Sin City:

How to Live on The Edge

Story 1: Damn Mercs

Damn Mercs. What a hassle. They never send the good ones after me. Just idiots who think they're so tough just because they can use a gun and are getting paid to do it. Trying to kill me just because I know something I shouldn't.

I see another idiot down this alleway I'm passing and I step back out of view. I pull out my pistol, put the silencer on it, and wait.

But half a minute later, no one comes out of the alley. Did he actually not see me? I peer my head around the corner.

He's not looking down the alley. He's looking up. At the roof of the building to my left. Of course. This guy's bait. The instant he goes down, the guy on the roof fires away. Man, I don't wanna get shot this time. I already have a huge headache...need to lay off on the booze. Gives me monster hangovers.

I pass by the alley and walk into the apartment building. I quietly walk up the stairs. I reach the door, and almost silently open it.

This guy is good. He hears the slight creaking of the door and whirls around, readying his pistol. But my gun is already up and aimed. No one hears me put two bullets into his head. Rest in peace.

I head back down the stairs. I'll leave the bodies. As a warning. I step into the aley. Poor fool. Doesn't know what's happening. I'll make it painless. So he doesn't know what-


Of course. A third. There's a bullet in my right shoulder. Damnit. Got shot anyway.

I do a 180 and shoot the guy who shot me. I remove the silencer and shoot him again. No point in the silencer now.

I turn around and aim my gun.

"Who sent you?"

He doesn't reply, standing, petrified.

"Roark, right?" I walk closer.

"Y-y-yeah," he finally manages to stammer out, "'c-cause you know about-"

"His son. Yeah, it's a scream," I laugh, "Had to get his manhood reattached. Turned him yellow. Doesn't want anyone ruining junior's rep, eh?"

I quickly shoot him. Painlessly put him out of his misery. Geez. Shouldn't have used my right arm. I'm gonna need a huge painkiller. Gotta remove a bullet too. Again. Man, what a hassle. I put my gun away and walk off down the alley, lgithing up a cigarette.

The End