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"Are you sure about this Col.?" A Sgt. asked her as they stood outside the first door.

Sam nodded, "Positive, it's my fault that he managed to get this far, I should be the only one to go in there alone." She took a handgun from another soldier, it was all she could take, a P90 or any other large gun would weigh her down.

"Okay Col. we're ready, go stand in front of the door," Dr. Mallozzi said, Sam moved away from the group and stood in front of the door. "Listen, Col." Dr. Mallozzi sighed. "Are you sure it should be you to do this? You just woke up out of a coma."

Sam nodded. "It should be me, no one else." Seeing that Dr. Mallozzi and several others, including Ronon and Teyla who were standing at the very edge of the crowd, were about to protest she barked out a quick, "That's an order." And they all went silent.

"Now." Dr. Mallozzi typed a few things into the computer. "You'll have three seconds to get through each door, after each you only have eleven seconds to get to the next one, there are five doors in between here and the gateroom not counting this first one." His hand hovered over the last key. "This was the closest entrance we could find."

Sam nodded, "Understood. Ready when you are."

Dr. Mallozzi nodded before starting the countdown. "Five… Four… Three… Two… Go!" The doors opened and Sam took off running, she was lucky, they were straight corridors in between each door, but she still had to run fast.

She made it to the second door five seconds before it opened, she took deep breaths as she waited for the door to open, the second it did she was off again.

She had to push herself harder the second time, her lungs had started burning and it was all she could do to ignore the way her legs were cramping up.

She reached that door with three seconds to spare.

This continued for the remaining doors until she had to dive through the last one.

Sam rolled into the room, just barely making it before the doors closed behind her. Her eyes scanned the room as she took deep breaths in an attempt to remain calm, she slowly stood up.

And there it was. It was firing a shot into the head of the last scientist left alive in the room, a finger pressed to a button on his Mini-datapadd.

Then only she and it were left.

It turned and began typing several things into a consol. Smirking as it did so.

Sam gulped and pulled out her gun, she didn't want to use it and prayed that she wouldn't have to. But if worse came to worse…

It smirked, turning to face her.

"I would have thought that you'd be dead by now, the human body can't really survive the type of coma I put you in for very long."

Sam glared.

"For something that claims to be smarter than the host it took, you make the same mistake of underestimating me." She tried her best to sound tough, but it was hard when the thought of what she'd have to almost undoubtedly do forced her to choke back tears.

It knew that she is trying not to cry and simply grins in pleasure. Moving toward her.

"Oh, I think I underestimated your determination, not something I'll do again, but I overestimated your emotional capacity for this." He stood right in front of her now, her hands shook and she nearly dropped the gun, just barely keeping it in her grip.

He smirked, placing a hand to her cheek, his touch burned her, yet at the same time it chilled her to the core.

"Go ahead, Sam." His voice was soft. "Kill me, end this."

She glanced into his eyes and saw no emotion. Just the endless void of red that had taken over what was once a brilliant blue.

She took the gun and pressed it to his heart. All she had to do was pull the trigger and he would no longer be a threat. He would be gone.

Taking Rodney with him.

A shiver ran down her spine and tears slowly dripped from her eyes.

Sam gulped and took a step back letting her arm drop and the gun fall, she couldn't do it…

He smirked and walked away.

"That's what I thought." He said, going back to the consol. He might have forgotten the gun or he might have decided that she was no longer any threat to him, whatever it was he left the gun on the floor and her standing there. His plan was more than likely to torment her with the silence of her not being able to stop him before killing her when they reached the end.

Sam slowly sank to her knees, not even paying attention to the gun that lay mere inches from her, forgotten by her and ignored by him.

How come she hadn't killed him when she had the chance? Is it because that no matter how much she knew of him being… The monster that he is, she would always think of him as Rodney?

And no matter how hard she tried she could never kill him?

Sam clenched her eyes shut.

He is not Rodney… Not anymore. You know what you have to do. She told herself, desperate to believe the words.

Suddenly, alarms started blaring.

"What's happening?" She called, her voice wavering as she picked up the gun.

"They've finally figured out how to get in." It chuckled darkly, not even turning to face Sam, who was slowly approaching him. "So be it, when they finally get in I'll just dispose of them as well." It dismissed.

Sam took a deep breath and cocked the gun. The sound finally drawing its attention to her.

It turned around and smirked, believing that Sam was going to break down again.

He walked over and placed both his hands on her shoulders.

"Sam…" His voice was once again soft. "Do you really want to do this?" He asked, looking into her eyes.

Sam gulped and tears fell down her face.

"No." She whispered, causing it to smirk, believing that she had broken, that it had won.

A gunshot rang through the lab.

Blood splashed over both of them.

Its eyes widened before it fell back, Sam barely catching the body and laying it down gently.

It looked at her, indescribable rage boiling in its eyes.

"You may kill me, but you have also killed him." It hissed out, causing Sam to bite her lip and look away.

He growled for a few seconds before screaming.

Sam clenched her eyes shut and covered her ears. She couldn't listen to this.

"Sam." Came a voice, choked slightly.

Her eyes snapped open and she looked down to find blue eyes staring back at her.

"Rodney." She whispered before wrapping her arms around him, immediately pulling back when he gasped in pain.

"I… Am so sorry." She whispered, cradling his head in her arms.

"It's" He coughed, a small amount of blood escaping his lips. "Okay, you did the right thing." He smiled, reaching up and touching her face.

This time his touch didn't burn her, nor did it freeze her. This time it was just there. And that was what she needed.

"I'm… Going to die, huh?" He asked, breaking the silence that Sam had been clinging to.

Sam swallowed the lump in her throat.

"No," she said, shaking her head. "That, t-that thing's gone, we can save you."

Rodney looked at her for a few seconds, his gaze starting out as hopeful but ending in sorrow and resignation.

"No." He coughed, more blood spurting from his lips. "I can't let you do that." He hissed in pain, causing a few more tears to run down Sam's face. "It's still there Sam, I can feel it, you can't save me…" He reached up a hand and cradled her face. "Not this time."

Sobs racked through Sam's body, the tears sliding off of her face and onto Rodney's, mingling with his own.

"I love you Sam…" He coughed, getting so much weaker very quickly. "I have ever since we first met. I don't want you to forget that."

"I…" She gulped, there it was, the three words she had never really said to him, to most anyone really, a million questions ran through her head at a million miles per hour, would she mean it? Would saying it just bring that much more pain to her after his death? Was it something she could say without feeling like her heart was breaking?

Deep down she knew that saying it would cause her heart to break, she only wished that she could have realized the truth behind what she was going to say under very different circumstances.

"I love you too." She whispered before bending down and placing her lips on his for a brief moment.

Their first kiss…

And their last.

When Sam pulled away she saw him smile at her one last time before his eyes closed and he stopped breathing.

Sam gave a small smile as she looked over him before it all caught up to her, she took in a shakey breath before sobbing and falling to the ground next to the body, reaching for the gun that she had dropped at some point during her talk with Rodney.

But something made her pause for a brief moment as she looked over Rodney.

"You can't save me Sam… Not this time."

"I love you Sam."

Sam bit her lip and drew in a shakey breath, the gun trembling in her hands, and looked at the door, which was sparking from them beginning to cut through to get over.

She gave a small sob and cradled Rodney's head, brushing some dried blood that had most likely splattered onto him earlier, before placing the gun to her temple.

"I'm sorry." She whispered. "I'm so sorry."


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