Of Gods, Men and Monsters
Okay this is the beginning of a series of shorts involving SG-1 and Doctor Who. The key part of all this is I'm not involving the Doctor but his enemies. This and a couple of other stories in this section (T.V. crossovers) are all supposed to be in the same... well universe really but they don't actually have any impact on each other. That may change, but not yet.

All characters and monsters from Doctor Who are owned by the BBC (save the Daleks, who I have to use one day, they are co-owned by the estate of Terry Nation)

All Stargate owned by Gecko and MGM, who ever they are.

Strange Conversations

Sam had gone ahead of the rest of the team. She had finished her after-action report ahead of everyone else and Janet still hadn't lifted her order that she wasn't allowed near anything with more technology than her own watch.

So Sam had almost worked herself to death the fourth time that year, it was August. What about all those times she shelved projects for save the world plans? She had to finish them some time. Who else was going to do it, the Colonel?

That thought almost made her shiver in fear. It was was just then that HE sat opposite.

Sam had never seen him before, his high black collar had some sort of silver thread pattern unmatched anywhere in his harsh, almost perfect black, velvet jacket. Long fingers putting down a glass with a shot of whisky motionless inside. Not even his pitch black hair had a single silver defect. The stranger had a soft smile behind his trim, almost perfect, goatee beard.

'Erm... Someone's going to be sitting there.'

'Oh that's okay, I won't be long.' The smile never left his face. 'So you are?' he asked in a clipped English accent and almost smug, gloating, tone.

'Major Carter, US Air Force.' It wasn't the first time someone had tried to pick her up. It was the first time an English man tried it, but that usually scared them off. Even ones as charming as him. Charming? Where the hell did that come from? 'Samantha...' her voice trailed off. Everything else in the bar became muffled, blurry like they were on the other side of a dirty window.

'What do you do in that mountain of yours.' He paused before breathing her name; 'Samantha.'

'We have a Stargate. It's a device we use to travel to other planets. It...'

'Oh I know of it, ridiculous little devices for ignorant savages. However did you primitives learn it's workings?' The glass rocked in his other hand as he waved off her description, amber liquid swirling absently in its bottom. It was fascinating to Sam, much more than that nagging feeling something was wrong.

'I... I made a super computer It was difficult but I was able to build an interface. I'm really quite proud of it.' Sam smiled.

He laughed a slight little laugh, the room became warmer, the shadows more oppressive. 'Very clever my dear,' With his free hand he took one of hers 'Very clever, but what of the Goa'uld?'

'We fight them. It's difficult but we don't bite off more than we can chew. They are mostly fighting each other more than they worry about us.'

'Hum.' He let go of her and stroked his beard. 'And who helps you with this.'

'What?' She asked. Yes that nagging feeling really was annoying.

His look became intent, voice cruel and his eyes burned. 'What allies do you have? What aliens help you against them?'

Sam found herself blinking, almost recoiling back but his unflinching glare held her still. 'We have a few friends, Some jaffa that have rebelled, We just made contact with the Tok'Ra...'

His face softened again eyes twinkling but quite suddenly some part of her mind woke up. She could tell something was happening and as much as she would like to fool herself he was in complete control 'No one else? No other governments know of what you have here? No Doctors?'

'No, its just us. We don't want to panic people.' Her own voice was hollow, slow and distant. Like a rumble of far off thunder.

The bar, so distant and vague just fell away, it was only the two of them in this little alcove. Alone. Sam's mind was fully awake now, but helpless. 'Listen to me carefully Samantha Carter; when I leave you will not remember this little talk we had. When we meet again you will recognise me as an old friend and trust me. Implicitly.'

Her mouth moved, 'I will.' she heard her voice say the words and knew that they might as well be carved onto her very mind in stone for all she could change them.

'Goodbye my dear.' The man left, taking his glass with him. There she sat alone for eternity.

'Carter? Yo Major' The Colonel waved a hand in front of her.

Startled Sam jumped back 'Sir? When did you get here?'

'About two minutes ago. Where were you?'

She had no idea. 'Sorry sir. Must have been lost in thought.'

'Lost is right.' Daniel said, standing next to her. 'What were you thinking about?'

Sliding over she gave her friend room to sit down. 'Don't know, mustn't have been important.' Sam shrugged, shaking the feeling she was being watched for a fraction of a instant.

The Master took a sniff from his glass, an inferior brand. Only a select few were worth the effort, very much like humans themselves. Leaving the untouched drink behind he left the crowed establishment, using his abilities to cloud the minds of those that saw him. So pathetically easy, even the intelligent ones. He cast a glance at his new puppet before sliding out of the building's door.

Ahh well it always paid to know just what was going on, especially on this backwards little planet and a Stargate could be very useful. In the right circumstances. Perhaps a few more visits, just to check up and to keep the pretty young Major under his thumb, as it were.

With that thought the Master allowed himself a chuckle, stepping down a back ally the renegade Time Lord re-entered his TARDIS. The first parts of a plan forming in the back of his mind.

End Strange Conversations

Authors note:-

I wrote this one in the style of Forge 2 's wonderful Master crossovers. Where the Master in various guises makes alliances with all sorts of bad guys from every where you can think of. Have a look for them, they deserve to be read by any good Doctor Who fan. Also, while most of these don't need a time frame I put this early in Stargate Season 3, it felt better there.

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