Oh My White Butterfly!
By Uchiha Xairylle

Chapter Twenty-Five : Around 266 Days Later – The Epilogue

Urahara had broken into tears of joy upon finding out that his gigai hadindeed been able to conceive. Byakuya refused to let things be. He was not going to let his sister be put to shame by the situation. Her sister was conceiving a child from a man she was not married to! Well, at least not in Ichigo's world. The protective older brother insisted that memories be altered and he tricked Mayuri into squeezing memories and other things into Karakura citizens' heads by telling him about Urahara's wonderful and astounding invention of the gigai that was able to conceive. The 12th Division Captain refused to be beaten and inserted a timeline of events in Karakura town's citizens' minds.

Ichigo and Rukia now had a history and even had wedding photos and wedding rings and even a legitimate (ironic because it was actually made up from another world) marriage certificate! Ichigo was convinced that Byakuya had lost it while Mayuri was convinced that he was the best scientist to ever walk the grounds of Soul Society. Byakuya got what he wanted so in the end, everyone was happy.

Renji insisted that Ichigo be a man and live on his own. He should get a house for his own family and so on and so forth. Ichigo was willing but his father was also willing to cling to his leg for as long as he should just to convince his son not to leave the house. He bought Ichigo a large bed so that Rukia had some space beside him. Rukia felt pretty weird leaving the closet but it was better this way since they were now a legitimate couple! Besides, Ichigo still had school to attend and it would be absurd for him to just stop.

On another note, Ichigo had sent himself on a journey of "the father shall, will and must protect his family". His father was so happy with the announcement of having a grandchild and for the first time, he and his son had agreed on something — they were going to rearrange the house. Why? Ichigo was not risking losing his human son if Rukia got tripped over something, bumped against something, got hit by something or got fallen over by something. The orange-haired boy checked the stairs and complained that there were too many steps on it.

Hell broke lose when Yumichika then said that if Rukia looked at anything ugly while conceiving the child then chances are, their baby would be ugly. It was a weird superstition but Ichigo did not look like he wanted to take chances. He would not let her look at anything ugly and thankfully for everyone, the syndrome only lasted for two weeks. Actually, that was thanks to Rukia who refused to eat anything after being deprived of her beloved Chappy because Ichigo claimed that the rabbit might have some effect on his son. The girl locked herself up in Ichigo's closet and refused to come out unless Ichigo offered her with something Chappy-ish.

Rukia was brought to the doctor twice every month. Isshin did not want to check up his own daughter-in-law since he might end up being too excited and eventually mess up the findings. And the doctor of choice? Who else but Ishida Ryuken?

To Karin, her brother was insane. To Ichigo, he was just being cautious. To Rukia, she could care less for as long as she had her strawberries.

Three young men had tried courting Rukia while she was around two months pregnant and all three of them went home with one of their limbs broken and Ichigo's swearing echoing in their heads even while sleeping.

Ichigo brought Rukia to the hospital and had her confined three weeks before she was due. Rukia thought it was ludicrous but Ichigo insisted that it was very reasonable because he was not spending his entire day in school worrying if his wife was about to give birth yet or what. After having been seconded by Isshin, Karin doubted it was any good.

"And so, we cancel 3 and 3 and 2 and 2 and you are left with x being equated to y, satisfying the condition so therefore…"

Ichigo groaned inwardly as he paid attention to his notebook and then the blackboard and then the notebook. Time was slugging like hell and no matter how many times he told himself, he still could not help but look at his watch. Ichigo yawned and wiped off the tears of his boredom. He could hear the substitute calculus teacher rattle off and add up the whole of the alphabet. Keigo had fallen asleep. Tatsuki was looking longingly at the door and Inoue was looking at the wall clock as she waited for lunch break. Number one student Ishida was looking attentively at the board and yet somehow, he was still slouched forward.

In summation, the day was boring as hell.

Rukia was lucky to be able to sit in her hospital suite as she munched on her strawberries. Ichigo was afraid she'd grow fat and she did chubby up a little but not even half or a fourth of what he had feared. Ichigo now held his hands down for this gigai's creation and creator.

Thank you, Urahara.

"So now we are provided with the derivative of…"

"EXCUSE ME!" a loud female voice interrupted the bearded professor who raised his eyebrows at her while holding his glasses up as he eyed her. The girl huffed as she held onto the door post, probably exhausted from all the running she apparently did. Ichigo was not interested and he engaged himself with understanding whatever it was on the board.

"What is it?" the male professor asked.
"Is this…" the girl straightened as she put a hand on her heaving chest, "… Kurosaki Ichigo's class?"

The professor, being a substitute, looked at the class for an answer. All heads turned towards the orange-haired boy who was now lazily raising his hand. The professor cleared his throat and looked at the girl standing at the door before saying, "So he is. What about it?"

"Well, he's…" she began.
"Is this urgent?"
"Get on with it, then."

"Well, his sister called and said his wife was giving birth."


Two announcements in one instant!

"WHAT!" Ichigo kicked off from his seat so vigorously that his chair and table fell on the floor. The orange-haired boy ran out of the room even while the teacher was saying something and had even unceremoniously shoved the girl at the door to clear the way. Ishida, Inoue and Chad sped out after him and the substitute teacher gasped before shouting after them, "Where are you three going!"

"I have diarrhea!" Chad replied.
"He needs moral support!" Inoue pointed at Chad.
"Ichigo has no sense of direction!" Ishida replied.

Not one of the three students even cared to look back.

And, yes, Ishida was now calling Ichigo by name.


The Shinigami Representative badge kept on going off as Ichigo ran. Ichigo's current interest in Hollows was on par with his interest in peeling potatoes.

"Ichigo…!" Ishida called but the boy did not look back.
"Sorry to ask you this, Uryuu, but would you take care of the Hollow for me?" Ichigo said as they ran off.
"I was going to tell you that, idiot." Ishida replied and yes, Ichigo was now calling Ishida by name as well.
"Okay, thanks!" Ichigo looked back with a grin.

Ichigo would've used the Shinigami Badge and Shunpo away but he had to reach the hospital as a human. He could hear his heart beating rapidly and a lot of thoughts seeped in through his head. It was a long way from Karakura High School to Karakura General Hospital and Ichigo's mind was not in the mood to estimate the time it would take for him to get there. He was more occupied with random questions in his head.

What would the cry sound like? Would he actually have a son? Would his son look like the Ken'ichi he had seen? What if it turned out to be a daughter? What would he name his daughter? Was the Hollow after his child? How would it feel to hold his baby for the first time? What if the baby cried when he held it? Was Rukia all right? Would his wife and child be all right?

Ichigo's adrenaline was bursting like hell and he could've sworn that the soles of his shoes were now going to burn from all the friction. And if hadn't known better, he'd say he was doing shunpo.

Mental note: Buy a bicycle.

As if on cue to his thoughts, a bicycle shop came into his view.

Buy a bicycle now?

Ichigo pulled out the cash he had.

Thank you, Byakuya, erm, I mean, Niisama.

Yes, now.

"EXCUSE ME, I WANT A BICYCLE PLEASE!" Ichigo yelled as he ran in stationary as the old man came out. Ichigo could feel his body twitch with anticipation as the old man slugged out of the shop.

"What do you—"
"Anything that's fast and that fits my height." Ichigo replied.
"What col—"

"Anything that's fast and that fits my height, sir." Ichigo was half-grunting as he spoke and small man lifted his glasses to eye him. The old man looked at his orange hair and blinked thrice (which felt like forever) before moving down towards his still moving feet and legs and blinked thrice again (and also felt like forever). The small old man cleared his throat before pointing at a yellow bicycle to his right. Ichigo sighed in relief, took the man's hand and put the money in it. He could care less about getting the change. With his strong arms, Ichigo lifted the bicycle and immediately hopped on it.

Did he look like a moron on a yellow bicycle?


After thanking the old man, Ichigo sped off like a bullet. He could feel the wind against his hair and face as he pedaled like hell. The bicycle chair was rendered useless as Ichigo leaned forward, pushing his body towards his direction and his legs were on a storm towards the hospital.

His legs were probably going to ache weirdly after this but…


Ichigo could hear his heavy breath and even the beating of his heart. His mind was shouting various thoughts and words that he could not even tell one from the other. By the time he saw the hospital signage, he was wishing that the bicycle would miraculously fly.

Shunpo-abled bicycle? Not bad!

A good distance before the hospital door, Ichigo leapt off the bike. He had not bothered pressing on the breaks. He was too excited to stop. As soon as his feet hit the ground, Ichigo lifted the bicycle and ran into the hospital. Ichigo earned gasps and wide eyes and shrieks from people seeing him run while carrying a yellow bicycle with still spinning wheels.

Ishida Ryuken was going to kill him for causing a ruckus in his hospital.


If Ishida Ryuken was indeed the father of Ishida Uryuu then he would perfectly understand Ichigo's feelings. Ichigo, making sure he was going to put his strong long legs to use, leaped up the steps on the stairs.

Third floor. Finally!

The bicycle would've felt heavy by now but Ichigo could not care as he ran towards Rukia's hospital suite. It was at this point that Ichigo put the bicycle to one side and his heart rapped even madder when his hand grabbed the knob. He gasped and looked up at the label on the door to make sure he was going into the right room.

Kurosaki Rukia

Right room.

"Okay, Ichigo…" he told himself with each large draw of breath, "Calm down. Calm down. You are not going to freak out… You are not going to show them how excited you are."

He closed his eyes and with a firm "resolve", he opened the door.

He saw the leather couch and the television that was hanging on the wall. Ichigo could see the curtains flowing in the soft breeze that came from the open window. There were other people in the spacious room but the only person Ichigo saw was his wife holding a baby in her arms.


"KEN'ICHI!" Ichigo exclaimed and shot like a bullet towards Rukia and his baby. So much for "resolve". Ichigo looked like a five year-old kid who saw his mother after waiting for two hours in school.

"Not so loud, damn you!" Rukia frowned.

Ichigo could feel his insides twist in excitement as he slowly took a peek at his baby's face. Its small body was wrapped in a blue and white fabric and Ichigo smiled.

It was wearing a baby tag on its wrist.

Baby Boy Kurosaki.

It was a boy, then.

His son's small eyes and small hands were closed as he breathed softly from his little nose and his mouth was slightly open. He had pinkish skin and rosy little cheeks as he made soft baby sounds.

Time had stopped but Ichigo did not dare to touch the baby… yet. He was afraid he'd drop him or squeeze him or hurt him.

"What took you so long?" Ishida asked. Ichigo looked up. It was only then that he realized that Ishida, Inoue and Chad were there. His father, his sisters and even Ishida Ryuken were there. For crying out loud, even Urahara was there!

"How did you get here before me?" Ichigo raised an eyebrow.
"We took a cab." Chad replied flatly.

Ichigo felt like a large metals worth of the word "moron" fell atop his head but he did not say anything. He was to happy to see his son to care about anything regarding him.

"I'm a grandfather…!" Isshin sobbed as he rubbed his cheek against a picture frame with Masaki's picture in it, "You see that, Masaki? That's our little grandson!"

"What are you going to name him, Oniichan?" Yuzu asked.
"His name is Ken'ichi." Ichigo said and looked at Rukia for approval and the woman nodded.

Ishida Ryuken then ushered out Isshin to talk about the bills and his two daughters filed out since they both had school to return to.

"Don't you want to carry him, Ichigo?" Rukia asked. Ichigo gulped. Well, he will have to carry his son eventually. But before that, he had to wash his hands. Ichigo ran to the bathroom and began to "wage war against germs". He had lost count with how many times he rubbed soap against his skin so it took a while before he was rinsed completely. After making sure that his hands were dry, he sighed and went out.

"What took you so long?" Rukia raised an eyebrow.

"I had to clean my hands." Ichigo stretched his arms and Rukia slowly handed the baby. After making sure he wouldn't drop their baby, Rukia withdrew her arms. She smiled as she watched Ichigo's changing expression. He was awed and happy and excited and… Wait, he was blushing.

"Aww…" Ichigo turned around so that his back was facing the rest of the room, "Isn't that my wonderful baby boy? Mm? Yep, you're going to grow up as strong as your father and I'm going to teach you a lot of manly things so that you won't be a pushover, yes? Yes? Yes. And you're going to kick Uryuu's son's ass."

"Hey!" Ishida exclaimed and Urahara laughed under his fan.
"Sorry. I got carried away." Ichigo shrugged as he continued to rock the quiet child in his arms, "And don't you ever grow up like your snobby uncle…"
"Don't ever grow up like your manner-lacking father."

Ichigo's eye twitched and he slowly turned. A man with long black hair and kenseikan entered wearing smart casual attire. Behind him was a red-haired man who was wearing…

"Renji, those are my clothes!" Ichigo wanted to point but he was holding his son.

"I know. My taichou forced your hideous fashion on me." Renji pouted as he crossed his arms across his chest. Ichigo's eye twitched? Who had hideous fashion? If Renji defined fashion as "walking around looking like a paint ball war victim" then Ichigo was glad he was out of fashion.

And why the hell did Byakuya have to let his fukutaichou raid another person's closet?

"I'm not walking around with a jester." Byakuya walked towards Ichigo and looked at the child in his arms. Byakuya looked at Ichigo who looked at Rukia and she nodded. Ichigo then passed his Ken'ichi to his uncle and he wanted to grown upon the wonderful feeling that left his arms.

"Hello!" a woman's cheerful voice came in from the door.

Yet another visitor.

Correction: Visitors.

Rangiku Matsumoto stepped in along with the rest of the Shinigami Women's Association with the exception of Soi Fon and Yachiru after her. Ichigo's eyes widened upon seeing Toushiro Hitsugaya with them.

"Oh, it's the widdle baby!" Matsumoto squealed and trotted towards Rukia. Hinamori giggled and hurried after the older woman. The other women followed suit and exchanged giggles with each other and Rukia as they eyed the child in her arms. Hitsugaya smirked, digging his pockets as he slowly strode towards Ichigo.

"What're you doing here?" Ichigo blinked.
"The girls were only allowed to leave with a Captain." Hitsugaya pouted as he fixed his collar, "Soi Fon-taichou was unavailable and so was Unohana-taichou. We couldn't count on Zaraki-taichou and Nanao seriously did not want to take her Captain along."
"So Matsumoto-san stuffed you in a gigai?" Renji blinked at Hitsugaya who just looked at him and shrugged.

"Araaaaaaa, so this is where it's from!" said a small voice from the window. Everyone looked and saw a pink-haired little girl on a dress sitting on the window as she blinked.

"Yachiru-fukutaichou…!" Urahara waved with his fan, "Nice to see you!"

"Hello, Stripey Hat Man!" Yachiru waved as she playfully hopped down from the window and her little feet skipped towards the hospital bed. She blinked as she looked at the infant.

"Araaaa, this is Berry Boy's baby?" Yachiru climbed up on the bed.
"Yes." Ichigo said and Yachiru blinked again.

"Congratulations! Your baby has a pink spirit thread!" Yachiru giggled at Rukia

There was a loud "WHAT!" across the room and bodies stood up and eyes widened. Rukia's mouth was open but she could not shout and she began to rock her child as soon as it cried from the outburst.

"Are you—" Inoue began.
"Ahahaha! Yachiru is just joking!" Yachiru smiled, "Berry Boy's baby's spirit thread…"

Yachiru lifted a silky spirit thread in her hand and everyone blinked. Urahara dropped his fan. Ishida's mouth was open.

"It's…" Urahara removed his hat as he looked closer.

"It's red." Rukia's eyes were wide as the baby hushed from crying.

"Ichigo!" Rukia exclaimed and turned to her husband, "Ichigo, Ken'ichi's… Ichigo?"

The spot where the orange-haired boy had been wasn't there. At least not if you looked on level with his height!


Because Ichigo was sprawled on the floor.

"The bastard fainted." Byakuya said lowly.

Pink was god damn scary!

- End of Chapter 25 -

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