Chapter I

It was a nice summer day in June; Jessica was lying in her bed, reading her favorite book The Great Gatspy, suddenly she was interrupted by the phone noise."

"Parker's residence."

"Jessica… Jess, it's Lauren"

Jessica put her book down and shifted to the other side of the bed. She got up, put her slippers on and held the phone by her ears.

"Lauren how are you? Is everything alright?"

Jessica remembered the last time she talked to Lauren; it's been 10 years since the two of talked to each other. When Lauren moved to California after her mom's suicide she decided to stop contacting her friends, even her best friend Jessica.

"Jess something's happening; I can't explain everything over the phone. But George is dead. He didn't come home last night, he told me that he had a meeting, but after midnight I panicked and called the police. They found him in a ravine, the police said it was an accident but I'm afraid that someone killed him."

Jessica sat down slowly, as she held the phone tight to her ears. Even though they hadn't been in touch, she couldn't bring to herself that her best friend's husband had died.

"Jess I need you to come to L.A I'm so scared I need your help, I think they're after me."

"Who's after you?"

Jessica became very aware of the situation, the only way she could know the full story. Was if she went to Lauren's rescue

"Lauren give me your address, I'll be at your house by tomorrow."

"Oh Jessica I have so much to tell you."

She quick gave her house address. Jessica put the phone down slowly, then got up she walked back and forth; pasting slowly next to her bed. She felt bad that Lauren was struck by lots of bad events in her life. It didn't make sense to her; suddenly she felt that sense of longing. She wanted to be there for Lauren, she wanted to help, and provide comfort for Lauren. She then quick ran to her closet and started packing.


The bell rang, Lauren ran from the living room and opened the door. She knew that Jessica was coming; Jessica was her last hope, the only person that she could count on. She opened the door, and fainted.

"Lauren, Lauren." Jessica cried as she was trying to help her regain consciousness, she then let herself in, and called an ambulance.

When the paramedics came, they explained to Jessica that Lauren was in a sudden coma.

"Excuse me sir." Jessica said as she was trying to catch the attention of the paramedic.

"Ma'am we're unable to answer your questions right now, we have to leave before it's too late."

Jessica quick called a taxi and followed the ambulance.