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Oh My White Butterfly!
By Uchiha Xairylle

Chapter One: Eureka

Ichigo was not a man of many words. He was most probably a man of many curses and insults especially when he was losing his patience like water from a hole in a bucket. No matter how cute Rukia looked in that white dress of hers, that white and fluffy bunny ears on her head as she clutched on to a Chappy the Bunny stuffed toy half the size of her body, he was still nowhere close to convincing himself that this is the way the responsible boyfriend treats his girlfriend out. Why? Because, according to his rule book (made by him and for him), he was still sane enough not to wear white and fluffy bunny ears… which he was wearing now! Rukia had insisted on him wearing it because she had one and she had been chirping how cute he looked like, calling him "Pweachigo" or "Berry Bunny" or "Chibichigo" or "Chibichibunny". No matter how cute those names might sound to her, it all sounded the same to him: "Giant Blockhead". He did not know by what means he had allowed her to place the frustratingly "adorable" thing on his head but whatever. He now had a pair of white rabbit ears sticking out and bouncing on his already attention-grabbing orange head.

Rukia was now trying on two fluffy white bedroom slippers with bunny ears. He had to stop himself from rolling his eyes away. She stood with a grin as she looked down on her feet, admiring its appeal. Her eyes shifted to Ichigo and he knew she would only remove those things if he would tell her he'd buy them. But, no, this time, he wasn't.

Rukia was still grinning.

Ichigo shook his head firmly.

She pouted.

He shook his head again. It was hard doing it this time.

She sniffed and looked at him with those puppy-dog eyes and puffed cheeks as she squeezed her Chappy the Bunny stuff toy to herself.

"Fine." Ichigo finally sighed, burying his hands in his pockets as he walked towards her. Her face immediately changed expression and she took the bedroom slippers off before slowly slipping her little feet back into her sandals. Rukia had probably seen something again, as she was pointing at something as she gestured for him to come. Ichigo sighed again and walked towards her. He sent a glare to a saleslady who was eyeing the bunny band on his head.

"It doesn't look so bad on you, sir."

He was not in the mood for flatteries.

For as long as he had the stupid bunny ears on his head, he never will.

Rukia was now walking towards him and dragging a pink blanket behind her. The thing was twice her size as she clutched on to the material that hung over like a cape on her shoulders. He did not have to look. He was sure it had bunny imprints on it. Lots and lots of it! For crying out loud…! One day, he was either going to be traumatized by hares for life or he was going out there with full determination to rid the world of this bunny thing.

"Look!" She squealed now, holding up the blanket in front of him. It was pink all right but the "lots of bunny imprints" were not there because what was there was a giant Chappy the bunny design right in the middle that was smiling at him.

Holy shit!

"It's too large for your clo—room." Ichigo said, looking away from the large design before it posed to give him future nightmares. The large cloth lowered and unveiled Rukia's head as she looked at the blanket and eyed it thoroughly.

"You think so?" Rukia blinked, stretching out the cloth as far as her arm could.
"Why did your closet have to be so small?" she pouted as she folded the blanket.
"Because last time I checked, closets weren't meant to be slept in let alone slept in with a blanket imprinted with a giant horrifying bunny!"

"What did you call Chappy!" Rukia glared and walloped Ichigo with the blanket she had folded. Ichigo's head threw towards one of the shelf with a loud thud as Rukia pouted, waiting for him to recover so she could force him to apologize.

"What did you hit me for!" He held up his hands, holding back from strangling her in the middle of the aisle where they were standing.

"People like you with no sense of taste should be punished!" she pointed a slender finger at his nose as she threatened to hit him with the thick blanket again, "Chappy is not horrifying!"

"Well, it is horribly disturbing!" Ichigo shot back and grabbed the blanket from her arm before she could resort to eventually killing him with it. She was going to say something when he immediately grabbed her by the elbow and dragged her towards the counter. He was not going through this any longer!

"Ichigo, look, a Chappy the Bunny hat! And tissue!"

Ichigo could feel her hand reach for something but he did not look. Whatever it was, if it had anything to do with a Chappy, a bunny or both, he had no interest whatsoever in exerting any effort for it.

"Ichigo!" Rukia squealed in beg and he could feel her feet trying to stop their movement but Ichigo dragged on. He was not losing any of his sanity, dignity, manhood or weekly allowance for a dumb-ass little rabbit whose face was to be repeatedly printed on something you'd wipe your ass with.

"For the love of god, Rukia, tomorrow is not yet the end of the world!" Ichigo firmly put her beside him as he heavily placed the items on the counter. Sensing that Rukia was opting to make a jump or run towards either the rabbit-inspired hat or tissue, his firm arm quickly grabbed her by the waist to make sure she stayed put. Rukia groaned, trying to free herself as grumbled at her.

"Sir, are you taking those, too?" the lady pointed to the bunny ears that were both on their heads.
"Yes!" Rukia piped.
"Both of them?"

"Yes, so if you have mercy, would you hurry up? PLEASE." Ichigo replied, laying out his money on the counter to pay for everything he had bought for the ungrateful midget he was holding. She was no longer trying to break free from him but she was still pouting, her arms crossed as he had unconsciously lifted her and her feet were no longer touching the ground. As soon as the things were in a paper bag, Ichigo proceeded to march out of the store carrying the bits and pieces in one hand and Rukia in the other. The door opened automatically and as soon as Ichigo felt ground outside of the store, he immediately snatched off the bunny ears from his head.

Ichigo then realized it was already dark. It was freaking 7:00 PM.

"You think Byakuya's in my room already?" Ichigo asked as he looked around.
"Maybe." Rukia murmured, bumping her nose against the white fluffy rabbit. Ichigo raised an eyebrow at her.
"Stop that." He grumbled, "You're making me feel weird."

An oblivious Rukia blinked at him and Ichigo continued to stare. And that moment, many images went past his head — from her moonlit entry in his room and his life to her captivity and to their first night together. Ichigo smiled slightly. She continued to blink and was about to comment about the weird face Ichigo was wearing when his expression changed. It was then that Ichigo noticed a white butterfly still resting at the tip of Rukia's ear.

"What is that?" Ichigo pointed and Rukia's eyes moved.

"What's what?" she asked as her hand came to scratch her ear. The disturbed butterfly hovered above her ear and settled on her hand. Rukia gasped and brought her fingers before her face as she eyed the small insect settling its wings.

"Is that from Soul Society?"
"I don't think so. I don't know anything about white butterflies." She said thoughtfully.
"How long has it been there?"
"I didn't know it was there until you told me." The butterfly flew again and landed on Rukia's right ear.

"It seems to like your ear." Ichigo pointed, "Meh. It'll probably go away later. Come on, let's go home. Byaku-brat's probably getting suspicious that I might tarnish you or something."

Suspicious? Not right now. Why?

Simply because Kuchiki Byakuya and Uesugi Kyoichi had a good scolding from Captain Commander Yamamoto Genryuusai! Fortunately, both of them were able to talk their asses and their clans out of the mess from the tournament they both decided on. After all, an Arrancar and a Vaizard was not really attractive and praise-worthy. It was something and Aizen-ish and in the vocabulary of all that was Seireitei and not Hinamori Momo, Aizen Sousuke was synonymous to the "wretched-traitor-who-ran-to-Hueco-Mundo-to-become-king-of-the-Hollows-Harharhar" word. Yup, that was it.

Besides, that cane on the head and the tweak to the ear was not really very interesting at all. True, the old man did it when there were no other people but, damn it, they were not those running little kids anymore. They were wearing kenseikan, for crying out loud! The old man did this to every noble who turned out to be his nephews for some reason. Not actually blood related but by some twist of fate, this cane-donning old man became uncle or grandparent or guardian or something in the likes of that.

Byakuya was now walking, preparing to go back to the human world to keep his eye on Kurosaki Ichigo. Perhaps he could vent his anger there. Throw a tantrum or something. The last time he threw a tantrum on purpose was more than a hundred years ago… or so.

"Taichou, let me come with you."

Here we go again.

"Stop talking. I'm not in the mood." Byakuya replied with the sound of Renji's footsteps in background.
"But, Taichou…"

"What part of 'Stop talking' do you not understand?" Byakuya said again, his voice even deeper as he turned right to a corner only to nearly bump into 4th Squad Division's Lieutenant Isane Kotetsu. The lady gasped and backed, bowing upon realizing that it was Byakuya she had ran into. The 6th Squad Captain did not say anything but nodded. Isane bowed to Renji who bowed back.

"Taichou, let me come with you. Please." Renji again.

No. He was not taking Renji along even if he threw his body on the ground and kicked around and wailed like a five year-old kid deprived of a night lamp! Renji was staying here and he was going to do the job of a Vice-Captain, which, in this situation, was to take over the Captain since the Captain was not available. Byakuya refused to answer and started to walk away.

"Ano, Kuchiki-taichou…" Isane's voice called after him. Byakuya stopped but did not look.

Don't tell me she wants to go down there, too?

"Unohana-taichou ordered me to find you and deliver you a message personally." Isane began.
"Can't that wait? Taichou's busy." Renji cut in.

"No, Renji. You're busy." Byakuya turned to face Isane, "Renji, I saw three stacks of paper in the office and I want them done. Am I clear on that?"

Renji released an exasperated groan.

"Am I clear on that?" Byakuya repeated.
"Hai, Kuchiki-taichou."

Byakuya nodded and waved. Renji bowed and left with heavy shoulders and killing intent.

Whenhe gets a chance to go to the human world, he wouldn't take Byakuya with him even if he begged for it…

The problem was that wasn't close to happening.

And Renji, with a pout, stomped into the next room and closed the door.

Great, brood all you want, Renji. I'm still not taking you down there.

Byakuya already had one Kurosaki Ichigo to keep an eye on, a Kuchiki Rukia to baby sit and the rest of Karakura women to watch out for and the last thing he needed was a frilly-dressed anything with striking red hair beside him.

"What is it, Isane?"
"Well, we have detected the release of a Shiro Chou." Isane began.

A white butterfly?

"What about it?"

Isane's gaze was shifting left and right. Byakuya felt something not right was coming his way.

Hold it.

"Where is it headed?" Byakuya asked.
"It's already reached its destination, sir."


"And where is it now?" Byakuya asked but did not think he wanted to hear the answer.

"In the human world."
"With who?"

Byakuya was aggravating himself with his own questions. He partly knew the answer to his question because he was not dumb. After all, the Fourth Squad did not have to report the Shiro Chou's whatever's to either the Kuchiki Clan or the 6th Squad.


Oh, please say another name.

Don't say…

"—Rukia, sir."


Byakuya bellowed consecutively with Renji who literally tore through the door's washi paper. Isane backed at the outburst, clutching her hands to her self as the clan leader and brother of said young lady flared in front of her. Renji stood not so far away from Byakuya, the frames of the door still hanging on his shoulders and arms as he huffed. Byaukuya could ask her who the father was but, screw that. He knew already who the culprit was.

He was Kuchiki Byakuya, damn it, and the brat sneaked in on his sister without him knowing it!

There will be hell to pay!

"Rukia… Rukia's…" Renji stammered, half-shocked and half-something else.

Byakuya could not hear whatever it was that Renji was going to say since his mind was busily feeding him negative information. It was either he had no more conscience or his conscience had been fueled by anger and learned hate. Whichever it was, Byakuya did not care at all. Although his inner self had already plotted down a thousand and one ways to kill Kurosaki Ichigo using a sword and a thousand and one more using a stick, they all meant the same thing to him.

Kurosaki Ichigo's going to get it.

And it meant "painful as hell".

"... And this is why I told you to tell me what was going on down there!" Renji was saying now as he did angry stomps and other gestures that just annoyed the hell out of Byakuya even more.

Byakuya glared at Renji but the red-haired lieutenant failed to notice and continued to rant on about how Kuchiki-taichou should've done this but chose to do that instead.

He had to release at least some anger now.

With a quick move, Byakuya's sheath hit the back of Renji's head and the fukutaichou fell forward and landed hard. He did not know which hit the floor first but it was either his chest or his face. Whatever. He was still skidding and he had tumbled off the elevated floor. A random chunk of rock by the pond stopped his movement. Renji spared a look at his Captain who was now red to his ears.

Wow, Kuchiki-Taichou was mad as hell.

"ABARAI RENJI!" Byakuya roared and Renji didn't know how but he was able to get up on his two feet in one sudden movement, "What the hell do you think you're still doing standing there like a stupid duck!"

"E-excuse me, Captain?"
"Shut up and go open our squad's portal!"
"P-portal?" Renji blinked, "T-to…"

"Where do you think? To Hueco Mundo?" an overly angry Byakuya threatened to unsheath his sword, "To the human world!"

"H-hai, taichou!"

Renji ran to the right.

"Where are you going, you idiot!" Byakuya again.

Oh, right, the other way. Renji turned back and fled in flash steps towards the 6th Squad's portal to the human world. Byakuya disappeared in one shunpo and Isane gasped, still flabbergasted from the exchange that had just occurred as she sank to her knees in shock.

The next time Unohana-taichou sends her on an errand that might make Kuchiki-taichou angry, she was going to lie down and play dead if she had to than die from Kuchiki-taichou's reiatsu.

That Kurosaki Ichigo was so done for.

Isane shook her head.

- End of Chapter 1 -

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