World Domination

I own nothing ya stupid idiots. Rated R for violence and profanity. Guest starring Eminem, Panic! At The Disco, The New York Mets, The Sandman and Carlito.

In a dark room, surrounded by various candles, Orochimaru is doing a summoning spell. His assistant Kabuto comes into the room. "Do you need assistance master?" Kabuto asked. "No, I'm doing just fine here, I need to call over as many villains as I can for World Domination", Orochimaru said. "Are you sure about this? This can turn out bad", Kabuto said. "Relax, there's a lot of the world to share", Orochimaru said. "Who will you call?" Kabuto asked. "Maybe a few people", Orochimaru said. He completed the summoning. First one to receive was princess Azula of the Fire Nation. "Oh, this should be interesting, I should tell father", Azula said. Then it reached the spirit world to Rando. "Excellent, I just need to escape this dump", Rando said. It went to Miami. "The world will truly be mine", Alejandro Sosa said. It went to the remains of Raccoon City. "Hmm, interesting", Albert Wesker said. It also reached Revolver Ocelot in an unknown location. "Well, what do we have here?" Ocelot asked. It went to Elm Street and reached Freddy Kruger. "One, two, Freddy's coming for you", Freddy said. It also reached Bastion. "I like this indeed", Bastion said. It reached Apocalypse. "This is a swell idea", Apocalypse said. It reached Magneto. "Hmm, I shall see this guy", Magneto said. It reached New York, the Liberty City. "Why am I getting this?" Joey Leone asked, very puzzled. It even reached the feudal era. "Interesting", Naraku said. Orochimaru finished his trance. "Everything is done, Lord Sauron", Orochimaru said. "Excellent", Sauron said, in the shadows. "And so it begins", Orochimaru said, then laughed evilly.

Back in Japan, Shippo is celebrating his 8th birthday. Miroku had figured out his birthday via magic, tracing back days he was born. They celebrated at Kaiba Corp. They got the party there because Kagome was friends with Pan Son, and she was boyfriend/girlfriend with Mokuba Kaiba. In attendance of the party was the birthday boy Shippo, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Inuyasha, Yusuke Urimeshi, Kurama, Kazuma Kuwabara, Botan, Pan, Mokuba, Kaiba, Yugi Moto, Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor, Serenity Wheeler, Tea Gardner, James, Mugen, Jin and Fuu. Shippo had received presents from his friends. Joey W gave him a little drum set, Kurama gave him some army toys, Yugi gave him some dueling cards, Mokuba gave him an NWO shirt, and Mugen gave him a knife. "He's too young to be playing with knives", Kagome said. "Who said anything about playing, this is for defense against the jackass that decides to mess with him", Mugen said. "Attention people, I have a surprise guest band for this party, allow me to introduce, Panic! At The Disco", Kaiba said. Out came Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Jon Walker and Spencer Smith. "Hello everyone, happy birthday little Shippo, here's our number one song", Brendon said. The band proceeded to play, I Write Sins Not Tragedies. "I love this song", Tea said.

Naraku was able to leave the feudal era with Kohaku and his incarnations using Kohaku's jewel shard. He was able to meet all the other villains, Azula brought Mai & Ty Lee, Freddy brought Chucky, Magneto brought Pyro & The Juggernaut, and Joey Leone bought Luigi, Mickey and some of the Mafia. "Hello everyone", Orochimaru said. "Who the hell are you, and what the hell is going on here?" Joey asked. "I'm Orochimaru, this is Kabuto, this man in the shadows is Sauron", Orochimaru said. "Yo Sauron, get your ass out here, let me see you", Joey said. Sauron came; he was in his body armor. "You wanted to see me?" Sauron said. "What's this about World Domination", Bastion asked. "Glad you asked, divided, we have not been able to stop these damned heroes running about, but together, we are an unstoppable force", Sauron said. "Really, but how can we trust each other?" Freddy asked. "You don't have to, just leave if you want to, just stay the hell away from us, if you know what's good from you", Orochimaru said. "Well I'm convinced", Freddy said. Naraku noticed Chucky. "What is that? A voodoo doll, pretty big one", Naraku said. "I'm not a fucking voodoo doll; I'm in this fucking doll because of voodoo you dumb fuck!" Chucky yelled. Naraku did not look happy and looked as if he were to attack Chucky. "Relax Gentlemen, let's not fight, we must work as a team if we want to conquer the world", Orochimaru said. "Yeah, let's do it", Joey said. Everyone cheered.

Back at the party, the band had finished their 3rd song. Jin was sitting in the corner, minding his own business, and then he noticed the skies getting dark. "Hey, something's up with the sky", Jin said. Everyone looked out the window; they noticed a big floating object. "Let's check it out", Inuyasha said, motioning for Mugen to get on his back and he jumped away, with Yusuke following with super speed. "Wow, they're fast", Ryan said. The three guys ran as fast as hell after the object. Goku had also seen the object and flew after it, catching up to Inuyasha and the others. "Hey Goku", Yusuke said casually. "Hello Yusuke", Goku said. They continued the chase. Naruto was sitting near Hinata, looking at the sky. "Why is the sky so dark?" Naruto asked. "(Gasp) Look, up there", Hinata said, pointing to the sky. Naruto saw the object. "What the hell is that? I better go check it out", Naruto said, then left. "Naruto wait, oh I better tell someone", Hinata said. Also in the area was Avatar Aang. "Why is the sky so dark?" Sokka asked. "I don't know, maybe it's a storm", Katara said. The object and its pursuers passed by. "I better go check that out, you 3 stay here", Aang said, and flew off. Inuyasha looked around to see Aang and Naruto chasing the thing as well. "Who the hell are you two?" Inuyasha asked. "I'm Naruto Uzamaki, a ninja", Naruto said. "I'm Aang, the Avatar", Aang said. "Head's up, we have another pursuer", Goku said. The gang turned and noticed a blonde girl also heading towards the object. "Whoa, she's hot, hey what's your name?" Yusuke asked. "Serena Tsukino, my friends call me Bunny, but I'm also known as Sailor Moon", the girl said. "That's nice; it looks like everyone is after this thing" Yusuke said. The thing stopped turned around, we see it's the villains on a flying platform, and they attack the pursuers in an instant and they fall into the ocean. They drifted awhile and were found by Monkey D Luffy. "Oh no, I better help them", Luffy said. He helped the heroes into his ship and sailed off.

Meanwhile, in Detroit Michigan, the Mercer brothers, Bobby, Jerry and Angel had finished visiting their younger brother Jack in the hospital. Jack Mercer was killed in a shootout near his house, but he was resurrected by paramedics. He's in critical condition, but should live. "At least little Jackie's gonna live", Bobby said. "Yeah, but Victor Sweet's still at large man", Angel said. "I thought Bobby killed him", Jerry said. "He just knocked him out, he ain't dead", Angel said. The darkness came over head. "What the fuck?" Bobby asked. The viewers of the 8-Mile road also saw this, including Eminem. "Judgment day is upon us", Eminem said. The group landed and started walking down the street. Someone teases the group claiming it's not Halloween. That person is then killed by Azula. The cops show up. One of the cars, containing two cops was instantly destroyed by Bastion. The other car stopped and the two cops left the car and started shooting. Magneto used a force field to block the bullets. Naraku killed one cop while Sauron killed the other. Everyone was running in terror. The group continued toward a deserted field. "Why are we here again?" Rando asked. "To resurrect someone", Orochimaru said. They all gathered round while Orochimaru recited a chant. Eventually charred bones came out of the ground and formed a skeleton, that skeleton grew skin and hair, and finally revealed itself to be Anakin Skywalker. "Behold, Anakin Skywalker, whose remains were left here after the Star Wars", Orochimaru said. "I presume he has some of his darkness within", Sauron said. "With the spell I chanted, there is no doubt", Orochimaru said. "Good", Sauron said. "Come on, we have to visit Raccoon city, then go to the Fire Nation in China", Orochimaru said. Anakin pointed. "There is an intruder master", Anakin said. Orochimaru turned to see Victor Sweet. "Who the hell are you?" Orochimaru asked. "Chill man, I'm just checking on you, I admire the way you wasted them cops, I just want to know if I can join you man, assist in this mayhem", Victor said. "Why should we let you join?" Orochimaru asked. "Because I know people, and I'm good with guns", Victor said. "We'll let you in through some type of initiation", Orochimaru said. "Ok, what?" Victor said "Hey, look what I found, it's the Demonic Lament Configuration", Freddy said. "Great, what's in it?" Magneto asked. "Hell, literally, yo Sweet get some poor sucker to open this and you're in", Freddy said. Sweet took the Lament and tricked someone into solving it, the person solved it and Pinhead came out and killed the person who opened the gates of Hell. "Pinhead, how are you?" Freddy asked, and then evilly laughed.