Dream about a nightmare

"Who are you?" he gasps as I pushed the 27th and final needle into his body. "Why are you helping him?"

'That question', I thought as he clung to me like I was life it self, I lowered him to the ground. 'Why do they always ask me that question in their last moments of life?'

"I am Hannah," I say slowly as he coughs up blood. "I come from 2007 and I've been helping him since 1986. And I do it, 'cause he's awesome." For some reason I can never seem to stop my self from grinning when I tell them this. It's probably the confused look in their faces that does it. His grip loosening and his eyes rolling to look into the back of his skull his head falls limply to the side. I push him away from me and stand up; His steps can be heard, echoing trough out the power-plant.

"If it wasn't for the fact that ye been here for so long and I know ya inside and out, I would have to say that you've gone soft bitch." I can hear the mocking tone in his voice and I just know he's sneering at me.

"That's so sweet, bastard." As I wipe some blood (and god knows what) of my hands I turn to face him and I see that I was right. My head tilting slightly to the right I grin so big that my eyes close before I continue. "Butno, it was just the way he walked, he reminded me of somebody."

I laugh at this, it's always the walk. "Ya know, at first I didn't think much of this walk fetish of yours." I take a few steps in a circle and then turn on the spot to face her again, I can see her eyeing me with facination. "But now I think it's really weird, and coming from me that's sayin' somethin'." She throws her head way back and makes 'the best fakelaugh ever' (to me it just sounds like something of a strangled animal, but hey).

"Sounds to me like someone's a tinsy winsy bit jealous." She says teasingly as she kicks the guy of the catwalk we're standing on. "Don't you worry your pretty little head, you know you'll always be my favorite."

She skips over here and throws her arms around my neck. I stagger as she slams into me, her hug is never returned but she always grins up at me and even though I'll never admit it I often have to fight to not smile (even if it's just a little smile). It can sometimes seem like there is love involved in our twisted relationship but that's not it. I wouldn't mind the fucking, I mean, Hannah can be a fine looking bitch sometimes. But she told me the same month we met.

"Did you see? Did you see me?He fell like that! I mean woah, that must have hurt! Who told you it'd be great? Ithink that was me! It was, wasn't it?" The bitch ranted in one breath. I couldn't help but feel a bit proud. It hadn't sounded like a good idea but was as wicked like anything I would have done. And then my eyes widen in surprise as she runs into me, knocking my wind out, her arms going around my neck. To try to keep the balance I put my hands on her waist. Standing on her tiptoes, laughing she swings from side to side a bit. A thought strikes me and I take my ungloved hand and snake it down the back if her jeans as I run my claws up along the smooth skin on her side, pulling her shirt up in the processes. Still laughing, but quietly, she grabs my wrists, pulling my hands away and take a step back. The sudden movement causes me to cut that skin of hers, but she doesn't react to the wound. The smile on her face is an unnerving one but not fake. She looks into my face and twists my arms a bit, (not that it hurt or anything) and I grin back at her unfaced."Yes?" I say innocently. She makes a sort of "hehh" sound before she speaks. "Imay find you awesome as hell and you are my favorite person in the whole wide world but believe me, no matter what the situation, I will never fuck you. No offence but seriously, how old are you. Not including the years after you were bunt to sinister." I hate myself for it but this causes me to laugh loudly. And not the kind that I laugh to scare the kills but a real one. "One:" I begin between the laughter "you're kinda twisted if I'm your favorite person in the whole world. Two: we'll see if it'll really be 'no matter the situation'. And three: my age is none of your damn business." We're both laughing now and since she is so much smaller and weaker then me I easily pull my hands away and throw my left arm around her neck while she giggles and tries to get away. As I walk down the power-plant with her trying to pull her head away from under my arm I laugh to my self. "Trying the threaten me. You're crazy kid!" I can hear a muffled agreement coming from the girl. 'This is going to be fun.'

"So," I say, snatching the Hat from his head and putting it on my own, "Who's got it coming this time?" He blinks a couple of times for a moment and is drawn out from his thoughts. He realise that he doesn't have his beloved Hat and make a grab for it as I dance out of reach, balancing on the handlebar of the catwalk.

"What'd ya mean? I thought that you were the one who knew these things." He says in a low grumble, eyeing his precious headpiece.

As I shake my head at him the too big Hat falls down and covers my sight. Of course my balance can only be so good and I fall with a yelp, my hands grab the railing and I pull my self up so that I have the bar under my chin and I use my thumb to push the Hat up on my head. (That Hat is so awesome, I can't believe it didn't fall off!)

"I've told you loads of times lately. The movies ended sixteen kills ago; I've got no idea about what's up ahead." He doesn't help at all as I struggle to get back up. "We can do whatever we want." He looks confused for a moment and then whips out and flicks the Hat off my head with his claws. Putting it back were it belongs he turns his back on me and looks out over the power-plant. "How about you decide? You got any enemies? Some girl that pissed you off? Someone that'd just be fun to see dead?" He says in that voice that sounds like Roberts. It's really weird when he does that. But I have to do a double take to realise what he's saying.

"Wait, what? I don't know anyone." I don't have a sense of time in this world but I couldn't be back in my time, could I? "Do you mean to say what I think you're saying? What year is it?" He glances over his shoulder at me and I can just see that smirk on his cracked lips.

"Why, it's 15 of May 2007 of course, three days before your birth day." He says in that voice again. I stand rooted to the spot as the truth sinks in. I try to speak but my mouth just opens and closes like that of goldfish. Am I really home? Am I just a few dimensions away from my friends and family? Could I pull myself in and say hi to me? Freddy could see I was having trouble coping so he stalked over to me, raised his gloved hand and drove it deep into my gut. I blinked twice and then, finaly;

"I'm 37 years old?" I gasp and cough up some blood. That bastard laughs as he pulls the knives out and slap me on the back a few times. His voice is back to normal as he speaks. "But ya still look the same that sixteen year old that I sooo wanted to kill. So, ya have a plan?"

I spit the blood I have in my mouth onto the floor. "Well..." I begin and put a finger absently into one of the holes in my belly. "Nahh, never mind."

"No, come on bitch, tell me." He says and uses his sweater to "clean" his glove.

I hate my self for it but I can't stop a faint blush from spreading on my face. "Well, I was just thinking if I could, you know, like, bring someone in without killing 'em. Just give 'em a nightmare... You know." He gave me a puzzled look and furrowed his "eyebrows" together. Apparently he was not familiar with the "without killing" part. He seemed to chose his words carefully.

"What do you mean?" He said slowly, his confusion meshing with suspicion that now covered his burnt features. I sigh, I should have known he wouldn't just say; 'Sure Hannah, you can do whatever you want. Don't mind me, in fact, I'll just sit in the corner and pretend I'm not here.'

"Well, you know why I'm here, right?" I ask him to see if we can make this a little bit easier to explain. "Mm hmm." He says and nod. "You're in a coma."

"Exactly!" I call with too much enthusiasm in my voice for a subject like that. "I mean. Exactly. Now, a few minutes before it happened I was talking to one of my close friends and he did one of the things I hate the most in the whole world. So I was thinking that the night I go into a coma I could pull him in here and pay him back. You know what I mean?"

Freddy crosses his arms and gives me a dark look. "I think so." He says. "You're sayin' I can't have in on this one 'cause ya don't want 'im dead."

I pull my hand away from my belly and there is a sickening sucking noise as my fingers are removed from the holes there, (some insides stick to my fingers, guuh, disgusting).

"Hey, I think I might need your help though." I punch him on his shoulder playfully. "I haven't figured out the details yet, but I think I want you to kill me. You feel up for it?"

He looks up and grins wickedly. "Always."

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