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Chapter 1

"Guys! Guys! Hey Prongs! Moony!" Sirius burst into the dormitory and stood gasping as three faces gazed quizzically at him.

"What Sirius?" Remus asked lazily, going back to his book.

"I have just thought of the most perfect, bestest prank ever!" His eyes were glinting mischievously and James' face lit up at the announcement.

"What is it Sirius?" Peter squeaked and Remus rolled his eyes briefly before attempting to read the page in front of him.

"Well… James pretends to be gay!" He finished excitedly. Remus smirked to himself knowing full well that they would argue for about an hour, then James would storm off saying Sirius was the gay one with the shiny hair and Sirius would retaliate by saying that the only reason James wouldn't do it was because he was uncomfortable with his sexuality all the while Peter would gaze open mouthed at them and Remus would sit and pretend to read, mouthing their words to himself as they said them. They had been there many times before.

As he expected , James sat back on his haunches and frowned at Sirius. "I will not do it! You do it! It's your idea!"

A sudden plan formed in Remus mind. What would happen if he or Peter were to take a side?

"Yes, but I'm not gay and I can't let the female population of Hogwarts down!" Sirius said dramatically, flopping down onto Remus' bed, and curling up against him.

"You know, I agree with James." Remus said absentmindedly and both Sirius and James looked up from their bickering.



"Why!?" Sirius sounded outraged.

"I think you should pull the prank. It is your idea and just how would James explain that to Lily." Remus didn't even raise his gaze from his book but a deathly silence had fallen on the Marauders and he knew they were shocked that he had altered one of their regular disputes.

"Yes, precisely Sirius!" James said triumphantly. "And I think you should pretend to be going out with Remus, half of Hogwarts already think that anyway."

"What!?" Remus and Sirius yelped at the same time but for different reasons.

"Didn't you know? That's a rumour that's been going round for weeks." James smirked evilly.

Remus was the first to recover. "R - really?" He gulped.

James nodded his head, satisfied.

Sirius seemed untroubled by the news of the rumour, instead he just moved closer to Remus, an arm around the smaller boys waist.

"Why - why do they think that?" Remus asked, oblivious to Sirius tracing patterns around his belly button.

"Oh I don't know." James said sarcastically. "Remus, take a look at how you're sat for goodness sake."

Remus frowned slightly, puzzled. To him, this was normal behaviour from Sirius.

"What about it?" He asked and even Peter looked at him as though he were thick.

"Two straight guys don't sit like that." Peter spoke up.

James nodded in agreement, "I mean, you don't see me and Sirius acting like you two do you now?"

Remus glanced down at Sirius and back up to James, he bit his lip. "Okay, but why didn't I hear about the rumour?" Now that was the strange part, being a Marauder was like being a celebrity. Normally he heard all the gossip, all the rumours and all the news on couples as soon as they started, mainly because James and Sirius started them themselves. The fact he had missed this piece of information seemed highly suspicious to him.

"Ask Sirius." James pointed to the cowering animagus.

Sirius had blushed at James' words and now sat up, leaning against Remus' shoulder. "Something your not telling me Sirius?" Remus asked sternly whilst James muffled his laughter and Peter ran squeaking from the room.

James looked at Sirius' flaming cheeks knowing that the dignified Black hardly ever blushed, he sobered up at that thought and knew he needed to save Sirius from further embarrassment. "So Messer. Moony and Padfoot, do you accept the challenge of pretending you are a couple?"

Remus hesitated, looked once at Sirius, muttered "What the hell." and said to James. "Messer. Moony accepts Messer. Prongs' challenge and proposes a bet."

Sirius eyes grew to the size of galleons and James' mouth fell open. "Our dear prefect werewolf is suggesting a bet?"

Remus nodded and smirked mischievously, a smile very few had seen. "The prank has to last until the end of the month and if no-one finds out that it's a prank then we win, if anybody finds out then you win, but you're not allowed to tell anyone in any form, hint to anyone or even give out clues, no anonymous letters, no nothing. Deal?" Remus held out his hand and very reluctantly James shook it.

"Terms?" He asked faintly.

Sirius grinned at this and sat up. "We win; you pay us ten galleons and we get to give you one dare that you must do. No exceptions." James paled visibly before nodding curtly. "If you win, we give you ten galleons (Five galleons each) and you get to give us one dare."

"When do we start?" James asked.

"Tomorrow." Remus winked before pushing both James and Sirius off his bed saying he needed to prepare.


When he awoke the next morning he felt a weight settle in his stomach. Pretending to be Sirius Black's boyfriend was definitely not going to be easy.

He slipped out of bed and woke Sirius up, his feeling of mischievousness from the night before had evaporated and now he had no idea why he had agreed to do this.

"Moony…" Sirius groaned and tried to shut the curtains but pulled Remus down on top if him in the process.

Remus dug his fingernail into Sirius' side and the animagus shot up with a yelp, glaring at Remus.

"We have to start that bet today remember?" Remus hissed and Sirius nodded, a sudden glint entered his eyes, a glint Remus knew only too well.

"No." He said automatically. "Whatever it is you have planned I don't want to know." Sirius pouted.

"I was only going to say let's get revenge on James for making us do this."

"And how precisely do you propose we do that?" Remus folded his arms and looked balefully at Sirius.

"He becomes a victim of the prank." Remus shook his head, amused at his friends thickness.

"Yes but he already knows about the prank Padfoot."

"Ahh. Well we trick him too. We wait until near the end of the week and then make him think that we really are going out." He added for Remus' blank expression.

"I suppose. But won't it seem a little weird, you know, me and you? I mean you're my best friend and everything." Sirius heart dropped slightly and if Remus noticed the disappointment in his eyes he never mentioned it.

"Anyway Padfoot, got any ideas of how the school finds out about us?" Remus asked, keen to change the subject.

"A fair few." Sirius winked at Remus before pushing him off his bed and cheerfully saying; "I need to get dressed and as we've just started going out you don't get to see me naked -not just yet anyway."

Remus scowled before he picked himself up from the floor and preceded to get dressed himself.

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