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Just a quick note, there's a time jump between each of the first there sections. One of the toughest things about this story is sifting through all the pre-MMX information and wondering what to include.

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Keisha's Diary

Daekar has, at long last, earned his eighth badge. But it's strange. He seems almost…depressed. But why? He should be excited! He's now eligible to participate in the regional tournament! Could it be…that he feels the same way that I have been feeling lately? That the urge that pulls us to travel on our Pokémon journeys is trying to draw him somewhere else?

Daekar sighed in a depressed manner. He was sitting on the edge of a cliff, looking over Precip City, a city located deep within the mountains. It was strange. He had finally earned his eighth badge and yet…There was something missing…A nagging feeling that he should be somewhere…

"Hey Daekar!" Daekar peered over his shoulder to see Ronar, the Precip City Gym Leader. He had messy brown hair and equally messy brown clothes. But he was still a powerful Trainer of Rock-type Pokémon and was a lot wiser then he looked. "I just got a call from the Pokemon League. They had to postpone the tournament due to Maverick outbreaks."

Daekar sighed. Great. Now what was he supposed to do?

Ronar furrowed his brow in thought as he sat down next to Daekar. Something was up with this kid. That much he could tell. He was a skilled Trainer and more then deserved the chance to compete in the tournament. But why didn't he seem more excited. He'd seen a lot of Trainers after they had earned their eighth badge. Excited, happy, reflective, but never depressed like Daekar apparently was, "What's up? Bummed that the tournament was pushed back?"

Daekar shook his head, "No, it's not that. I'm not even sure what it is." He sighed, "You ever have the feeling that you should be somewhere, but you couldn't quite place where that somewhere is?"

Ronar chuckled, "Sometimes, when on our journeys, fate pulls us off that path. Is there something that happened on your way here that may be like that?"

Daekar looked toward the horizon, where the sun is setting, "Kinda. On my way to earn my seventh badge, me and Keisha witnessed something incredible. I'll never forget it. It was an event so huge, so…earth-shaking, that even now, the world is feeling the after-effects."

Ronar whistled, "Wow, that's heavy. So are you thinking about that event?" Daekar nodded. "Well then maybe where you feel you need to be has something to do with that event."

"But what about-"

Ronar cut him off, "I know you're thinking that you should be preparing for the tournament, but at this point in time no one has no idea when it'll start," he looked out to the horizon, "Fate's a strange thing. We think one path is right, but then it pulls us on to another path. We may be Pokémon Trainers now, but what will we be a few years from now? Where will we be? Nothing lasts forever, every Gym Leader has to relinquish their position someday, and every champion is eventually defeated. The question is, when all is said and done, will we have made some change, no matter how small, in the world? I've made change by battling the Trainers that challenge my Gym, testing them and helping them improve in the process. With every badge I've awarded, there's always the thought that this Trainer may be the next League champion."

Daekar let Ronar's words sink in. Yes, now he understood. He knew where he had to be, and possibly where Keisha had to be too. Standing up, he nodded to Ronar, "Thanks."

"Don't mention it."


"Hey watch it!" The Hunter looked down at the Pokémon that had apparently crashed into him. He was irritated for a few moments, until he saw just which Pokemon it was, "Oh, Zigzagoon. Why aren't you with Dr. Cain?"

Zigzagoon shook its head, trying to regroup from its collision. It then looked up, "Zigzagoon," it said.

"Minun?" Minun ran up behind Zigzagoon. They had been playing together, although they now both suspected that maybe it would have been a better idea to do it out in the Garden. "Minun, Minun?" It asked Zigzagoon, checking to make sure that the Tiny Raccoon Pokémon was okay.

Zigzagoon smiled at it, "Zigzagoon!" It said happily it reassurance.

Minun let out a breath of relief. "Minun Minun," it said, gesturing in the direction of the Garden. Zigzagoon nodded in agreement.

As the two Pokémon made their way through the base towards the Garden, Minun suddenly stopped to look down a hallway. Zigzagoon looked questioningly at it, and then saw what Minun was looking at.

At the other end of the hallway, there was an unfamiliar Hunter. But it was not the Hunter himself that caught Minun's attention. It was the Pokemon that was on his shoulder that made it stop.

He had a Plusle.

Zero was talking with Sigma. "I appreciate the praise Commander. But are you sure? I don't exactly have the best standing with the rest of the Hunters if you know what I mean."

"If any of the rest of the Hunters have a problem with it, they can take it up with me," said Sigma, "You have more than proven your worth as a Hunter by now."

"Well, thanks Commander."

"There is no need for thanks."

After Sigma left, Zero heard a sound,

"Minun! Minun!" Minun ran up with Zigzagoon close behind.

"Plusle?" Plusle jumped down from its spot on Zero's shoulder and the two Pokémon regarded each other curiously while Zigzagoon looked on.

Zero blinked at Minun, "Where did you come from?"

Minun payed little attention to him, focused instead on the Plusle before it. They stared at each other for a few moments, before Plusle held out a paw, letting some electricity run through it, "Plusle."

Minun smiled and did the same thing, "Minun!" When their paws touched, it let out an impressive shower of sparks.

As the two Pokemon began chatting eagerly, a voice was heard coming up the hallway, "Minun! There you are! I was looking all over for you!"

"Minun?" Minun turned to regard X, who was coming up the hallway.

"I know you! You're that pacifist B-class hunter!" Zero exclaimed, "This Minun belong to you?"

"Yeah it does," said X, as he stopped and kneeled down to talk to the electric type Pokemon, "I've been looking for you. We're needed in the command room."

Minun nodded in understanding, "Minun."

"Plusle?" Plusle seemed slightly confused.

"Minun, Minun Minun," Minun said, either explaining things to Plusle or introducing it to its Trainer. Plusle then nodded in understanding. Minun then leapt up on X's shoulder as he stood up, while Plusle scrambled up Zero to take its usual perch.

"Seems our Pokemon like each other well enough," X noted.

Zero simply shrugged, "I guess. Plusle is with me most of the time, so I don't think its had much of a chance to make friends."

X blinked, "Really? Don't you ever take to out to the Garden?"

"The Garden? Why would I take it out there?"

"Well, that's what it's for. You have to let your Pokemon unwind every now and then." Minun nudged X, reminding him that they needed to get going. "I have to go now. By the way, my name is X."

"I know. Mine's Zero." After their two mouse-like Pokemon had chirped their farewells, X turned and left.

Zero looked at his electric companion, "Something tells me we haven't seen the last of those two," he remarked.

"Plusle," Plusle replied in agreement. Zero then turned and went down one of the hallways.

The only one left in the hall was Zigzagoon. It stood, confused for a moment. What should it do now? In the end, it decided to just go to the Garden. As it went in the direction, it though to itself how Minun had made a new friend. And it had a feeling, no an instinct, that it was both the start and an omen of something wonderful and terrible.


Sigma was doing his usual rounds around HQ when he noticed them. Two Trainers, a boy and a girl. A Jolteon with a red ribbon on its head was with them. They both looked slightly lost. He overheard their conversation,

"That was a smooth move, getting us lost AGAIN!" The girl Trainer said, clearly irritated.

"Well, we found the place, didn't we? Now we just need to find-"

"Excuse me, but do you two have business here?" Sigma finally asked, walking up to the two Trainers.

They both jumped and turned towards Sigma. "Ah! You're the Commander of the Maverick Hunters!" The boy said, startled.

"Indeed. My name is Sigma,"

"Umbre!" Umbreon popped out from behind him.

"And this is my Pokemon and companion, Umbreon."

The boy took out his Pokedex,

Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokemon

The light of the moon changed Eevee's genetic structure. It lurks in darkness for prey.

"My name is Keisha and this is my Jolteon, Tealsy," said the girl, gesturing to the Jolteon next to her.

The boy put away his Pokedex and said, "My name is Daekar. I just earned my eighth badge and now me and Keisha came here to see someone."

As Sigma, Keisha, and Daekar began to talk, Tealsy looked at the Umbreon strangely. Umbreon gulped slightly. Suddenly, it didn't like how that Jolteon was looking at it…

Tealsy jumped forward to greet Umbreon. "Jolte," It said, shyly, looking down as if embarrassed. When it looked up, it was blushing. Umbreon suddenly felt really awkward as the Jolteon came closer to it. It didn't like this at all…

"So I see, you're friends with X," said Sigma as Keisha and Daekar finished explaining.

"That's right. Since we don't know when the Pokemon league tournament is going to start, we decided we might as well visit," said Daekar.

Sigma looked thoughtful for a moment, an idea forming in his head, then said, "You must be an exceptional Trainer to be able to compete in the League tournament."

Daekar blushed slightly, "It's not THAT great of an accomplishment. I'll call myself exceptional when I get past the preliminaries in the League tournament."

"Strange, you never struck me as modest," Keisha teased.

"Quiet," Daekar told her. Turning back to Sigma he asked, "So, can we see X? Or is he busy right now?"

Sigma smiled slightly, "Of course, he's out on a mission right now. You can see him when he returns. But in the meantime, I just had a very good idea."


"Any idea why Sigma called us here?" Zero asked. He was in the Pokemon arena of MHHQ with his Plusle sitting on his shoulder. The Hunters usually conducted battles either here or out in the Garden. Zero wasn't alone either. Eight other Hunters, all of them in the same class as him, had also been called to the arena.

One of them, Flame Mammoth, snorted, "Hell if we know. The Commander wouldn't tell us anything." The other Hunters in the room were Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle (with his Pidgeotto perched on his shoulder), Spark Mandrill, Sting Chameleon, Armored Armadillo, Launch Octopus and Boomer Kuwanger. All of them seemed slightly anxious.

"Plusle! Plusle!" Plusle nudged Zero and directed his attention towards the entrance to the arena.

"Someone coming?" Zero asked.

"You guys were all called here too?" X asked as he stepped in the arena. Minun was with him as usual. Plusle immediately jumped down and Minun did the same, the two happily greeting each other.

The other Hunters were less than thrilled, "What the hell is this B-class Hunter doing here!?" Kuwanger hissed.

"We specifically requested X to come," came a voice from the other side of the room. The Hunters turned to see a figure at the other end of the arena, hidden in the shadows. "We wanted him here, because out of all of you, he has the most experience with Pokemon battles."

"Who the hell is this!?"

"Not sure Launch," said Kwanger. "Just because X may have more experience, doesn't mean that he's better than any of us! We're all a higher rank then him!"

"I beg to differ," said the figure, "Rank within the Hunters matters little in something such as a Pokemon battle. But if you really want to prove a point, why don't you just see if you can defeat X in a battle yourself?"

"Maybe I will!" Kwanger turned to X, "What do you say to that? Will you take my challenge?"

X sighed as Minun leapt from his shoulder, "I've been told that's its rude to refuse a challenge. But to be completely honest, I don't like where this is going."

"Think what you like!" Kwanger dashed to the other side of the arena. He attempted to get a glimpse of the person in the shadows, but had no luck. He then refocused his attention on the impending battle, "Pinser, go!" He tossed out a Pokeball, which opened up and in a flash of white light, revealed a Pokemon that looked a vicious stag beetle. Kwanger smiled evilly, "I'll let you have the first move."

Kwanger sure seems confident. Zero noted.

"Alright, Minun, use Spark!" Minun became charged with electricity. It launched forward toward Pinsir.

"Dodge and use Brick Break!" Pinser turned to one side and as Minun flew by, and then slammed the Cheering Pokemon with one of its claws. Minun skidded to one side of the arena.

"Minun, use Quick Attack!" Minun charged forward with incredible speed.

"Avoid it and wait." Pinsir got out of the way. Minun went by, turned on a dime, and launched again at the Bug-type Pokemon. The cycle repeated a few more times. "Wait for it…" said Kwanger calmly, "Wait for it…Now!" On Kwanger's cue, during one of Minun's charges, Pinsir leaned down and clamped its claws. When it stood up, in its pincers was a struggling Minun. "Now use Sesmic Toss!"

X thought fast, "Use Thunderbolt!"

Pinser was just about to follow its Trainers orders when it heard some sparking. It paused for a moment. And that cost it.

"Minuuun!" Minun thoroughly shocked the Stag Beatle Pokemon. Pinser released the electric-type from its pincers. Minun jumped away.

"Now use Iron Tail!" Minun's tail glowed and it jumped forward at Pinser and slammed it, hard, with its tail. Pinser was blown over on its back. Out of commission.

Kwanger seemed surprised, "What!?"

"It was a nice idea, using its pincers to stop the attack, but you forgot to account for Minun's electric abilities." The figure in the shadows spoke as Minun ran to X and jumped into his arms happily.

Kwanger merely snarled and returned Pincer to its Pokeball and turned to the figure, "And who are you to know about things like this?"

"Quite a lot actually." The figure stepped out of the shadows, at long last revealing himself.

And X recognized who it was instantly.


"Minun!" Minun leapt out of X's arms and ran towards Daekar, scrambling up him excitedly.

"Good to see you too Minun," Daekar remarked, petting it gently. He took note of how Minun seemed a lot more cheerful and confident, a far cry from the timid, nervous Pokemon he had met in the archeological camp.

"X, you know this guy?" Zero asked.

X nodded, "Yes, he's a friend of mine."

Plusle, meanwhile, leapt off Zero's shoulder and ran to see who Minun was so interested in. "Who's this? A friend of yours?" Daekar asked Minun when he saw Plusle.

Minun simply chirped and leapt down to greet the red Cheering Pokemon.

"Daekar, what are you doing here?" X asked, walking up.

Daekar looked up from observing the two electric Pokemon. He smiled, "We came here to visit you. At least that was the original plan. But you commander, Sigma, had other plans for us. And after that battle, I think I can see what he means. By the way, is this Plusle yours?"

"It belongs to me," Zero came up followed by Storm Eagle. Plusle leapt up onto Zero's shoulder, while Minun took its usual perch on X.

"Are you the reason the commander called us here?" Storm asked.

"Yep!" Another person emerged from behind Daekar, followed closely by a Pokemon.

"Keisha!" X exclaimed. Minun leapt down from X's shoulder, this time to greet Tealsy, who was by Keisha's side.

Keisha gave X an acknowledging nod, "Its been a while," Turning back to Storm, she said, "Sigma is worried about the Hunters' skills when it comes to handling Pokemon apparently. When he heard that Daekar had eight badges, he asked if we could help out."

X looked curiously, "So you finally pulled it off, huh?"

Daekar chuckled and blushed, "Yeah. But because of all the Maverick attacks, we have no idea when the League tournament will start."

"In the meantime," said Keisha, "Sigma offered to let us stay here in exchange for helping the Hunters with their Pokemon."


So Keisha and Daekar are back, but I'm thinking of doing one more chapter before I do the actual novelization. Well, we'll see! By the way, my reasoning behind them teaching the Hunters to become better Pokemon battlers is because of the Hunter's duties, they don't get as much time to focus on training their Pokemon. In order to reduce the risk of encountering a Maverick reploid with an uber powerful Pokemon that the Hunters will be unable to defeat, Sigma basically wants Keisha and Daekar to teach the Hunters how to get better at Pokemon battles.

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