The Last Chapter.

(The reason it took so long is I couldn't get the argument right and believe it or not, this is the fourth version of it and 13 pages long in word)


Chapter 11

Sirius stayed where he was, not daring to go after Remus.

He raised a hand and felt his throbbing cheek, anger surging through him.

James forced him into a chair. "How could you Sirius!" He hissed through his teeth. "The wolf his hard on him as it is and you've just gone and made things worse!"

Sirius didn't answer, just started longingly at the portrait door.

"Padfoot! Listen to me! This is serious!" James shook Sirius slightly, snapping his fingers in front of Sirius' face.

"I've got to go after him." Sirius said suddenly.

"No. No Sirius you can't."

"I've got to James! I've got to!" Sirius cried desperately and tried to get to his feet but James held him down.

"What you did with Maria was wrong -"

"How do you know about that!?"

"Who doesn't know about it?" James replied, rolling his eyes. "Since when has Maria kept things quiet?"

"It was one kiss!" Sirius said, distraught.

"Yes I - Hang on, one kiss? That's not the way I heard it." James sat down next to Sirius, frowning thoughtfully, one hand tightly wrapped around Sirius' wrist.

"You - you mean Maria's being telling people I slept with her or something?" Sirius asked, the colour draining from his face.

James nodded slowly in confirmation whilst Sirius swore loudly several times.

"I swear to you James, I swear on the Marauder's it was a kiss, one single bloody kiss." Sirius said earnestly. "I swear I didn't James, I wouldn't, I love him too much."

James bit his lip. "That's not the way I heard it, from Lily or Maria."

Sirius sat up straighter, glancing at the darkening sky. "From Lily?"

"Yes, she'd been talking to Remus and he told her what had happened, that basically he'd seen you pinned up against a wall kissing her and then you hadn't returned for what? Five hours or something?"

Sirius laughed bitterly. "Well, when you say it like that… She forced me into it James, I wouldn't have done it willingly and I certainly would have never slept with her. I'm gay remember?" He glanced at his watch, his need to get outside building. "I've got to be there James! I've got to be!"

James shook his head determinedly. "It's too dangerous! He warned us not to go for a reason Padfoot, not for the hell of it!"

"I'm going! And that's final. He needs us Prongs!" Sirius said furiously, he wrenched himself from James' grip and started towards the Portrait hole.

"Sirius you can't! He said not to!" James called over the noise of the common room.

Sirius snorted and turned round, "Like he said, since when do I do what I'm told?" He spoke with a twisted smile.

"Sirius!" James shouted as Sirius ran towards the door. "He'll tear you apart!"

Either Sirius didn't hear him or was choosing to ignore him.

"The absolute idiot!" James shouted, "The absolute bloody idiot!"

He too glanced out the window before taking off after Sirius.

Racing down the halls in hot pursuit of Padfoot, James was surprised to see the corridors empty of almost all prefects.

Disregarding it, he sped up and was racing across the grounds, the moon hanging low when he watched Sirius transform.

Shouting out, his friend didn't stop and James quickly transformed too. He bent his antlered head and charged forwards, just knocking Padfoot away from the tunnel.

Very quickly, he changed back and pinned Padfoot down, sitting on the huge black dog.

"Don't do this Sirius! Remus will never forgive himself if anything happens to you!"

When Sirius stayed as Padfoot, James continued. "He's hurting right now Sirius and you know how aggressive the wolf gets when he's emotional. He warned us against going tonight for a reason!"

Padfoot glared at James but still refused to change back.

"Sirius please! For once in your life, listen to someone! When Moony tells us not to do something, it's serious! And when it's serious you don't bloody do it!" He realised he was yelling at the top of his voice but still Padfoot wouldn't change back.

"If you do this Padfoot, Remus won't be the only one that will never forgive you! He needs space right now, at least give him that!" James started to get to his feet, one hand restraining Padfoot.

"You might be angry at him but think how angry he is at you. At least he never kissed another girl."

A surge of frustration forced Sirius into turning back.

"I never." He growled through gritted teeth.

James raised an eyebrow. "Right. Of course. Remus is making things up." He said sarcastically. "If you respect him give him the space he wants, give him chance to calm down."

"He said that I'm the one that's splitting the Marauder's! Me!" Sirius got to his feet as well, fear in his eyes.

James rolled his eyes. "You go in there bawling and shouting he'll have your head Sirius! Please don't do it!" James all but pleaded.

"Sorry Prongs." He swiftly transformed and leapt down the tunnel, leaving a fuming James stood outside.

James stood there dithering, undecided whether to follow Sirius or listen to Remus' advice.

He finally settled on hiding in the roots of the tree as Prongs, his ears pricked and listening for any sounds of distress from Sirius.

But as the night wore on, his eyelids started to droop and the cold started to set in and within minutes he was snoring.


Remus woke up slowly, his eyes focusing on the blood stained carpet on which he lay, the mixed smell of dust and blood overwhelming his sensitive nose.

He started to sit up but the intense stabbing pain in his ribs caused him to drop back down, his breathing becoming ragged and painful.

He tried to move his legs but a sharp shooting pain made that all but impossible.

He lifted one arm carefully, not surprised when the caked limb dripped thick dark blood all over his face.

He lay there, the pain becoming intolerable, his mind drifting between consciousness.

He became slowly aware of another presence but unable to move even his head he could not find out who it was.

He sniffed the air, hoping for some clue and with a sickening lurch he realised it was not just his own blood that lay splashed around the walls and carpet.

His head swam, his body swayed as he pulled himself desperately to his knees, ignoring the screaming protests from all his limbs. He looked around the room, hoping that no body would be laid in a corner, bloody and mauled.

His wish was granted, the room was empty save himself. Confused, his mind could not grasp it and within seconds he blacked out, a tall silver eyed man slipping from the shadows and catching him gracefully.


When Remus came round he could hear shouting.

But all he could see was a white mist hovering in front of him, impairing his vision and hiding those that were shouting, making their voices sound oddly distorted.

He blinked several times but the mist would not move and he raised his hand, trying to wave it away.

Almost immediately the voices stopped and a sudden gentle touch on his face made him start.

He knew that touch.

"Sirius?" His voice was strange even to his own ears, it sounded heavy and unnatural.

"Get off him Sirius. It's thanks to you he's in this state!" He heard another familiar voice but the words themselves didn't register.

"James?" His voice was growing coarser but the fog was starting to fade.

"It's alright Moony, we've got you now." He heard Sirius say soothingly, gently stroking Remus' hand with his thumb.

"Wh - where am I?" He heard his raspy voice ask.

"The hospital wing, last night was pretty bad." James replied, almost casually.

"Well yes, I know that James." Remus said and as he fell silent a sudden realization sunk in. "Hang on, there was somebody else! Somebody's blood mixed with mine, you've got to go back and -"

"It was me." Sirius cut him off and Remus could only imagine the look James' was giving Sirius to make him confess.

"Why were you there?" Remus' vision was growing steadily stronger and the haze around his mind was lifting.

"I -" Remus felt, rather than saw James shake his head slightly. "We were down there last night, it was just a little cut, nothing major."

Remus could smell the lies, but the pain was retuning to his numbed body and he knew now was not the moment to press the issue.

Seeing him awake, Madame Pomfrey bustled over and poured another potion down his throat that almost immediately knocked him back out.

Once he was sure Remus was asleep, James turned to Sirius. "You idiot Sirius Black! I warned you and you still had to go down there! When he next comes round you are going to beg for his forgiveness I don't care if you have to get down on your knees and plead, you're going to do it because I won't forgive you until he does."

Sirius nodded meekly. "Wh - what if he won't forgive me James? What if he refuses to? What do I do then?" He asked, fear in his eyes.

James sighed. "I don't know, I guess we'll have to wait and see."

Sirius nodded again, his eyes fixed upon the sleeping boy.


"I'm going back up to the Common room Sirius, I've got to do that Charms essay, it's due in tomorrow." James said quietly, his hand on Sirius' shoulder.

"Okay James. I'm waiting here, I want to be here when he wakes up." Sirius relied.

"Don't do anything stupid." James warned him, smiling slightly.

"Me? Do anything stupid? Of course not." Sirius relied dryly. "I'll try not to."

James chuckled too before leaving the hospital wing.

After James had left, Sirius sat back in his chair, rehearsing what he was going to say to Remus.


When Remus finally came round the second time, Sirius was close to sleep but as he saw the bright amber eyes flutter open, his tiredness was instantly forgotten.

He called Madame Pomfrey over and sat within his own world, nervousness nibbling away at him.

An hour later and Remus had been given the all clear to go back up the dorm.

"He needs rest Mr Black, so do not pester him!" Madame Pomfrey called after them as they left the hospital wing, Remus leaning heavily on Sirius for support.

"Feeling better now Rem?" Sirius asked lightly, shattering the silence.

Remus didn't answer and Sirius' mood slipped a little.

"Last night was pretty bad huh?" Sirius tried again but still Remus stayed quiet.

"So, you're just going to ignore me then?" Sirius asked a little spitefully.

"Quite frankly Sirius, I don't see why I should talk to you. Not only did you say I was paranoid and interfering, you then didn't even have the common sense to leave me alone, especially as I said nobody was to be there. But oh no, since when does the great Sirius Black listen to his friends?" Remus replied testily.

"I'm sorry you know." Sirius said quietly.

"Oh? You're sorry? For what exactly?" Remus asked with the air of a man explaining something difficult to a small child.

"All of it of course." Sirius snapped back.

"Yeah. You sure sound sorry." Remus pulled away from Sirius, walking on his own, ignoring the pain it caused him.

Sirius placed an arm around Remus' waist and pulled him back.

Remus twisted out of the grip, snarling and wincing at the same time. "Don't," He growled.

They carried on walking in a heavy silence.

"Oh come on Remus! At least talk to me!" Sirius finally cracked.

"Oh yeah sure. What can we talk about? Oh I know! Which part did you enjoy more then Sirius? Shouting in the common room or being torn apart?" He sneered slightly.

Sirius rolled his eyes. "Why are you so angry? It was just an argument!"

Remus turned round and slammed Sirius against a wall angrily, breathing heavily, a nerve having been touched. "One argument? So you never kissed another girl and then completely disobeyed me?"

Sirius bit his lip and looked away from the intense amber eyes.

"Come on Remus, I've said I'm sorry, can't we put it all behind us?" Sirius asked a little desperately.

Remus snorted. "That's the problem isn't it? Normally I just sweep everything under the rug and let every little thing go. Normally I back down, but guess what? I'm not anymore. You didn't just betray my trust once Sirius, oh no, you had to go and do it twice in one week!"

Sirius gulped, slightly afraid of Remus. "Twice?"

"You screwed around with Maria and you just had to go last night, well," Remus laughed sourly. "At least you didn't send Snape this time."

Sirius' expression hardened. "I thought we'd put that behind us?"

"This is what I mean Sirius! I should've known, I should've known back then that I couldn't trust you anymore! You sold me out to a Slytherin for godsake!And do you know what the worst of it was? When you sent Snape down there you hadn't even considered me!" His voice cracked, showing just how close to tears he was.

"Remus, let's not get back into that argument! Let's just forget everything and start a clean slate!"

Remus shook his head furiously. "No. No. I've had enough Sirius! I let you walk all over me and do you know why? BECAUSE I LOVED YOU!"

Sirius shrank back nervously.

"I WAS SO IN LOVE WITH YOU THAT I COULDN'T SEE YOUR FAULTS! WELL GUESS WHAT?! LAST NIGHT OPENED MY EYES AND NOW?! NOW I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE!" Remus could feel the anger pounding in his heart, the years of frustration and torment building into one explosion.

"And what am I Remus?" Sirius asked coldly.

"A Black. A cold hearted, stuck up Black! You walk around as though everybody is beneath you as though nobody but yourself matters! And you don't even realise it. You say you're not a Black Sirius, well NEWS FLASH! You are!" Remus said bitterly, their faces inches apart. "And do you know just how incredibly arrogant you are! You think you just have to pout and flutter your eyelashes and you can get whatever you want! You think that everybody is in love with you! Well believe me, they aren't. They're just too scared to stand up to you!"

"Done yet?" Sirius asked quietly, his ears buzzing.

"No." Remus said hollowly. "I've not even started."

Their argument was growing and building, rapidly escalating out of control.

"You're talking about my faults, well what about yours?!" Sirius snarled. "You just sit around all day and read! And you -" He prodded Remus in the chest. "Youare one of the most incredibly dull people I have ever had the misfortune to meet!"

Remus shook his head, snorting. "Yeah well, at least I'm not a Black. You can claim all you want but you're a Black at heart and always will be! Nothing will ever change that! Infact, you're like a miniature version of your father; abusive and disloyal."

"I don't know what you're talking about Mr-oh-so-perfect! At least I don't change into a bloodthirsty monster once a month. I can tell you now, my father was right about something, werewolves are scum and they should all be shot!" Remus suddenly dropped his grip on Sirius and stumbled back, his eyes wide. Sirius instantly knew he'd gone too far but found it easier to continue than to take it back.

Sirius stood where he was, glaring coldly at Remus.

"You know something Sirius Black, I wish I'd never met you! I thought that I was so lucky to have friends that understood me, that didn't care what I was! Looks like I got that wrong then." Remus turned away, wiping his eyes furiously, his anger trebled.

"And do you know what Remus Lupin, I wish I'd never met you! Believe me, my life would be so much simpler without you to mess things up!"

Remus started trembling with suppressed rage. "Is that what you really want? Because if it is then I'll quite happily go, I don't want to be at school with somebody like you."

"Go. Please do. I'll even help you pack! Because believe me, I don't want a werewolf in my life. Take your goddamn awful scars and leave."

Remus sniffed slightly, the amber of his eyes fading and the gold rapidly taking over. "I thought you didn't care about my scars? You certainly didn't the other day!"

"I must of had a lapse of judgment the other day because believe me, nobody in their right mind would ever sleep with a werewolf!" Sirius folded his arms stubbornly.

Remus' hands balled into fists. "I hate you Sirius Black." He hissed through his teeth.

"Not quite as much as I hate you!" Sirius hissed back childishly.

"Looks like the end of our friendship then." Remus stepped back again.

"Oh believe me, there was no friendship in the first place."

A grim smirk flittered across Remus' face. "Well, congratulations, you've finally managed it! You've finally managed to spilt up the Marauder's Sirius!"

Sirius stance hardened, his jaw set. "Me? Oh no, it was the strain of having to put up with a werewolf."

Remus bit his lip, anger clawing at his insides. "Going to run back to Mummy? Going to run back because you're afraid of the big bad wolf?" He taunted with a smirk.

"I'm not afraid of you." Sirius said defiantly.

Remus took a step towards him and panic flickered in Sirius' eyes.

"You sure about that?" Remus asked calmly, taking another step.

Sirius stepped back, recognising the wolf on Remus' face.

Remus kept advancing and Sirius kept retreating.

His back hit the wall and Remus stood an inch away until he was pressed completely against Sirius.

"You're scared of me Sirius. Admit it." Remus growled.

Sirius shook his head and sneered.

"Yeah. I bet you're not. Still sorry? Still sorry you ever met me? Still sorry you ever hurt me? Still sorry you accepted me?" Remus asked, their lips nearly touching.

Sirius gulped, memorised by the now golden eyes.

"Admit it Sirius, you don't have the guts to send me packing."

"And you don't have the guts to defend yourself." Sirius replied hesitantly.

"Don't I?" Remus laughed bitterly. "Just what exactly am I doing now then?"

"Nothing. You wouldn't even hit me, you don't have the balls." Sirius said through gritted teeth.

Remus took a step back slightly and cocked his head to a side. "Want to retract that Sirius?" He asked threateningly.

"You're just a poor little werewolf, you can't afford to spill my pureblood." Sirius sneered back.


Remus punched Sirius hard in the face who instantly crumpled to the floor, his nose bleeding profusely.

"Difference is Sirius, I'm not afraid of you."

"Are you insinuating that I'm afraid of you! Because that idea is indeed laughable." Sirius retorted from where he lay, his face throbbing.

"Oh but you are scared of me Sirius, you're - you're too stubborn, too proud to admit it and when it comes down to it, you Sirius Black, are a coward, a cold hearted coward!" Remus growled back, his heart thumping in his ears.

He turned away sharply and had reached the end of the corridor when the point of a wand was thrust into his back.

And he was past caring.

He stopped and laughed hollowly, turning round.

"You know, funny thing is, I was actually going to listen to you tonight, see what you had to say and then I might have even forgiven you, but you know what? I don't think I want to anymore! You've kept pushing me and pushing me and pushing me and you expected me to just take it like a good little boy. WELL I'VE HAD IT! YOUR LAST CHANCE AND YOU'VE BLOWN IT SIRIUS!" Remus yelled, ignoring the wand as it dug deeper into his throat.

"And I don't want you to forgive me because I'm not apologising anymore. I take it back! I don't love you anymore and I certainly don't want your forgiveness." He prodded Remus with the wand. "You think that is all about you! You think that because I made one mistake then I'm not good enough to lick your boots! You think you're better than me." He laughed bitterly. "Well, I'll tell you something, if anything, I'm better than you!" Sirius' said threateningly. "Do me one favour Remus, one favour. Go! Go away and never come back!"

Remus raised an eyebrow as the tip of the wand grew hot, mirroring Sirius' anger.

"Believe, I would if I could. Because you, Sirius Black, no longer mean anything to me! I was stupid to fall for you and even more stupid to believe that you could ever love me too!" Remus hissed back. "If there's one thing that this whole thing has taught me, it's that Blacks are exactly what people tell me they are, and that you, you are exactly like people say you are."

Sirius' eyes hardened and hot sparks burnt Remus' skin.

"Going to kill me Sirius? Is that what you're planning on doing? YOU'VE ALREADY TAKEN EVERYTHING I LIVED FOR SO WHY NOT FINISH ME OFF!" Remus screamed, his hands balled into fists.

"I've got nothing left Sirius! Nothing! You've taken everything away from me, you've destroyed my life so why not put me out of my misery?! Kill me now and I thank-you!"

Sirius could feel the frustration bubbling through his veins, pounding through him.

"Do it. I dare you. Do it Sirius, do it like you so desperately want to! Believe me, you'll get away with it easily enough, after all, I am just a poor little werewolf." Remus snarled. "Go on. Kill me. Please! You've already hurt me too much Sirius and I just don't care anymore! Everything I lived for, everything I depended on, you've taken away from me and I'm past caring. So do it Sirius! DO IT!" Angry tears streamed Remus' cheeks, bitter and salty.

Sirius moved closer, the wand digging in further and Remus welcomed the pain, a short distraction from the rest of his body.

"Go on Sirius. Do it." Remus hissed through his teeth. "I thought Blacks had no compassion? I though Blacks didn't care?" Sirius refused to react but he would not drop their eye contact. "What's the matter Sirius? Too in love with a werewolf to do it? Too in love with me?"

The final taunt and Sirius snapped.

He threw his wand to a side, abandoning all pretences of magic and pounced on Remus, grabbing him by the throat.

They fell to the floor, both screaming angrily.

"Don't say that! DON'T SAY THAT!" He yelled whilst Remus stayed perfectly still, not even attempting to defend himself.

"Why not Sirius? Why not? You've already messed up my life so -"

Sirius snorted, cutting Remus off. "You're life was messed up the minute you were born! Don't blame me for your mistakes!"

His grip around Remus' throat tightened, his eyes growing wild.

"My mistakes?" Remus said hollowly, "So it was my fault I was bitten? My fault you chose to befriend me? My fault you fell in love with me?"

Sirius started laughing manically. "Why can't you get it into you thick little head? I DON'T LOVE YOU!" He screamed, his throat almost tearing in two.

"So you're a liar as well?" Remus remained calm, his body throbbing with a dull pain, his heart already shattered.

Sirius shook his head angrily.

"No Sirius, actually, you're just a coward!" Remus retorted. "Only a coward won't admit he's wrong! Admit that he made a mistake!"

The hands around his throat tightened considerably and Remus gagged, almost choking.

"Still want to kill me Sirius? Still want to end my miserable excuse for a life?" Remus asked, tears dripping down his face, his voice hoarse and strangled.

Sirius refused to speak, his stormy grey eyes boring into Remus.

"Please… please… just do it, just get it over with! Every month I feel so much pain, every month I hurt so much and now … now I've had enough! I'VE HAD ENOUGH AND I WANT OUT! AND I WANT OUT NOW!" Remus yelled, the pressure on his neck shifting slightly.

The hands that had so lovingly caressed him were now going to distinguish his life.

The hands that had so often repaired his wounds were going to kill him.

The hands that helped him through his pain were going to bring it all back.

The tears fell thick and fast. "If you're going to do it, do it now! End my suffering, end my torment! Why prolong it? Why Sirius?" Remus' voice dropped to no more than a sad whisper. "And to think, that after all this, after everything that's happened, to think I still love you."

Sirius' eyes widened and he leapt of Remus as though burnt.

"No." Sirius said, breathing heavily. "No you can't. You don't. YOU CAN'T!" Sirius punched the wall desperately. "Don't say that! Don't! You can't!" He sank to the floor, sobbing into his knees.

Remus lay still, his chest rising and falling rapidly, the pain starting to fog his mind.

Sirius knew his heart was already broken, he knew he'd argued enough, now all he wanted was for their argument to end one way or another.

Remus' whole body ached and all he longed for was to be curled up in his own bed, his sensitive ears hurt from the shouting, his head was throbbing and all he wanted was for this to stop. For them to reach some sort of agreement.

Sirius looked over at Remus, so broken and sad, all thanks to him.

He stopped crying and crawled over to Remus, his jaw set.

He looked Remus in the eye and kept advancing.

He held himself above Remus, biting his lip, his heart torn.

To punch or to kiss?

He bent his head forward, his long black hair falling into Remus' face.

His silent tears dripped down his cheeks, falling and mixing with Remus'.

He leant their foreheads together.

"You can't love me… you just can't." Sirius whispered harshly.

Remus held his breath, not daring to move. "Why? What's so wrong about loving you?"

He raised a nervous hand and ran it through Sirius' hair, trembling.

He brought his hand to rest on the soft smooth cheek. Sirius sighed and leant into it, shutting his eyes.

"Because love complicates things." He finally said.

Remus laughed bitterly. "You were the first to say it."

Sirius moved away slightly, staying silent he got his feet and leant against a wall, his eyes closed, his face impassive.

"And I wish I never had. I laid myself bare to you Remus, I trusted you! But look what happened." Sirius didn't move and Remus stayed where he was, too afraid to move his bruised body.

"What happened?!" He repeated, deadly quiet. "It wasn't you that got burnt Sirius!"

Sirius' eyes snapped open. "You don't think this pains me? You don't think it hurts me to argue with you?!" He all but screamed, the words echoing down the empty corridor.

"Then why do it. Why argue with me if it hurts you so much?" Remus spat back, gritting his teeth as he too got to his feet, using the wall as support.

He swayed slightly, his head swimming.

"What choice do I have? What else can we do? Too much has been said!" Sirius cried desperately.

Remus nodded in agreement, clutching his side. "Yeah… something's are easier to forget than forgive." He panted, the pain in his side growing.

"Why can't we just … forget?" Sirius asked.

"Why? WHY? The things you've said Sirius! How am I meant to forget comments about my lycanthropy! Tell me Sirius, tell me!" Remus groaned, almost bent over double.

Sirius fell silent, thinking. "I don't know Rem, I just don't know." He gulped and carried on speaking. "When I said I loved you, I went against everything I stood for, I swept my principles aside and surely, surely you must know it was all for you!" Sirius had crossed the distance between them and placed a hand on Remus' cheek, turning the amber eyes to meet his own.

Remus twisted his head to a side avoiding Sirius' gaze. "You have bewitched me body and soul and I must tell you, I - I love - I love you." Sirius finally stammered.

When Remus refused to respond, Sirius turned round, his hands dropping to his side, biting back tears.

"I thought you took that back? I thought you wished you hadn't said it?" Remus finally replied. He knew what he wanted to hear but would Sirius say it?

Sirius shut his eyes briefly and took a calming breath. "I made a mistake back then, I did say it too early, but now, now I know I love you, even after everything that's been said all I want to so is kiss you and tell you that I love you and - "

"Sirius… Sirius. I can't - we can't. Too much has happened now! I - I - you've really hurt me Sirius!" Remus said gently, his heart breaking yet again.

Sirius took a deep breath. "If this about last night then you need to know why before you judge me! I loved you so much!" He paused, gulping. "I loved you so much it hurt to think of you alone in that goddamn awful place! I hated leaving you there, I just couldn't do it."

Then he crushed their lips together in a desperate bruising kiss. Needing to taste Remus, needing to be with him, needing him.

Remus felt himself melting into the warm embrace but as Sirius pushed him up against the wall, the sharp stab of pain brought his mind back to reality and he pushed Sirius away.

"Sirius… please. When you went down there last night, did it even cross your mind that something would happen to me if I hurt you?" Sirius silence confirmed this. "If I'd hurt you then I would've have been expelled or even executed." Remus wore a grim smile. "You were only thinking about yourself Sirius, don't try and sugar coat it."

"But I would've explained -"

Remus laughed sourly, "Do you honestly think they would've listened to you!? As you've already so kindly pointed out, I'm just a poor, inferior werewolf! Nobody gives a damn about what happens to me! To the bastards at the Ministry it's just a chance to get rid of another piece of vermin." He scoffed. "See what I am Sirius? Do you see now? Nobody cares about me!" His voice rose and broke.

"I care! I care about you Rem!" Sirius said earnestly, wrapping his arms tightly round the shaking werewolf.

"You don't though Sirius! If you did you wouldn't have gone last night! The right thing to do isn't always the best thing." Remus whispered.

"Last night, last night was a huge mistake! I - you - if I'd stop to think then I wouldn't have gone!" Sirius finally said, paining himself in the process, admitting he was wrong. "I'm sorry -"

Remus placed a finger over Sirius' lips to shush him. "No. Don't apologise. This - this is one of the things you have to forget. Because, honestly, I don't think I can forgive you."

Sirius felt his heart drop.

Remus leant his head on Sirius' chest. "However, I -I think I need you." He said very quietly.

"I know I need you." Sirius said happily, warmth spreading through him.

"Give me your word." Remus said suddenly. "Give me your word that no matter what, you'll listen to me and never go behind my back again!"

Sirius bit his lip mulling it over. "I - fine. I promise. You've got my word."

"Good. And just so long as you know I might not be able to trust you completely again. Or at least for a while."

Sirius nodded slightly, "I understand. And in a way Rem, you've put your life in my hands twice tonight."

Remus smiled grimly. "So I have Padfoot, so I have."

They both sighed deeply and simply held each other, revelling in the warmth they both thought they'd lost forever.

"Revenge will be had I take it?" Remus asked, smirking slightly.

"I thought you didn't agree with revenge, and I quote; 'Revenge never works Sirius, why have you never learnt that?'" Sirius quipped cheekily.

Remus smirked again. "Well, certain things merit revenge."

Sirius smirked too. "Well then, the answer is yes. We seize our chance and get revenge."

Remus smiled. "Good."

Their eyes locked and their lips met for the second time that night.

Breathing heavily, Remus leant his head on Sirius' chest. "I love you by the way." he mumbled uncertainly.

"I know. And I love you too." Sirius replied softly.

"Forever and always?" Remus asked hesitantly.

"Forever and always Rem." Sirius sighed happily. "Forever and always."

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Revenge must be taken.

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