Hey everyone! It's me, Alisa, again! And welcome to my newest story! This is another result of my semi-crazy crossover ideas. To sum up this story it's a novelization of MMX starting with the discovery of X that takes place in the Pokémon world. There are a lot of twists that result and I hope you enjoy reading this story just as much as I enjoyed writing it! P.S. I will be describing some of the Pokémon in this story, but not all of them, just to warn you!

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"We're lost aren't we?" A girl of about eleven with long light brown hair and green eyes turned to face her companion. She wore a red jacket over a green shirt with red sweatpants to match and had her hair in ponytail.

Her friend, a boy with raven-colored hair and blue eyes, turned to face her. He wore a blue vest over a white long-sleeved shirt and jeans. He also wore a blue-colored cap.

"We are not lost, okay Keisha? I just gotta figure out this map." He turned to the map on the screen of the yellow device he was holding.

Keisha rolled her eyes, "That's the last time I leave you in charge of the Pokenav Daekar!" (Daekar's name is pronounced Day-kar just to prevent any confusion.)

"Jolteon!" said the Jolteon that was accompanying them. It was a four-legged Pokemon that distantly resembled a fox with spiky fur that was yellow with a collar of white fur. It had long pointed ears and wore a red bow on its head.

"See? Even Tealsy agrees!" said Keisha, looking down at the Jolteon affectionately. Tealsy had been Keisha's first Pokémon. It had started out as an Evee but had eventually evolved into a Jolteon.

Daekar sighed and looked at the Pokenav again. He could tell that he and Keisha were nowhere near civilization, much less their destination, Vulgen City. Daekar hoped to earn his seventh gym badge there. But at some point he had read the Pokenav wrong and now…

"Okay, I give up. We're lost." He finally sighed in defeat.

"I knew it," said Keisha, a bit irritated at Daekar's refusal to admit it earlier, "C'mon let's try to at least find a Pokémon Center. We can rest up and find out where the heck we are there."

They began to wander through the forest that they were, at this point, hopelessly lost in. At some point or another, Teasly's ears perked up.

"Jolteon!" It ran over to some bushes nearby and peeked through. "Jolt! Jolteon!" It exclaimed.

"What's the matter Tealsy?" Keisha asked as she and Daekar walked over. Looking in the direction Tealsy was, they gasped.

Beyond the trees the forest ended. And not far from where the forest ended…was a huge camp. There were people and Pokémon both in the camp. Some were chatting but most were working in an area just beyond the camp. They could tell from the tools the people carried that they were probably digging for something.

"What is it?" Daekar asked.

"I think…" Keisha started, trying to recall some information that she had heard at the last Pokémon Center. Ah, now she remembered. Apparently some scientist was convinced that something was buried in this area. But Keisha had never thought that they might possibly stumble upon that area.

"I think it's an archeological dig…"

… … …

Keisha and Daekar are two ordinary trainers on their journey to collect and train Pokémon. Much has changed, but little has changed in the way that people and Pokémon live, play and work together. But soon the winds of fate will set a course that none could have anticipated.

The year is 21XX.

Keisha and Daekar are about to discover their destiny.

Chapter 1: The Discovery of X

"Excuse me? Dr. Cain?"

"Hm?" Cain looked up from his notes to the door of his tent. His Pokémon, Zigzagoon, who had been dosing nearby, also looked up at the door tent. Cain stood up and walked over to open the tent door. "Yes?"

The person who had been at the door, one of the younger members of the dig crew if he remembered right, pointed near him, "We have visitors."

Cain observed the two trainers, both of whom looked sheepish.

It was Keisha's idea that they ask someone in the camp for directions. But their curiosity had gotten the better of the two and they had been wandering around the camp when someone has asked who they were.

After some explanation, the person, a boy just out of college who was accompanied by a Sandslash, had taken them to see the head of the dig.

"Ah, and who might you two be?" Cain asked interested as Zigzagoon emerged from the tent, yawning, behind him.

"I'm Daekar. Sorry about the intrusion. We kinda, er, got lost and winded up here." Daekar looked thoroughly embarrassed.

"Oh don't worry, trainers get lost all the time around here. And you are?" he asked, gesturing towards Keisha, who was looking at Daekar with "and it was all your fault" gaze.

"Oh," she said, snapping out of her trance and turning to regard Cain, "Sorry, I'm Keisha."


"Oh yeah, and that's Tealsy." She said, pointing to the Jolteon.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you all." Cain nodded in a respectful manner, "I am Dr. Cain, head of this expedition. And this here is my partner Zigzagoon." He pointed to the Pokémon near him.

"Zigzagoon!" Zigzagoon chirped cheerfully in greeting.

A few minutes later, Keisha and Daekar were walking with Cain through the camp. There were people and Pokémon digging at the ground. There were also numerous robots around the camp, which the Pokémon either regarded with some curiosity or ignored altogether.

"So you two are bound for Vulgen City?"

"We were. But I got something wrong in reading the Pokenav and we winded up here." Said Daekar glumly.

"So what exactly is being dug up here Dr. Cain?" Kaisha asked curiously.

"We just found an old building that dates back from about, oh, 20XX."

"20XX huh? The age of Megaman," said Daekar.

Anyone who knew if the slightest bit of history knew about MegaMan, the protector of the world during 200X through 20XX. His creator, Dr. Thomas Light, had made many discoveries and advancements in robotics during the time that he was alive.

"But not even Megaman's creator Dr. Light, as brilliant as he was, could do what many today consider impossible. Although the rumor goes that he came close with MegaMan," Keisha recited. Both Cain and Daekar knew exactly what she was talking about.

Despite the advancements in robotics, the one thing that no one could ever pull off was a robot that could successfully interact with Pokémon as easily as humans could. The theory was that if they could create such a robot, it would only be a short step from there to create one with more advanced capabilities.

Unfortunately, such experiments usually ended in failure. The Pokémon could tell the difference between something living and something non-living. There were those that said that Dr. Light's creation, Megaman, had managed to have a Pokémon who actually found it worthwhile to be acquainted with him. But those were just rumors and there was no evidence to back it up. But those who believed it always argued that there was no evidence against it either, which was true as well.

No matter which way you looked at it, the failed experiments led people to start saying that no matter how advanced technology might become, Pokémon and the Pokémon journey that so many younger people undertook was one thing that would never changed. Even the Pokeball had remained the same for countless years.

"Dr. Cain!!" One of the diggers ran up to Cain and stopped right in front of him.

"What is it?" Cain asked.

"Sir…" said the digger, puffing, "We've found the entrance to the building. And everyone thinks that you should have the honor of going in first."

"Well, it's about time." Turning to Keisha and Daekar, he said, "We don't you two join the group be the entrance? We might find something interesting!"

Daekar shrugged, "Why not?"

Cain quickly found that the entrance actually reached far underground. He had requested that everyone, even his Zigzagoon, to stay outside while he investigated.

He felt a sense of excitement and caution both at the same time as he finally climbed down into the building, kicking up a fair amount of dust at the same time. Looking about the area, he noticed many electronics, some of which were still active. Then he noticed something else.

A strange capsule, in the main part of the room. It was standing upright, and was a fairly good size. Cain, curious, walked over to it. He brushed some dust off the capsule and saw a roman numeral "X" engraved on it.

"Hm…" Cain muttered to himself as he examined the capsule. What could possibly be in it? A sound interrupted his thoughts. He turned around just in time to see one of the electronics come on. "What's this?" He wondered out loud as a message came on.

The first thing that Keisha and Daekar heard were the footsteps of what they thought was Dr. Cain. Most everyone else had gone to do other duties around the camp due to the fact that Cain was taking so long, leaving Keisha and Daekar alone. They let out a gasp of amazement and surprise when they saw just what was accompanying him.

It was a robot that bore tremendous resemblance to Megaman himself. His armor was multiple shades of blue and his helmet had a red crystal in it. He seemed to be looking around at everything with a level of curiosity. Neither of the two trainers was certain how to react. Was this was Cain had discovered in that building? What was it exactly? While both of them just stared, Teasly and Zigzagoon both reacted almost immediately.

Zigzagoon ran up to Cain, having been obviously worried. Cain reached down and petted its head as it closed its eyes contentedly. The robot was curiously looking on.

"That's a Pokémon, right?" He asked.

"Yes. This is my companion Zigzagoon. He's quite docile actually."

"Zigzagoon!" Zigzagoon said in what was more than an acknowledging tone. Which confused the two trainers watching.


The robot now looked down to regard the Pokémon currently at his feet. Both Keisha and Daekar blinked. Had Tealsy actually tried to gain the robot's attention? But why? What happened next only confused them even more.

The robot kneeled down to examine Teasly closer. Teasly sniffed it a bit, then let out a soft "Jolt." The robot blinked a bit, looking unsure as to what to do.

"Pet her."

"Huh?" The robot looked up at Keisha in a confused manner. Keisha herself wasn't too sure what she was doing. This was a robot for goodness sake! Daekar too was wondering what Keisha was up too. But something told him that she sensed what he did. That this robot was something… more…something different.

"Go ahead and pet her. She loves it." Keisha continued, trying to maintain a calm look.

The robot slowly reached down for Teasly and began to stroke her head gently. Teasly closed her eyes and enjoyed herself for a moment. Then she did something that caught everyone completely off guard.

Teasly got up on her hind legs and licked the robot's face. He looked taken aback, and Keisha couldn't help but laugh,

"Ha ha! That means she likes you!"

"Weird, I've never seen Teasly take a liking to anything, er, inanimate so quickly before," whispered Daekar to Keisha rather awkwardly.

"I've never seen her take a liking to anyone or anything so quickly before!" Keisha whispered back. The whole thing was so strange, why would a Pokémon take a liking to a robot? Unless this was more than an ordinary robot.

"Why don't you two properly introduce yourselves?" Cain asked, breaking the tension a bit.

"Oh! I'm Daekar!" He said to the robot.

"And I'm Keisha!"

"Jolteon!" Teasly said as she ran back to her trainer's side.

"And that's my Jolteon, Teasly. It's very nice to meet you!"

The robot stood up slowly, "My name is Megaman X, X for short."

Deep within the forest, a small Pokémon lay injured by a tree. It looked like a Pichu, a mouse-like Pokémon, except with much longer floppy blue ears, and a blue tail in the shape of a minus sign. Its paws were also a blue color along with blue cheeks with a tan minus sign on them. The rest of it was also a tan color.

It tried standing up weakly. It had to keep going. Keep going away. The consequences if it was caught were dire…

Managing to stand up, albeit shakily, it began to stumble through the forest.

It would keep going forever it meant not going back to where it came from.


So what do you think? I'll reveal the Pokémon in that last scene in the next chapter but you might be able to guess from the description I gave. Keisha and Daekar are two OCs of mine so I own them. BTW this does NOT take place in Kanto, Johto or any of the other regions in the games.

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