and glanced at the cast on my left arm-Luckily, the cast was big enough to hide the scar of the cut.

"Drug addict my ass! That bastard sent you to the hospital before didn't he!?-"

Three quick knocks cut Narutos scolding short.

Looks like Kami decided to give me a break!

Tsunades head popped out from the door way not long after "Before I forget…" She said, looking at Sasuke "What's your name? I'm going to need it for the release forms."

"Uchiha Sasuke" He replied in his monotone voice

I saw Tsunades eyes grow big when she heard the name

Please don't tell me she's a fangirl…

Don't you think she would've jumped Sasuke the moment she saw him, if she was?

Good point.

She pushed the door wider and re-entered the room "Uchiha…As in Uchiha Fugaku?"

Sasuke gave a small shrug as if to say 'know any other famous person with the name Uchiha?'

"Interesting…Well, I guess I don't have to be worried anymore!"

"Eh?" Naruto said in a confused tone

"Truth be told, I wasn't all that happy about Sakura staying under the same roof as her boyfriend for a long time-you know, hormones and all-but since they'll be staying under the watchful eye of the Uchiha manor…I can rest assured that nothing illegal will happen"

This woman…is insane.

She asked Sasuke a few more questions and the left. Once the door closed behind her Naruto resumed yelling at me…




Who knew Naruto had so much air in him?




Yes! Yes! Yes! I know I was wrong already! Do you have to repeat it in every single sentence?




I wonder if it's possible to die due to being continuously yelled at




I wonder who thought of a purple dinosaur.




One potato, two potatoes…




…Seven little eight little nine little Indians…




Mary had a little lamb…little lamb…whose fleas were white as snow




I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts there they are standing in a row!




"Do you understand what I'm saying Sakura-chan?"

"Big ones, small ones…"


"Some as big as your head…"



Oh shit! Was I just singing the coconut song out loud?

I watched Naruto as he ran a hand down his face and gave an exasperated sigh

"Have you been listening to ANYTHING I've said?"


"Of course I have!"


Let's see…He said something about my father being a bastard, him being right that I should've moved out a long time ago and then…Shit. What was after that!?

"Okay then…So what do you say?"

Say about what?

I looked at Naruto to try and search for whatever it was he was asking me and failed miserably.

Okay…Calm down…Just say nice things and smile!

"I think…that…it's a…great idea…?"


Naruto face seemed unsure of my answer

What the hell am I agreeing to anyway?

"Y-y-yeah! O-of course!" I said in the cheeriest voice I could muster

Narutos face lit up and he jumped for joy

"Yes! Thank you so much Sakura-chan!!" He said, bending down to give me a light hug. "I knew you'd understand!"

Understand what? What the hell is he talking about?

I gave off a nervous laugh and nodded "S-sur-re…No problem!"

He beamed down at me "Great! So I'll go and meet up with Hinata and the others at the mall, and Teme will stay here with you till your tests and release forms are done!"


Naruto lifted a bag from the floor and pulled out a few books "I brought your books and stuff so you can do the assignments you missed while waiting for Tsunade to come back! Teme can fill you in on what you've missed!"

Panic filled me when Naruto was two steps away from the door.

I can't be alone with the Human ice block!!

He'll kill me!



And before I knew it…Naruto was gone.


"You weren't listening to him, were you?" I heard him say, his voice as cocky as ever

"Shut up"

I lay my head on the-not so comfortable- pillow and sighed

What the hell did I agree to!?

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I didn't answer...I couldn't answer

'Haruno! Are you alright?!'

The heavy raindrops pelted on the manors roof harder than before. I could hear the thunder boom loudly from the outside, despite the thick walls

'What the hell are you doing under there!?'

I felt a warm hand grab my arm but I refused to move from my spot under the dinner table, clutching my head tighter in between my knees.

I felt my teeth begin to chatter

'Are you...are you...afraid Haruno?'

I could practically hear the smugness in his voice

Damn you Uchiha.